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Ch. 9 A friendship between a Tiger and Lion

It was another beautiful sunny day in the Valley of Peace as teenage Takami was strolling through the streets. With wandering eyes, the Bengal tiger was viewing his environment. Everything was excellent, no thieves, no wannabe thieves like Fung and gang, nothing. Everything in the valley was in high-quality.

It's been a week since Takami and the others joined the Jade Palace, and everyone was getting along nicely. Well almost everyone, every so often has Ryo and Kiba has been getting into arguments. But still, every was going great.

Walking along the sidewalk, Takami across an ally, and almost instantly heard a pained cry. He entered the alley and witnesses a group of teenage boars harassing a crying brown lion cub.

"Chuo! Quit picking on him you lowlife jerks, you're hurting him!" Takami roared, gaining their attention.

"And who are you supposed to be, his guardian?" The lead boar affronted. Takami snarled at the insult with both his arms and eyes were engulfed in flames, striking fear to the boars exclaiming, "No, I'm a mad as hell tiger who use to live around pucks like you! Now get off of him or I'll show you hell itself!"

Takami gave them a look so frighting it would put Tai-lung to shame. With stains in their pants, the group of boars took of running in distress. Carefully watch them leaving the ally making sure they're in fact gone, Takami neutralized his power and turned to the lion cub. He then walked over and got down on one knee facing him.

"Hey, are you okay?" Takami asked the frighted lion cub. The cub then immediately ran pass Takami and out the alley. Entirely concerned, Takami followed him out of the alley and stopped at the entrance. With his eyesight, Takami watch the lion cub run out in the middle of the road. Not paying clear attention, rolling down across from him a huge cart filled with fireworks was rolling his way.

"Kid stop! Lookout!" Takami shouted. Takami made a mad dash speeding pass the cart and grabbing the boy both rolling on the ground. He saved him, but the cart was still rolling by and someone else would probably might get hurt. Laying flat on the ground Takami shot fire out of his fingertip, the cart exploded without harming anyone. In the process to pick himself up, Takami faced the child once more.

"I'm going to ask you, again kid. Are you okay?" Takami questioned reach out his hand. The cub batted the hand away and said, "My name isn't kid, it's Kovu."

"Are you okay, Kovu?" Takami re-questioned.

"My chest hurts, but I'll be fine." Kovu answered rubbing his chest. He then looked at the bengal tiger.

"Why were those guys attacking you?" Takami asked. Kovu sighed then said, "They were upset that I didn't steal the food they wanted from the store."

"They had no right to do that to you. You made the right choice not doing it." Takami said. Kovu's ears flatten and lowered his head. "But, I was hungry myself, I was going to do it." Kovu said quietly.

To Takami, Kovu reminded him of someone. Kovu reminded him of Ryo when he was his age. Stealing food from the kitchen. Takami shuck his head humorously.

"Come on, lets get something to eat." Takami offered. Kovu looked into his crimson eyes to see if he was lying, but he was true to his word. He then followed.

The both teen and cub predators walked to a food cart to get some fruit. With Yuan in hand Takami payed the cart seller and got a bag of fruit filled with kiwi and píng guǒ (apples). The two then headed to the playground that the kids runs to have fun playing. In their sight, Takami and Kovu paced over to the swing-set with two sets. Takami sat in one, and Kovu sat in the either beside him.

"Catch." Takami said, tossing Kovu an apple. The lion cub caught it and said, "Thank you, for everything and the fruit."

"No problem. Just don't hang out with those guys anymore." Takami stated.

"O-okay. Takami? my friend?" Kovu asked with questionable eyes. While chewing a piece of kiwi, the fire wielding tiger turned his head and looked into the lion cub's bright grass-green eyes. Takami lite up a blissful smile and rubbed his head.

"What are you talking about? We've been friends from the moment you've finally announced your name. Come to think of it, I didn't get your full name. What is it?" Takami asked chewing another piece of kiwi in his mouth.

"My full name is Kovu Shaozu. I'm 8 years old." He introduced.

"Great, I'm Takami Skyfang." Takami said.

"Skyfang? That sounds like an odd but interesting last name." Kovu said cheekily.

"Yeah, I know. *Yawn* well, I'd best get back before Tigress gets upset with me again about being out so late." Takami said standing up and noticing the set sun and orange sky.

"Wait, where are you going?" Kovu asked.

"I'm going home, to the Jade Palace." Takami turned back around to him. "Why, do you live around here?" Takami asked. Kovu shuck his head and rubbing his arm nervously.

"I-I us to live with those guys that attack me. They gave me shelter only when I do their biding." Kovu explained. Takami then cupped his chin for a moment then snapped his fingers.

"There's this abandon house I know. Come on, follow me." Takami said running out. Kovu popped of the swing and followed.

After a few minutes Takami and Kovu found themselves standing in front of an abandon house. Takami then rubbed the back of his head and said, "A wolfie and foxy friends of mine had a close eye on this house. Planned on making it our hideout. But, I guess you can live here." Takami said opening the door.

Kovu walked and looked around admiring the settings of his surroundings.

"We've around filled and stored the house. Mostly filled with Mine and Skyler's stuff. Feel free to change anything. This place has just about everything and don't worry, the house is watched and protected by security guards Viper hired for us ." Takami said.

"I love it. Thank you Takami." Kovu hugged Takami tightly.

"No problem. By the way, you can just call me T.K or Taka if you want. I be dropping by every now and then. If you need anything just send a letter or head up to Jade Palace. I'll see you tomorrow " Takami said head to the door.

"Okay, bye T.K." Kovu waved. Takami nodded his head and exited out the house and headed back to the Jade Palace. 'Good night, Kovu'

Takami was finally in the Jade Palace courtyard and headed towards the kitchen. The first person he saw as he entered the room was Faith. She greet him with smiling eyes and grin.

"Oh, Taka, you've been gone long. How was your day today?" She asked nicely.

"It was good actually. I met a really nice kid today. I let him stay in that abandon house Me, Ryo, Skyler had our eyes on. You guys can meet him tomorrow if you want." Takami said sitting in his usual chair next to Tigress.

"I like to meet him." Both Ryo and Kiba said at the same time. Lighting bolts were now passing through their eyes in frustration one of the other said the same thing.

"HEY! Don't mock me alpha!" Ryo barked angrily.

"You mocked me you overpowered dog!" Kiba barked back/

"Here we go again." Everyone stated.

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