Prompt: Red & Pink

Word Count: 518

Pairing: Jack/Olivia, Sam/Grace (implied)

When I saw the wolf, I didn't react any different than usual. I lifted my camera and took a series of shots. When I lowered the camera, the wolf was gone, and Jack Culpepper was curled in the ground, naked and afraid. "Help," he said.

So I pulled my red hoodie off and gave it to him. He pulled it on, pale skin flushed pink with cold.

I swallowed nervously, and clutched my camera tightly. "Are you hungry?"

Jack curled up in my bed, wearing my red hoodie and my brother's pants. He wouldn't take the hoodie off, even when I offered him something that would fit his long frame better.

Grace was right, I think, flicking through the pictures on my camera. There's one photo where the wolf—Jack—is caught between wolf and man that makes me shudder. I go to delete it, but when I turn around and see Jack watching me, eyes wide, I keep it. "What big eyes you have," I say.

And of course the first time I have a boy in my bed, it's in the worst possible circumstances. I think longingly of Officer Koenig, and start to reach for my phone to call him. He should know that Jack is alive—

"Who are you calling?" And suddenly Jack is pressing into my space, long fingers pulling the phone out of my hand. "They think I'm dead."

"Exactly," I say, reaching for the phone. I can feel my cheeks turning pink—he still hasn't moved out of my space. "We should tell someone you're okay."

"I'm not okay," Jack says viciously, mouth curling into a snarl. "I'm worse than dead."

I stare at him, and think, "My, what big teeth you have."

He could rip my throat out in a second.

He feels the shift coming, I guess, because suddenly he's pulling the clothes off and leaving them on the bed. He's still clutching my phone tightly, but standing naked before me, and kind of shuddering, he holds it out. "Please don't tell."

So I don't. He runs down the hall and out into my backyard. I watch him flicker and then change.

He runs off without looking back, which makes me sad for some reason. I look back at the bed, where the clothes are still in a heap, and pick up the hoodie.

"Grace," I whisper, clutching the red fabric tightly. Do I betray the trust of a should-be-dead boy and tell my best friend she was right?

But Grace knows, I think. That has to be true. She saw Jack. She doesn't need me to tell her...

But then I'm thinking about her wolf and how she would probably do anything to have him with her as a human.

I need to tell her.

I reach for my phone again, and then flinch away from it. Jack trusts me, for whatever reason, and I'm not sure I can put his life in danger just so Grace can love her wolfboy.

I set my phone down and pull the hoodie up to my face.

I can still smell the forest.

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A/N: I have an aptitude, apparently, for liking strange and unpopular pairings. Like Jalivia. I plan on converting you all later with a full story, but for now I offer you just a taste. (If you don't see the possibility, reread Shiver and pay attention to it.)