Danny got sick. Ethan had come over, and right when I opened the door, Danny almost falls over, while holding his stomach. I told Ethan to get in the car, while I got Danny in the car, told him to get the hospital. Once we got there I did not want for it to come to a full stop before I open the door and dragged Danny out, with his weight on me. Scott and his mother came running as we got him to a bed. He laid of the bed facing the floor and through up I stepped away fast "Mistletoe," I turned and looked at Danny, "some poisoned Danny." The nurses pushed Danny away.

I turned to Scott, "Star what is going on?" He asked after his mother is gone, and we sat down in the waiting room. Ethan came in and sat on the other side of me.

"Someone must have given Danny something," I turned to face Ethan who held is arms up in peace.

"Whatever it was it was not me. He is not taking me at all, who every as his heart as a hold it. That cannot be broken." Ethan said in peace. "Beside we are after Lydia."

I roll my eyes, "Lydia as nothing to do with my pack. She is in Scott's pack. We will deal with her but we really do not want anything to deal with her." I sat back in the chair. "Danny got poisoned with mistletoe, if someone had kissed and been a werewolf they would have been killed. Mother Earth what do I tell Jackson?" I said, at the end I turned to Scott.

"Do not look at me, Jackson won't say a word to me. Just Danny and you," I shake my head, and send a text to Jackson about everything that happen.

When I could go see Danny it was getting close to 3 in morning. I sent a text to my mate for him to tell the house I was out for the day. I was let in to sit by Danny's side.

I fall asleep but my cell was going off and Stiles was going through Danny's backpack. I pulled him out but he held a stack of papers, "What are you doing?"

"Trying to find Deaton, he is the new healer that was stolen." He said, before running off, I shake my head, and pick up my cell. It was texted from Isaac saying that he needs my packs help, Derek is being attacked, and their plan failed. "Mother Earth helps us," I prayed before send a text to my pack to go Derek's place now, and the plans they had before.

I ran to Derek's getting there before my pack. I surprised the ones, holding the lady from before. "You guys do now that they lady as nothing to do with this pack right." I said standing in front of them. They let her go and attacked me but Alex and Devin came from behind me, to define. "Do not kill, or they will come after us. They have a different way of dealing will loses in their pack. That is why they are after Derek." I said quickly before side stepping them and going to see what going on with the fight.

"Star, Erin and Gavin are turning it back on." Devin said, Erin the brains to a lot of our plans, and Gavin his overprotective bodyguard/mate. I nodded my head just in time to see the system come on, and the water starting to shock, other female alpha started to be shocked. She fall down, I run to her but she stood back up and I missed her she grad, Boyd when he came at her. She pushed Boyd into Derek when he tried to attack, I stood froze along with everyone else. Just as Erin and Gavin came. "Derek, you will lose another Beta, if you do not join us." She said, as if come out of her shock that she could what she came here to do. They left as Derek pulled his claws out of Boyd.

I shake my head, as I ran to Boyd. I held him, as I tried to heal but it slow going. Boyd turned to face to Derek, saying things I could hear because I was focused on trying to heal him. Cora had come over and started to cry. I failed anyway because he died in my arms. I started to cry, I could hear the others crying. I remember Boyd telling me he liked this song when he heard it on the radio, when he came to hang out with Isaac and I. I started to sing it through my tears, People Like Us by Kelly Clarkson. Isaac came and sat down next to me joining. We smiled through our tears while sing, after a while Alex sat down in the water with his arm around my shoulder join in, Erin Gavin and Devin caved in and join in. Stiles sat on other side Isaac with his arms around me joined in. Right near the end Derek join in mumbling.

"Why did we sing that song?" Alex asked, after a few minutes.

"Boyd liked it." I said simple. "I never thought I would loss someone, and see it. Boyd was like the older brother, who just wants to protect everyone he holds dear." I kissed his forehead, "Rest now, and watch over us, with Erica." I looked up, "We need your help now, to protect the youngest, and your alphas mate." As if to answers us, warm air started to come in.

"Your right Star," Erin said, "They are going to come after Isaac next. But we will not let; Isaac as a whole pack of Alphas, his mates, and an alpha-mother watching over him. He can stay at our house, him and his mates if he wants too."

"Why do you keeping saying mates?" Derek asked, out of anger. Coming over and holding possessive to Isaac.

"Because Isaac and you have another mate," Gavin said with his arm around Eric's waist.

"Before you attack Derek, Gavin can see bonds between mates," I said letting Cora hold Boyd's body. "I know as while, who the other mate is everyone in the pack does."

"While everyone in pack but Danny and Isaac," Alex said looking over to Isaac, "Isaac you should know by now that you are part of our pack as while." Isaac's eye goes wide.

"Really?" Isaac and Derek asked.

"Mom, adopted you," I roll my eyes, as Gavin spoke, "that is all we need to know for someone to be in our pack. Danny and Jackson are a part of the pack as while. Danny already knows he is part of the pack. Derek can be a part of the pack to when he ready. "

"Do not feel special Derek," Alex spoke up again. I lean into him. "You will have bow to me. We all might be Alphas but I am really the Alpha."

"What he means is that we do not really want the control of being an Alpha, we like to follow." Devin said coming over and petting my head.

***Time Skip***

Isaac was watched by someone in the pack at all times now, and Stiles is under the same rules but he got some leeway because of Cora. Derek had run for a bit. I was sitting next to Isaac on his bed, his head was resting in my lap as I pet his head, "He will come back, and Derek cannot stay away from you. He just needs to get his mind around a few things."

"I know," Isaac said as he started to fall asleep. "How did you and Alex meet?"

"We meet when I was back at my old high school before I was an Alpha. Alex already had Gavin, Erin and Devin. I was a freshman going into sophomore. My family was protective of me, but my uncle was killing people already. He was a jerk, and much more he was after me already.

The pack was in town because of some weird behavior. I do not remember, the high school had just gotten out. I was walking out when I saw him."

The high school looked like an old castle. Star was a little smaller then she was now. She was walking down the stairs. When a scent hit her, a scent that smelt like forest, and ocean. She looked up to see a man in his early twenties. She would later find out that he was nineteen. He was at the same height that he was now. His black hair was just blow his ears, but his eyes were deep green. They could not look away till. One of Star's friends taps her shoulder.

"I had just turned fifteen." I smile happily, "I already meet my mate. I could not talk to him till a few days after. When he asked me out, our first date was a movie, and formal dinner spot in town. When it was time for summer there not much family left, just my mother and I. When realized that Uncle was going to me that night, the night when summer break just started we set up a plan.

Uncle broke into the house but went after my mother first. He killed her then came after me I had to kill him."

Star's Uncle was standing over her with his claws out trying to ripe her clothes when Star broke her hands out of his hand that holding them over her head. Her clawed hands both went straight his heart killing him. His alpha position was changed her, and her yellows eyes changed to red. She stood up just as it started to rain, and thunder. She screams and ran, holding her ears. Just as Alex came out of the forest, he ran to her with his red, and holds her. They kiss in ran

"Alex had come because he sensed something wrong. I joined the pack that night, and we moved. I started my sophomore year somewhere else. I was quickly accept as the mother of pack. When we realized that as an Alpha I could heal."

"That and she can cook, loves to clean, and is just plan motherly." Alex said coming in and sat on the side that Isaac was not on with his arm going around my waist, and his other hand comes down to pet Isaac as while. "Devin wanted me to tell you that he is with Stiles, Cora and Derek's uncle. A partially they are talking about Derek, and his first girlfriend. She died when she was bitten. Oh and Isaac." Isaac looks up at him, "I was sixteen when I become an Alpha. I meet Gavin and Eric at seventeen. Devin joined at eighteen. Two years later, you, Jackson and Danny join us."

"So where do I get my Tattoo," He asked looking at us.

"It does not matter if you are beta or Alpha. You are my baby, so you will get here." I said as I pet his left shoulder. "Your left shoulder because, I know you will get stronger, and I trust you protect me, and so does Alex." I kissed his forehead just as he fall asleep.

"Your magic forehead kisses, puts everyone to sleep when you want them too. He really is your baby, guess that makes me the father." Alex said, "I get to tell Devin his uncle. Oh great that means that Derek and Stiles are my future son-in-laws." He looks at me with grin, "You could not have picked a better son, could you." We laughed softly, as Alex stood up and picked Isaac up. I moved his blanket so that Alex could put him. I cover him and give him one kiss on his forehead.

When we got out of Isaac's room, Danny came upstairs, "Hey you two I just realized if I am part of this make where is my tattoo going to be?"

Alex sighed, "We cannot pick that till winter break. We need to meet Jackson. You two have tattoo that is near the same area. Like how Gavin and Eric's tattoo are on their necks." Gavin and Eric's tattoos are on necks. Eric's because he is brains behind a lot of our plans, Gavin's because he is the back bone of the pack, the silent strength that protects the brains.

"Right now we are think, somewhere in the chest arm" I wave my hand over Danny's chest. Danny looked at his chest before looking up at me in questions and horror "Joking, we are really think of back near on the back of shoulder."

Danny came forward and hugged me, "You are luck, love you. Alex can I steal you mate so we can hang out."

"Just return her before dinner." Alex said leaving to hunt down Gavin to spearing.

"Why the back of shoulder?" Danny asked dragging me into the game room. We sat down on some bean bags and started to play a game in PS3, looks like Gavin and Devin, where racing.

"For now it the back of shoulder, because you are other brain, and Jackson is strength, who just wants to prove himself. He is going to need a lot of love, from Alex and me," My car shot pass Danny's "and of course you. Jackson is a strength, who is forever going to need to told that he is perfect and that it is okay that we love him for himself. His biological parents did not know who they give up."

"That is for sure," Danny said as his car shot by mine. "I love him, and will never give him up, without a fight."

"I know what you mean. After Dinner we should watch Free!"

"What is with you and that show?"

"It is good," I said just as the game end, with me shooting pass Danny's car into first place.

"You just want to watch, hot anime guys swim. There are only four episodes out right now." Danny said getting up.

"Yeah just do not tell Alex that. You are helping with making dinner."

"Only if we are listening Adam."

"Would not have it another way."

***Line Break***

I am dreaming of you as the star light up the night sky. Do not forget as the sunrise is over the tree tops, because I am dreaming of you. I am dreaming of you my one true love. I am dreaming of you as the stars light up the night sky. I am begging for to be thinking of me as the sunrise, my one true love. When the moon is blocked out do not forget about me, my one true love because I am dreaming of you. I could never forget about you, please do not forget about me.

I shot up from Alex and my bed, gasping that song as be going through my head for days. I have sing out loud and Danny as even joined me but the thing is, neither of us thinks someone as sing it before, an original maybe. Alex sits up next to me pulls me to his chest, "What going on now pack mommy?"

I look at him and kiss him, and I started to sing the song. His eyes widen and smirk at me, "It as been going through my head for days."

"Will it is a lovely song. It sounds like something that would come from you, meet for me." I push him down and make out with him for a will, it was full the love we have for each other.

***Line Break***

When I was hmmmmm… done with my alpha mate. I went and spent some time with Isaac, Danny and Stiles at the mall to get their minds off of things, mostly missing their mates, or soon to be mates, or help them release their mate, or whatever helps me have less of a headache. I was testy today.

I took off running to this knee high boots pulling Danny and Isaac with me. I knew Stiles would follow because he does not like to be left alone. "I get it you want to try them on." Danny said, as I nodded my head fast. He sighs and pulls us into the store. I drag a box in my shoes of the boots and put them on over my socking cover legs. I walk around to get use to them

"How much would Alex kills us for letting you buys us?" Isaac asked.

"Not kill you, kill me, because I do not think I would be leaving the bed for a while." That when a light went off in my head. "Danny, remember that song."

"The original one," He asked back find some shoes wants to try on, as I nod my head. "Yeah why?"

"What if, it's not a song but a vision?"

"A vision of who?" I went over to the male version of the boots I was where, already knew I was going to buy them, I picked up a pair in a box and dropped them off in Isaac laps.

Isaac looked up at me, "Put try them and I am buying anyway, so I just buy them for as a gift anyway." I sat down and took of the boots putting in the box, "Danny I am thinking of the eclipse that is coming up. I am not sure of who yet."

Kit: Okay that song, as been hopping around in my head for days now, so I sat down and wrote it turns out it was for Star Light, lets see what happens because it looks like I might be breaking away from the plot a lot coming up, please people I need a beat for this story, specially because for some reason I losing sleep, I should talk to a doctor but I wont till school starts up, august 19,

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