It was a peaceful day in Ikebukuro, the birds were chirping, there were sounds of laughter and chatting all around the streets as well. Today just seemed to be a perfect day, nothing could go absolutely-


Wrong. Well spoke too soon.

"Damn you Izaya! What the heck are you doing here in Ikebukuro?! I thought I told you not to come here anymore!" Snarled one of the most feared men in Ikebukuro, the one and only who would wear a bartender-outfit even though he wasn't one, Shizuo Heiwajima. Adjusting his purple sunglasses to the crook of his nose, Shizuo, using his super human strength, took hold of a stop sign that stood nonchalantly beside him. Crushing down on the sign's pole with the strength of a million pounds, he, without much force, pulled the stop sign out of the concrete ground. All while throwing a menacing glare at the other man those others feared as well, Izaya Orihara.

"Now, now Shizu-chan, no need to get too rowdy," smirked the informant. Jumping up in the air with odd human abilities, Izaya dodged the oncoming stop sign and soon sprang into action and reached into his jacket for his little tools of torture. Taking hold of what he was looking for he pulled out his hand quickly and took out his knives, all sharp and ready. "Let's work this out!"

Shizuo Grinded his teeth and stealthily dodged several of the odd shaped knives that Izaya threw at him, barely getting out with just a couple of scrapes.

Feeling more agitated by the second Shizuo scanned the area around him, looking for a good sign or something to throw at the flea in the air. Looking all around he spotted a vending machine that hid in the corners of the city, the perfect object to hit that flea with. Going over to the vending machine Shizuo once again used his strength and pulled out the vending machine. Looking over to the flea he smirked at the Izaya who was now falling down because of gravity and threw the vending machine at him. It hit him straight on.

Falling to the concrete ground with brute force Izaya looked up to see the smirking Shizuo look down on him.

"Too bad flea, I don't want to work this out, I just want you out of Ikebukuro."

"Well that's just too bad Shizu-chan, I have important business here, so it looks like I won't be leaving anytime soon." and so the fight kept going on.

Ignoring both Shizuo and Izaya we all turn to look to the other side of the street to see a familiar person watching the scene before him. The one and only, Mikado Ryūgamine, the shy yet courageous leader of the famous Ikebukuro gang, DOLLARS.

It was just minutes ago that the black-haired teen saw that he was running out of food (and by food I mean instant ramen). Hearing on the Television that today they were going to have a special sale at the market Mikado quickly got what he needed to go shopping. Walking around the streets of the big city it was somehow pure coincidence that Mikado somehow fell upon a fight between Shizuo and Izaya, well, maybe not coincidence since it seems like they fight almost every day, but you get my drift.

Sensing an aura of killing intent coming from both feared men most people would have just high-tailed it out of there and gone running with the hairs in the back of their necks standing up in fear for several days, but Mikado wasn't like those other people. Unlike others he wasn't afraid for his life to go running or frozen in fear at the chances of him being hit by a random item by Shizuo, no, to Mikado this was normal. Of course the people here have lived here longer than he has, but they hadn't had the chance to be well acquainted with some of scariest people in Ikebukuro.

He has eaten at Simon's Russian sushi restaurant as well as become good friends with him despite the warnings of some random people. After meeting the black rider, Celty he is now good friends with her, more than friends; ever since he went over to her house for dinner since she has been scolding him for not eating right, Shinra has made it known that Mikado is very cute and that he wishes he were his and Celty's son, which they do kind of treat him like. The gangs in Ikebukuro no longer scared him, there really wasn't a reason, and they just didn't anymore. With all rambling I guess you can now understand that he has met and done some things that not many would have done, what can I say, little Mikado here has done it all.

Or has he?

"Hey Shizu-chan, you seem to be getting a bit tired there, need some rest you?" teased Izaya.

Feeling a vain pop out of his head, the said Shizu-chan just kept on throwing random items that he could get his hands on at Izaya as well as sending death threats and daggers at the young informant.

With the fight still going on Mikado felt that it would be best to scurry on to the Market since it seemed like he was watching the same repeated words, same repeated thrown objects, and same repeated fighting style like all those other days. It was as you could say, getting boring. Sensing the Supermarket not too far along the road he turned away from both men and begun to walk away.

That is if he could dodge a little obstacle first.

"Watch out!" yelled someone.

Turning back to the fight scene Mikado didn't have time to blink before he saw one of the soda vending machines come hurling towards his way. Coming at an incredible speed he didn't have time to dodge, or do anything at that matter, all he could do was watch and wait for his life to end right there and now.

Waiting for the impact it was then that he noticed a slick pair of arms start to curl around his hips and pull him away from the vending machine at just the nick of time. Being pulled up into the air Mikado saw the machine come crashing down onto a seemingly innocent car that was parked right next to Mikado; it was now in ruins. Looking down in shock he sighed in relief, thanking the god and all of heaven for letting him be able to live another day. He may be used to some scary stuff but this shy kid isn't ready to go to the other world just yet.

"You okay Mikado-chan?" said an all too familiar voice. Spinning his head backwards Mikado could only gasp and look into the very red eyes of a psychopathic looking Izaya.


"The one and only." He answered. Smiling his deranged smile Izaya and Mikado soon felt the strength of gravity pull them down as they feel back down to earth. "Hold on tight Mika-chan~"

Stepping back to safe ground the blue-eyed teen couldn't help but pout at the little nickname Izaya gave him. Mika-chan, I mean Mika-chan?! Seriously! That sounds like a girl's name for Pete's sake.

"I-Izaya! Don't call me Mika-chan, I am not a girl." stated Mikado.

"Aw, but you do look like one. I mean look at you! A feminine looking face, a body that curves all so well, and those clothes! Mikado you are just begging for others to start treating you like a girl."

Of course Izaya kind of did make a point there. If you just slapped on a wig on the kid's head, added a little makeup as well as dressed him in some feminine clothing, (maybe a dress but that's only my opinion) then you could have the full blown girl version of Mikado.


"Oy! Flea, what the heck do you think you are doing?" snarled the almost forgotten bodyguard. Stepping between Mikado and Izaya Shizuo looked down at Izaya who was just a bit shorter than him and gave him his best 'What-the-fuck-is-wrong-with-you?' stare.

"Hello Shizu-chan, nice meeting you here."

"What do you mean by that, you bastard? We were just having our fight and you decided to stop it just to save some useless kid over here?" He stated.

Hearing those words slip out of his mouth Mikado couldn't help but look down at the floor, the words that Shizuo said hurt him deep in his heart. Mikado may be kind of a shy, timid kid, he doesn't have many friends, is single, looks like a girl, is bullied from time to time- sorry got sidetracked there. But to say the least Mikado knows he isn't the best, but he tries. It's just that hearing it from others really hurt from time to time.

"Well now that wasn't nice Shizu-chan, you cruel bastard. You should apologize to Mika-chan." Smirking the sociopath took out one of his blades that was hidden and twirled it around his fingers.

Izaya wasn't really being nice or anything; he just didn't want his play toy or whatever to get sad because if Mikado got sad then how would he be able to see all the juicy action and drama that will come in the future, caused by Mikado of course.

"Like hell I'm going to apologize to some wimp, now why don't you just shut your pie hole and let me get back to smashing your face in." Poison practically oozed out of those words. "And you."

Standing up straight Mikado looked up to a very pissed off Shizuo.

"Go run off to your little girlfriend or something kid; this isn't a place for kids like you." Said Shizuo, flicking his cigarette to the ground he stomped on it 'till it was all ground up to nothing.

Nodding Mikado turned around, away from the sociopaths, because come on, let's be honest, they are very scary people. Even though I said that Mikado may have gotten use to things in Ikebukuro I never said anything about being all sunshine and rainbows with these two monsters. There are just the same cruel people you'll ever meet on the streets.

Well, maybe, there may be some minor loopholes, in the future.

Beginning to walk away it was then Izaya had to stop him.

"Wait, Mika-chan~!" Grabbing onto the kid's jacket the informant pulled on his jacket.

"Oh no you don't!" Grabbing onto Izaya's jacket Shizuo also pulled on him thinking that he was trying to escape. Using a bit too much strength it was then that gravity decided to step in again, as always and pull them all down to the floor in a huge dog pile.

Being the one on top Mikado sat up from laying on Izaya's stomach and groaned at he held is aching head.

"Izaya you bastard! Look what you did!"

"Me? But you were the one that pulled me first."

"I was stopping you from escaping you damn flea!"

"But I wasn't trying to escape; I just wanted to tell Mikado some…thing…" He fell silent in just seconds. Looking over at the groaning teen above him he couldn't help but stare at the large, dark-colored scar that ran down Mikado's shoulder all the way down to his chest. It didn't look deformed or anything but it sure was rather painful-looking considering it was stitched up and the skin stretched out a bit. "Mikado, what is that?"

Groaning once again Mikado looked down to see at what Izaya was talking about; he gasped too. His shoulder blades jacket and shirt all ripped and such was pulled off way to his right shoulder, showing that nasty scar that crossed his body.

"Mikado, I am asking, what is that?" demanded Izaya. His smile now faded from his face.

Like I said, Izaya may not be a caring person, but seeing on of his toys hurt and with him, one of the best informants not knowing about this, it practically made his blood boil.

"Uh… um… well, you see…" he just couldn't say it. Feeling tears well up against the corners of his eyes Mikado stood up abruptly said a silent 'goodbye' and ran off to wherever. Leaving both men, Shizuo and Izaya confused at what they just saw.