"What the fuck just happened?!" exclaimed Shizuo. His hands which once lain twitching on the side of his body, now bunched up in fists with veins popping out from the wrists and the once lit cigarette now crushed into ashes inside his fists. His teeth were grit tightly until he could no longer feel his jaw; teeth were bared out like an animal, ready to attack anything that even came remotely close to it. It was very clear that he was in a ferocious mood, clear sign from his body language. He was close to practically throwing the table out the window, but thought against it as it would only destroy Mikado's home even more.

Although he was really craving to destroy something—or better yet someone's face to calm him down. Too bad he just jumped out the window a couple seconds ago.

Izaya wasn't any better. While his face was shaped into the same, simple look of an innocent child with a gentle smile on his face, it was clearly obvious that there was something much deeper inside. The dark and malicious aura he emitted was more than just for show. His eyes glinted heavily with the intent to kill. "Use that thick skull of yours Shizuo. Mikado just got kidnapped right before our eyes, and by someone very familiar."

"Shou," growled Shizuo.

The informant nodded. "Yup." The aura around him grew darker and more ominous as he fiddled with the pointy end of his knives. The smile was still carved onto his face, but his minds wandered with for answers for this sudden wave of emotions.

He was Izaya, Izaya Orihara, an informant as well as one of the most dangerous men in Ikebukuro. What was he doing worrying about another human being? Of course he would feel a slight prick at his chest of someone he knew was gone, or dead, but that didn't mean he had to feel like his whole body was being stabbed by a million of Shizuo's stop signs. Just that scene of Mikado on Shou's shoulder, being taken right before his eyes made his heart race with anxiety.


Why was he feeling anxious? Was it because of Mikado? He was just another pawn in his sick game of entertainment. What could he have possibly done to break through the barriers in Izaya has held up for several years and bring such odd emotions to Izaya Orihara.

It was such a mystery.

"I don't know why but I feel like stabbing that Shou guy… several times in a painful and excruciating death," comments Izaya. His body shakes with an unfulfilled feeling of excitement and anger. "I think I have a pest I need to take care of."

Shizuo clicked his tongue. "I can't believe I'm saying this but count me in too. For some reasons I have a weird craving for smashing that guy's face in until there's nothing left." His fist open and close several times as he begins to stretch his body for what he knows is a fight to come.

"Then it's settled, there is only one thing we can do." Izaya grins.

"Can, or must?"

"We must…"

"Kill Fujiwara Shou!" they say in unison.

A silence follows before a hoarse laugh is heard. Turning their heads in confusion, both men look to stare at the bloodied, but still breathing Masaomi Kida. His broken and torn body lain in a mess of rubble. Blood spilled from the corner of his mouth a he desperately tried to crack a smile at both men.

"Ha… what makes you think you'll be able to defeat Shou?"

Shizuo and Izaya scowl at the same time and step over to Kida.

"And what makes you think we won't defeat him?" asks Izaya, knife glimmering in his hand.

"It's impossible…"

"Stop spouting nonsense kid! Even though I can't kill a flea doesn't mean I can't kill a cockroach," retorts Shizuo.

"Gee, thanks…" mumbles Izaya under his breath.

A heavy sigh slips from Kida's mouth with a small trail of blood spilling from the side. The smile he once tried to form was now gone with only a pitiful look covering his face. "It's not like I don't have faith in you guys, I know you're strong, but…"


"But Shou's stronger. Ever since I met him he's always had the power to destroy anything in sight. Instead of being afraid of the boogeyman at night, it was Shou who would come in my nightmares. He just really scared me."

"So the guy made you piss the bed when you were little, so what. That doesn't prove anything," scoffed Shizuo.

"You guys don't understand! He is a monster; he wasn't even human to begin with. You saw those files right? He was born from science, not from love. He shouldn't capable of any emotions whatsoever; he was born as a weapon. Yet… Mikado was able to break through… why?"

Those words instantly spike some interest in Izaya. So far Shou has been nothing more than a mystery to Shizuo and Izaya. Despite breaking into the military base, they weren't able to get any information because of Shizuo messing things up. He was only able to scan the file very briefly, but only got information from the "experiments" that were conducted on specimen number six. Only a few things were said from simple observations, but that should have struck Izaya as something serious considering he was once kept a secret like them.

"What exactly do you mean by monster?" the raven took Kida by the collar. "Kida, what exactly is Shou and what relations does he have with Mikado?"

A pained look struck Kida's face.

"I, I don't know the full story, but from what I heard from him and Mikado, he wasn't exactly born from a human."

"What do you mean by that? Is he like a robot or mutant?" inquires Shizuo.

Kida groans and raises his hand to his head. "I, I'm not sure. I can't remember very well, it's… it's too fuzzy…" He blinks his eyes several times before feeling being knocked unconscious from all the pain he was experiencing.

"Kida don't—shit! You're useless." Throwing him back onto the rubble, Izaya stands up from the ground and speeds towards the front door.

"Hey, where the hell do you think you're going?" asks Shizuo. People everywhere were leaving and fainting on him and he sure wasn't going to let Izaya go anywhere without knowing where he was going. He's had enough of all of this, he just wants answers, and he knows that Izaya wants them as well.

"What does it fucking look like, I'm going to save Mikado. You stay here and look over-!"


Silence follows.

"What did you just say?"

"" I said no, I'm not going to listen to your orders. What makes you think I'll listen to a flea like you?"

"Shizuo this isn't the time for that, right now Mikado is god knows where, probably being abused or raped by Shou at this very moment. Now what I need you to do is to just listen to me, just this one time so I can go and-!"

"Oh yeah, then where is he?"

"I'll find him somehow; I am an informant after all."

Shizuo scowls and steps towards Izaya. His nose now scrunched up in disgusts. "Seriously, this is pathetic, what the fuck do you think you're doing?"

Izaya groans. "This is no time for games Shizuo; right now Mikado's like is in grave danger!"

"Then pull your head out of your ass and start thinking clearly!"

"I am thinking clearly, you're the one who's asking stupid questions while Mikado-!"

"I'm telling you to stop thinking about him, you have to think clearly right now and come up with a plan before something bad happens."

"What do you think I'm doing?! I'm going to save him!"

"Then where is he?!"

"I- I…"

"Answer me I-z-a-y-a, where is he?"

"Goddamnit Shizuo! I don't know okay, I don't know where the fuck he is! Right now I'm panicking thinking that something bad is happening to my most important person ever, but I don't know where the hell he is or what the fuck I'm going to do when I get there. So stop asking me these stupid questions already because I don't know!"

The room falls silent with only Izaya's heavy panting reaching Shizuo's ears. Both men stare into each other's eyes before Shizuo sighs and steps towards Izaya; the tapping of his shoes echoing inside the house.

He stands in front of Izaya and places a hand on his shoulder.

"Right now your mind is clouded with nothing more than Mikado. You're going to get yourself killed if you go out there and try to find him, heck, will you even find him."

"I know."

"Then start acting like you know and think up of a plan. You heard that Shou kid, he's practically in love with that kid, there's no way he's going to hurt him. You're an informant; start acting like one, flea."

Izaya nods. He breaths in, and then out. He returns to the original psychopath Ikebukuro knows.

"Thanks Shizu-chan, I needed that."

"No problem… and stop calling me Shizu-chan."

Izaya ignores that last comment and turns to the front door. "Very well, let us go to my house, I'm sure that I'll be able to work better in finding Mikado there." He takes one step forward before being stopped by Shizuo.

"Wait, what about miss drama-queen over there?" asks Shizuo, pointing towards the still unconscious Kida who still continued to lose blood by the second.

"Oh yeah, I almost forgot about him, well we can have Shinra take care of him. Go and get him."

"Why should I get him?"

"Because these delicate hands don't have the strength nor motivation to carry anyone else but Mikado bridal-style~!"

"Fuck, I forgot what kind of pervert you were, maybe I should have left you so you would have gotten killed instead," said Shizuo. He slung Kida over his shoulder and followed Izaya out of the house and towards Shinra's place.

"Oh but you didn't. Why? Because you love me."

Ignoring that comment both men continued to walk down the road and through Ikebukuro towards Shinra's place where luckily he would be able to heal Kida fast enough to get some answers from him. Right now what they needed to do was figure out the truth about Shou and where his infatuation with Mikado came from; as well as a plan on how to take him back. From what they heard from Kida the kid was not a force to be reckoned with, but if they combined their strength, it could be possible to take him down.

Although they never knew. There were many mysteries in the world and Shou and Mikado were two of them. Right now they just had to hope that Shou wasn't insane enough to do anything to Mikado.

Time was ticking.

"Hey Shizuo?"


"Why is it that you can stay calm in a time like this?"

"I can't, right now I'm boiling with anger on the inside, you just can't see it."

"Most of the times you'd be throwing a vending machine by now, what made you change your mood?"

Looking to the sky Shizuo remembers Mikado and all the adventures he's had trying to figure that kid out as well as the ones before this whole incident happened. He couldn't put his finger on it but that kid had some weird powers that just made him feel…

"Human. I just felt like becoming a human for once."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"Who knows."

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