Holly was having a hard time keeping her cool. Baxter Stockman had just stepped onto the elevator with one of the purple dragon members. She knew that he had no idea who she was, but if she couldn't keep a straight face they would know something was going on.

The purple dragon guy was staring at Holly with an ugly sneer on his face, she wished she had put on a sweater. Instead she folded her arms across her chest and turned slightly so she was facing away from him.

"Leave the poor girl alone Fong." Stockman said without even looking at her, "We have more important things to think about."

The elevator came to a slow halt on Stockman's floor and the two men exited the small metal box, as the Asian man left he looked back at her over the top of his glasses and winked at her. Hollys' face contorted in disgust, this guy must be at least ten years older than she was. The doors closed again and the elevator rose up one more floor. Holly opened her door and threw her laundry into the apartment, after grabbing a sweater she dashed over to the stairs and ran down them two at a time.

She peeked out of the stair well to make sure no one was on the landing and crept out to listen at Stockmans' door. She stayed crouched by the wall just in case they could see a shadow under the door. She could only just hear their conversation, so she pressed her ear as close to the door as she dared.

"I have one here, it should work." Stockmans muffled voice came through the wooden door.

"Where do you want us to drop it?" Fong replied.

"Any sewer access, it will keep searching until it either finds those turtles or the battery runs low. It will keep track of all areas it has searched, recharge its self then start searching again where it left off." Stockman sounded giddy, he clapped his hands together excitedly.

Holly heard one set of footsteps fade away as someone walked deeper into the apartment. Holly couldn't hear any conversation anymore, she scooted a fraction of an inch closer trying to listen, but it was no use, she would have to wait for them to come back into a room closer to the door.

A short while later, Holly could hear muffled conversation again. Apparently Stockman had finished doing whatever he had been and was conversing with this Fong character again. She couldn't make out what was being said, there was some shuffling sounds and lots of mumbling, but nothing coherent.

"Take it back to the factory, I'll be able to work on it tomorrow." Stockmans' voice was suddenly clear and both men were walking towards the door, Holly scrambled on the tip toes back to the stair well. It was a good job she only had socks on, shoes would have been too noisy.

Just as the fire escape door was closing, Fong walked out of Stockmans' apartment carrying a duffel bag containing the mouser unit. His eyes darted around checking the hall way, he started at the stair-well door for a moment, he could have sworn it moved. After a moment, he decided it was probably nothing, and turned back to face his employer. "I'll leave it in the office, catch ya' later."

Holly was pressed up against the wall in the stair well, she had only just made it through the door in time. If someone were to look through the little window she should be ok, but if they opened the door she was busted. However, no one tried to come through the door so she decided to get back up stairs and let the turtles know what she had just heard.

Leonardo was currently following a group of Purple Dragon members by roof top, they had been walking for about twenty minutes and it seemed like they were just going in circles. He was getting tired of this, he almost just wanted to hop down and scare them a bit just to make sure they didn't try anything. He was just looking for the best place to really freak them out, when his T-phone beeped. It was a text from Holly, apparently Stockman had sent the mouser unit from his apartment back to the fortune cookie factory with one of the gang members. He was going to put the chip he had recovered from Donnie's phone into it and release it into the sewer.

He frowned at his phone and sent her a quick reply, he really didn't see how that was a big deal, it was just one mouser after all. A response came immediately, Stockman was planning to make it intelligent. If they lost it in the sewers they wouldn't find it until it found them. Leo sighed, they had better destroy it now while it was still a pile of junk. He sent her another message asking where it was now. She gave him the street numbers, he forwarded it to everyone else before he set off with a quick explanation of what was going on.

Raph had just finished scaring the pants off of some of the gang members who were beating up the blind sushi guy for protection money again. He didn't like it when people picked on others who were weaker or smaller than they were, so he decided to show them what it was like to be on the receiving end of a beating. He helped the old man back to his feet. "I really hope they learn not to come back this time."

"So do I. Thank you, I owe you a dinner." Murakami said.

"I'm going to take you up on that. Stay out of trouble, ok?" Raph shook the old mans' hand. He left the restaurant and climbed back up to the roofs. Once there, he heard a beep from his phone. It was from Leo. Apparently, Holly had found out some information on Stockman and was now keeping an eye on the last mouser unit that needed destroying. Raph couldn't repress a smile, she wanted to help them so badly.

Since there weren't any more Purple Dragon goons to beat up, Raph decided he would head over and meet up with Leo. If he was lucky, there would still be people there to punch. He raced across the skyline to the intersection Leo had texted him, and once he drew closer he saw Leo crouching behind a billboard a few buildings over.

"So, how's it going?" He asked his big brother once he was behind him.

"Ok, Holly has been following him and letting me know where he's going." Leo informed him.

"Well, let her know she can go home now. We can take it from here." Raph peered over the ledge, sure enough there she was, following Fong from a distance. She kept dipping behind walls, stoops and anything that provided cover.

"I will, I just want to see what she's capable of." Leo stated.

"What? She's not ready for this." Raph spluttered.

"I'll tell her to back off in a minute, this is a good learning experience for her." Leo waved his brother off, Raph really needed to chill out.

"Learning experience, she's only been training for a like a week. She shouldn't have to do our job because you want to see if she's capable of." Raph was furious, they had been training for 15 years and they still made mistakes. Neither of the girls were ready to actually take on any of their enemies.

"Calm down, I'll tell her were here now." Leo rolled his eyes. He knew there was more to this than just experience, but he didn't feel like arguing right now. He pulled out his phone and sent Holly a message letting her know she could go home if she wanted. They watched as she ducked behind some stone stairs to check her message, she looked up looking for them, and when she spotted them she smiled and gave a little wave.

Leo gave her a thumbs up, while Raph just glared at the back of his brothers blue bandana with his arms crossed. Holly checked around the corner to make sure the creepy Asian guy wasn't looking back behind him, he would definitely recognize her and if they figured out she was working with the turtles, she wouldn't be able to go home. Once she was sure the coast was clear, she stood up and ran across the street. Aprils' house was much closer than hers' was, she would stay there until they heard from the boys then take a cab home.

Raph watched her go, then turned back to his big brother. "If you want to see what they can do, watch them in the training room. Don't expect them to risk themselves for us." Raph turned his attention back to Fong, and followed him from above. Leo was stunned, Raph challenged his authority all the time, but this time he actually felt like he had done something wrong.

They followed Fong a little further until he was in a more secluded area of the city. Once he was just off the main streets, Leo landed a short distance in front of Fong, cutting off his path through the alley. "Do you just want to give up now?" He drew his swords slowly. "Or are we going to do this the hard way."

Fong turned to go back the way he had come, only to discover that his way was blocked again, this time by Raph, who waggled his fingers smugly. He didn't try to run though, he had an ace up his sleeve. "You freaks won't get me this time." He pulled out his cell phone and pressed a button.

The wall next to Leo and Raph exploded outwards, a huge furry fist was producing out of a hole that crumbled away to reveal a seven foot tall, very angry looking Dog Pound.

"Knock, knock." he said melodramatically.

"Oh great." Raph said sarcastically, "This was so much easier than it should have been."

Dog Pound roared and charged the turtle teens, who jumped backwards in opposite directions. Leo launched himself back at the beast before him, he ducked under a massive forearm and went to slash at Dog pounds back. Unfortunately, another massive arm came around and caught Leo's arm mid swipe. He was lifted bodily and flung at the opposite wall, he managed to twist his body so he would hit the wall with his feet first.

Raph moved in behind his big brother, he ducked as Leo flew over his head and as Dog Pounds arm followed through, he popped up and kicked him in the ribs. Dog Pound stumbled, but didn't go down. He just swung in Raphs direction and growled. Leo and Raph stood next to each other facing down the big beast.

"So what's the plan oh' courageous leader?" Raph asked.

"We need to get Fong, we don't have time for this." Leo looked around, Fong was nowhere to be found. "Did you see which way he went?"

"No, I was a little preoccupied." Raph replied. Dog Pound charged at them again, this time swinging for both turtles. Raph went high and Leo went low swiping out his legs, the two of them managed to send the slobbering monster head first into a dumpster.

"Let's get out of here" Leo shook his head, "if we can get up to the roof we might still be able to catch Fong." The two teens launched themselves up the nearest building before Dog Pound could get back to his feet. They searched the nearby alleys, but there was no sign of him.

"Let's head over to the factory, Holly said that's where he was going. We're going to need Donnie and Mikey to take down Dog Pound" Leo said, Raph nodded and they raced to catch up with Fong.