The turtles had crossed most of the Manhattan skyline before they found what they were looking for. The clock tower in question had been more difficult to find than they had suspected. Mostly because New York was full of old churches and toweres, and Stockman hadn't bothered telling Donnie exactly which one it was. But, they preservered, and luck had them in the right place at the right time to see some of the gang members chatting with some strange men wearing black ninja gear.

Leo silently signaled the the other that they were going in after the goons, and Ralph and Donnie nodded in unison. Mikey acknowledged the order a few seconds later, which was better than he normally managed.

The turtle boys slipped noislessly into the building using a fire exit, and immediately began searching each room carefully for signs of Hollys mother. On one of the lower levels they ran into a server room, which Donnie immediately began to hack to see exactly what they were dealing with.

He plugged one end of his phone into a USB port and began scanning the system for any thing that looked suspicious. "Alright, we've got minimal security on most of the floors, except there's electronically locking doors in the basement, and... Woah, a ton of top of the line systems on the top floor."

"That's fascinating, but where are they holding Hollys mother?" Leo said, feeling slightly impatient.

"I'm not sure. Let me check for security cameras." Donnie tapped a few buttons on his phone. "We may not be able to see much, but we might just be able to see enough." He pulled up one image after another on the tiny screen of his phone, and peered closely at each one before disregarding it as useless and moving on to the next.

"Wait, what's that?" Leo asked over his brothers shoulder.

They all grouped close together to peer at the little screen. It showed a long dimly lit room with a raised dais at one end. The platform was cloaked in shadows, but enough of it was illuminated to show a hard looking chair placed at the center of it. More of the black clad men were kneeling, looking up at the chair, and right at the front of the group was Dog Pound a d Baxter Stockman.

"I don't know, but it looks like they're praying, or something." Donnie said.

"Or bowing down to their master." Leo concluded.

"What?" Raph exclaimed.

"I'm not positive, but I think there's more going on here than meets the eye." Leo frowned at the wall. "Dog Pound and Stockman aren't smart enough to be running the show, so we have to assume that they're answering to someone else."

"That's all well and good, but we can deal with that later." Raph interjected.

"Right." Donnie said, and clicked onto the next images. "There. Thats got to be her." He pointed at a cell block that had a well dressed woman crouched in a corner of one of the cells.

"Where is that?" Leo said.

Donatello crossreferenced the cameras serial number with the security systems log to pin point exactly where it was, and within a minute, he had a floor number and cardinal direction the camera was facing. "Piece of cake." He announced triumphantly. "It's just a shame April's not here to see it." He muttered.

"I'm sure you'll tell her all about it later." Mikey said, poking Donnie in the cheek while grinning maniacally.

"Shut up." Donnie swatted at his younger brother.

"Quit it, both of you." Leo hissed. "We have to go."

Donnie disconnected his phone from the hardware and lead the way back out of the server room. They moved silently down the hallways, creeping between the shadows to stay in as much cover as possible. Thin moon beams crept into the building from the few windows that were on that floor, illuminating the empty office space in a dull blue-gray light.

The didn't encounter any one until the got closer to the row of elevators. There were two guards sitting on office chairs, both of whom were purple dragon members. They were acting like children; rolling across the linoleum, crashing into one another, and laughing their heads off.

Leo and Raph swept between the office desks in complete silence, and each knocked one of the guards unconscious without even a sigh escaping their lips. They then stashed their limp bodies behind a giant potted fern.

Donnie and Mikey followed them and pried open one of the doors to the elevator shaft.

"Ladies first." Mikey said with a smirk, and gave Raph a little bow.

"Go stuff yourself." Raph said, he gave his brother a swift thwack to the arm, before launching himself down the dark hole.

The Turtles climbed down past the lowest labeled level to a sub-basement that had been renovated to be used as a holding cell. The harsh fluorescent lights That shone through the bars of the make shift cells cast hard shadows across the bare brick walls. All but one of the cells were empty. Huddled in the corner of her cell, covered in dirt from the unwashed floor, was Hollys mom.

They turtle boys crept out into the holding room, searching for signs of a guard but there was no one in there except the woman in the cell. Leo motioned for Donnie to sweep the room for electronic monitoring systems, especially the security cameras they had used to locate her in the first place. Donatello snuck along the wall and plugged in his phone to the back of the camera. His fingers flew over the buttons and within a few moments he gave his brothers a thumbs up and a big cheesy grin.

"I have the security system running a loop of the last minute of images. It should fool them long enough for us to get out of here."

"Lets get her out of there, I don't want to get caught here." Leo said softly.

They hurried over to the cell, and let Donnie start working on unlocking the door.

"Mrs. McCallister?" Leo said.

The women lifter her chin to look at who had spoken her name. She wore a soft gray suit with matching shoes, but they were smudged with grim and blood. Her hair was the same deep brown as her daughter's, and it was falling out of a severe bun that was pinned to her head, but her face was sharper and her features more pointed. "I already told the other one, I don't know anything." She scrambled back against the cell wall looking terrified.

"What? No, we're here to get you out." Donnie said. Through the bars.

"Just stay away from me. I don't know where my daughter is, and I wouldn't tell you even if I did." Her face was tear streaked, and her voice shook, but Hollys mother had the same determined fire in her eyes that her daughter did.

"We know where she is." Mikey blurted out. "She practically been living with us for the last few weeks."

"Mikey." Raph snapped. "Would you cram a sock in it?"

"She's wha'?" All of the excitement of the day finally caught up to Hollys mother, she slid down the last section of wall and lay sprawled across the floor in her expensive designer suit.

"I'm glad that she's not as strong as Holly." Raph said with a sigh. "I don't think she would have cooperated with us."

"Yeah, imagine her reaction if she found out you were dating her daughter." Mikey said with a chuckle.

Raph scowled at the wall as his brothers laughed at his expense. After a few more seconds, Donnie had the cell door open and Leo hauled the limp woman over his shoulder. "Lets get out of here."

"Gladly." Raph said, and he lead the way back over to the elevator banks and started climbing back up to an above ground level of the building.

"Hey." Mikey started as they climbed ever higher. "Does this seem too easy to you guys?"

"Oh, don't say that." Donnie groaned.

"Why not?" Mikey asked, his big blue eyes searched his brothers face innocently.

One of the elevator doors was ripped out of its rails and it's mangled form crashed down the shaft towards the Turtles. A shower of sparks rained down on them as they scrambled frantically to get out of the way.

Leo lept from one support beam to another just as the door bounced noisily off the wall where he had just been. The limp form of Mrs. McCallister slipped off his shoulder and he had to swing her back up into his arms before she plummeted after the steel door. "I need you guys to help me out here." He yelled at his brothers.

"You keep climbing, we'll deal with whatever they send at us." Raph yelled down to his brother.

Dog Pound stuck his massive head into the elevator shaft and roared down at them, he grabbed Mikey by the foot as he tried to leap clear and dragged him bodily through the door.

"Mikey!" The three turtles yelled in unison.

Raph didn't wait for the order, he threw himself through the opening after Mikey and proceeded to punch and kick anything that got in his way.

Donnie and Leo just looked at each other and nodded, Leo would get Hollys mom out of harms was, and would come back if need be. He would just have to trust his brothers to take care of themselves. He watched his last brother dissapear into the swirling storm of shouting and mayhem before continuing to climb to an empty floor.

Raphael was furious. He didn't care how many of these freakishly dressed weirdos he had to punch, no one man handled his little brother like that. Mikey had been thrown clear across the office block and had crashed into the far wall, they had him pinned in a corner now, but he was still on his feet, which was a good sign. The happy-go-lucky turtle was currently keeping the ninja at bay with the hidden chain he had, and was swinging it in great circles to keep them away.

Donnie fell in beside Raph. "Lets make this quick." Raph nodded, and the two of them dashed in opposite directions at Dog Pound who stood smirking at them.

Raph roared and leapt high into the air aiming a punch at Dog Pounds head. The giant beast swatted at him, but Raph swung himself around Bradfords arm and let the momentum carry a well aimed heel into the massive mutts jaw.

Donnie skirted along the floor, dipping in and out of the other guys who were surrounding his brothers. He exchanged blows with a couple of them, and he noticed that they were trained in the martial arts, and their form was surprisingly similar to that which they had been instructed in. "Who are these guys?" He muttered.

"I don't care who they are." Raph yelled as he continued attacking Bradford.

"Its not like your going to be around long enough to find out anyway." Dog Pound yelled back, and clawed at Raph with his bone covered talons. Raph leapt backwards, but he was just a little bit slow and he staggered as Dog Pound left three scratches in his plastron, and one clean cut across his face. Raph snarled at Dog Pound whom was laughing at his discomfort, and threw himself back at the oversized mutt and toppled the both of them over onto a group of the ninja.

Donnie used the distraction as his opportunity to dislodge his baby brother from the corner. He swirled his staff around and around as he made his way across the room, knocking back all the advancing enemies until he had carved a path through to Mikey.

"They're tougher than the Purple Dragons." Mikey commented as he clocked one of the ninja in the head.

"It would seem so." Donnie agreed. "There far too disciplined to be common street thugs, I think we're dealing with a criminal organization."

"We don't have time to figure that out right now." Raph grunted between dodging around Dog Pounds swinging arms. "We have what want, so let's go."

"Yes, of course." Donatello gripped his Bo staff and turned to his little brother. "Up and over?" He asked.

"You know it." Mikey yelled happily and stepped between Donnie hands. He was then flung bodily over the gathering ninja, to collide with Dog Pound and Raph. They all went spilling over again, but this time Mikey was ready and wrapped his chains around Bradfords limbs, he and Raph managed to hog tie the pooch before he could get back to his feet.

Donnie twisted his Bo staff through his hands to smack a couple of approaching ninja in the gut and head respectively, he then pole vaulted himself over the remaining enemies to join up with his brothers.

Raphael wrapped the chains securely around a near by pillar to make sure Bradford couldn't get loose, while Mikey grabbed a fire extinguisher and lobbed it into the center of the room, he threw a few shuriken at it with a 'Booyakasha!" And plunged the whole room into haze of white powder.

The turtle boys slipped out of the building through the roof access and swung over to the adjacent building one their zip lines. Leo was waiting for them behind an air conditioning unit with Hollys mom slumped against it.

"I was starting to worry about you guys." Leo said with a sigh. "I was just about to come back in there."

"Nah, we had it." Mikey said.

"Oh yeah, you were doing great until Dog Pound had you by the face." Raph hissed. Mikey stuck his tongue out at his big brother, and Raph stepped towards him threatening.

"Cool it Raph." Leo said and got between his siblings. "Go call Holly and tell her we'll take her mom home." Raph turned to walk away, but Leo called after him "and make sure she doesn't go home alone."

"Well obveously." Raph said over his shoulder.