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Garrus, to his dying day, would never admit that he'd taken the time in his earlier C-SEC days to figure out the best way to eavesdrop on conversations that normally had nothing to do with him. Or, at least, that is what his supervisors always told him. So, it was with the utmost discretion that he pushed his chair back from his desk and formed a bored expression across the planes of his face. He kept his eyes wandering constantly, never focusing on anything for too long in order to spot anyone watching him. He didn't find anyone looking at him with more than a cursory glance to note his movement.

He strolled lazily toward the dextro beverages provided by the department for the comfort of the officers. The dispenser, coincidentally, just so happened to be right next to Chellick's office. Therefore, if Garrus just so happened to hear something while he was over there, well it wasn't really his fault. After all, Garrus couldn't possibly be held accountable for every little bit of noise that floated across his translator.

Avian eyes narrowed, as he unhurriedly picked up a cup and pretended to peruse the beverage selections. He always ended up getting the same thing, though he never understood why. Perhaps that human saying did apply and he was a 'creature of habitat'… or something. It sounded like that, he was sure.

Her thoughtfully stroked his chin plate and listened discreetly to any sounds coming from the good detective's office. He thought he heard Shepherd asking a question, but he only caught the tail end of it when a Volus loudly burst through the commons with some gibberish about his partner trying to kill him. Garrus controlled the urge to growl.

He risked a quick glance through the window next to Chellick's door. He could see Tassus staring straight a head, and he watched Shepherd make an animated gesture. Chellick looked… amused. Garrus wasn't certain how to process that tidbit of information.

"Sometime this century, please, Vakarian?" A voice asked from behind him.

Garrus gave a surprised warble and glanced behind him. He saw a familiar face with white markings. "Sorry, I'll move it along." He punched the code for his usual and waited with his veins thrumming in agitation for it to fill. He mumbled another apology to the Turian behind him and walked back toward his desk.

'What is going on in there?' His thoughts churned the question over and over like someone fingering a credit chit. His left mandible twitched as his mind came up with several scenarios, few of which sounded plausible and two that left his hackles raised. However, he tried to remind himself that Chellick was an upstanding Turian, and would never do anything untoward to Shepherd. Never.

Then again…

He shook himself and settled into his paperwork, his eyes however could not stop from flicking upward occasionally toward the door. He mentally took note that they were in there for five minutes, then ten, then fifteen, and right around the twenty-third minute mark the doors opened. Garrus listened intently, and allowed himself to monitor things through his visor, but made sure not to stare directly at the exiting party. He nearly growled in frustration when he couldn't quite catch what was being said over the ambient noise of the station. However, he did catch the smile Shepherd threw at Chellick, and he jumped when he heard a sharp 'crack'.

Garrus stared mutely at the PAD screen he had fractured with his grip. When his blue eyes looked up again, Shepherd was gone.


It still is on his brain, how well Shepherd broke into that hotel room. How she simply knew what to do. He wonders briefly, if she was mixed up with bad people before she was named 'Shepherd'? But no, he reminds himself that that couldn't be the case because she'd told him she had never been involved with those people. Yet, what did he know about Shepherd? Other than what she told him, he knew nothing. She could have been lying to him since day one, but his gut told him that she'd always told him the truth.

So, if this was her life style, what she'd become accustomed to… why did it bother him so? The thought of someone like Shepherd out there trying to keep the proverbial varrens off her back and the backs of other innocent children caused him to feel angry. She was... Shepherd was… what exactly? She was something he'd never seen before; nothing like her. It wasn't the bleeding heart complex; Garrus had seen plenty of that in his days and every day. No, it was something more. Something the Turian couldn't quite put his claw on.

It wasn't that she'd seen more than her fair share of death and unfairness. A young body with eyes older than Palavan for all the horrors she'd witnessed, no Garrus had seen that many times. The way she'd dealt with Consara had been effective. It was detached, though he knew just how far Shepherd would go for those she watched over. It had to be done in the human's eyes, it was akin to cutting off a gangrenous limb.

He scratched at the back of his neck, wincing when he put too much pressure on the sensitive skin. 'What is it about Shepherd?' He pondered quietly to himself, as he counted down the minutes until his shift was over. He'd been waiting for an opportunity to talk to Chellick about the human and, perhaps if he were exceedingly lucky, not make Chellick suspicious.

So he went through his reports, filed a few claims from the latest act of vandalism with the ward's 'neighborhood watch' something the humans insisted was a good idea. He clicked his talons upon the desk, waiting non too patiently, for Chellick to come out of his hidey-hole where he had been asked not to be disturbed all day.

At last his vigil as rewarded just as his shift ended by the detective all but strutting out of his office. Garrus resisted the urge to thrill in distaste. He pushed the last of his outgoing work into the appropriate pile and rushed off after Chellick.

"Detective," he called out cordially attempting to infuse as much politeness into his tone as he could muster at the moment.

Chellick turned, his face plates shifting into confusion as he spotted Garrus. "Can I help you officer Vakarian?"

Garrus couldn't explain why he had to choke down the urge to snarl at the other male. "I was wondering about the human that came in earlier," he said quietly and noticed that Chellick tensed.

"What about her?"

A slow and false smile spread his mandibles as Garrus began what he considered an excellent game of dancing around a subject. "I was interested about the boy at her side. You don't see too many humans watching Turian children." Except, Garrus knew exactly why she did it and even knew the boy's name but Chellick didn't need to know that.

Chellick relaxed his posture slightly; Garrus appeared to have put him at ease. "Yeah," he rumbled in agreement, " I suppose it is a little strange." Chellick's eyes were watching him a touch too closely. "She found the boy, and needed to know a good shelter to take him to. Needed help contacting whatever family he might have."

'Liar,' Garrus thought with some menace, but the aversion to truly answering his question told him a wealth of information he doubted Chellick intended to give him. Whatever this was that Shepherd had come here for, it was likely big and dangerous.

Garrus didn't like the thought at all.

Still, he warbled a non-committal tone and kept his face only vaguely interested. "Oh, for a moment there, I thought she was coming to inform you about your illicit love child."

Chellick erupted in startled laughter, and Garrus clicked his teeth at the response. "Thanks Vakarian, I needed the laugh," he said after a moment.

"Anytime Sir," came the half-muttered reply.

"No, nothing as tawdry as that, she just wanted to do the right thing." The tone was reassuring, the sub-harmonics trilled sincerity.

'Sincerity,' Garrus reflected absent mindedly, 'if you can fake that… the rest is easy.' He was forced to give Chellick some credit, the male was a decent liar. Garrus managed to snare a few more tidbits of information from him before departing for the day. His thoughts whirled around a human and a Turian that both didn't like him right now.

He trudged his way into his apartment, after a long walk that only left him to his already overtaxing thoughts. He was agitated, confused, and worried about what hole Shepherd had managed to dig herself into. Chellick was a Turian that dealt solely with results. He followed the rules, though Garrus was fast getting tired of all the red-tape, but if Chellick stepped one talon-length out of line with Shepherd's safety then Garrus would not be held liable for what he did.

Because, even though he hadn't figured it out yet, she was special. She was special to him and likely to the Citadel. Shepherd was something that didn't come around all that often. Like the animals native to his home world, Garrus couldn't help but see something beautiful in Shepherd. There was a presence about her that put him at ease when she was near, and caused him to worry when she wasn't. IF he didn't know better, he would almost think he was attracted to…

'No, that cannot be,' he thought. He was obviously tired and needed sleep desperately. It would all make sense in the morning. Garrus walked into his bedroom, passing by his new table courtesy of his old friend, it was a tastefully but sparsely furnished room. He unclipped his gun from its holster, and tried to limber up his shoulders. He took off his armor in the unhurried pace of the practiced.

Garrus tried to tell himself that had it been very important, Shepherd would have come to him. However, he knew that wasn't true. She was bound and determined to deal with the galaxy by herself. And damned if he wasn't a little proud of her for it, but he wanted her to know she wasn't alone. He felt as if he needed her to understand that he would do what he could to keep her safe.

He shrugged out of his clothes and proceeded toward his bathroom. He went through his usual personal hygiene routine, and pulled on his sleep ware for the night. He gracelessly flopped into his bed with a deep groan, which turned into a grunt of surprise when his hand hit something solid.

He took one look at the PADD on the bed and let out another groan. He was too damn tired for this, but he forced himself to decode it anyway, not bothering to turn on the lights. What he found was rather expected. A listing of times, locations, and drop points for a known dealer of red sand that Garrus had been trying to pin for a while now. At the bottom of the note, in less than elegant phrasing were a few terse lines from Shepherd.

"Consider us even now C-SEC," it read and he couldn't help but hear her voice at the words, "and thanks. That friend of mine should be better off now."

That was it. And Garrus fought the urge to throw the offending piece of technology across the room in a huff. It was almost as if Shepherd had dismissed him and that left him slightly enraged. His bright blue eyes narrowed in the comfortable darkness of his room and he began to plot exactly how he was going to figure out what she needed Chellick for.