Well, this is slightly awkward that I'm posting this. It was meant to be a one-shot but since I may have forgotten to click complete, I got two reviews saying that I should write more. So I did. I'm just waiting to Sims 3 University Life to install on my laptop. Yes I play Sims.

Whitney's POV

The kiss meant nothing. Nothing. I'm not sure if Zack thought that it meant that we where together now, but I didn't mean it to be. When I get up in the morning, I twist my hair back in a braid and dress in a long black shirt. I pull my grey Vans over my jeans and grab a toaster waffle for the road. Picking up my bag, I lock my apartment and head downstairs. Tommy Reichs looks at me when I get down, and he asks me what I'm doing tonight.

"Busy. I've got work."

"Sure. Your not seeing your boyfriend."


I slip into my car and quickly speed to work. I swip my card through the slot and grab my labcoat. Someone grabs my arm and I spin around. It's Hodgins. A very breathless Hodgins. Several possibles run through my mind and I deiced that something is up.

"What's wrong Doctor Hodgins?" My heart starts thudding.

"The Athyl Acetate that you used-"

"God, did I use something wrong?" I cut him off.

"No Whitney. You did it perfect, and I was going to say that it must have been someone that had access to Oak Trees." He says, eyes alight.

"So in other words, it must have been the cleaner? Mary-Jane? Are serious?"

"Yeah. She did it."

"Cool, are you going to tell Doctor Brennan."

"I was going to let you tell her." He highfives me and then hugs me.

"But you found it."

"But you discovered who it was. I broke the rules of the lab."

"Please tell her." I start fiddling with my hands and then Hodgins looks at them. The left one still has bandages on it. He looks at me like he wants to ask but doesn't. "Hodgins, don't. Just tell Doctor Brennan and then leave it."

"Okay." He pats me on the shoulder and I walk in after him. Doctor Brennan, Zack and Angela turn around to look at me. I gulp and Hodgins grins comically and points to me. "Meet the Queen Of the Lab." I duck my head and hurry of to Hodgins' lab. A couple of minutes later when I'm looking at an unknown bug, someone comes into the lab. The footstep sounds indicate that it's male about 5'8 to 5'11. Zack Addy. Who else would be looking for me?


"No Zack, just no."

"That's what you said last time and we ended up-"

"Hooking up on my couch. I get it. What do you want?" I snap.

"I was going to congratulate you on solving the case but now I am reconsidering it."

Idiot. By saying that out loud you basically just said congratz. I sigh and turn around. "Zack. I like you, I really do. Just... Not in that way. Your a great friend, the best that anyone could have. Smart, slightly dorky and loyal. But the thing is that I don't like you like that. I don't know what that kiss meant for now. So can we just drop it." I can almost hear his heart shattering or maybe it's my own. My heart. It's mine. Yeah, I've got some very small. Very squished up feelings for him but him and Naomi are together right now. Aren't they?


"Zack..." I walk forward to go and hug him, but he shuffles back and keeps his head down for the rest of the day.


I drum my fingers over the number seven button on my phone. In other words, Zack's speed dial number. My stomach twits into a knot and I stab it. Pressing the phone to my ear, it rings twice before it hangs up. That means the he heard me and choose not to answer my call. I feel some tears drip down my cheek. Right, Zack is living with Doctor Hodgins right now... and Hodgins lives... Somewhere. It's programmered into my car.

I stumble from my flat and half-tumble-half-run down the stairs until I reach the bottom (which takes longer then I wanted). Jamming myself into my car, I zip from the lot and start heading down to the richer part of town.

Wow. Hodgins' house is massive. I run up the drive and clamber up the stairs that lead to the front door. My knees scrap on the bricks, my left hand bracing my fall and I feel something wet and stick forming under the bandages. I slam on his door.

"Doctor Hodgins! Open the freaken door!" I start kicking the door until Hodgins opens it.


"Geezs, someones grumpy at 3 am." I feel tears start spurting from my eyes but I keep my head down.

"It's three in the morning. Who wouldn't be and why are you here?!"

"I need to see Zack." I look over at him, tear trickling down my face. "Hodgins. I'm asking you as a friend. I need to see Zack."

"Your bleeding."

"I fell over. Which isn't important right now."

"Fine." He says pulling me inside.


I push the door to Zack's apartment style thing open and whisper, "Zack?"

"Go away."

I close the door behind me and fumble round for the light switch until the room is bleached with light. When I look down at my hand, the bandages are blood soaked and my knee's are trickling with blood. My hand... That's what Doctor Hodgins' must have meant. "No Zack, I can't go away. You've been on my mind all day and I can't forget about you."

"You're just saying that." I look over at him. Sitting crosslegged on a white/black double bed. His hair flopping in his eyes, clad in blue pinstriped pajamas.

Zack walks over to me and I feel a Tug. Something that whats me to go and through my arms around him. Which is a very odd feeling seeing as when I started working at the Jeff, I hated that little know-it-all.

"No. I'm not. If I was, you would know." I turn around, ready to leave him alone for the rest of his lonely life. But his arm garbs my hand. I spin around into his arms and press my face to his shoulder. "Please Zack. I'm so sorry." I feel tears start working there way down my face and along me cheeks. I dig my nails into his arm and more hot tears start bursting from my eyes.

"Your bleeding."

"I know." I murmur into his shoulder. He picks me up and pulls me into bed, kissing my wrists and lips until my mind goes fuzzy.