It's a busy afternoon in the Caltech cafeteria. The bustle of people walking around and talking can he heard as Leonard, Howard, Sheldon and Raj sit at their table and have lunch.

"So gentlemen, are we on for the Halo tournament tonight?" Sheldon asks.

"Yep!" Leonard replies.

"I'm in." says Howard.

Raj sits quietly and continues to eat his food. Sheldon looks at Raj waiting for a response.

"Koothrappali, will you be joining us this evening?"

Raj sheepishly looks up from his plate and shakes his head no.

"No!" Sheldon exclaims, "We always have an even number of players! What could be so important that you're willing to miss Halo night?"

Raj looks at his friends and quietly says "Um, I kinda have a date."

"Whoa..whoa...whoa... come again." Howard says with a look of confusion on his face. "Why is this the first time I'm hearing about this date? Who is the lucky gal...It is a girl right?"

"Dude", Raj protests throwing his hands up, "Why would you ask that?"

Howard just shrugs as Leonard quizzically tilts his head, squints his eyes and asks "Were you drinking when you asked her out? How is that going to work on your date?"

"I wasn't drinking", Raj explains, "I've known her for a while and have always been attracted to her, but I was never able to talk to her."

"So why are you able to talk to her now?" Leonard asks.

"I don't know. Well she's not involved with anyone anymore that certainly helps. We ran into each other a few days ago and at first I still couldn't speak to her, but she continued to talk to me and when she was about to walk away its like something came over me and I had to speak to her. I just couldn't stand there and not say anything to her."

"Wow, you must really like this girl, when do we get to meet her?" Leonard asks.

"Yeah, maybe you can double date with Bernie and myself", Howard suggests, "What's her name anyway?"

Raj begins to quickly gather his things and gets up from the table.

"Um, yeah...maybe...we'll see...I've got to go."

Raj quickly walks off and out of the cafeteria. Concerned with Raj's reaction to their questioning, Leonard, Howard, and Sheldon sit and continue to talk.

"What do you think that's all about" Leonard asks.

"Well, from what I observed it would appear that Rajesh doesn't want you to know who he is dating." Sheldon replies.

"We know that Sheldon, but why... what is he hiding?" Leonard asks

Howard, with a look of concern on on his face says "I don't know, but we'll talk to him about it later."