The young orange-haired boy watched in terror as the enormous creature grabbed his sisters and hung them over its gaping mouth. "Ichigo! Help!" yelled Karin as the creature lowered her to its mouth. "Hold on!" he yelled as he ran toward the monster and jumped into the air, and effectively landing a kick to its face, cracking it's large mask. It dropped the two girls and stumbled into the neighboring house. Ichigo landed and tumbled onto his back. He turned to his two sisters "Go! Get out of here!" he yelled. They obeyed and ran down the street along with their father.

Ichigo stood up and faced the monster. The creature got up and looked directly at him, Ichigo grinned at the thing "Bring it." he said plainly. Suddenly a white figure appeared out of nowhere and sliced the creature in two. Ichigo looked in shock and awe as the monster fell to the ground and faded away. Two other figures appeared, they were people, each carrying swords. One of them had brown hair and a pink sash around his waist. The other had silver, gray hair and a disturbing smile. The other appeared african, with purple hair and a visor.

The man with brown hair walked up to him and spoke "You seem to have a lot of potential. You would be a valuable addition to my army. If only you were a hollow, hmmmm..." the man thought to himself. He gestured his hand at Ichigo "My name is Sousuke Aizen. Let me get straight to the point, I have noticed that you have immense potential and I would like to present an offer." he said as Ichigo took his hand and stood up. "Yeah, what's this deal?" he said in response.

"To put it simply," Aizen continued "I would ask you to become a part of my army, in another form however. But in return, I will give your family a remedy that will keep these creatures, otherwise known as hollows, away from your family permanently."

Ichigo thought about it for a moment. He thought back to the creature that threatened to eat his sisters. Aizen put his hand out "So do we have a deal?" he asked. Ichigo hesitated, but he finally shook Aizen's hand "Deal.", "Excellent.", Aizen pulled out a bag. He grabbed Ichigo and they all flash stepped near Ichigo's family. Aizen opened the bag and glowing dust floated towards them. It gently landed on them and took its place in their souls.

"Now any hollow that comes near them will be repelled by their scent." Aizen said as the dust disappeared. Ichigo looked at Aizen "So how does this work?" he asked as Aizen turned around. "Simple." he replied putting his hand on Ichigo's forehead. He lightly pushed and Ichigo's body fell to the ground and his soul stood before Aizen.

Ichigo looked at the chain in his chest with interest "What the hell is this?" he asked as he studied the chain carefully. Aizen took the chain in his hand, "This is the only thing standing between you and joining my army. Once you've evolved enough, I will search for you and your initiation will be complete." with that Aizen yanked the chain and it tore a hole in Ichigo's chest.

Enormous spirit pressure emitted from Ichigo as his skin turned into a hard hierro. Claws grew from his fingers and his feet turned to two large claws and one small claw on the heel on each foot. A mask with sharp teeth and blood-red markings along the right side of the face.

Aizen's eyes widened in surprise of the boy's, now hollow, spiritual pressure. He swiped his hand across the air and a garganta opened. Ichigo now instinctively walked through the rip in space into Hueco Mundo.

The hollow's feet touched the soft sand of Hueco Mundo. He scanned the vast desert. There was almost no life. He spotted three hollows. One had a bull-like body, another had a basic, purple body with a spiked mask and the last had a diamond shaped mask with a cross shaped crevice in it that revealed her eyes.

The bull-like hollow and the purple hollow attacked the diamond-masked hollow. She was far too weak to take them both on by herself, or either one for that matter. Ichigo sonidoed to the diamond mask hollow, she stumbled back and fell to the ground. Ichigo grabbed the purple hollow and impaled him onto the bull hollow's horns. He thrusted his claws deep into the bull's throat.

The diamond masked hollow trembled in fear as she watched the blood drip off of the tips of his claws. Ichigo turned to look at her. She shook in fear, but she bowed on her knees. She spoke in a weak and trembling voice, "Please, make it quick.", Ichigo looked at her with pity. He picked her up and brought her to her feet by her under arms. She looked at him in confusion and shock. He picked up the dead hollows as he asked, "What's your name?".

She hesitated at first, but she finally answered, "M...My name is Lisa." she said as he dropped the bull-like hollow in front of her. She looked up at him, "What's this?" she asked as he sat down with the dead purple hollow, "You need to eat, or else you won't get anywhere." he responded as he took a bite out of the hollow's arm. Lisa was still confused, though she still sat down and took a bite out of the hollow. Ichigo looked at Lisa, he noticed that they were similar, both of them had humanoid body figures, and their hair was normal, not mane-like or wild. She had dark hair and wore it in a braid.

After the finished their meal, they decided to rest in the sand together. "I'll stay awake and keep guard." Ichigo declared as Lisa lied down. Lisa sat up and looked at Ichigo with dagger eyes, "Wait a minute, why should I trust you? How do I know if you won't just consume me in my sleep." she asked. Ichigo looked back at her, "Why would I do that? That's far too cruel for anyone to suffer." he countered.

Lisa was shocked, yet again, by him, "Your not like any other hollow. Your not cruel, or heartless. Why?" she asked crawling toward him. "I don't know. I guess it was what I was like in my human life." Ichigo said as he tried to remember what he was like, even though he only became a hollow hours ago. Lisa suddenly realized something, "Hey, you never told me your name." she said lying back down.

"My name is... its... I don't remember." Ichigo said as he rested his chin on his hand. Lisa couldn't help but think of over a million names, but she found one that stuck out to her, "How about...Ichigo?" she asked in a cheerful tone. He looked at her with a smile that could be seen behind his mask "Ichigo. I like it, it has a ring to it." he said with a joyous tone.

It had been 7 months since Ichigo and Lisa became partners. Ichigo helped her learn to use her powers and and evolve along side him. Most hollows respected them and often pointed out that none had ever seen vasto lorde that have no remnants of their masks, however Lisa still had remnants of her mask that resembled glasses. Ichigo though had no remnants of his mask.

Ichigo and Lisa noticed a large group of hollows and a skeleton with large purple robes, and a gold crown on his head. "Should we check it out?" asked Lisa. Ichigo glanced at the crumbled building remains and the skeleton, "Sure, why not? It's not like we've got anything else to do." Ichigo said as he began walking toward them. Lisa followed closely behind, admiring her master's beautiful face. She often thought of what might have happened if he hadn't come along that day.

Chances are she wouldn't be alive right now.

Sorry for rushing it a bit at first. Next chapter, Ichigo and Lisa make some friends.