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A/N: Kind of like Princess Elizabeth empress of austrias life. KIND OF like it. Except its princess Lily and um...my own twists. James is Prince of Austria and his grandfather is the ruler of England (King Gryffindor) and muggles and wizards all live in peace. Lilys father is the duke of Bavaria and James is betrothed to Petunia. Now when Petunia is 18 The royal family (James his younger brother and his mother. Sirius and Remus come along to!) are coming to visit them. Lily is famous for her beauty all over the land and when James and Lily meet sparks fly.

In the days when muggles and wizards lived together the prince and heir to the throne of Austria was born. He had messy black hair and deep chocolate eyes.
"I shall name him Prince James." Said the empress laying eyes on her small son.
One year afterwards another son was born who had blonde messy hair and dark blue eyes who his mother chose to name Carlton (A/N: I have lots of carls in my storys don't I?) or Carl for short.
Around this time the Duke Max and his wife (Duchess Ludwiga) who was having her first baby were visiting. A short time after Carl was born Duchess Ludwiga gave birth to a blonde, blue-eyed baby girl who was quite thin and had a long neck.
"What will you name her?" asked the empress.
"Well we have decided to name her Lily-"
"No Max. She is not a Lily. She is not the Lily I pictured on having. Think of another name." Interrupted the Duchess.
"How about Rose?" asked The Duke.
"No James you can not eat that petunia. Bad very bad." They heard a maid scolding.
"That's it! Petunia. We shall name her Petunia." Said the Duchess happily.
The empress smiled.
"She is a darling thing. James and her when they grow up would look so wonderful together."
Then after many discussions it was set. Petunia and James were betrothed and when Petunia turned 18 she would marry him. The empress insisted on her being 16 but Duke Max simply refused saying 16 is to young an age for her to marry.
Then two years after another daughter was born. She had porcelain smooth skin and emerald sparkling eyes.
"This." Said Ludwiga happily. "Is my Lily."
There was a huge party and the empress along with her two sons was invited.
"My she is a beauty." Commented the empress.
After that the empress and her sons never came to visit Posse' (the name of Duke Maxes house and property).
Lily grew up into a beautiful young lady and her beauty was known far throughout the land. She was loved by everyone and the apple of her father and mothers eyes. Lily also had two younger brothers. Both twins. Kyle and Konrad. They both had extremely dark red hair and dark brown eyes. Both were identical and it was impossible to tell them apart. Both were also pranksters and 12 years old. Then Lily had another younger sister who was no more than a few months old. Petunia grew to become haughty and proud. She was trained to act like royalty and this made her think she was above everyone. Lily on the other hand grew to be kind and gentle. She studied hard and was extremely skilled in horse riding. She was also the only witch in her family. Her father had hired a broom-riding instructor for Lily but Lily had refused saying when would she ever need a broom when she had horses.
Now Petunia was 18 and the royal family was coming to see if Petunia was now trained enough to come to the palace and marry Prince James. Lily was now 16 and the empress was curious to see the little beauty and maybe marry her to her younger son Carl.
There was one person in the land though who hated Lily even more than Petunia. That was Count Snape. He had asked for Lilys hand in marriage, which Lily had refused in a heartbeat.
On this fine day while Lily was gathering flowers for the table to decorate it and that was the exact person she ran into.
Lily sat gathering flowers when Count Snape rode by almost trampling her but he was not what caught Lilys eye. It was the horse he was riding on. The horse he was whipping mercilessly. It was black with a lightning bolt of white in the middle of its forehead going down till it reached the space between the horses' eyes.
"Stop!" Lily called.
The count turned around. "What is it?" he spat.
"You can not treat that horse so cruelly!" Lily exclaimed.
The count laughed a cold twisted laugh. "And who are you to reprimand me? It is my horse and I am taming it! I advise you Ms. Lily to stay out of my way and keep you nose out of my business!" and with that he rode of beating the poor horse with his whip.
"I shall not stand this!" Lily exclaimed. She stomped of to her home Posse'. It was a huge house almost as big as a castle. It had long fields and the property went on for miles.
"Papa!" Lily called. "Papa I saw count Snape and-"
"Not now honey." Said her father.
"But Papa his horse-"
"Lily I doubt he'll let you buy it." Her father said assuming that she wanted to buy the horse. "You may take a thousand sickles and bargain with him if you like." Said her father. Even though they were having serious money problems her father would sacrifice anything to see a smile on Lilys face. "Oh and take John with you. Never know what that Count will do."
Lily stomped of in a huff. She changed into her riding clothes emerald tight pants a sleeveless light green silk shirt and an emerald long coat that went down to her knees over her shirt. The coat stayed unbuttoned but gave a nice effect and the green shade went perfectly with her eyes. Tying her long thick red hair in a bun she took her horse and rode of completely forgetting about John their woodcutter.

Lily passed the guards that guarded the beginning of count Snapes property on the way. After quickly lying to them and sayings he had business to do with Snape (which was partly true.) they let her go on.
It took Lily and unusually long time as Count Snape had recently put up traps for people who would try to poach on his land. There was already trouble with some villagers especially the brown family. Count Snape had accused them of poaching when everyone knew they had done no such thing. Still Mr. Brown was in jail waiting for a trial while his son had run away.

"Count Snape I have come to buy your horse!" said Lily stepping into his castle.
Count Snape laughed. It was around evening now and Lily knew that the royal family had probably already arrived but she didn't care. "You treat that beautiful horse as if it is a thing! You cold hearted, malicious piece of slime!"
"My dear you have made a big mistake coming here! I'll teach you to show me respect!" he said and raised his whip. Lily turned on her heel and ran. She started to blindly search for the stables with the count thinking she'd run of to her home. He turned and took a shortcut to his stables just to make sure.

* * *

Meanwhile back home.
"They're coming!" called a servant. The whole family (actually just the Duke and Duchess) in their best clothes stepped out to meet them. Guards were on their brooms surrounding four other brooms. When they neared the ground and landed everyone found out that the empress hadn't even come. There were three nineteen-year-old boys and one 18 year old. One had sandy brown hair and hazelnut eyes and he introduced himself as Remus Lupin. The second had neat black hair and mischievous blue eyes. He was called Sirius Black. The last one was of course James Potter who looked the same except he had gotten taller and muscular. The last one was Carl who's build resembled his brothers except James was easily stronger even by looking at the both of them.
"Prince James, Prince Carl we welcome you to-"
"Lilys missing!" came a shriek from the house.
Everyone paled.
Lilys servant came out with tears in her eyes.
"Ms. Lily Evans! She's been missing ever since this afternoon! She said she was going to go bargain with Count Snape! Oh that horrid man has done something to her I just know it! I just found out she didn't take John with her!"
Duke Max paled.
"I told her to take John with her! Head strong that girl is." He muttered. "Your highness we profusely apologize for this...little incident. You and your friends may go in-"
"Nonsense!" said Sirius. "We'll help! Won't we Prongs?"
"Yes of course!" spoke up James. "We will help you after all wolves are very common here. She might be in trouble."
"But-but-" sputtered Ludwiga. "We couldn't possibly. No you four must go in and sit. I'll call Petunia."
This got James's attention, as he wanted to see his future bride.
"Petunia!" called Ludwiga.
A skinny girl with dull lifeless hair and a long skinny neck came out. She resembled a horse.
"Yes mother?" she asked sweetly. She was wearing a ridiculous getup that included a pale green gown studded with diamonds and emeralds. It looked very gaudy and cheap.
Sirius and Remus looked as if they were trying not to laugh.
James paled. "We insist on helping you find Ms. Lily." He said and within a few moments the four boys got on their brooms and began the search.
* * *
Lily reached the stables and saw Count Snape. He had his whip out and was beating the horse with his servants restraining it.
"You will learn discipline!" Snape yelled. The horse cried out in pain and Lily winced. She hid behind a stack of hay until Snape left. When she was positive that Snape and his servants were gone she got up and looked at the horse. It was bleeding profusely with big gashes across its body.
Lily wiped a tear from her eye.
"Oh you poor thing." She muttered. "You poor, poor thing." She took out her wand and healed his wounds. Then taking it by the reins she lead it outside. The horse whinnied in defiance and snorted.
Lily began to worry. What if someone heard him?
They quietly stole out or as quietly as they could with the horse snorting and didn't have any trouble until they reached the edge of the Counts property.
There were guards standing to the right side as if they were waiting for someone. Lily suspected that Count Snape had found out she had taken his horse.
Lily knew she couldn't ride the horse yet. He wasn't even tame and might throw her of. She then felt someone roughly grab her wrist and turn her around.
It was count Snape.
"What do you think you're doing?" he asked menacingly.
"I'm saving this poor horse from your wrath!" Lily replied defiantly.
Her hair had come out of its bun and trailed down to her waist.
"You are no one to tell me how to treat my horse!"
"And you have no right to treat this poor creature the way you do!" Lily exclaimed. "You evil man! I can not believe anyone could ever be so cruel!"
Snape grabbed her hair so that her hair was facing him. He pulled her hair hard and brought her close.
"Take that back!" he spat.
"No!" said Lily defiantly.
Snape threw her to the ground.
"I'll show you respect you filthy little mudblood!" he roared and brought his whip back to hit her. A hand suddenly grabbed onto Snapes wrist. Lily looked at the owner to see a very handsome man with black messy hair and deep chocolate brown eyes. Lily looked at him and felt something. He wasn't looking at her though but at Snape with hate.
"Count Snape you must know that it is not good manners to strike a lady."
Snape paled.
"Your highness." He said and bowed. "She was on my land! She tried to steal my horse."
"I did not!" Lily called from the ground. It was the first time James looked at her closely.
She's beautiful he thought. Even though her hair was messed up and her face dirty. Her clothes had dirt and whatnot on them but James still thought she was beautiful.
"You treated that poor animal cruelly and beat it! You have no right to do that! I offered to buy him but you refused!"
"Fine! Take the horse!" Snape spat.
James held out both his hands to Lily, which she accepted and stood up. She looked into his eyes and she was locked in his gaze. Lily stared up at him as the sun started to set and felt a warmness spread all over her.
The horse whinnied and Lily dropped her gaze. She went over to pet it and threw the money to Snape. He caught it greedily and left.
"Ms. Lily Evans I presume." Said James smiling at her.
"Your highness." She bowed.
"Skip the formalities." He said grinning. "So you like horses."
"Yes." Said Lily leading it with its reins. "What's it to you?"
"Nothing, nothing." Said James quickly his broom swung over his back. "What's its name?"
"He's not an it. He's a he." Said Lily. "And I haven't thought of a name for him yet." She looked thoughtful for a moment. "How about Tempest? He's fast and furious like a tempest."
"Yes splendid name." Said James.
"Prongs! Prongs!" James and Lily turned around to see three boys riding their broomsticks towards them.
"Who're you?" asked Sirius staring at her.
"Lily Isabella Evans."
"I'm Sirius Black by the way. Oh so you're what all the fuss is about." Said Sirius cocking his head to one side.
Lily paled. "Every one isn't worried. Are they?"
Sirius snorted. "They've got every one looking for you. Your father sent the villagers into the forest to look for you. The servants are running around like mad Hippogriffs so I would say yes they are worried about you."
"We have to get home quickly. You-" she said pointing to Remus. "Please go tell the villagers that they can stop the search. Mr. Black please go tell the servants who are probably looking for me in the fields that I am safe."
"At once milady." Said Sirius bowing. He grinned and flew off.
"Your highness." Said Lily bowing to Carl. "My profound apologies that I did not acknowledge you before."
"It's O.K." said Carl. "Me and my brother we really aren't into all this highness royalty stuff. Skip the formalities." Lily smiled and then became serious again.
"Right now we have to get home as soon as possible." Said Lily quickening her pace. "Everyone must be ever so worried."
"Why don't you ride on a broomstick? It's much faster." Commented James.
"Because-" Lily faltered. "I never learned. I am a witch but I never thought I'd need to use a broom."
"Carl lead the horse to Posse'. Lily come onto my broom. We'll get to Posse' faster."
Lily hesitated. "Broom riding is so dangerous." She commented.
James rolled his eyes and pulled her onto his broom. He then got on behind her and put one arm around her waist and one on the broomstick.
"See you at posse' Carl!" James yelled and kicked of.
Lily clutched James' arm tightly and buried her head in his strong muscular chest.
This feels good thought Lily as she breathed in his scent. James suddenly went higher into the air and Lily clutched onto him harder.
"I'm going to die." Lily muttered.
James laughed. "Look ahead. The scenery's beautiful."
Lily dared a look and gasped. It was amazing. The sun was setting casting an eerie glow to the trees that looked like miniature toys to Lily. The wind blew in her face and Lily laughed.
She has a nice laugh thought James.
"This is fun!" she exclaimed laughing. Her hair blew behind her and brushed against James' right cheek.
And her hair is so soft. He thought.
They finally reached the ground safely and Lily got of the broom. James followed her inside.
"Lily!" exclaimed Duke Max. "Sweetheart!" he said and embraced her into a hug.
"Papa!" Lily exclaimed hugging her father. "Oh papa I am ever so sorry I didn't mean to make anyone worry it's just that count Snape he-"
"Lily!" exclaimed her mother and hugged her.
"Mother!" said Lily and the two hugged. Soon there was a whole lot of hugging and tears. Lily then told her story.
"Oh my." Said Ludwiga. "I think Lily you should get cleaned up. Go take a nice long bath."
Lily nodded and went to take a long shower.

"That Lily! I mean whoa! She's-" Sirius was cut of.
"Amazing." Said Remus.
"Beautiful." Said Carl.
"Simply stunning." Sighed James.
Everyone sniggered.
"I can't wait until mum comes tomorrow." Said James.
"Why?" snorted Sirius.
But James just kept quiet. Maybe he could do a small sister switch...

It was night and the moon was shining brightly. James was taking a stroll out with Petunia. They reached a lake and stood there.
James looked up and out of the corner of his eyes he saw that on a hill a red haired beauty stood with her black horse.
She carefully climbed on and looked out towards the lake. The moon shone on her face and a gust of wind blew in her hair.

"Isn't the moon beautiful tonight James?" Petunia sighed and clutched his arm.

Lily threw her head back and laughed as a gust of wind tickled her face and blew her hair.
"Yes." Said James looking at Lily. "Simply stunning."

The horse reared its front legs at Lily's attempts to tame it and she rode of into the night her cloak billowing out behind her.

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