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Lily tossed and turned in bed that night. Dreams of cold laughter and a green light plagued her until she woke up with a gasp, dripping in sweat. Her breathing heavy, she got out of bed and pulled on a nightgown. The sun was just beginning to rise and the horizon was filtered with hues of red, gold, blue and orange. Lily watched the sun rising as she hugged herself and felt at peace. She suddenly wondered what it would be like to watch this with James...once they were married and wouldn't have any barriers to separate them. There were times her body cried out for his touch, times she yearned...but yearned for what she did not know.

Lily sighed and turned around. She decided to get an early start today so without waiting for Lady Molly or her personal maids she slipped on a pale blue gown and allowed her hair to flow freely down her back before going down to the dining hall.

The only person present was Counselor Pettigrew who stood up when Lily entered and sat back down when she settled into a chair.

"Good morning your highness." Counselor Pettigrew said gruffly before going back to his paper. Lily peered up at him to say good morning as well but her mouth was left hanging open when she read the front page. On it was an article about a horse riding competition and the person who won would receive...

"Ten thousand galleons." Lily breathed softly. That was quite an amount.

"Good morning Lily." came James tender voice. Lily looked up with a smile as she saw James standing in the doorway with tenderness in his eyes and smile. He nodded curtly towards Counselor Pettigrew and offered his arm towards Lily. "Let's have breakfast in a better place."

Lily looked at him quizzically and he gave her a reassuring smile. Lily took his offered arm and allowed him to lead her out of the palace and into the gardens. A gasp of pleasure emitted from her mouth as she saw a table bedecked with a white tablecloth, red roses and plates for two people. Breakfast consisted of a basket of buns, orange juice, a plate of bacon and a plate of eggs.

She looked up at James and her eyes softened. She saw that he was making an effort to spend time with her lest she begin complaining again. "You don't have to do this." she whispered as her hand went up to caress his cheek.

"I know." James whispered as he grabbed her hand which lay against his cheek. He kissed it before replying. "I am not doing this because I think I have to...I'm doing it because I want to."

Lily smiled happily at him. James looked down at her sparkling eyes and glowing face. He decided that missing a few hours of paperwork was worth simply seeing her like this. She grabbed his hand and pulled him towards the table where both sat down to enjoy breakfast.

"When are you going to talk to the Empress?" Lily asked as she propped her head in her hands and watched him drink orange juice.

"This evening." James replied putting some bacon on his plate. "She'll be in better spirits around evening and will be ready to listen to what I have to say."

There was a pause as Lily helped herself to some eggs and took a bite. Then-

"I would like to go with you." Lily said as she tossed her hair behind her shoulder.

James looked up at her and dropped his fork. He reached out to and tugged on a stray lock of Lily's hair. "You know your hair is like glowing fire out here with the sun shining on it." he let the lock of hair go. "You look like an angel with a glowing halo around you..."

Lily blushed but plowed on as James took another bite of his food. "Don't change the subject. I want to see Empress Sophia as well to talk to her face to face about this orphanage dilemma."

James sighed. "Stubborn as a mule." he chuckled. "You're bent on going with me aren't you?"

Lily nodded and both concentrated on their food until James finally spoke again.

"She might act harshly towards you." He finally pointed out.

Lily arched an eyebrow in reply as if to say when had that ever stopped her in the past. James finally nodded his consent as he took one last bite of his food and drained his orange juice. Lily had already finished eating and she merely stared at him expectantly.

"All right. I'll send for you when I am ready to go and see her." He stood up from the table and assisted Lily out of her seat. He plucked a rose from the vase on the table and handed it to her. "For you my good lady." he said and bowed mockingly.

Lily giggled and took it. "Why thank you good sir." she replied and inhaled its scent. "I say you do bear a great resemblance to someone I know." she went on.

"Oh?" James asked raising his eyebrows. "A certain fiancé' you're madly in love with I presume?"

"No." Lily replied gaily. "You distinctly remind me of my Uncle Albert before he began wearing a wig and charmed his hump away." She gathered her skirts and made a run for it during the time it took James to register her insult.

Laughing, she ran into the palace and smack dab into Sirius. "Quick hide me." she implored her twinkling eyes raised towards his.

"Oh hide and seek!" Sirius exclaimed. "I want to play! I want to play!"

He grabbed Lily's hand and both ran up the steps as James foot steps began resounding in the corridor.

"He's gaining on us." Sirius said urgently and both suddenly saw Remus as well as Peter standing in the middle of the corridor. They whirled past the two knocking Peter into Remus. They both righted themselves only to have James run by and knock Peter into Remus again.

"This is certainly an interesting way to start my morning." Remus commented wryly and turned to see what Sirius and Lily would do next.

Sirius and Lily split up to confuse James with Lily going left and Sirius going right. For a moment Lily thought James had gone after Sirius but she realized she was wrong when she heard his footsteps behind her. She stopped suddenly when she reached the end of the hall and a dead-end. Turning she looked at James who was approaching her looking unruffled. He was taking long strides towards her, smiling devilishly.

"You have no where to go now." James mocked laughingly as he appreciatively looked at the beauty before him. Her chest was heaving up and down from so much running and her hair flowed about her in wanton abandon. "No where to run for your safety." he added.

"Oh I do have one place to run to." Lily replied mischievously.

"Oh and where is that? Through the wall sweetheart?" James replied taking a step towards her.

Lily shook her head laughingly as she took one step back.

"Then?" James asked with a raised eyebrow. Lily gathered her skirts as James tensed to run after her to whichever place she'd decided to run…and suddenly he saw her hurtle herself toward him and straight into his arms, burying her head in his chest. James felt his heart swell at the meaning of this gesture.

"I'll always have your arms to run to for safety, won't I James?" Lily asked contently as she turned her face up towards his.

"Always." James said tenderly and bent his head to kiss her.

Lily felt tingles run up and down her spine. Her hands went about his neck of their own accord as James let his hands trail up and down her spine. She pressed her body against him in innocent abandon while his tongue plunged in and out of her mouth hungrily. He used his tongue to coax her into responding and when she did he let out a low groan and pulled away.

"Did-did I do something wrong?" Lily asked confused at how abruptly he had pulled away.

"Hardly." said James dryly as he forced his hands to rest on her waist. He bent his forehead to rest against her shoulder. "Infact, if we had continued I think you would've been able to feel just how good you were doing." 'And I would've been sorely tempted to perform the marital act before the vows were said.' he thought to himself wryly. Ever since day one the kisses they had shared had been innocent, virginal ones but after Innsbruck James wanted more than just those innocent kisses. His smoldering gaze went to rest on her swollen lips.

Lily looked up at him confused at the comment he had made and now further confused at the way he was staring at her. It made her feel hot all over and it made something stir in the pit of her stomach.

Lily took a step back from him and James let his hands fall loosely to his sides.

"What are you staring at?" Lily finally demanded uneasily.

James gaze came to rest on her eyes. "You want the truth?" he asked huskily.

Lily felt her face turn pink. "Yes." she replied.

"The whole truth?"

"Yes." Lily snapped.

"I wasn't staring I was thinking….that next time to save myself from your mindless chatter I can just kiss you. You hush up quite nicely when I-" James ducked as Lily threw her fan at him.

"Lily!" came Lady Molly's horrified voice. "How many times have we had our lessons? I can't believe that you would do something like this. Throwing your fan...at your fiancé' no less..."

Lily was then given a dressing down by Lady Molly who reminded her that this was why she and James were not able to get married yet and that it seemed as if Lily was trying to prolong the wedding by not learning anything on purpose. All the while James stood behind Lily, his back heaving up and down in silent laughter as Lily alternated between glaring at him and looking ashamed for Lady Molly's sake.


"And you just stood there and laughed!" Lily exclaimed angrily as she paced up and down James study. He sat back in his chair and lazily watched her roam around his study. She turned and glared at him ignoring his appreciative gaze as he stared at her. "You could've said SOMETHING to redeem me in her eyes!" she rounded on him.

"What's the fun in that?" James asked lazily as he watched the sunlight shine on her hair.

Lily glared at him as he glanced down at a piece of paper in his hand.

"What are you looking at?" Lily asked as she walked over to stand behind him.

"A prospective estate that I am thinking of bestowing on a noble." James replied. "Its revenue is quite high however. I'm calculating how much tax should be levied on it. I need to have a high tax rate levied on it but I don't want one too high otherwise he'll think he's being treated unfairly." he replied.

"Why would you levy a high tax on it because its income is high?" Lily asked incredulously.

"Because-" James replied wryly. "-more income means more wealth which means more power and that can lead to corruption and even the plotting of the Emperors downfall."

"Instead of going through so much trouble." Lily said slowly thinking her husband to be was quite a paranoid man. "Why not give him an estate with a small income and meager tax rate? The estate may not be as fruitful as the one that's in your mind but you can simply levy a tax on it that is below the standard rate….that way he'll feel as if he's been granted a boon by not having to give the standard tax rate or even a higher tax rate."

James looked up at her appraisingly. "I knew there was a reason I loved you." he said aching to take her in his arms and make love to her.

Lily smiled down at him before perching herself on the edge of his desk. Her thigh was level with his chest and he found his hand itching to rest itself on her thigh...and run up and down the length of it...and push her down on his desk and...James suddenly shook his head. He was going to go mad. After the ardor they'd shared at Innsbruck for about ten precious minutes James found himself wanting more. He had never indulged himself in anything more than innocent kisses with Lily but at Innsbruck he'd let reason fly...and now he wanted more. He wanted to taste every part, every inch of her. He wanted to crush her to him and fell her breasts fill his hands...

"James are you listening?" Lily asked impatiently.

"What? Oh yes..." James said wrenching his gaze from her chest and focusing on her face which was immersed in a book filled with incomes from his different estates. "This one." she said pointing to an estate with an income which paled in comparison to the last estate James had been looking at. "Put a mere 15 tax on it and that should keep your noble quite happy." she said cheerfully as she handed the book to James.

After going through the required paperwork James moved onto the treasury record but found he couldn't concentrate. Lily's presence just mere inches away from him was driving him to distraction. His gaze kept going to her face, her lips, her eyes, her cute little nose and above all her sensual hair that gave her the look of an avenging angel.

"Are you going to keep staring at me or will you get some work done?" Lily asked not looking up from the book of estate records she had been going through. She shut the book and stood up as a startled James looked at her guiltily. "I think I better go before all of Austria has to pay for your love for me." she smirked. "Oh and recheck the estate you've given to your noble Lucius Malfoy. The accounts don't add up properly. I think he's trying to cheat you."

"Have you looked through all of them? James asked curiously.

"No only up till Lucius Malfoy." Lily replied. "But the other nobles before him don't have any problems in their accounts so you won't worry about having to reread their accounts."

"Thank you my Lily." James replied tenderly. Lily smiled at him before turning and leaving.


"Very well." Said the Empress staring at Emmeline Vance. "We shall send an army to aid Godric Gryffindor. At the moment I cannot spare my first born but I shall in his stead send my second born-" she began writing her reply to Godric and continued to talk. "-along with General Vangrosberg to command it, with Sir Sirius and Sir Remus as they are two of the strongest knights I have at my disposal."

"Thank you you're majesty." Emmeline murmured and bowed low to her.

The Empress observed Emmline's state of dress distastefully as if she could not comprehend why the silly chit wore male clothing. Dismissed, Emmeline left the study.

"Now-"the Empress leveled her steady gaze on Lily. "-what do you want?"

"You cannot close the orphanage-" Lily began fiercely. "-it is home to-"

"Young lady!" barked the empress. "What I can and cannot do is something that you have no say over. Do not forget who you are addressing!"

Lily felt her face heat up and dearly wished she could give the empress a piece of her mind. She suddenly felt a hand on her back and realized it was James. He was trying to calm her. Lily took a deep breath and began anew.

"I apologize." Lily murmured and looked down at the ground. "Your majesty I ask that you not close down the orphanage. It is the home of many orphaned children and they will have nowhere else to go if we close the only home they've ever known down."

There was a pregnant pause and then-

"Very well." The Empress relented.

Lily looked up surprised and the joy she felt seemed to radiate from her eyes. "Oh, thank you you're highness-"

"But there is a condition." The Empress cut in briskly ignoring how the light went out of her eyes replaced by wariness. She plowed on rather quickly. "You must gather sufficient funds to renovate the orphanage within three months."

"What!" Lily exclaimed unbelievingly. "How can you expect me to gather these funds in such a short time? Even if I went out and got a job-"

"The future Empress will not go out and work among the commoners like a peasant." The Empress stated fiercely and quietly. "You will find a way to gather those funds in a way befitted to your soon to be title. You can bake cookies in the palace for all I care and send those orphans out to sell them but you will not leave the palace and go out to work like a commoner." There was a fire in the Empresses eyes that even Lily found unnerving.

"You ask the impossible then Empress Sophia." Lily stated angrily. "But I will find a way to gather those funds regardless of the silly conditions you have placed upon me." And with that she regally walked out of the room and towards her room.

James stared after her and then smiled when his gaze drifted back to his mother.

"You know-" James began. "-you two are quite alike." He said staring at his mother steadily.

Empress Sophia looked up at him skeptically. "You dare compare your own mother to the likes of her?"

James shook his head ruefully. "And you know what….I think you were exactly like Lily when you were her age."

The Empress snorted in a rather unladylike fashion as James walked over to her and placed his hands palms down on her desk. She looked up at her son.

"And another thing….I think you know that. You know that she is rather like you were when you were her age. Therefore you know her reactions…" he chuckled. "…my poor fiancé is putty in your hands as you prepare her for her future role…and she doesn't even know that she is undergoing her empress to be training."

The Empress merely put her stamp on a piece of paper and waited for him to go on.

His eyes twinkled mischievously as he went on. "I have every faith in you mother that you no doubt planned all of this and I know that even if Lily fails –which she won't- you'll pay the renovation costs for the orphanage out of your own purse if you have to."

The Empress shook her head and murmured something that sounded like "absurd".

"I also know that you merely put that rough front on in front of Lily to intimidate her but you can't fool me mother." He bent down even lower as if to share a special secret. "In fact…I think she's beginning to grow on you but you won't admit it."

The Empresses mouth dropped open and then she stiffened as James turned to walk out of the room. "Son I would remind you not to make such…preposterous conclusions about your mother." She called out. "That tomboy rag will never be able to rise in my eyes so don't get you're hopes up."

James merely chuckled. "Good night mother." He called as he opened the door. "I won't see you at dinner as that 'tomboy rag' and I will be having our own private dinner." And with that he shut the door behind him.

Empress Sophia shook her head. "Silly boy and his absurd notions. Me like that-that-helper of rebels….getting his hopes up." She shook her head and went back to work.

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