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Bully in Love

Chapter 1

Maura Isles was a well respected and put together 17-year old. She earned all A's throughout grade school and was the student every teacher dreamed of having in their classroom. For the past two years, Maura has been attending public high school in Boston. She liked her school. She even liked her teachers. But there was one thing, well one individual that she could not tolerate. Her bully, Jane Rizzoli.

Jane was a trouble maker; she always mouthed off teachers, was sent to the principal's office, and even suspended for a fight or two; and out of all the prospective students in the entire school to pick on, she chose Maura.

Since sophomore year when she started at her new school, Maura has been Jane's target and she could not for the life of her figure out why. Maura considered herself a nice person. She dressed well and never started trouble. In fact, no one besides her teachers seemed to notice Maura, but Jane did. And not in a nice way. Whether it was calling her Maura-the-borea, giving her a shove in the hallway, or shooting spitballs in her hair during class, it all amounted to her experience of hell in high school. What Maura really longed for was a friendship. A companion she could talk to and would understand her and all her weird vices. It was now her Senior year and she knew if she had not found it by now at this school, she never would.

Maura was walking to her first class of the day when suddenly all three of the textbooks she was holding were pushed out of her hands. They thudded heavily on the tiled hallway and Maura looked up, catching a sight she had grown familiar with. Mischievous dark brown eyes.

"Whoops. Sorry about that Bora," Jane snickered, as she continued on her way with a grin on her face.

Maura frowned after her and bent down to retrieve her books. Unfortunately, this was a typical day and for Maura and it was only the beginning. Jane would find another way to bother her. She just didn't know when, where or how.

The day seemed to carry on without incident, mostly because Maura made sure to take a different route from class to class everyday. A little trick she figured out. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn't. Perhaps today was lucky.

Wrong. Her luck had drastically run out during Anatomy class when the teacher split them into partners. Her heart plummeted when the teacher announced her lab partner for the day was Jane. Maura had been lucky not getting stuck with the brunette this past year because a majority of the time Jane either ditched class or was suspended. But not today.

When the teacher told the class to disperse and find their partners, Maura immediately went up to her teacher's desk. "Mr. Brooks?"

"Yes, Maura. What can I do for you?" He smiled pleasantly.

"Would it be an inconvenience if I asked to switch partners with one of the other pairs?"

Mr. Brooks furrowed his brows. "Is there a problem?"

Maura turned from her teacher and her eyes found Jane slouching back comfortably in a chair at a lab table. She had already been looking at Maura. An amused smirk curled her lips. Maura felt slightly angered by the joy this situation had brought to Jane and she turned back to her teacher. "Well, it's Jane, Mr. Brooks. She and I don't really… get along."

"Why Maura… you seem to get along well with everyone. Plus, you are the smartest one in my class and well… I think it will do Ms. Rizzoli some good to be able to work with you. She's… a tad behind in her studies but perhaps a partnership with you will help her out."

"Um… I understand that sir. But I would really prefer someone else… please?"

"Maura, I know she may not be the easiest person to get along with, as you say, but I would really appreciate it if you would work with Jane," Mr. Brooks spoke with finality in his voice.

Never one to argue with a superior, Maura simply nodded. "Yes, Mr. Brooks."

"Fantastic. I'm sure you may learn something from Jane as well." Mr. Brooks stepped away to answer the raised hand of another student.

"I doubt it," Maura mumbled to herself as she shuffled over to the seat next to Jane.

As Maura approached the lab table, Jane casually sat up in her chair and gave Maura a shit-eating grin. "Looks like you're stuck with me today, Bora."

Maura smoothed the back of her dress before she quietly took her seat beside the brunette. She avoided any eye contact with Jane.

Everyone in the classroom was soon settled and the teacher began to give instructions. As Maura opened the textbook and followed along with the teacher, she could still feel Jane's eyes on her. After a few uncomfortable moments, Maura carefully turned towards the other girl.

Jane was indeed unabashedly staring at her. It was not a humorous smirk, nor a look of disgust or disdain… it was a look… she had no words for. But it made her heart thump involuntarily faster. She quickly looked away and tried to focus on the lesson. Why was Jane looking at her that way? Furthermore, why did it stir such a strong reaction within her? After another minute of those intense brown eyes boring a hole into her, she had enough.

"Stop it, please…" she whispered.


"You're staring at me."

Jane shrugged. "It's a free country. I can look wherever I want rich girl."

"But you're making me uncomfortable. And if you don't stop I'll…"

"What? Tell on me? Be a narc? Typical."

Maura finally faced the other girl. "Why do you always give me a hard time?"

Jane narrowed her eyebrows in challenge. "Because I can."

"Is there a problem over there, Ms. Isles?" Mr. Brooks interrupted.

Maura tore her eyes from Jane's heated gaze and looked at her teacher. She then realized all eyes in the classroom were suddenly on her and Jane. "Um, no Mr. Brooks. Everything is fine," she replied as her cheeks turned slightly red.

Mr. Brooks nodded and continued the lesson while Jane snorted lightly.

"I don't find that amusing," Maura murmured.

"I do."

"Alright, everyone. You have until the rest of the class to complete your lab," Mr. Brooks announced.

The groups began talking amongst themselves and a light chatter filled the room.

"Your hair looks nice today," Jane commented.


"Your hair... it looks nice."

Maura looked at Jane, unsure. Was this one of her tricks? There was no way that Jane would be complimenting her without some kind of undertone. Maura did not even know how to respond. So she said nothing.

"You know I've always wondered…" Jane continued, leaning back in her seat. "Does the carpet match the drapes?" Maura frowned at Jane, confused. Jane only smirked, taking in Maura's expression. "You don't know what I'm asking do you?"

The blonde turned away, not liking at all that she was baffled by the other girl's comment. Maura had always prided herself in knowing everything about anything, but when it came to street smarts and the popular culture of her fellow classmates, she was clueless. Maura picked up her pencil and began filling in the answers for the lab.

A moment later, she felt Jane lean in closer to her. Her body shivered involuntarily at the brunette's proximity. "Do you want to know what I'm asking?" Jane husked.

Maura let out a breath an exasperated breath. "No, I don't."

"I think you do. You're little brow is all wrinkled because you hate that you don't know."

"Will you just let me do the lab? You won't have to do anything just leave me alone."

"Nah. It's too much fun, Bora."

Jane poked Maura in her ribs, causing the blonde to jump in her seat and make a loud squeak noise. Many of the students near their table turned to them with questioning looks. Maura began to heavily blush while Jane discreetly snickered behind her hand.

Maura could not stand another second near this unnerving human being. She abruptly stood from her seat and hurried out of the classroom. Mr. Brooks had called after her, but she did not care. Why should she have to subject herself to this abuse?

Maura ran into the girls' bathroom and went to the sinks, leaning over them to get her emotions together. Jane Rizzoli made her so upset, humiliated, and so many other things that Maura could not describe.

She soon heard the bathroom door open and close. Footsteps shuffled a few feet behind her and a reflection of a person walked into the mirror. Jane. She was standing there in her usual dark jeans, white t-shirt and black hoody.

Maura sighed disappointedly and lowered her eyes. "Why did you follow me in here?"

"I told Mr. Brooks I'd check on you," Jane mischievously smiled.

Maura slowly turned around and faced Jane. The brunette was wearing that annoying smirk. "I don't need to be checked on... least of all by you."

Jane laid a hand across her heart in mock hurt. "Ouch. I only came to make sure you're okay."

Maura sighed heavily, pushed off the counter and began to walk towards the exit, but Jane quickly blocked her path.

"Let me pass," Maura calmly requested.

"What's your hurry? You want to get back to that boring lab and be a good little geek? Have Mr. Brooks kiss your ass some more?"

Maura attempted to ignore Jane's comments and tried to step around again, but the brunette blocked her. Maura glared at Jane.

The brunette smiled. "Is this you angry? I think I like it."

Maura lowered her eyes, no longer able to meet that teasing gaze any longer.

"I'm just trying to get to know you better, Bora."

"Well, I don't want to know you."

Jane regarded her silently for a moment and Maura raised her eyes, wondering what Jane would do next. To her surprise, the brunette stepped aside. "Alright then. Fine," Jane replied.

Maura was hesitant, knowing Jane was a trickster. But she wanted so badly to escape this predicament. The blonde attempted to walk past again and as predicted, Jane hopped in front of her at the last second.

"What is your problem?!" Maura suddenly fumed. "Why can't you leave me alone?!"

Jane let out a small chuckle. "Look Bora. I do what I want, when I want. Got it?"

"But why me?" Maura shrugged questioningly.

Jane took an intimidatingly step closer. "What can I say? You entertain me."

"That doesn't answer my question," Maura defiantly replied. "Why me?! I haven't done anything to you yet you've tormented me for the last two years. Why me?!" Maura was so angry, she had the nerve to actually give Jane a shove to her chest.

Before she knew it, she was forcefully pushed back against a tiled wall. It was so quick it took Maura a second to realize what had just happened. Jane was tightly gripping her biceps, pinning her against the wall. After a moment, Jane let go and slowly placed her hands on wall on either side of Maura's head. The blonde's chest was heaving up in down as panic filled breaths escaped her lungs. She had actually stood up to her bully and now she might have regretted it. Her eyes shifted upward and she met heated dark brown eyes. Dangerous eyes. Jane leaned in closer to her and Maura soon felt the brunette's breath across her cheek. They stood there for a moment, both of them breathing raggedly.

"Why you?" Jane finally spoke in a heavy whisper. "You drive me crazy, Maura… every day of the week. With your dresses that fit you in all the right places… and your tight jeans that you only wear once a week. Every time I see you I just wanna…"

Jane suddenly stopped her words and Maura was panting heavily as her mind rambled a thousand scenarios to fill in the ending of Jane's sentence. Their heavy breathing filled the bathroom as Maura pressed herself further back against the tiled wall. Jane leaned in closer so their faces were only inches apart.

"I torment you?" Jane let out a sardonic chuckle. "You torment me…" Jane growled back.

The brunette's husky voice made Maura's body shiver. She did not understand why her body was reacting this way. She felt hot. Like, physically hot and her heart was thundering in her chest. It was too much. She suddenly shoved the brunette away from her and pushed past Jane, hoping she would not be stopped. She wasn't. Maura escaped the thick tension that had been formed in the bathroom and ran down the empty hall. Tears began to fill her eyes. Maura had never felt so overwhelmed, confused, and scared in all her life. She turned a few corners stopped in another empty corridor, attempting to steady her breathing.

Moments later, she returned to Mr. Brooks class. To Maura's relief, Jane was not sitting at their lab table. Mr. Brooks asked if she was okay and the blonde gave a polite nod before she sat down and continued to finish up her lab. The work was a welcome distraction. Throughout the hour Maura's eyes would once and awhile flicker over to the door, wondering when Jane would return. Before she knew, the bell rang, signaling the end of class. Jane never came back.

When Maura went home she went through her usual routine. She studiously did her homework at the desk in her bedroom for a good hour and a half. Then went downstairs and had a solo dinner, which was prepared by the Isles' personal chef. Both of her parents were out of town, but this was the norm for Maura. Being alone was something she had gotten accustomed to.

Throughout the evening she thought of the incident in the bathroom with Jane Rizzoli. But she did not fully allow herself to really dwell on it until she was laying bed for the night. She replayed every word, every movement and every breath that had occurred. When Jane had her pinned against the wall, intensely staring into her eyes, Maura had never felt anything more exhilarating in her whole life. There were so many emotions she had seen transpiring in those dark brown eyes. She saw hurt, anguish, fear… but more than anything, want. Maura had never known of anyone that ever wanted her before. It was new and she was not completely sure how she felt about it. Especially, since the source of these confusing feelings was her bully since sophomore year. Maura closed her eyes and remembered when Jane had said she tormented her. That was when the idea suddenly popped in Maura's head. Now that she knew how to torment Jane, maybe it was her turn to get even.

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