"Hey Nick."

"Hey Sam, what's up?" I said, picking up my coffee.

"I can't come to the arcade today, but I want you to see something amazing."

"Alright. Let's go."

Hey everyone. My name is Nick Sharp. I'm a 24 year old college student who also works at Flynn's Arcade. I have black hair, blue eyes, and light skin. I'm basically Quorra's brother, sort of. It works in weird ways, but I'll explain it to you later.

So Sam gave me a note with some directions on it. Then he went off on his bike. I also had a bike, but it was pedal-powered, since the motorbike I had before this was stolen by some jocks who go to the same college I go to. I sped off towards the arcade, and as soon as I get there, Sam has already beaten me to it.

"Gotta be faster." He said.

"Where's Quorra?" I asked.

"Home. Why?"

"I thought she was coming with us."

"Nah. Besides, someone's gotta take care of the kid."

So we step inside, and Sam turns on the power. Then we move towards this game called Tron. At first I'm wondering if this is what Sam wanted to show me, but then he swung the game and opened a steel blast door. He motioned me to go inside first, and I did. We went down two flights of stairs, and finally we reached a giant computer covered in dust.

He started up the computer, put in what looked like a flash drive, and told me to hold hands with him.

"Is this some kind of gay prank?" I said.

"No. Now come over here."

So I grab his hand and wait until this blue light shoots out and sends us somewhere.

"Let's go, kid." He said.

"Alright." I replied.

So we walk through the doors again, and as soon as I look down at the ground, I see myself wearing a blue jumpsuit with lights on it. And what's even crazier is that Sam is wearing one too, with a frisbee-like object on his back. So I move my hand towards my back, and I feel the same kind of disk as Sam.

Then Sam walks to me and says,"Welcome to the Grid, kid."