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Beelzebub and The Evil Food Eater Conchita


Lucifer smirked as Beelzebub angrily left her office. She calmly took up a book and opened it, but then tossed it aside with little interest.

'Oh damn, so now it's my turn to act right? Damn it, and I just thought it would not be over so soon.' She whispered to herself. She drew out the golden stones and sighed

'Here Pride goes.'

Lucifer calmly summoned a handkerchief from thin air and carefully polished the stones. Upon being polished, the stone was lit up and brightened, even more than any Vessel. After a long while, when the light finally died out, there appeared two large mirrors.

'One mirror shall be mine. The other, I shall release it outside the world. My favorite sinner will find its way to reach this mirror.' Lucifer giggled alone upon the creation of her sin Vessels 'And to tell the truth, having only one mirror is really stupid. I'd rather split one into four and let there be four versions of the mirror in the real world.'

When Lucifer was about to attempt the split spell, something put her off.

'Oh, well, never mind.' She said as she canceled the spell 'They say Greed is a sin, don't they? I can't be too greedy. I need to leave someone be greedy as well, right?'

'Master, you are joking around again.'

'Sorry Superbia, but I know it all. It will be split, just not by me but in the hands of others. For me, I have no comments about that.'

In a wave of her hand one mirror was sent disappearing. It was placed in the human world, ready to taint any human touching it. The other, she made it hanging on the wall

'This way, I can keep track of things better. Superbia and Vanagloria can move freely between the mirrors unless it is completely sealed. And, I know that it shall never be completely sealed.'

Satisfied with her new idea, she came back to her paper work at hand

'Well, since Beelzebub and Asmodeus put up such good shows, I cannot be inferior to them, can I?'

Since the Light Bearer will never be inferior to anyone. She will be superior to all.

'Oh, and Master of the Hellish Yard, since when did you have this idea of managing Hell this way? Making Demons do paper work? Are we that bored?'


The Kingdom of Belzenia

On the streets, many were whispering of rumors. Rumors were that the scary vampire girl Vanica Conchita gone missing. There was nothing left known of her existence, along with her workers and servants. All gone, just for a day.

'There's no reason to continue this search anymore, MA the Sorceress. The Kingdom appreciated your help.' A royal investigator reported to Elluka 'She has gone missing. We have found no traces of her.'

MA stayed staring at the bloody castle. It seemed off, but she couldn't tell why.

A normal person cannot disappear just there without a sign. There was something unusual to it.

'MA the Sorceress?' he asked.

MA came forward, nearer and nearer to the banquet that should have been used to serve the woman that disappeared.

On that banquet, all dishes were gone. There were traces of foods, but all dishes were gone. As if someone was too hungry to even eat down the plates and bowls…

Except for a beautiful, elegant glass standing on the banquet. Of course, it was still tainted with blood. There was a trace of a palm holding on it. Conchita's glass, MA thought.

Inside the glass was that same liquor again. MA took the glass up her nose and smelled

'Such strong flavor…' she whispered.

'Ma'am?' the investigator asked again.

'Oh, I am sorry' said MA 'I was distracted. I have been wondering if I could take this glass as a tribute…'

'I believe it would not be a problem, ma'am. But why suddenly you wanted to have it?'

'I just think it was what I was looking for.'


'Hey, have you heard the news?'

'Yeah, what's up?'

'Vanica Conchita has vanished!'

'Eh, really? I didn't know!'

'Aw, you should talk to people more often! Yeah, she disappeared. You remember the famous Sorceress of Levianta that was invited to investigate on this?'

'Yeah, she was hired to investigate if Vanica Conchita really committed cannibalism.'

'Well, that investigation must be discontinued. Every trace was gone. They couldn't even find a proof that Vanica had existed there!'

'That would rather be good! I was so terrified when I heard about her. It was so… you know… scary, and I think I couldn't sleep well when she was still outside. I just hope that she was dead for good.'

'Ha, don't worry. If she planned to escape to another country to commit that again, she would not get away this time. We are just enjoying our days.'

'I also hope no one would ever try her appetite again.'

In that noisy atmosphere, a Sorceress silently walked past. Under her cloak was a glass filled with a red liquid…


Full list of CAST [that appeared from the start to the end]

Beelzebub – CUL

Vanica Conchita – MEIKO

Belpehgor – IA

Lucifer - ?

Elluka Clockworker/MA the Sorceress – Megurine Luka

Stupid Butler and Wicked Maid/Hansel and Gretel – Kagamine Len and Rin

Joseph Crim – KAITO

Abaddon – Nekomura Iroha

Irina Clockworker – ?

Gula – MEIKO

Superbia – Kagamine Len

Notes [references and rants]:

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First off, if I recall correctly after the events of Vanica Conchita there goes the events of Daughter of Evil. That explains the scene of talking alone by Lucifer. Now that scene really did make Lucifer a psychopath.

Secondly, Lucifer made two mirrors, representing two connotations (?) of Pride: Vanity and Pride. In fact, Vanity is the Pride portrayed by Riliane d'Autriche, while Pride is the one portrayed by Allen Avadonia. Well, let's call it the negative connotation and the positive connotation of Pride. And yes, the negative one, Vanagloria the Vanity, was sent to the living world, while the second one, Superbia the Pride, was kept near Lucifer's side. That's why there's only the Waitress, and she was stated to be sad of losing her other half [Heartbeat Clocktower]. Yes, this is another of my stupid theories.

Thirdly, if you have any questions please ask in the review or just PM.

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