Equestria: The land that was controlled by the pony race, with a few exceptional creatures such as dragons, bears, manicores and other creatures, had always been a peaceful, happy land ruled by Princess Celestia, the Goddess of the Sun, and Princess Luna, the younger of the two and the Goddess of the Night as well as dreams, and the moon itself.

Many ponies' lives were all over the country, from Manehatten, Appleloosa, Cloudsdale, Dodge Junction, and even Canterlot… but this tale is taken place in the rural town known as Ponyville, where two creatures in peculiar were resting in bed, content with the other's presence. One of the creatures was a dragon, a purple scaled male with a green underbelly, spines, and ear fins, his emerald colored eyes slowly stroking the animal that rested in the bed with him.

The pony was a pink furred mare, her baby blue eyes teasing the dragon with mischief and her raspberry mane bouncing as she shook her head in laughter, the same colored tail that she had intertwining with the dragon's. He chuckled as he looked at the three balloons on her flank.

"Spike, I told you before not to play with my belly. You know I'm ticklish there," the mare giggled.

The drake scoffed before softly kissing her belly. In reaction, she accidentally kicked her left rear leg out and hit him in a face, making him flinch from the contact as a slight jolt of pain swiftly followed after.

"Damn it, Pinkie, that hurt!" he growled, rubbing his nose.

His mate's ears lowered in embarrassment and fear. "I'm sorry, Spiky. I swear I did not mean to do it. I Pinkie Promise, watch, cross my heart-"

"That's fine, Pinks. I don't need you to repeat your promise to say you're sorry. Just…please don't do it again," Spike said with a sigh. He gently touched his nose with a claw, turning his head from Pinkie Pie's.

She then frowned before allowing a small smile to replace her features. "I said I was sorry, Spike. You don't have to be snappy with-"

"I'm not snappy, Pinkie, it was an accident, I get that…just, let it go, alright? If I wanted a lecture, I would go to Twilight, sheesh." he interrupted sharply.

She narrowed her eyes and huffed, crossing her forehooves. Spike rolled his eyes and slowly took a Diseased Stallion cigarette from his left ear fin before lighting the lip with his green flames, putting the butt in his mouth and inhaled with a sigh before exhaling out his nose. Pinkie coughed from the scent.

She scowled. "I told you not to do that in the house, Spike, and what did I tell you about the bad things that could come from keeping up with those habits and-"

"And here we go with the lecture," Spike whispered under his breathe, not knowing that Pinkie could hear him.

She shoved him away from her. "I'm not lecturing you, Spike, I'm telling you of the dangers-"

"You mean the shit I really don't care about. Look, Pinkie, you're my marefriend, not my mother. If I wanted to go to mommy, then I could go to Celestia, but I'm sixteen. I don't have to be taking orders from you," he growled, taking a larger drag of his smoke while seeing Pinkie turn her body away from him.

Her arms still crossed as her expression became one of anger. "I think you should just go for the day, Spike," she spoke.

He frowned, only to sigh, softly putting his left claw on her left shoulder. She flinched but did not move from the contact.

"I'm really sorry, beautiful, it's just I've been so busy working for Applejack and her family, working with Twilight and helping you make all the treats we do in the kitchen that I've just been stressed this entire week. I did not mean to snap at you," he whispered, his words honest.

She sighed loudly, turning her head and looking over her shoulder, knowing he was speaking the truth. She could tell by the way he smoked his cigarettes by four each day rather than two.

Blinking, she smiled, then turned to kiss his left cheek. He grinned and kissed her back softly, loving the scent of strawberries and cream on her lips as she opened her mouth, allowing his tongue into her mouth as the two fought for dominance over the other before she won.

Breaking the kiss, she whispered gently into his right ear fin. "Don't you have to work at Applejack's in five minutes?" she teased.

The dragon quickly glanced at the pink clock on the right side of him standing on the brown nightstand, seeing that it was three fifty five; he had work at four. He jumped from the bed.

"Shit, I can't be late again. Applejack would kill me," he panicked, kissing Pinkie Pie's lips once more before taking one last drag of his smoke and tossing it out the open window, ignoring Pinkie's sharp glare. He rushed out her room, down the stairs and out the bakery, saying goodbye to his and Pinkie's bosses, Mr. and Mrs. Cake. They waved from the kitchen and went back to their duties.

Pinkie, for her part, got up from the bed and looked out the window to see her love sprinting to get to Sweet Apple Acres. She laughed lightly, then turned her head and saw a green scaled male alligator with his wise purple eyes on the floor blink up at her, making the mare titter.

"Gummy, I have a feeling that what Spike and I have is the start of a beautiful friendship, or relationship, I guess you could say. I can't believe it's been a month since we started dating. It's hard to picture that he had given up being with Rarity once he found out that Rarity actually loved Fluttershy, and even though it was so hard to see my poor Spiky be depressed as he was, it was a gift from the Gods that we became close friends, then turned into something more," she said loudly to the reptile that merely blinked and opened his toothless mouth as he clamped down on her puffy tail, making her giggle.

"Oh, you're right, Gummy. I should really wait before Spike and I get to… well, that part of our lives. I'm honestly not sure if I'm even ready for it yet, but I know that if Spike and I love each other as the days go on, then I'll be ready soon enough, right?" she asked.

The alligator only blinked at his owner, and she sighed sadly.

"Though I was too harsh on him smoking, but he knows how I feel about it. My own father, Clyde, died from lung cancer, and I really don't want him to head towards the same path, but as Celestia as my witness, I'll do what I can to support him. Even if I may be against it myself, I just really wish he would take what I said to heart. I don't want him to get angry and I'm not his mom, he's right, but I AM his marefriend, that has to count for something… right?" she asked her pet, who once again blinked at her, either not hearing what she said or not caring.

With a sigh, Pinkie released Gummy from her tail and placed him on the ground, then trotting towards her bed as she lay down and thought of the events that led her and Spike to be together in the first place.

*Flashback, one month ago*

A glass of fruit punch shattered against the walls of Sugercube Corner, spilling the contents all over the wall. Fve ponies cowered in fear in a corner of the enraged dragon, who was screaming at a white furred mare unicorn, her azure eyes were wide in horror and fear of the angered dragon's words.

"YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE, RARITY? YOU'RE A WHORE! A CHEAP, DIRTY, SLUT WHO LIES AND LIES AND LIES TO ANOTHER CREATURE'S FACE, GETTING THEIR HOPES UP TO THE HIGHEST POINT THEIR FEELINGS COULD EVER BE ON AND THEN SMASHING IT TO PIECES WITH YOUR WICKED, BUCKING LIES!" Spike screamed into her face, grabbing another of the spiked punch that Rainbow Dash had provided with his tail and drowning it in one swallow. He threw it to the wall with his other glass. He wiped his lips and glared at the unicorn opening his mouth to lash out even harsher words to the pony that had tears on the edge of her eyes.


The entire bakery was quiet before sobbing from Rarity emitted through the establishment. Four of the ponies rushed to comfort their friends as the fifth felt her mane and tail uncurl in depression from Spike's words. All she suggested was he'd have a dance with Rarity for her birthday.

She had no idea that Rarity would want to spend more time with Fluttershy than him, leading the drake to get drunk quietly in a corner and street them to what had just happen. All she wanted was to give Rarity, who had turned twenty seven a nice birthday party; not for the entire thing to be ruin by a broken heart.

Putting a hoof on the crying mare's shoulder, Pinkie Pie whispered she was sorry before running out the door to follow Spike, feeling Twilight's eyes on her as she opened the door. She began to run to catch the drunk and rage filled dragon before he did something drastic.

She caught Spike at the same stone bridge where he had changed from his full grown greed form so many years ago, smoking a cigarette. She sighed sadly, not knowing what she wanted to even say to him, and certainly not wanting him to scream at her, telling her to go kill herself as well.

The dragon did not even turn his head from the clear, blue water he was staring at when he spoke, his voice hoarse and depressed from all the yelling he had done.

"All I ever wanted from her was to be noticed… to be cherished, even loved. Just once… even if it did not last, heh," he chuckled hollowly, taking a large drag of his smoke.

Pinkie Pie sat carefully, not speaking a word, just listening before he blew the gray cloud out his nose and continued, "Are the Gods really against me? Am I so much of a monster that I can't even get a pony to love me? Is all I ever am or ever will be is a beast in ponies eyes?" he questioned, finally looking from the lake into Pinkie Pie's gentle, caring blue eyes.

She could only frown at his serious words, not honestly knowing what to say to such a comment that had so much meaning. Finally, she took a deep breath and exhaled it out her nose. The dragon only took another drag of his cigarette, turning his head back to the lake and exhaled the smoke out his mouth. Pinkie waved the smoke away as it blew towards her but tried not to cough.

"Spike… you're not a monster, to me, to Twilight, to the Gods... even Rarity. Yes, you were drunk and might still be, but I could tell you had these words inside your heart for a long time. Maybe all it really took was a drink to allow it to… boil over," she whispered softly.

He snorted, taking one last drag and blowing it out his nose. He threw his cigarette into the lake, which Pinkie ignored for the serious conversation they were having.

"You honestly think I'll ever have a chance with anypony, Pinkie?" he asked making her nod with a small smile. "And who could ever truly love a monster?" he growled.

She flinched, but still had a smile on her face. Wrapping her left foreleg around his upper back, for he was taller than her, she spoke gently, "How about a crazy party pony, for one thing, Scales?"

Spike turned his head and looked into her eyes, knowing the words she spoke were true. He blinked and smiled.

For the next few weeks, the two spent much time together, baking, playing pranks and just being good friends, sharing secrets with the other that they would not even tell the Gods themselves. Finally, after Spike finished making a fresh batch of brownies, he slipped on some stray flour and fell on the floor of Sugarcube Corner, causing Pinkie Pie to laugh hard from the antic.

With a playful growl, he dragged her with him, spraying her body with flour and brownie crumbs. The two laughed, then slowly and without meaning to, they kissed. It was soft, gentle, and a bit awkward.

As Spike pulled away, he blushed, and Pinkie only laughed before pulling him deeper into another kiss, sealing their friendship from friends to optional romantic partners.

A week later, Spike asked Pinkie if she would be his marefriend, making her jump in joy. She screamed yes over and over, wanting to throw a party, but was kept from doing so by Spike, who did not want one for a while.

They had their first date two days later, going to the park and watching the stars, Spike preparing a picnic for them as they cuddled together and enjoyed their moments of being a couple for the first time in either of their lives.

As the days and weeks dragged on, not all days were joy and rainbows for the two; they got into verbal fights more often than not, with Spike taking a job at Sugarcube Corner to spend more time with Pinkie, as well as work with Applejack and her family, who took a long time to forgive him for the words he had spoken to Rarity. If that was not enough stress, he was also working at the Golden Oaks library with Twilight when he had time, barley able to get himself a smoke in between time.

Needless to say, his job working with Rarity was over, and Sweetie Belle, as well as the rest of the former Cutie Mark Crusaders, were not speaking to him. Even Dinky Doo, who had been his best friend when they were kids was not talking to him, shouting at him to give her space before they talked again and that he had to earn her trust, depressing him greatly.

Despise the three jobs and the arguments the two got into, they did everything they could to make their new found love work. Pinkie did not exactly know why he had three jobs to begin with—he told her it was to save up for something he knew she would really enjoy, confusing the earth pony.

But she would show patience with him, as long as he did the same with her. With luck, their love would blossom to something even more meaningful.

*Flashback ends*

Pinkie smiled as she thought of all that had happened, and even though she knew Spike had crushed Rarity's heart, it had filled her own to the brim with love. Maybe it was harsh the words he spoke to the mare, but Pinkie Pie would be lying if she said she did not love his honesty; while most of what he said came from all that drinking, there were a few choice words he found might have hit a sensitive yet truthful area.

As the pink earth pony was left to her thoughts, Spike had managed to get to his job at Sweet Apple Acres only three minutes late. He knew that Applejack would dock his pay for his tardiness, but it was worth it to him if he was able to spend time with his marefriend.

"Howdy, Spike, thought you'd never arrive," a southern drawl from an orange coated mare's mouth spoke, her long blond mane and tail tied in a red band and her alluring green eyes narrowed. Her mouth was turned up in a smirk.

"Sorry, Applejack, was just at Pinkie's and-"

"Say no more, Spike. You're late enough as it is; just get to work and you can tell me about it on break, clear?" she ordered lightly.

He nodded his head, then she turned around, flashing her three red apples on her flank at him. She grabbed her brown Stetson hat that blew on the ground from the wind and placed it on her head, and she walked away, making Spike give a groan. He looked at the trees that held many red and green apples, and grabbing a nearby tan basket or two, he got to work.

He did not have the strength of Earth Ponies like the rest of the Apple family in his back legs, but his tail was long enough as he used it to slam into the tree in front of him with all his might, causing many apples but a few to fall. He heaved the basket on his left shoulder and put it in the barn before he grabbed another basket to repeat his actions.

At seven bits an hour, he made pretty good pay and worked his tail off for his job. After two hours of knocking apples from trees, getting baskets and putting the full baskets into the barn, Applejack called for a break. Spike dropped to the ground, exhausted.

Walking towards the Apple family home, he met Applejack outside who gave him a glass of non-alcoholic apple cider and laughed, seeing the reptile sweat from all the work he had done.

"Wow, Spike, you done a mighty fine job this afternoon. I'm impressed. Keep this up and ah may even give ya'll a raise." She laughed.

He only nodded and tipped the glass of sweet, golden liquid down his throat, loving the fresh, refilling taste of apple cider that he awaited every time he worked for Applejack. He grabbed a cigarette from his right ear fin and lit the tip, inhaling it deeply before blowing it out the left side of his mouth.

The two were silent, enjoying the calm, relaxing atmosphere that life had to offer on the clear skied morning, Celestia's sun shining upon the two creatures who did not speak a word, Spike drinking and smoking as Applejack basked in the warm glow under a tree. The dragon knew not to speak of anything personal until after work, for though she was his friend, she was also his boss and work was not meant to solve personal issues outside of it.

Taking one last drag of his cigarette, and drinking the last of his cider, Spike stood from where he sat on the grass, looking towards Applejack, who had her hat over her face and enjoying the sun on her coat. Spike put out his smoke on the tree behind him, flicking it into the grass and setting his glass beside the mare, who began to snore lightly.

He chuckled. "Guess I better get back to work."

With a sigh, he did just what he had told himself and began working for another three hours, in which Applejack awoke with a jolt and stretching her aching limbs with a yawn. She stood from where she had napped and ran to tell Spike he was off for the day, allowing him to give a small mental fist pump before walking with Applejack to the house to receive his pay for the week.

Applejack opened the door and entered her house, seeing Big Macintosh reading under a small lamp on a red colored couch while Apple Bloom was doing homework from high school. She scowled seeing Spike, looking back to her work. The young mare's left nostril, right ear and bellybutton were pierced with silver rings, and the pink bow she had in her hair when she was a filly was gone, allowing her hair to flow free, making her a very beautiful mare.

Granny Smith was asleep in her rocking chair, snoring loudly. Spike chuckle in amusement, earning him a glare from Apple Bloom, which shut his mouth. He was stopped with a hoof by Applejack, who told him to wait before she turned around and went to get his pay, leaving the reptile with an annoyed Apple Bloom.

"Uh… hey, Apple Bloom, how is it g-"

"Don't act like we are still friends, you heartless, lizard," she growled at him making him turn his head away and sigh, not understanding why the former members of the Cutie Mark Crusaders hated him after the event that happened a month ago. He had thought that his 'friends' would let what had happened go, but the only ones who had forgiven him were Fluttershy, Twilight, Applejack and of course, Pinkie Pie.

He could not even talk to Rarity's former stallionfriend, Big Macintosh, without almost getting kicked in the face, as it almost happened last time he even said two words to the red furred stallion.

"Apple Bloom, I swear I only-"

"Here you are, Spike," Applejack interrupted with a smile, having a medium sized red bag with yellow string wrapped around it to keep the bits from falling out in her mouth.

Spike smiled and took it from her, giving her thanks.

"You're mighty welcome, sugarcube. See you next week," she answered back, making Spike remember that he had off for the next two days, as far as working with the Apple family went.

Saying a quick goodbye and ignoring Apple Bloom's angered snort, he turned and walked from the house, out of the woods, thinking of going to visit Pinkie Pie, but knowing that her shift started right now and would still be going well into twelve in the morning.

He sighed and chose to head to the library instead, having not seen Twilight for a while with her being at Canterlot and just getting back today from no doubt visiting the Princesses as he stayed with Pinkie all week.

Wiping the sweat from his forehead, Spike entered his home and saw a sleeping, orange and red feathered male phoenix with his yellow eyes twitch from where he was perched and drift back to sleep making Spike chuckle.

"Oh, Peewee, you crazy little feather ball, you." he laughed, turning as he saw Twilight's own pet, Owlowiscious, flap towards the higher shelve with a brown book in his talons and quietly put it in place before turning his head almost completely around and hooting a greeting to Spike. He waved a claw then sighed, setting the bag of bits on the kitchen table before he went into the kitchen, grabbed a ruby and munched on it slowly.

After finishing his ruby, he entered the living room and almost jumped out of his scales, seeing Twilight Sparkle laying on her red colored couch while drinking slowly from a bottle of red wine. Spike chuckled loudly, causing her to whirl her head and look at him in shock from her book.

"Whew, Spike, you almost scared the fur off me, don't do that." she scolded him.

He only smirked and walked towards her, wrapping his arms around her back causing her to smile and lean back into the embrace, Spike blinked and pulled from the hug he gave her, swearing he had heard her give a small moan but dismissed the sound with a shake of his head. He grabbed the bottle she had next to the glass that laid on the brown colored table beside her, taking a long drink.

"Hey, don't drink it all," she giggled, making him wink from his left eye before setting it down.

"Thought you would not be back until tomorrow?" he laughed.

Twilight rolled her eyes, bookmarking her place and turning to look at her best friend. "I caught an earlier train, so sue me, thought you had work at the bakery tonight," she teased while he chuckled.

"Nah, Mr. Cake switched my shift this weekend so I don't work until nine tomorrow," he replied nonchalantly.

She snorted with a smile. Spike was getting a bit crept out by Twilight's gaze and smile towards him, so he cleared his throat to break her out of her trance and asked what it was she was reading.

"Oh…um, just a study on…Timberwolves…natural…habits?" she said it as though it was more of a question then an actual fact, making Spike a bit confused by her words.

He reached for the book, but was stopped by two hooves covering the book. Twilight smiled up at him, and he narrowed his eyes at his guardian, who licked her lips nervously.

"Hey, um, you got work tomorrow, right? Why don't you get some rest now. I'll join you in bed soon," she whispered enticingly.

His eyes widen at the words that she uttered from her mouth before she quickly corrected herself, "I mean I'll, you know… sleep in my own bed as you do…yours?" she said. Again it came out as a question, making Spike rub a claw to the back of his neck, before he, confused, shrugged and turned around. He looked back to read the title of Twilight's book that was called, "Dragon's Anomaly."

His eyebrows rose in surprise. "Why the buck would Twi be reading on dragon's anomaly? I thought she already remembered everything from when I was first hatched. Rainbow was right; she's an egghead." he thought with a roll of his eyes before answering Twilight from over his right shoulder.

"Sure thing. Twi, I'll do that, but first I need a smoke. Working all day really tires a creature out, you know?" he laughed, swearing he heard her whisper that she did know as he caught her in the corner of his right eye looking at his…was she looking at his ass? What the buck was wrong with her today?

Shaking his head, rubbing his forehead with a claw, he decided that he really did need a smoke and walked up the stairs to grab one from his carton on the brown dresser to the right of him. He lit it with a small stream of his flame, wishing he could see Pinkie Pie right now, but knowing she gets irritated working the night shift and would not want to be seen right now.

His mind drifted to the thought of the lavender unicorn mare with her beautiful purple eyes, her gorgeous dark blue colored mane with a single strip of pink and another of purple in her tail, and her sexy Cutie Mark of the large purple star surrounded by five smaller white stars.

"Wait, did I just call Twilight's Cutie Mark sexy? The buck am I thinking, maybe I had too much of that wine… damn, this day is turning out to be stressful as hell." he thought, groaning and taking a large drag of his cigarette, exhaling it out his mouth. He knew that, unlike Pinkie, Twilight did not care if he smoked in the house or around her, performing a spell for the scent a long time ago since he started when he was fourteen.

Spike blinked, confused on what was going on with Twilight. He sighed, going from the dresser and laying on his larger bed that used to be the guest bed before he started to grow, the bed being to the left of Twilight's own. He now felt it was not enough space, wondering if he could maybe ask to be given his own room when a light moan interrupted his thoughts.

He silently tiptoed down the stairs, leaning his head inch by inch to peer at where Twilight was. He saw the mare laying on her back on the couch with her right front hoof in between her hunches, moaning a name that Spike could not catch.

Leaning his head farther out and towards Twilight, he heard the name she had spoken. It made his blood run cold and his mind freeze from shock at the action she was preforming while thinking she was alone, whispering…well, his name.

Spike blinked. Sliding his head back behind the corner, he gently went back up the stairs, taking a large drag of his cigarette and coughing loudly. He thumped his chest with a fist to breathe properly. He was still in shock, that Twilight Sparkle, his best friend, his caretaker, his boss and the one that many would call family was clopping to thoughts of… him.

He did not even notice that his cigarette was burning into his scales. He did not feel the pain and just put it out on the tan ashtray the dresser had, trying to breathe from all he had just learned.

Twilight obviously liked him more than family, by Celestia, even more than friends; he did honestly not know what to think.

How did this happen? Why did this happen and more importantly, how the buck had he not seen any signs to this? He wondered how long this had been going on as he thought she looked sexy in the position-

"No, no… get it together, Spike. You're with Pinkie Pie, Pinkamena Diane Pie. You can't be thinking of some sex craved, warm and tempting librarian, even though she is, for fact, a virgin and-" Spike slapped himself in the face hard with his tail as he kept his thoughts from going any farther then they just now trailed, not sure what to do with thus new information or why he did not feel disgusted.

"What the buck is wrong with me?" he asked himself He sat in his bed and rubbed his temples with his claws, doing everything he could to sort out his thoughts, with no success.

Author's Note: To be honest, I'm not sure how I feel about this fic, I'll do my very best with it but I would like to hear from my fellow author friends and fans their thoughts on this chapter, and I shall continue on if many like it.