Spike coughed, flailing his arms, unable to gain any sort of ground on any stone before him. His body was freezing, and his strength was rapidly failing.

I'm going to die... just like I wanted... I'm sorry, Pinkie, Twilight... the baby... I'm so sorry, he thought, taking in a lungful of water. He coughed, allowing death to overtake him. Then he saw a yellow furred shape fly towards him as he blacked out.

Spike opened his eyes. The first sight he saw... was Celestia.

He looked around, realizing he was in his mother's bedroom, in all of its elegance, though not as large as when he last saw it. Turning his head, he briefly saw Luna trot out of the room. He called out to her, but she ignored him.

Spike turned back to his mother on the balcony, seeing Luna's stars overhead. The white coated alicorn looked away from her sister's beautiful night to her son behind her. She sighed.

"Mom... am I dead?" he asked gently.

She shook her head. Her golden shoes gently clanked as they hit the carpeted floor she walked upon towards him.

"No, Spike, you are not. If you were, then Death himself would have come for you. As it is, Luna brought you here in a spiritual form while your physical body sleeps. Even if it is against our ancient laws to be in Luna's realm, this is important," she said calmly, but she did not unfurl her wings to wrap them around him like she used to. She did not even call him son, which made Spike frown, realizing how serious she was.

"Mom, please, I honestly didn't mean to say what I did. I was angry. It felt unfair with-"

"Unfair? You cursed our names, Spike. You have no idea how serious cursing our names is. We have done all that we could. If our Mother saw what transpired with us and you, she would have torn our wings from us, rendering us mortals, in which we would have disintegrated into ashes and faded.

"According to ancient laws, with any mortal that turns their backs on us, we must turn our gaze from them. They will receive no blessing from us, no aid, and will be cursed. I'm sorry, Crystal Savior, but you are no exception, even if I claim you as my own," Celestia continued slowly, a frown on her face and her eyes narrowed.

Spike shivered. Celestia never once called him by the title given by the Crystal Ponies four years ago, not one bit. She only ever called him her son or by his name, and now, she did not even call him her child. It filled his heart with an ice cold chill.

He curled his claws. This was not right. He had not meant to scream and shout at the ones who looked at him as family. It had been a mistake, just as the last few days had been.

He dropped to his knees, feeling tears trail down his face. Celestia turned away, bowing her head in shame.

"Mother, please, this isn't right. I'm your son. You can't do this to your child... please, I-"

"Yet you turned away from your own child when Twilight told you the news. You not only betrayed Pinkie Pie, but you also rejected Twilight Sparkle. Even after she gave you not only her virginity but her heart, you spat in her face and stormed out of the house, wanting nothing to do with the mare who loves you.

"Do you have any idea what happens when the Elements of Harmony do not cooperate as one, Spike? They do not work. When Equestria is in another state of peril, they will now not work because of what you caused. The weapons able to defeat even the most powerful beings will not join in the hearts of the six little ponies... all because of your selfishness. You are no child, Spike, and I will not treat you as such anymore. You wish to be an adult, then-"

"That's kind of ironic, coming from your mouth, mother," Spike muttered.

Celestia narrowed her eyes and stomped a hoof on the ground. "Excuse me? What did you say to me?" she whispered in thinning patience. Why would he dare question her words; he had never done such before, so what made him so bold now?

He chuckled darkly, lifting his face and looking into her eyes. "After all the shit you send six mortals to do on their own, they fought two Gods, an army and an evil unicorn king all by themselves. And you did nothing, mother," he snapped, gradually standing.

She stepped back in shock, opening her mouth to speak up. He did not allow her.

"Sure, when they—well, mostly Cadence and I—fought Sombra, at least you allowed Cadence to help us, but only because she had the power to hold the bastard back. The Gods are supposed to help us, and you... you allowed mortals to do your dirty work for you! Yet we still kiss your feet without complaining because of who you are. You even lost against Chrysalis the one time you fought back, but you could have at least put up more of a fight-"

"ENOUGH!" Celestia shouted, fanning her large wings out. Her eyes glowed gold in rage, narrowing into mere slits, and Spike's rant turned to dust in his mouth. He had not realized his own mistake until it was too late.

"We cannot intervene in the affairs of mortals, even against our siblings. It is a law that cannot be ignored, no matter how much we try. You don't think that I do not wish to aid my little ponies in their fights? I did all I could... but obviously, that was not enough.

"That was years ago, Spike, and it is something that does not need to be repeated. You are younger than many dragons. You will learn as many years go by, but for now, you will be punished for the sins you have committed. We, I mean... I cannot turn over the laws we were born into. I am sorry." Celestia sighed loudly, her wings folding back to her sides. Her angered glow disappeared, and she trotted to her bed to rest on it. She turned her back from Spike.

"So, that's it, then? After everything you taught me about family and love, you're going to turn your back on me, YOUR OWN SON?!" he screamed.

She closed her eyes and lowered her head. "You are no son of mine... not anymore," she whispered, tears slowly sliding down her cheeks.

Spike's face was in a state of shock, his mouth opened in surprise. He was about to cry out to her before his body vanished in a flash of blue light.

His eyes snapped open. He was still alive, but as he opened his mouth, the only word he could cry out was mom. His chest heaved, tears slipping down his face while he looked around. The dragon didn't know where he was. He placed his claws over his face as he cried.

His own mother wanted nothing to do with him now.

Spike opened his eyes once more and groaned. Then he noticed he was on a tan couch. Looking around, he wondered what creature must have saved him from death.

His head quickly turned as the front door opened, revealing Raindrops. The mare smiled at her luck; the dragon was alive!

"Hey, Scales. You're awake... man, I'm glad you're okay," she said softly. She walked towards him.

Spike blinked, then slowly sat at the edge of the couch. "Where am I, Raindrops? What the buck happened to me?" he whispered, clenching his head in pain from a wound he must have gotten in the river.

"You're in Derpy's house. I saved you after watching you get into a fight with Luna. Never knew you as one to challenge the Gods, dragon boy." Raindrops laughed.

He frowned, remembering how he got where he was in the first place. "I... I was turned away from the Gods... I swore at them in rage, called my life unfair, and that they were doing nothing to help me." He gave out a large sigh, rubbing his forehead and waving his tail in anguish. "I turned my back on them, who took me in as family, rejected a mare who loves me more than I will ever understand. I gave up on our child, all because of my selfish pride—WHAT THE BUCK IS WRONG WITH ME?!" he roared, emerald flames shooting into the air.

Raindrops was silent, honestly not having a clue as to what to say. She had no idea how to help somebody who was so emotionally ruined.

Swallowing a glob of spittle in her mouth, she asked a question she knew would help calm the poor dragon a bit. "Want a cigarette?"

Spike sighed again, but nodded with a small smile. She grabbed a carton of cigarettes and tossed it to him. With a sad expression, he lit it up and placed it into his mouth. He nodded his thanks to Raindrops, and she smirked.

"The Gods really mean a lot to you, don't they?" she asked.

He scowled and slowly nodded, taking a long drag of the cigarette. "It's really just Celestia that matters... my mother. Her opinion matters to me more than anymore else. Without her, I would have never learned all that I did before she assigned me as Twilight's assistant. It's not something you'd understand, Raindrops." Spike yawned as he stood up. He walked towards the kitchen.

Raindrops frowned and narrowed her eyes, stepping into his path. "Try me, reptile."

He gritted his fangs, making her take three steps back in fear.

"In a hundred years, all the ponies and other creatures I know in this town will die, and I'll be nothing more than a baby, according to the rest of my kind. We live to ten thousand years, even more than most of the Gods. I won't have anyone here for me, no one but my pet phoenix, though I did yell at him before I left the house before. I... can't ever go back," he muttered, though beside his sad tone, he had a dark expression on his face.

Raindrops sharply inhaled. She looked at her friend, who seemed to hate himself more than she thought. She had not even been so depressed before, and it worried her to see Spike so troubled.

"You're not perfect, Spike. You have your own... you know, demons. You're not a bad creature, Spike; you just have a lot of growing up to do and much to learn."

Spike sighed. Raindrops frowned, and with a sigh, she watched him get a glass of red wine. How did Spike even know where all of her things were? Then she remembered he had been to this house many times, since he was best friends with Dinky, and she nodded to herself in response.

He put the wine back and drank the half filled glass. There was nothing but silence between them until the front door opened. Derpy Hooves trotted in, surprise etched on her face upon seeing Spike. When she looked deeper at his face, it changed to concern.

"How are you feeling, Spike?" the gray furred mare asked softly, unaware at how bucked up Spike's emotional state was.

The dragon only took a longer drink before he replied, "Not well. Twilight kicked me out of the house, and the gods turned their gazes from me." He ignored Derpy's gasp of shock before continuing. "And I guess I'm hated by all the ponies in Ponyville; even Peewee hates me. I'm such an idiot, I don't even have a place to stay." He chuckled with no emotion.

Spike felt two gentle gray hooves wrap around his body. With no restraint, he cried into Derpy's fur.

After a few minutes of weeping, he gradually pulled away from Derpy, wiping his noise and snorting. With his eyes shut, he took one last drag of his cigarette before putting it out. He drank his wine glass while looking at both mares; Raindrops got herself a cigarette while Derpy's crossed, golden eyes held pity and comfort.

"You know you're always welcome here, Spike. Don't even worry about having a place to stay," Derpy told him.

Spike smiled and nodded, but froze from her next words. "Did... did your mother, Celestia, really turn her back on you?" she asked in a whisper.

He felt fresh tears on the edge of his eyes. He nodded sadly.

Raindrops struck a match and lit her cigarette. Derpy paid her friend no mind. She looked at the reptile, who she honestly always thought of as a son. He closed his eyes and leaned into the couch, warning nothing more than to get rid of all of his struggles he was facing at the moment.

While Spike tried to fall into sleep's embrace, Derpy then turned her attention to her mate and pointed at the white substance on the table next to her. "What have I told you about doing your drugs where guests could see them, Rain? I told you over and over not to leave your cocaine out. Matter of fact, you told me you wouldn't do it anymore. The Gods don't look kindly on that, Raindrops," she said with a hint of anger in her throat.

Raindrops's brow rose in confusion and annoyance. She blew some smoke in Derpy's face. Derpy swatted it away, eyebrows narrowed. Her left eye glared at her marefriend while the right started to trail upwards.

"I was about to toss it. I just needed one more, but then I saw Spike drowning and saved him and all. The drug could have waited, babe. You're just lucky I'm not grabbing a needle and using heroin." She smirked.

Derpy snorted in anger. She was close to opening her mouth to yell back when the front door opened. Dinky Doo walked in, noticing, with no surprise, that her sister and Raindrops were fighting. Then she looked at the third creature in the room.

"Why is Spike in our house?"

Twilight Sparkle stumbled back, pain flaring from her jaw to her brain. She glared daggers at the earth pony, who snorted, her eyes narrowed. Pinkie stepped into the house with a mist of alcohol in her breath.

"You punched me in the face! W-what did I do to deserve that, Pinkie?" Twilight growled, gritting her teeth.

"You SLEPT with MY dragonfriend, or have you forgotten that little piece of information in your studying streak?" Pinkie shouted, slamming her hoof into the wood of the house. She stepped forward and aimed a blow at the unicorn's snout, yet Twilight dodged it with a swift step back.

"And as Spike no doubt told you, I mean nothing to him. According to him, it was nothing but a one night stand, so as far as I'm concerned, you have no reason-"

"Just shut it, Twilight!" Pinkie interrupted furiously. "I'm not doing it for that cheating, scaled bastard. I'm doing this for me. I don't know what cheating must've been like in Canterlot, but I'm damn well sure a friend isn't supposed to go behind another so called friend's back and sleep with their spouse. I can't believe you, Twilight! I thought I could trust you. I thought Spike was like a brother to you."

"I told you after Lyra and Bon-Bon's wedding how I felt about him. That was a year ago, and even then, he was still in love with Rarity. I simply big my time, waiting for the right moment when-"

"Love's not something you can just wait for, Twilight! It comes naturally. You had years and years to tell him your feelings, but you wait until I'm with him to sink your hooves into him, you selfish, nerdy BITCH!" Pinkie Pie screamed, snorting and watching as Twilight trotted towards her.

Twilight put a hoof on her shoulder in an attempt to calm her. "I know, Pinkie, and I'm sorry. Seriously, I know what happened was terrible, but you have to understand. I was still nervous and didn't know how to approach him. I swear on my horn that I never meant to hurt you and-"

"No, you know what? I'm tired of the pity I get from everypony. BUCK YOU, Twilight! I'm not going to listen to your pathetic lies! And because of this damned bottle of rum, I'm tired to bottling in all this rage the past two days, and I'm going to kick your ass!" Pinkie yelled, standing quickly on her hindhooves.

She slammed her hoof hard into Twilight's cheek. Twilight fell back landing into a slanted half of a table, and when she got back up, wiped the small line of blood trailing down her mouth.

"You don't want to listen to reason? Fine! Bring it, bitch!" Twilight screamed.

Pinkie dropped back on all four hooves and charged. Twilight dodged to the side, swinging a hoof deep into Pinkie's stomach. The earth pony groaned. Twilight smirked, though her eyes grew when Pinkie Pie headbutted her face, right under her horn, with all of her strength.

With a scream of rage, Twilight lit up her horn to cast a spell. Pinkie wrapped her hoof firmly around the purple bone, cutting off the flow of magic. Twilight screamed in pain as Pinkie punched Twilight in her face. She did so three times until Twilight had a sense to rise onto her hindhooves and punched Pinkie as hard as she could in the chest. Pinkie was forced to release her horn in agony and sailed into the air, landing hard into the side of the refrigerator.

Twilight's face was bruised, bloodied, and her head was overwhelmed with hurt from her magic being cut off and backfiring on her. With a snort of fury, Twilight galloped towards Pinkie, jumping over the couch. She briefly flew into the air, landing hard on Pinkie's left rear leg. There was a sickening crack, and a loud cry pierced the room. Pinkie's shouts were silenced by Twilight's hoof, which met with her cheek. Blood sprayed onto the ground from her mouth.

The purple furred mare brought Pinkie's head back and struck again. Pinkie Pie coughed. Twilight quickly took two steps back. Turning around, she aimed her hindlegs at the pink mare's chest. She didn't get the chance to buck her, however, when Pinkie Pie roared and bit her mouth into Twilight's tail.

Twilight scoffed, and Pinkie sent a harsh blow with her hoof into Twilight's teats. Twilight bellowed in agony, but was cut off when the other pony punched Twilight in the ass with all of her strength. The unicorn stumbled, then hit the dining room table with her face.

Pinkie Pie spat blood from her mouth. She turned and stood, limping slowly towards Twilight, who winced in pain from her rear.

Twilight scowled at her former friend. "Are you finished yet, Pinkie? You got the fight you craved for. Now let's just-"

She was interrupted by Pinkie's hoof making contact with her snout. Blood dripped from her nose, and she fell to her side. Her breathing was heavy and trying to keep away from all the pain.

The pink pony stood before her, watching Twilight do her best to keep from drifting into unconsciousness.

Blood dripped from Twilight's nose and right eye. She glared at Pinkie Pie, who showed no emotions at all. Her mane and tail were completely straight, her eyes burning bright with rage.

"Done, Twilight Sparkle? I don't think so! Not until you feel the pain I've felt, you BITCH!" she growled in a whisper. She spat in Twilight's face and grabbed a corner of the table. With a cruel, dark grin, she brought it as hard as she could at her former friend. She ignored the mare, not even able to summon her magic to aid her in her suffering, cry out.

Pinkie honestly lost count as to how many times she repeated slamming the hard, broken table on Twilight's body, yet she watched as Twilight delved into unconsciousness. The unicorn's face was completely soaked in blood, staining her fur and almost making it hard to recognize her. The pink mare chuckled monotonously.

"I should have known you never had been in a fight before. Such a weak, pathetic mare. Have fun in the hospital, Twilight Flopple," Pinkie Pie sneered, backhoofing Twilight's face. After she checked she was breathing, however faintly.

She noticed a lone cigarette that had fallen to the ground. Grabbing a nearby match, she lit it and placed it in her mouth.

Breathing a cloud of smoke in Twilight's face, she whispered, "I hope you learned your lesson, bitch."

Pinkie turned away and limped towards the front door. Twilight's pet and Peewee fled to aid their owner, though she barely noticed them. Opening the door, she came face to face with Fluttershy, wearing a green cloak encrusted with diamonds and rubies; something no doubt made by Rarity.

The mare's cyan eyes widened in horror at Pinkie's severely injured state.

"Pink-Pinkie... wh-what happened to you?" Fluttershy questioned.

Pinkie blew out some smoke with a dark grin, blocking the mare's view of Twilight's body with her own. "Oh, just a small disagreement with Twilight. She's fine, just a little... out of sorts. Come on, Shy. Let's go to the hospital. I need to get my leg checked," she said firmly.

She forced Fluttershy away from Twilight's house, shutting the front door. Wrapping a bloody hoof around Fluttershy, the two trotted away. Fluttershy looked at her in concern, for both her safety as well as her sanity.

They headed to the hospital in the rain. Pinkie even offered some of her cigarette to Fluttershy, who took one a bit hesitantly. She coughed violently as she took it in, causing Pinkie Pie to laugh coldly. As the two mares went on with their lives, the first ray of sunlight began to peek out from the gray clouds.

Honestly, I'm not to sure how to feel about this chapter? Does it seem forced or rush to any of you? Is it to dark? Also, I'm losing my focus on what the next chapter should be about or even how to end it, it would really mean a lot if I could get some ideas on the next chapter and the way a story such as this should end, if you please.