Title: A toy with sadness

Pairings: Merlin/Arthur

Rating: M

Warnings: slash (yaoi), possessive-jealous!Arthur, explicit sexual content, smut, non-con/dub-con, (something similar to) slavery and mentions of under age sexual activities (I will warn you again in the chapters where it appears, but it isn't too explicit and the boys are around 15 or 16 years at that moment)

Summary: modern AU. Merlin has been Arthur's friend/toy since they were children, but could that be changed?

Disclaimer: All credits go to BBC Merlin and the mangaka CJ Michalski.

Word count for this chapter: around 1,000

AN: This is another adaptation of a manga. This time I chose "A toy with sadness" by CJ Michalski (one of my favourite mangakas). As this manga is longer, this will have six chapters more. I have already written them, but it will take me some days in between postings because I have to edit them. Also, a warning for all who have read the manga, I have changed things a little in the last chapters so that it would have a happier ending (I'm sorry if you don't like my changes). Of course, all credit goes to the mangaka and the creators of BBC Merlin. I've drawn the picture that accompanies this fic too. It's based on one of the covers of the manga and you can find it on my deviantart page (I have the same name there). Finally, English isn't my mother tongue and this is unbeta'd, so any mistake is my own (if you point them to me, I will correct them!). Enjoy!



The Pendragon family lived in a big mansion in the centre of the city of Camelot. They were a very rich family, Uther Pendragon being the boss of the biggest enterprise in all Albion. However, he wasn't a happy man. His wife died in childbirth and he barely saw his only son, Arthur. That's why Uther bought him all kind of things in an attempt to compensate for his absence, but it didn't seem enough. So he decided to 'buy' his son a playmate from a poor family.

The first time Merlin saw the Pendragon mansion he was nine and he was really impressed. From the luscious gardens to the high towers, it was the most beautiful place he had ever seen, but that wasn't difficult since he had lived till then with his large family in a little house that would fit in the hall of the mansion.

"Wow, such a big house," he muttered. "I didn't know there were such huge houses in the centre of Camelot. It's like a castle."

At the moment, Merlin was following Aredian, one of the Pendragons' most trusted servants, through the endless corridors of the mansion and he couldn't help looking at everything with reverence. Aredian was even going to introduce him to his new friend, Arthur, the son of the master.

"Stop messing around, boy, and hurry up. The young master is waiting," Aredian reprimanded, his creepy blue eyes glaring at him and Merlin complied without protest.

The servant stopped in front of one of the huge doors and knocked three times. "Master Arthur," he said, "I have brought him with me." And with that he opened the door and stepped aside so that Merlin could see the room fully. It was enormous, like everything in that house, and there were lots of things everywhere. A king sized bed, a library full of books, a giant TV, a computer, a games console, a lot of balls and a great many toys were scattered all over the room. Merlin's eyes were wide open trying to take in every little detail of that amazing room at the same time.

Then he noticed that there was someone inside. Although the young boy must have been around the same age as him, he had a stronger constitution than his and there was something about him that clearly spoke of power and authority. He had sandy blond hair, blue piercing eyes and a mischievous smirk that made Merlin feel intimidated.

"I... I'm Merlin Emrys," he stammered. "Nice to meet you." His parents had told him that, as the family was going through a bad patch, he was going to live in the big mansion and work for the Pendragon family, so he had to be friends with their son, Arthur. Merlin, being an obedient child, wanted to make a good impression on his new friend for his family.

Arthur approached him as soon as Merlin entered his room and looked at him up and down with a calculating gaze. Not that there was much to look. Merlin was tall for his age, but he was also scrawny and his pale complexion was brought out by his dark hair and ocean blue eyes.

"So you are finally here," Arthur said as he lifted Merlin's chin with his hand and looked at his face more closely. "My new toy." His smirk grew wider.

Merlin might be poor and his family might need financial help, but he wasn't going to tolerate that. With a slap he moved Arthur's hand away from him and yelled "I AM NOT A TOY!" Arthur seemed to be shocked, his brows frowned in confusion. "I have come here to work!"

Suddenly Merlin felt a smack on the back of his head. "How dare you hit the young master, you little brat!?" Aredian was saying as he took Merlin by the hood of his jacket and started to drag him out. "I will throw this brat out immediately."

"No," Merlin begged. "I'm so sorry." He couldn't be sent home. His parents would be terribly disappointed and Merlin didn't know if they could feed him and all his brothers. He had to convince them to let him stay. "I'm really sorry!" But Aredian didn't loosen his grip. "Please, let me stay!"

"Wait a minute!" Arthur commanded and that made Aredian stop. Arthur was staring at Merlin with interest and a little smile appeared on his lips again. "He's interesting."

With that Aredian shoved Merlin away and he fell on the floor on his knees. It was the first time Arthur had found something or someone interesting and Aredian had to obey him.

"It would be difficult for him to find any other work because of his age," Arthur said looking down at Merlin with his arms crossed over his chest. "I will let him work here."

"Th... Thank you," Merlin stuttered gratefully. He had work now and he could really help his family.

"You are my toy," Arthur affirmed.

"What?" Merlin asked.

Merlin had a really large family. They used to be very happy, but after his father's little business had gone bankrupt, they didn't have enough to eat. As he was the older son of six boys, he was the only one that could do anything for them. It was his duty to help his family. He had to do this for them.

"Isn't that right?" Arthur pressed.

And Merlin had no other choice but to go along with it as his eyes filled with tears. "Y... Yes."

And thus, Merlin Emrys became a toy for Arthur, the only son of the rich Pendragon family.


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