Code Geass: Valiant R2 Chapter 7 - The Valiant Name

[Mausoleum of 88 Emperors]

"Well this could be a problem" Yin stated as bombs fell upon the ancient mountain crypt.

"Do we stop this or simply watch our dear cousin die?" Yang asked.

"How could you ever think of no saving her majesty!?" Xingke yelled.

Yin giggled "Because we know the outcome of this battle"

Before Xingke could ask about the subject, they were surrounded by loyalists of the High Eunuchs.

[Britannian Logres-class Aerial Battleship Victory, Hanger]

A young man with light purple hair stood to the side as a pair of older women were standing near a covered knightmare. One woman was raven haired and wore a white uniform of a rounds while the other was much older and had a light purple hair color.

"Lele please be careful out here" The purple haired woman said to the boy "I don't want you getting caught up in that mess with the Black Knights for revenge. We'll deal with that later"

The boy groaned "Corny please stop calling me Lele. I'm not a girl!"

She laughed.

"I plan on heading back towards the homeland after this" He stated "Maybe visit Nunnally on the way through"

"Good" Cornelia said before rubbing her hand in his messing hair.

"Leon is everything ready?" Victoria asked in flatly.

"All you have to do is activate the beacon and the signal will be transmitted to the Valiant Satellite and to the Avengers in Tokyo" He explained.

Victoria nodded and the cover was pulled off of the Advent which now featured a pair of super sized float wings.

"We'll avenge Euphie, Neo, Elly, Lady Isabella and Lady Marianne" Cornelia pledged before she and Victoria climbed into the Advent.

"Good luck sister" Leon said before quickly moving away from the Advent.

He watched as the wings shot to the sides and the Advent zoom from the hanger and into the sky faster than any current knightmare.

He than took a slow walk to the bridge but was interrupted by the alarm which forced him to sprint to his destination.

"Your highness we have an unknown ship that just appeared above us!" The Radar operator shouted.

"Get the shields up and ready out knightmare for launch!" He ordered "I guess the peace with the Chinese only extended to the Avalon"

"Oh what luck that we'd see you little Leon Li Britannia" Came a female voice through the bridge.

Leon sighed in relief "Stand down all stations and prepare the hanger for a visitor"

[Ikaruga, Bridge]

"The Indian forces have betrayed us and Hitomi has been delayed" X growled. "What the hell are we supposed to do now!?"

"Didn't you mention you always have a trump card?" C.C. stated mockingly.

"I have several card to play but it would be too risky to those involved along with causing problems between my organization and the Black Knights" He said looking around "We'd win but at too great a cost"

"Kallen and Tohdoh will have to hold off the rounds while the others focus on the Chinese forces" Zero informed "Xingke has provided a decent distraction for a portion of their forces and we should only need to hold out for Lady Hokage to arrive with the Hydra"

Everyone looked to X.

"What could be keeping her!" He growled before walking out of the room.

"Where are you going?" Kallen asked following after him.

"You don't expect me to stay on the bridge while you go out and fight near impossible odds?" He said angrily "I will not leave you and our son in danger. My child will have a mother!"

"Well I wont leave him without a father!" She snapped back.

"So I guess neither of us can be doing any risky business out there" X stated as he pulled her into his arms "We will both be there for him no matter what"

"Let's go then" She said smiling up at him.

The two ran towards the hanger where the Guren and a spare Akatsuki were waiting.

"Well the two of you took your time" C.C. said from her Akatsuki "I left the bridge after you did and still beat you here"

"Not now C.C.!" Neo shouted and ran for a black Akatsuki that was armed with a large P-sword in place of the standard chainsword.

Outside the battle was raging on. The Mordred was wiping out the Dragon Cavalry, The Lancelot was engaged in a fight with Tohdoh, and the Tristan was fighting the Shen-Hu.

Both Yin and Yang were leading the attack on the black knights.

"Arise Iron Dragons!" A Voice called out.

"Was that what I think it was!?" Yin asked cheerfully.

The voice came again "Crush those who threaten the innocent and weak! Awaken throughout all of Asia and show them your power!"

Yang smirked "I think it was"

Chiba took the opportunity to charge the Shen-Langs now that they weren't moving.

They both spread out and an entire company of Gun-Ru's and the Shen-Lang's began to open fire on the Loyalists.

"What's going on here!?" Chiba demanded.

"X's trump card!" Eve called out as she launched in the Lucifer.

The Tristan took off from the Sen-Hu and flew towards her.

"That's a much better opponent for me" He said before firing his harkens.

Eve countered by grabbing one and pulling the Tristan but it turned back to knightmare mode and attacked with it's scythe. Lucifer fired it's finger harkens which forced the Tristan to back off but only for the Mordred to fire a blast from the Stark Hadron Cannon at the Lucifer but was stopped by the Radiant barrier provided by the Guren's claw.

"Thanks Kallen" Eve said breathing a sigh of relief.

X was just barley listening to Zero's speech as he pulled concentration to his geass and over clocking the abilities of the Akatsuki. The machine had alarms blaring all around from parts wearing or overheating from Neo's ultra fast movements and ability to see everything around him.

"Fire on the empress!"

Xingke rushed to her aid while Yin and Yang doubled efforts to wipe out the Chinese forces.

X's radar buzzed with coming signals.

"Zero hurry with the plan" X urged "My fears rang true. The Britannians brought reinforcements!"

A small fleet of Britannian ship appeared from the clouds. A pair of Logres-class and several escort ships . They began pouring gunships and knightmares. Most important was the large black and white knightmare with the large sword on it's back.

"It can't be" Eve gasped seeing what Neo could see through their twin-link.

Zero fired his beam and nearly wiped out the Chinese forces.

"X, Eve what is it?" Zero called out.

"We have to retreat!" X yelled back franticly "The Knight of One has joined the battle!"

"WHAT!?" Zero gasped. "Damn! I never thought of this when we staged your death!"

"My father is the only one I've never been able to defeat in a battle" Neo stated "Even with geass I will lose due to this Akatsuki which could fall apart any minute"

The Avalon and the Rounds began to fall back.

"Schneizel return to the battle at once!" Bismarck demanded.

"There is no reason to continue this battle" The prince stated "The Chinese Federation no longer has representatives to join Britannia and there for this is not our battle"

"Kururugi, Weinberg, Alstreim, return to the battle on my orders!" He commanded.

"Yes my lord!" Suzaku said quickly which caused the other two to simply follow him.

"So be it" The prince said "This is a Rounds issue and there for out of my hands. I will be contacting his majesty"

"By then the murderers of my children will be dead!" Bismarck shouted as he led the charge for the Black Knights.

"Zero this is Prince Leon Li Britannia, Commander of the Victory. I am here to take revenge for my sister Euphemia!"

Leon was in a pitch black Vincent command holding a trident.

The Black Knights took formation while Yin, Yang and Xingke finished off the Chinese forces.

X took the front though his Akatsuki was already sparking without taking a single hit. The Ikaruga had now emerged from the mountain and faced the coming enemy.

"Bow mounted Hadron Cannons. FIRE!"

The dark beams devastated the Britannian forces yet the more advanced Vincents were fine along with the Galahad and Shadow.

"Now Ikaruga retreat while Kallen, Eve and I hold them back!" X ordered. "Zero!"

A crystal shot out from the Shinkiro and the beam followed.

"Not going to happen!" Bismarck let the stitches break to activate his geass and in a smooth fast motion destroyed the crystal and blocked the beam with Excalibur.

"If you surrender X and Kallen Kozuki to me now, I will leave the rest of you to Prince Leon" Bismarck offered peacefully.

"Did you give Lady Isabella and Lady Marianne to the EU when they killed the President of the Council?" X asked.

"My children will be avenged!" He yelled and the Britannian forces charged the Black Knights formation.

The black Vincents belonging to Leon's forces simply stayed around their prince while the swarms of other knightmare went to battle.

"Executors!" Called over the radio of Leon's knightmare.

"Initiate operation: Executor!" Leon called out to all of his forces.

The Victory opened up side doors to reveal bow mounted positron cannons. The other turrets shattered to reveal energy cannons beneath them.

The ship and it's knightmare began firing on the fleet around them.

"Leon what manner of trickery is this!?" Bismarck asked shocked "Zero killed your older sister!"

"The nation needs new leaders like Euphie" Leon stated "We'll never have them when people like father, who used cursed powers, is left in charge"

Bismarck turned to attack the Prince but was blocked by the foresight seeing his death. He boosted backwards just as a blade cut the air where he would've been had he gone after Leon.

"You are quite a skilled pilot X" Bismarck complimented "But even you cannot measure up to your predecessor"

"You're not the same X?!" Chiba said shocked.

X chuckled and whispered "You don't get it do you?" He activated his comms "Eve, Kallen, defend the Ikaruga and leave the Knight of One to me. Do not fire on the black units"

"Fighting me alone eh?" Bismarck chuckled "Prideful yet foolish"

X came at the Galahad and the two entered a skirmish in the sky.

X changed course just before meeting blades with the Galahad. Seeing it ahead of time, Bismarck moved forward and attacked but was blocked by X's P-Sword. While the blades were locked, X attempted to fired his hand cannon but the finger harkens of the Galahad quickly launched and X sped back while firing only for the Excalibur to block the bullets.

"You don't think of your actions until the moment before doing them" Bismarck said in thought "No wonder you were able to defeat Neo's power"

"Neo Von Waldstein has always been a soul lost in the darkness of pain and death that he had both been dealt and caused. He was not a man who deserved to live in the new world order"

"Who are you to say where my son belonged!" Bismarck yelled "He lost his mother and twin to people like you who seek to destroy the only hope for order in this chaotic world!"

X laughed darkly "You, who corrupted Neo's mind to seek the death of his true love. You, who did nothing to discover the murderer of his own wife because his liege commanded it. You, who nearly caused the death of his grandchild by forcing his father to become a murderer of millions. You are no knight"

"Grandchild?" Bismarck gasped "You dare speak these lies about my family!"

"Logan Von Waldstein-Valiant" X said slowly.

"Liar!" Bismarck screamed and charged X's Akatsuki.

X's slower knightmare didn't have time to avoid the attack and was impaled on the Excalibur right through chest and into the cockpit.

"NOOO!" Kallen screamed and charged towards the Galahad.

"Foolish girl!" He yelled as he threw the ruined Akatsuki at her as it exploded. He came behind the attack to finish her before she could recover but suddenly his float exploded.

"Don't ever touch her!" X yelled from atop the Galahad.

"You got behind my sight!" Bismarck said shocked.

X sliced open the cockpit and Bismarck quickly turned to face him with his pistol trained on his head.

"You still don't understand just who your dealing with" X said angrily.

"A coward who's responsible for the death of my son!" Bismarck barked back.

"Very few men have ever come near defeating you" X stated "And only one was ever able to cheat your foresight"

Bismarck gasped as realization hit him.

"I'd like Logan to have a strong grandfather to hear stories from so I wont kill you" X said softly "Elly sends her love and we both wish to tell you that we will destroy Britannia even if you stand in our way"

"Elizabeth is alive?"

X nodded and threw Bismarck a small data drive "I'd like this to stay between us but everything else I don't really care about"

"So this is your choice?" Bismarck asked sadly "This is the way you want to be remembered?"

"My child to grow without worrying about his Japanese heritage and have the same options in life as any other person in the world. That's all I need"

"So be it" Bismarck said "If that is your wish then see it through to the very end. Never give it up and hold true to the Valiant name. But be warned, I will stop you as I am sworn to do. Neo Von Waldstein is dead but X and his organization are terrorists and will all be destroyed"

X nodded "I would expect nothing less from the Knight of One. No, from my father"

The Lucifer swooped past and X shot a harken from his wrist unto it and was gone in a moment leaving Bismarck in the slowly falling Galahad.

"All forces cease fire and regroup with the Avalon" He ordered.

"What about avenging Neo, Elly and Freya?!" Gino asked.

Bismarck sighed "We've lost this battle"

[Ikaruga, Flight Deck]

"Damn it! I couldn't hear what they were saying at all!" Tamaki yelled angrily.

"We heard all we need to" Chiba said "X isn't the same one from a year ago"

"Do we even know if we have the same Zero?" Ashahina stated,

"Silence!" Tohdoh called out over the frantic gossiping of the crew "My sister would never pledge herself and clan to an imposter nor would anyone else be able to acquire the aid of the Iron Dragon Brigade and the Slayer of Britannia"

"Zero and X have gotten people from all corners of the world into one alliance" Kallen informed "Who else could do such a thing?"

Just then the Shen-Hu along with both Shen-Longs landed on the deck followed by the Shinkiro and Lucifer with X on it's shoulder.

"Xingke!" The young empress yelled while running to the Shen-Hu.

"Aw Jiang you only care about him huh?" Yin teased as she came down the wire of her knightmare.

"Yin, Yang, you came for me too?"

"We would never let harm come to you dear cousin" Yang assured.

She smiled up to them and then turned to Xingke.

"Is this alright for you?" Xingke said putting his hand out to show that he never forgot their promise.

She quickly wrapped her pinky around his and touched thumbs.

"I was finally able to leave the Forbidden City" She said happily "But this doesn't mean it's the end. it's just…"

"I shall protect you in the future as well" Xingke assured "Until the very end of time"

'She's overflowing with happiness' Elly said in Neo's head 'I can barely tell she just went through a traumatic experience'

"Zero, we need to let the world know that the Empresses betrothal to the Britannian prince is off" Diethard said.

"That's true" Zero agreed.

"And the best way to do that is to have her marry someone from our side" He recommended "A member of a Japanese family would be perfect"

Eve stepped up "If we go around selling children like meat then we're no better then the Britannians who sell their family off for power"

"I will have no part in this" X said plainly.

"It's nothing personal it's simply a political maneuver" Diethard argued.

"It is personal!" Kaguya yelled "It's a matter of love!"

"She has a point" C.C. agreed.

"We're at war. Lives are at stake!" Diethard replied.

"Love is the reason most of us are even here" Eve said looking to Neo, Kallen, Chiba, Kaguya and even Rakshata. "Not everyone is as devoted to their career as you Newsman"

"Hey Zero about yesterday!" Tamaki said coming up the stairs "OH hey are you guys still in conference?"

"You know what you have to choose" X whispered to Zero before he could get away "Once you have a girl you belong to them"

Lelouch sighed knowing it was true and fearing the wrath of Elly who was trained in several torture techniques.

"Your future belongs to you!" Zero said dramatically "You decide your own fate!"

"But we need to establish a position on power!" Diethard growled.

"The human heart is the source of all power!" Zero replied "That's why so many people have risen up against evil and the black knights fight like titans. We fight with the power of our hearts!"

[Avalon, Brig]

Destiny sat in the quiet darkness of her cell. Slowly footsteps grew near and stopped outside of her cell.

"So you've come to extract information from a poor defenseless girl?" She said without looking back.

"I would do no such thing" Bismarck said entering the cell.

Destiny quickly turned around "Has the order sent you to finish what they started last year?"

"I simply wish to know about my grandchild from someone I can trust" He said taking a seat on her bed.

She said a brow "Why would you trust me Lord Waldstein. I'm sure that even if Neo told you that, he would never say who I was"

"It matters not" He said "Even if you are not who I suspect you are, you are still my sons most trusted ally so on this matter of family I hope to hear some truth"

She smiled "Alright but I would like to let you know now that your wife had her little ghosty hands in his development."

[Victory, Meeting Room]

Zero, X, Eve and Kallen entered the room. It was a round room with a ring shaped table with a holo projector at it's center.

Only Leon was in the room and the room was secured from the inside.

"Neo it's good to see you again" Leon said as they took seats "Same to you Elly"

"It's been a long time Leon, I hope you've behaved yourself" Neo joked after his mask folded back.

Elly gave the boy a hug before taking a seat beside Zero.

"Prince Leon I'd like to thank you for coming to our aid" Zero said formally.

"Can in Zero" Leon said "I've heard the same warmup speech of Neo and Kayla three years ago when I started my career" He then mocked "Oh thanks you Leon for clearing out the base now I have a proposition for you. Or there's, Leon so you hate dad too so we should team up and kill the old goat"

"My apologies your highness" Zero said.

"Lulu I know it's you" Leon said causing shock to everyone "Euphie trusted me more than anyone ever knew. I even knew about her crush on Suzaku before he did"

"That I assume you wish to kill me for what I did to her" He said sadly.

Leon waved "No. Euphie's death was geass induced and I do not blame you for that"

"Who told you about that?" Neo asked activating his own.

"My sister Cornelia and your cousin Victoria were onboard the Victory moments before I was discovered by Bismarck, They were on their way to attack the Geass Order with the modified Advent"

"So that's what those two have been doing this past year" Neo said "Do you know the location"

Leon shook his head "I only know a general location. The girls have a beacon it transmit the location back to the ship. They suspect it will get to the Avengers for their back up but I don't see why we need involve Nunnally in these matters"

"We'll crush them and avenge our mothers!" Lelouch pledged.

"That's the plan" Leon said "With the Victory, Zeus and Hydra, we could take any small base with ease if we have a master strategist" Leon said looking to his brother.

"Then all we need do is wait for their signal and strike" Neo exclaimed "easy as pie"

[Unknown Location]

A small house rested in a large plain that was filled with green and surrounded by forests and mountains.

A little red haired girl ran in the fields.

"Dante, Mom say's dinner's ready!" She called out towards the woods.

"Comin' Nick!" He called back. And moments later a blue haired boy emerged.

The two ran for the house and inside was a small table covered in food. At the table was a Asian boy with snow white hair and a teenaged girl with brunette hair was putting out plates.

"Mommy Mandy why do we have to wait on Aunt Frey?" The white haired boy whined.

"Mao you know we all eat as a family" Amanda scolded.

"I'm home!" Freya called as she walked in "I found a new face wondering around the woods"

The kids all turned to face the man next to Freya. He had short wild blonde hair and blood red eyes. He looked in his late teens. He wore black jeans, a brown shirt and a black trench coat. Around his neck he wore a necklace with a sigil of a winged black shield with a red dragon symbol and detailed with blood marks.

Veronica screamed at the sight of him.

"DON'T LET THE MONSTER TAKE ME!" She screamed in fright.

"Nicky sweetie, Nex wont take anyone" Freya soothed "He just needs a place to stay for the night and will be on his way"

Suddenly the sky darkened and all the kids ran for the to women.

"It never get dark here" Amanda stated looking at the smirking Nex "This is your doing"

He laughed a dark, deep echoed laugh "This is simply perfect. I come for one of you and find a whole little fake family"

Suddenly the kids all became their adult selves from before they died.

Nex grinned wide and evil "Now let's go throw a welcome party for you little friends"

They all had glowing red eyes and turned to Nex "As you wish Lord Apocalypse"

Chapter End