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"So that's how you kill a video-game character, huh?" said Suzie, staring at the blank screen.

"Well, sort of," said Ralph. "When it gets plugged in again, you'll reappear; but you would be reset. All your memories from before would be gone. So in a way, it's a form of death."

"Especially if the game gets plugged in at another arcade," said Felix.

"Did you know about all this, Grandpa?" asked Mina.

"I suspected," said Mr. Litwak. "There were once reports of paranormal activity in this building, but it had mostly stopped by the time I bought it. I guess whatever was causing that is what's giving the games lives of their own."

"We should probably keep that in mind when we unplug and replace games in the future," Mina said, cringing.

Calhoun put the plug back in, and the screen showed the bonus level.

"Well, at least we don't have to play through it," the soldier sighed. "All right, ladies, let's go. Once we're inside our games, unplug that thing and destroy it; we don't want this happening again."

"It was nice meeting you all!" said Vanellope.

"You're leaving?" asked Jacob.

"We have to, little guy," said Felix. "It's our job to be played."

He turned to walk over to the game, but froze when Jacob leapt down and grabbed his legs, preventing him from leaving.

"I wanna come!"

Everyone stared at the little boy, who had screwed his eyes shut as he clung to Felix in determination. Suzie went to try and remove him, but Felix held up a hand to her.

"Give him time," he said.

So Suzie stepped back...straight into Ralph.

"So are we saying goodbye the same way we said hello?" he asked.

"Yeah, I guess we are," she laughed. "This has...certainly been a fun ride."

"Yep! It...certainly has," Ralph agreed, scratching the back of his head awkwardly. "I'm gonna miss you."

Behind Suzie, Vanellope rolled her eyes before pushing the girl forwards. Suzie fell against Ralph, who placed his hands on her shoulders to steady her, and the two gazed at one another until Ralph brought Suzie in for a hug which lasted for at least a few minutes.

"Suzie," Mina spoke up, once the two had pulled apart, "you are so dumb sometimes."


"You know," her friend continued, "the reason there's so many Star-Crossed Lovers in fiction is because they make mountains out of molehills. One tiny thing in their relationship is blown out of proportion; 'Oh no! Our families hate each other! Whatever shall we do?' Run away before you get yourselves killed!"

"Mina, get to your point."

"My point? Go with them! And take that little munchkin, too!" she insisted. "Grandpa told me you failed your exams; you can't get into university, and you need to leave that foster home soon. It's the perfect excuse!"

"Mina, I really don't know..."

Mina rolled her eyes before placing a hand upon her friend's shoulder.

"Suzie, I'm doing this because you're my friend, and I care about you," she said, before turning to Ralph. "Kidnap her."

Suzie's eyes widened.


Ralph looked hesitant at first, but then he just shrugged and picked Suzie up, slinging her over his shoulder. Suzie began to struggle, thumping his back with her fists.

"Ralph! Put me down!"

"Suzie, stop struggling!" Mina said. "I know you; that selfish part of you really wants to go with them!"

"...Yeah, OK, I admit it."

"Yay! We're going!" Jacob cheered.

Felix and Calhoun each put on a glove while holding Jacob between them, while Vanellope put on the helmet. Ralph picked up the gun and held onto Suzie.

Suzie waved to both Mina and Mr. Litwak...but then she noticed someone entering the arcade, and her eyes widened when she realized who it was. Kerri's eyes widened simultaneously when she saw what was going on, just moments before the six of them disappeared into the video-game world forever.

Wondering what Suzie had been staring at, Mina and Mr. Litwak turned in time to see Kerri fall into a dead faint.

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