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Game Central Station

When the train finally came to a halt, Suzie hopped out and paused to look around. She'd never been in this part of the game before, and she wondered whether she was even in the game anymore. It certainly didn't look like it.

The girl looked on ahead through an archway, which led into some kind of great hall or station. People were passing by, and at first Suzie was hesitant to step out into the open...until she saw Sonic the Hedgehog.

Her jaw dropped.

Paying more attention to those passing, she recognized them as characters from other games; more specifically, characters from all the games in the arcade. Pac-Man, Mario, Mega-Man; they were all passing by, chatting to one another like it was perfectly normal. The fear from before left Suzie completely as her inner gamer began to rejoice, and she hurried forwards with an excited skip in her step.

But as she passed under the arch, an alarm went off, and the girl froze as a holographic security guard appeared beside her.


The fear returned, and Suzie began to panic.

"Name?" the guard repeated.

"Um...Suzie," said Suzie.

"Where you coming from?" he went on to ask.

"Um...Escape from the...Ninth Realm...Prison... The game behind me," the girl replied, gesturing behind her.

"Where you heading?"

"I'm...not sure," Suzie admitted truthfully. "This is my...first time here. I want to look around."

She waited, biting her lower lip and hoping that the security guard was convinced. If he didn't let her through...

"Fair enough," he said. "Did you bring any fruit with you?"


"Anything to declare?"



He disappeared, and Suzie let out a huge sigh of relief as she continued forwards.

The girl gasped when she took in the sight before her. It was like a huge train station – similar style to the huge one in New York – and everywhere she looked there were characters from various games, wandering around or talking to one another. She was surprised to see heroes chatting with villains, although she supposed that if they weren't working, there was no reason for them to be bad.

Suzie's blue eyes began to scan the many archways which she guessed led to the different games, reading the names above. Tappers, Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, Hero's Duty, Sugar Rush, Fix-It Felix Jr...

"Hey there!"

Suzie jumped with a startled yelp, turned to run...and ended up colliding into the one who had addressed her. But whoever it was, they were built like a brick wall, and she bounced back off them before stumbling backwards.

She was able to keep her balance and prevent herself from falling, and raised a hand to straighten her nose out, which had suffered the full impact. While she was doing this her eyes caught sight of the character's very familiar bare feet...and with her hand still on her nose, she froze and slowly looked up as her eyes grew wider.

Standing before her, in the flesh, was Wreck-It Ralph.

When he'd heard the familiar sound of the alarm, Ralph had instinctively paused with an annoyed sigh; he couldn't work out why it was always him getting stopped by the Surge Protector, even after the whole Sugar Rush fiasco. But when he'd looked around, he'd realized that he wasn't even passing under an archway.

Surprised that someone else was getting stopped for once, Ralph had scanned the nearby archways to see who'd been stopped. His eyes had eventually fallen upon the arch leading towards the game Escape from the Ninth Realm Prison, which caught his interest. The game had been plugged in for a year, and yet, no one had ever come out.

He'd kept his attention on the person who was being questioned by the Surge Protector; it was a girl, human looking, and seemed to be towards the end of her teen years by outside-player standards. Her hair was blonde and her eyes were blue...and something seemed familiar about her. Ralph couldn't put his finger on it, but it was like he'd seen her somewhere before...

She'd looked rather hesitant about being questioned, like she was hiding something, and had kept on glancing over her shoulder at the game she'd come from. She was eventually let through, and had made her way into the station; her eyes had widened with wonderment as she'd taken in the sights around her.

Ralph, still sure he'd seen this girl somewhere before, then approached her. There was really no harm in going to greet her.

Suzie didn't know whether to freak out or geek out.

A character from one of her favourite games was standing before her, and she had no idea what to say. She recalled fun nights in when she and Mina would make fun of fans meeting their idols and favourite actors for the first time; how they would trip over their own words or just stare dumbly until the meeting was over.

Now she didn't find it so funny.

What kept her from completely diving into geeky gamer mode was the kind look upon Ralph's face. It was not the one full of rage during game play; it was one full of caring and compassion, and despite his height and build, he didn't look intimidating at all.

"Are you OK?" he asked, seemingly picking up on her uncertainty.

"Yeah, yeah! I'm...fine!" Suzie lied. "Peachy! It's just...been a weird day for me...and all.'re Ralph!"

Suzie inwardly cursed herself over and over for looking and sounding ridiculous in front of the character. Ralph just sent her a raised eyebrow.

"So you came from that new game, huh?" he said. "Why now? None of you ever came out before."

"That's because...we never felt like it," Suzie lied again. "And now you're probably wondering how I know who you are. Well...there's a very good explanation...for"

"You saw my game across the arcade?"

"Yes! Yes! That's exactly the explanation...I meant," said Suzie – a bit too desperately, she realized, and inwardly face-palmed.

There was an awkward pause between them.

"So, uh...what's your name?" asked Ralph.

"It's...Suzie. Suzie Dawn."

Ralph gave her an odd look.

"I apologize if I'm crossing the line here, but," Ralph began, "you look really familiar, and you name sounds familiar, too. Are you sure you haven't been here before?"

"Trust me, I haven't," said Suzie, glad to be telling the truth for a moment.

Another alarm went off, and Suzie looked behind her back at the entrance to the game...only to gasp and leap behind Ralph for protection.

Several of the guards had finally caught up, and had been pulled over by the holographic security guard for questioning. Ralph looked down at her, then at the guards, and then down at her again with a puzzled look.

"Are you hiding from those guys?" he asked.

"Yes. And it's a long story, but you need to hide me," she told him.


Suzie looked up at him again. His expression was one of concern, and his brown eyes showed a kindness Suzie had never seen before. Something within her said that she could trust him; she didn't know whether this something was her heart or the logical side of her brain, but she decided to follow it. After all, she needed help, and she knew she wasn't going to get it by lying.

"OK, here's the thing," she began. "I know you're not gonna believe me, but it's true. I'm not actually from that game; I'm not from any of these games because I come from the arcade. The real world. I work there; helping the kids out, cleaning up and all that, but I won't go into the details. Long story short, that game somehow sucked me inside and they're trying to keep me prisoner against my will."

She bit her lip, hoping that Ralph would believe her, and also dreading the possibility of him laughing in her face. The character turned to face her fully and looked at her, really hard. Then his eyes widened slightly in understanding.

"I recognize you now," he said. "You are from out there. But how did those guys get you in here?"

"I don't know," said Suzie. "But they did the same thing to my friend, Mina, a year before. They still have her, and I need help to get her out."

Behind them, the guards were finally allowed through the archway and began to look around the station for Suzie. Seeing this, Ralph made a decision.

"Come with me."

Before Suzie could protest, he swept her up with one arm and carried her across the station at a run, hurrying towards another archway leading to a game. Reading the words above the arch, Suzie realized where they were heading; it was his home game, Fix-It Felix Jr.

"Hey, kid! Come on!" Ralph suddenly yelled.

Suzie looked to the right and saw another familiar face hurrying towards them; it was Vanellope Von Schweetz, the young president of Sugar Rush, with a princess crown upon her head. She gave Suzie an odd look, but before she could ask Ralph what was going on, the alarm went off as they passed under the arch. Ralph kept on running, but Vanellope paused to speak with the security guard.

"Will she be OK?" Suzie asked.

"Yeah, Surge Protector doesn't question Vanellope," Ralph informed her.

Suzie peered over the character's shoulder, and like he said, Surge Protector was letting her pass without question. None of the guards appeared to be following them, thankfully.

They only stopped running when they were safely in the train; Ralph placed Suzie in one carriage while he took up the one behind. Vanellope sat herself down next to Suzie.

"So what's going on?" she asked. "And who's this?"