"Aaaahhh, What is going on where am I? Why is this happening to me?" A figure appeared before him but Naruto could not make it out. "NO!" Naruto shot up and found he was at a campsite. "Where am I?"
"Oh you're up." Said a boy that looked about ten with black hair. "Are you okay?"
"Yeah I think." Naruto said. "How long have I been out?"
"A few hours." the boy said. Just then two other people walked over. One was a girl with large purple hair and dark skin. The other was a man with green hair. "You looked like you were having a nightmare.
Just then a yellow creature came up to Naruto. "What is this thing?"
"This is my partner Pikachu. And My name is Ash" The boy said.
"I'm Iris, and this is my partner Axew." The girl said as a green creature popped out of her hair.
"And My name is Cilan." the man said.
"I'm Naruto." Naruto said. "But what exactly are those creatures."
"There Pokemon." Iris said.
"What are pokemon?" Naruto said.
"You don't know about pokemon?" Cilan asked. "How is that?"
"Believe it or not but I am from a different dimension." Naruto said.
"Come on how is that possible." Iris said.
"I don't know but I remember going into a vortex of energy." Naruto said.
"That is what we saw before we found you." Ash said.
"Was there anything else that was there with me?" Naruto asked.
"Well there was this." Cilan said. "It is a pokemon egg."
"So this will hatch into a pokemon." Naruto said. "Okay." With that said Cilan handed The egg to Naruto and it started to glow. "What is happening?"
"The egg is about to hatch." Iris said.
"Then let's see what it is." Ash said.
Naruto placed the egg in front of him and watch as it hatched.
What pokemon will hatch from the egg?
Find out next time in Naruto: Pokemon Trainer?

To be continue...