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Pairing : Seme!Natsu x Uke!Gray

Rating : M for sexual content.

Yaoi alert! This story contains Yaoi ( boy x boy ). You have been warned. If you don't like Yaoi then please step aside.

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This will be a multi-chaptered fic.

Natsu smirked and licked his lips at the sight before him. A teenage boy was standing a few feet in front of him, leaning slightly against the wall. The boy fingered the hem of his short revealing skirt while blushing profusely. After a while, the boy would be beneath him, clinging to him desperately, moaning his name wantonly...no, screaming it to the world would be more likely...

Said person shuddered, raven hair mapped to his forehead by sweat. He was beginning to regret agreeing to Natsu's little bet...

"Enough with that pervy look already, pointy-eyes. It doesn't go with your character. Idiots will forever be idiots." Gray decided to insult Natsu just for the heck of it. If his was going to be forced to submit, he might as well enjoy the time he has as a free man.

A look that he couldn't quite place flashed over Natsu's eyes. Quick as lightning, in a blurry of motion, the dragon slayer was right in front of him, tugging on his hair painfully, yanking it while Natsu proceeded to stare into his eyes. Gray tried to meet his gaze, but found the fiery look too passionate. Averting his eyes, he failed to realise that Natsu's other hand was gliding southward. That is, until that same hand flicked his skirt up and cupped his ass, kneading the flesh sensually.

A yelp that Elfman would definitely deem not manly escaped from his throat, followed closely by a fierce blush that covered his cheeks.

"What are you doing, you bastard?" he gasped . Immediately a harsh slap was dealt upon his delicate cheeks.

"I'm upholding my side of the deal. Or did you forget already, slave?" Natsu's breath was hot, scorching. Gray gulped. There was no retort to be given. He had, regrettably, lost the stupid bet and was Natsu's slave for the week. The frilly maid uniform and he was wearing at the moment served as proof enough to that.

Natsu did not retrieve his hand. Instead, he let the hand wander all over Gray's body. Casually, he said," You, are mine." Then in a serious tone, " I'm going to break that innocence of yours."

NatGrayNatGrayNatGrayNatGray NatGrayNatGray

"Are you that innocent or are you plain dumb, you fiery bastard? Lucy and Lisanna desire you!"

"I'll have you know, I'm not as simple-minded as people think. In fact, I believe you are more innocent than I am."

"Oh yeah, you wanna bet?"

"Bring it on, ice princess!"

Okay, maybe it was his idea after all... the bet.

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