"Natsu!" Gray flushed a deep shade of pink, his pale skin making the blush stand out. "You're embarrassing me."

Natsu licked his lips, grinning. "That is the point." He looked Gray up and down, not even bothering to shield his lust. His cute boyfriend just looked so unbelievably sexy. The maid uniform he was wearing was just snug enough to show off his slim waist, and the skirt barely reached his mid-thighs, baring his long, pale and strong legs.

"Remind me why I'm doing this again." Gray huffed.

"Because you love me."

Defeated, Gray slumped. "Right."

"I love you, Gray."

Gray mumbled, "Yeah, whatever."

Natsu faked a pout. "Aww, don't be like that." He stood up and made his way closer until he was but a breath away. The proximity made Gray a bit uncomfortable, and he tried to back away. Hot arms immediately circled his waist, and Natsu teased, "Nuh uh-uh, bad boy. Stay still."

The dragon slayer hugged Gray tight, their bodies touching. Gray swallowed a lump in his throat when he felt the unmistakably erect hardness come in contact with himself.

"Na..Natsu." He breathed.

"Gray," Natsu responded. "My Gray."

He leaned his head into the crook of Gray's neck and inhaled deeply. "You smell yummy. I want to... Eat you up."

Sharp fangs suddenly sank soft flesh. Gray stiffened, and if it wasn't for his dragon hearing Natsu would have missed the soft moan that left his lips. Natsu smirked against his boyfriend's skin, and began massaging the abused spot with his tongue. His hands started to wander, slipping under the light blue blouse, his fingers tweaking a nipple. Gray gasped audibly and had to steady himself, his legs trembling. The hand moving under his skirt and kneading his ass sensually wasn't helping.

"Ah, what's this? Did Erza provide you with panties as well?" Nimble fingers sled under said panties. "I like lace. You should wear it more."

"Li... Like hell, pervert!"

Natsu chuckled and pushed Gray towards the bed with uncharacteristic gentleness. Gray moved to remove his skirt, but his lover stopped him.

"Leave it on." Natsu winked. He laid down and started unbuttoning Gray's blouse instead, pulling the black-haired teen down on top of him as he did so. As soon as the clothing was gone, Natsu latched onto Gray's nipple like a baby hungry for milk and started to bite and suck vigorously. His lover gasped, and a hand came to tangle itself his salmon colored hair soon after. When Natsu finally released the nub, it was pink and hard. Smiling in satisfaction, he immediately directed his attention toward the other nipple.

Aroused beyond imagination, Gray bit back a moan and requested, " Let's skip foreplay today."

Natsu let go of his nipple with a little 'pop'. "Why?"

"I thought you'd be the one happy about this. Don't you want to fuck me?"

"I'm totally fucking you, but why miss out on the chance to tease you?"

Gray grit his teeth. "Natsu, I'm begging you, touch me, now." Swallowing a bit of his pride, he added reluctantly, "Please."

The dragon slayer merely smiled. "But I am."

Gray was not in the mood for this shit. "Not there, bastard! Stop jerking around!"

His smile never fading, Natsu relented. "As you wish, Ice Princess."

Gray let out a happy little sigh when Natsu's hands began traveling down his body, but then his eyes flew open in shock and slight pain when a finger pushed the lace aside and invaded him.

The fire Mage smirked, " I knew you wanted it here."

"No... NATSU!" A second finger was in, and Gray moaned, "Hur..."

"Hurry?" Natsu asked helpfully.

"Hurts! It hurts, you idiot!" Gray snapped, but the fingers that began scissoring and stretching him quickly silenced him.

"You're still pretty tight, the third finger won't go in..." Natsu frowned, "As much as I know you get off on pain I don't want to hurt you too much... Guess lube is needed after all." He pulled out suddenly and hopped off the bed in search for proper lubricant.

"Ah, shit... Don't just go spontaneously deciding everything by yourself, you ash for brains..." Grumbling, Gray tossed his skirt off with ease. He grinned, "And there goes the stupid skirt!" His fingers reached for the panties, "Off you go too, having a hard on feels weird."

But before he could do anything, he was practically attacked and forced back onto the bed.

Fiercely, an enraged dragon slayer growled, "I believe I told you not to take these off, stripper."

Gray flipped him off, "I want to strip, don't bitch about it."

"You know what?" Natsu murmured under his breath.


"See this?" He brandished a tiny bottle of strawberry scented lube, "I was going to let you off easy tonight...Since I love you so much. But..." His hand burst into flames, and the bottle along with it.

Gray took one look at the serious look in his boyfriend's eyes and conjured up a plan in less than a second. He bolted.

Quickly like a predator stalking a prey, Natsu pounced. Before Gray knew what happened, he was back on the bed, lying on his back with Natsu caging him in with his hot body. He gulped, "May I help you, good sir?"

Natsu flashed him a toothy grin, "Now that's more like a good little maid."

He leaned in and whispered against the shivering ear of the boy below him, and whispered, "Remember the bet, cute maid?" At the small nod he received in response, he smiled. "You're completely at my mercy today. You follow my orders without fail. We clear?" At the second nod, his smile widened.

The dragon slayer finally revealed, "The special something you're doing for me tonight, is to be my personal bitch."

Having had enough, Gray retorted, "Don't degrade me, bastard."

"It's called playing the whore." Natsu's eyes darkened. "And you're doing it for me."

"Whore play? Did you just make that up?" Gray noticed his mistake in time and quickly said, "I mean, yeah, sure, whatever floats your boat."

"Good. Now... I want you to suck me off."

Gray blinked. "Now? In this position?"

Natsu let out a 'tsk', "Move, bitch." He took extra special care to put emphasis on the last word, and Gray nearly rolled his eyes at his immatureness.

He rolled off the bed and knelt between Natsu's legs, his hands moving to pull Natsu's pants down. Surprisingly, the boxers came down at the same time. Gray pushed Natsu's legs wider apart, and swallowed at the sight of the pulsing hardness in front of his face.
Tentatively, he placed his lips over the head and sucked in a gentle way. No matter how many times he gave Natsu blowjobs, he never could get the hang of it immediately. It was like his first time all over again, no matter his experience. Once he deemed himself ready, he opened his mouth wider to take in a little bit more-

"MMMFFFGGG!" His eyes wide, he nearly gagged as Natsu unexpectedly thrust his dick fully into his mouth, the tip hitting the back of his throat. He tried to pull his head back, but Natsu was having none of that. Unkindly, he held Gray's head in position and began to set a fast but steady rhythm, thrusting in and out. Unable to move and highly in discomfort, Gray nearly put his hands together to call upon his magic, but he held himself back.

No. Tonight... I am Natsu's to command, to use, to violate, to fuck.

Oddly, the thought aroused him, and when his nose was buried into pink pubic hair, he inhaled the scent and found that it wasn't unpleasant.

Natsu fucked Gray's mouth mercilessly, and when he finally reached his climax, he was immensely glad to see that Gray needed no orders. The black haired teen did his best to swallow every last drop, but some still dribbled down his chin and onto his chest and neck.

Natsu stared. Then he grabbed Gray and kissed those puffy lips.

The dragon slayer put one hand under Gray's knees and the other behind his back, lifting him up bridal style and placing him on the bed. His eyes took in the sight before him, Gray with his pale skin with just the hint of a blush around his cheeks, his hands pinned by Natsu's above his head, his raven hair a sexy mess, and his lips swollen. His eyes travelled downwards to the erect nipples, to his taut stomach, and down to the hardness straining against pink lace panties. The pink haired Mage's pupils dilated and his breath quickened, and he quickly decided that foreplay was over.

Gray could feel delightful shivers sent down his spine as he watched his lover's expression. He licked his lips in anticipation, and waited.

He didn't have to wait long. After a low growl, Natsu lifted Gray by his hips and flipped him over. Gray bit his lower lip to stop himself from moaning when he heard the sexy voice just behind his ear, issuing an order.

"On all fours, slut."

Gray immediately moved into position, getting on his hands and knees. He yelped when his butt cheek was slapped harshly.

"Ass higher. How else do you think I can pound you into the mattress?"

Gray lifted his ass high into the air and wiggled a bit, trying to please his lover and for the moment of sex play, his master.

"This... Okay?"

Another slap was instantly dealt. "Who gave you permission to talk?"

Natsu admired Gray's panties-clad ass one last moment and finally yanked them down to his knees. He positioned himself and pushed into the hilt, forcing every bit of himself inside Gray in one go.

Hearing Gray's lewd moan and feeling the intense heat and tightness of Gray's insides, the dragon slayer could no longer hold back. He pulled out quickly and pushed right back in, growling, "Who do you belong to, whore?"

Gray gasped, the pain and pleasure overwhelming him. "You, master!"

"Natsu." The dragon slayer groaned as he fucked his lover doggy style.
"Haaah...Wha.. What?"

"You belong... To.. Natsu. Say it!"

"Aah! Aah.. I... Gray Fullbuster... Belong... To..Na.. Natsu... Dragneel!"

Natsu grinned. "Good boy!" And there were no more words exchanged.

- Three days later -

"Has anyone seen Gray?" Lyon addressed the guild as he asked.

"Come to think of it, no. I haven't seen him since the day Natsu and he announced that they were dating." Erza replied.

Lucy asked helpfully, " Is there something important? You can leave a message."

"Ah, so he finally found courage." Lyon smiled. "No, it's not of any importance. I'll come back some other time."

He turned to leave, but he caught a glimpse of blue hair. Stopping in his tracks, he called, "Juvia! Care to join me for a drink?"

"Juvia will take you up on that offer, Lyon-sama." The water Mage made her way over and they sat down at the bar.

"So? How are you taking Gray's relationship with Salamander?"

"Juvia is happy as long as Gray-sama is happy."

Lyon raised an eyebrow. "That's very mature."

"Thank you."

Playing with the ice in his drink, Lyon asked, " You still love him?" It came out more like a statement.

Without hesitation, Juvia replied, "Of course."

Lyon smiled for the second time that day, and told Juvia, "Yeah. Me too."

They looked at each other, and suddenly found themselves getting embarrassed. Both blushing, they broke eye contact, just in time to see Natsu helping a limping Gray into the guild hall.

"Gray!" Lyon stood up, the rain woman hot on his heels.

"I need to tell you something...Are you limping?" Distracted, Lyon frowned. "I thought I told Salamander to..."

Natsu cut in, "He begged for it."

Gray spluttered, "No I didn't! You just wouldn't take no for an answer! How many times do you think we did it in this few days?!" Realizing his words a bit too late, he shut his mouth, his ears reddening.

Lyon smirked. "I don't want to know. Anyway, I just want to tell you that the offer still stands."

Suddenly alert, Natsu narrowed his eyes. "What offer?"

Gray rolled his eyes. "Stop being a jealous baby." He turned to his elder disciple, "You mean the training at the North Pole, don't you? I'm afraid we'll have to postpone."

Lyon nodded, "It seems so. But whenever you feel like it, you can contact me."

Gray agreed easily and after a short conversation, he waved Lyon off. Before the snowy haired man left though, he lifted a hand and called back, "Actually, the offer was for you to dump Salamander and come with me, but I guess it works your way too!"

Natsu bristled, but Gray caught his hand and intertwined their fingers. "He's just teasing you, idiot flame brain."


Gray pecked him on the nose, "There! Happy?"

Natsu pulled him in for a deeper kiss, "Better."

And so Fairy Tail's Natsu Dragneel and Gray Fullbuster were featured as number one on Sorcerer Weekly's "Couple of the month" issue.


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