Ch.7 - Natsu VS Lyon ?

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Day Three

Natsu looked around, his eyes wide with bewilderment.

"WOW! This place is HUGE!"

He grinned, "Now, off to explore!" But before he could do anything, Gray's face suddenly flashed across his mind. He looked... sad?

The dragon slayer's lips curved into a frown. "Screw exploring, I need to find Gray. Who knows what sort of trouble that ice block could get into."


Lyon stroked Gray's hair tenderly, tucking stray strands behind the sleeping boy's ears. His nimble fingers worked their way from the younger disciple's hair, down his jawline, over his neck, before finally residing at his collarbone. Snowy white eyebrows furrowed at the numerous hickeys he discovered there.

"Mmm...," Gray sighed, slowly opening his eyes.

Lyon smiled. "Go back to sleep. It's just been a few hours." He added guiltily, "You were hurt when you came to me, yet I was hurting you even more."

Gray smiled, but it looked forced and tired, "If you're referring to the sex, don't say that and don't regret it. I needed it."

Lyon was taken aback by Gray's forwardness. He wasn't used to it. Come to think of it, sex with Gray had been nothing like he imagined it would be. (Fine, he had dirty thoughts about the boy, he admitted it.) He had expected a shy, innocent boy who didn't know what to do, but had received an all too willing, and wild lover instead. He had tried his best to be gentle, but the other just didn't seem to want it.

"So... Are you ready to tell me what the hell happened yet?"


Lyon appeared to be hurt, "Surely, you trust me by now?"

Gray looked resigned, "Yes, I trust you. And I promised to tell you everything, so don't rush me."

Lyon shrugged. "Okay." He clambered out of his king-sized bed. He chuckled, remembering how cute Gray had been before, clinging to him unconsciously while he dried him and carried him, bridal style, to the bed.

"I'll be back. Meanwhile, get some rest."

Gray uttered a sound of approval and buried his head back into the sheets. Lyon laughed wholeheartedly, and walked out of the door.

Straight into a flamed fist aimed directly at his face.

He fell to the floor, moaning in pain.

Sensing something was wrong, Gray called out uncertainly, "Lyon? Is everything alright?"

He was met with no response.

Gray hurried to the door, tripping over his feet in the process, "Oomph!"

Suddenly, he was pulled up by familiar hands, "Gray? Are you okay? Did that bastard hurt you?"

Gray took only two seconds to act.

"Ice Make: Lance!"

After knocking Natsu down, he ran out the door. Spotting someone lying at the doorway, he moved as fast as he could. Recognizing the man as who he was, he yelled desperately, "Lyon!"

Ignoring Natsu who had got up and followed him, he cradled Lyon's face in his lap, treating his injuries with ice.

"He's okay, you know." Natsu sulked. " All I did was knock him out."

Gray turned to him furiously. "By punching him in the face! Not cool, Natsu."

Natsu defended himself, " I didn't know it was him! I smelt sex on your scent so I was worried you got raped or... Something..." His eyes widened in recognition, and he pointed an accusing finger at Gray, "You fucked him, didn't you?!"

Gray yelled back at him, "What if I did? I don't belong to you!"

Natsu growled. "Did you forget about the bet?"

"What...what bet?" Lyon sat up.

Natsu turned on him, "A bet that resulted in him being mine, so stay out of it!"

Lyon looked at Natsu and then he looked at Gray who was directing an unmistakable gaze towards Natsu. Then he got up silently and faced Natsu.

What happened next was very fast. In Gray's eyes, at least. Lyon swung out a fist that collided painfully with Natsu's jaw. Natsu retaliated by a perfect roundhouse kick. Magic circles were appearing under them moments later.

"Karyuu no Houkou!"

"Ice Make: Snow Dragon!"

"STOP THIS NONSENSE!" Gray got between the two of them, but both boys realized too late where their attacks would land.

It happened in slow motion.





Gray got up shakily, "Come on, who do you think I am? I've taken far worse than... this..." His knees buckled, and all was black.

When Gray came to, he was lying on a bed in Fairy Tail's infirmary. Natsu was holding his left hand, while Lyon was holding his right.

They spoke at the same time.

"You idiot."

Lucy spoke up, "Gray, where did your injuries originate?"

Gray stiffened. "I got in the middle of a fight between these two blockheads, what do you expect?"

Lucy didn't seem convinced, but she let it slide.

Gray was suddenly pounced on by a very upset Juvia. "Juvia is sorry that she wasn't by Gray-sama's side! Juvia doesn't know how to make it up to Gray-sama!"

He patted her back awkwardly, "Oi, I'm fine, Juvia."

Natsu snorted. "You'd better be."

Lucy was the only one that noticed how Natsu never let go of Gray's hand. How he stood protectively by his side. How Lyon made no move towards Juvia. How he eyed the fire and ice mages' intertwined hands with an unreadable expression.

"Well then, I'm going home," Gray made to get out of the bed.

"Someone has to take care of you," Mirajane exclaimed.

"He's coming with me."

"I'll take care of him."

Lyon and Natsu glared at each other, the challenge evident.

"Um... Juvia can..."

Gray looked terrified at the idea of Juvia looking after him. Without thinking, he blurted out, "Uh, no thanks Juvia, I'll go with Natsu."

He regretted it as soon as the words left his mouth.

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