AN: This takes place in my fairy world of The Dark Dance. This is a short scene that I scratched from the story and went another route. It was too cute so I decided to keep it as a one shot.

Bella Strikes Back

I handed the long narrow gifts to Jasper, Alice, Rose, and Emmett. They looked at me curiously wondering what was going on. Jasper held his gift like a live grenade. Alice looked desperate as to why she didn't know what was in the box and thanks to my little sliver of cold iron she wouldn't know. Rose had her usual superior expression and would open this gift which she knew would not meet her standards. Emmett looked like a kid in a candy store excited and ready to rip paper.

I giggled and mentally rubbed my hands together.

"OK, I am going to count to three and you are going to open your gifts together."

They looked at each other as I started counting. "One, Two, Three, and go for it!"

The sound of ripping paper and boxes being opened soon halted as all four held up the four gifts. Wands. Each had long glittery sticks with acrylic stars on the tip with streamers of glitter sparks attached to the wand. They looked at what they held then at each other. When the looks turned my way they were met with a cheesy grin.

"Now, repeat after me. I do believe in Fairy's, I do, I do. I do believe in Fairy's I do, I do!" I couldn't help the mad laughter that erupted from me.