The Curse of Destiny

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Description: The doctors threw around the term "Stockholm's Syndrome." All Bella knew was that she missed her kidnapper and wasn't sure how to function without him anymore. What will happen when Edward comes for her once again? Will she resist him or will she go away with him and disappear forever?

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Chapter 1 – Confusion and Clarity

Her dreams had become nightmares, horrific nightmares. These nightmares painted her entire world into complete blackness filling her with panic. The nightmares, the blackness, they reminded her of her time with HIM. Bella Swan sat straight up in bed, her entire body covered in sweat as the tears streamed endlessly down her face. The harsh November wind bustled around outside and branches bashed against her upstairs bedroom window making her jump. Bella's mind flashed back to his perfect, albeit unnerving smile. His perfect teeth that flashed from behind his full pouty lips had taunted her. His hands had been coarse, but soft at the same time. His messy bronzed hair had kept falling into his crystal clear, hypnotic emerald eyes that had fascinated her. The man who had once tormented her was the man she now craved for some deep unknown reason. Frustrated with her inability to ease her mind, Bella dressed warmly in faded blue jeans, a black hooded sweatshirt, and black boots before creeping down the dark stairs. She had to be very quiet. Her parents never slept anymore. Her mother always checked on her at night, so she knew she would probably get an earful when she came back. With this in mind, Bella pulled open the front door and closed it gently behind her with finality.

The cold was bitter and the tempestuous wind made her feel numb, a welcome feeling. The deserted street in front of her looked dark and oppressive as she hurried along trying to ignore the foreboding emotions trembling throughout her body. Nearly two years ago she had been doing the same thing she was doing now. She had been walking home from school and the next thing she remembered was waking up in her "prison." Bella shakes her head to clear the unpleasant, relentless thoughts. Bella was tired of her life not feeling like her own. She wanted to escape. She wanted to be normal again.

"Bella." A deep voice cuts through the ice cold wind that whips her long dark hair around her face in a fiery halo of intensity. She turns around and decides to face her fate head on knowing she has no other choice. His voice is exactly as she remembered it and just as alluring as it had been to her all those month ago. She knew he would come back for her. She knew he would find her if she snuck out tonight. She also knew that she wanted him to find her and claim her.

"Leave me alone." She whispers fiercely feeling conflicted once again in his presence.

He smiles at her and her body reacts to him in spite of herself. "Did you honestly think that I would let you go that easily?" He asks in a soft voice that melts all her apprehension away, while her mind tries to get a grip on her emotional instability.

"Please leave me alone." She begs softly, even though she knows it won't matter.

He stands before her and tilts her chin up so she is looking into his brilliant green eyes. His eyes sweep Bella away instantly. His fingers on her chin cause a tingle to shoot down her spine. He grins at her in victory. "You may be asking for me to walk away, but I know what you truly desire, Isabella. It's written all over your beautiful face."

Bella drags an unsteady breath into her lungs and lets it out slowly, trying to buy herself some time. He is right of course. "Surely there is someone else you would rather…" She begins, but trails off unsure how to finish her thought.

His fingers fall from her chin and pull her hands into his own instead. Her hands are icy cold and his are strangely warm – even in the bitter cold. His words fall over her skin and cradle it like velvet. "There has never been anyone for me, but you. You are my destiny and I am your curse."

His words affect Bella, but she knows she has to fight against his charm. "My parents will worry." She mutters feebly.

He sighs softly, but his smile never falters. He knows he has won and he is claiming his prize. "Your parents missed you once before, but you got along just fine without them. Don't you remember, my Isabella? Don't you remember when it was just you and me?"

She remembered the small room she had been confined to for months. The peeling pink wallpaper, the wood floor boards that gave her splinters in the soles of her feet, and the twin sized bed with the soft purple quilt that had comforted her somehow. She remembered how the hatred for her kidnapper had turned into friendship, then wanting, and eventually a twisted form of love. She was drawn to him and didn't know how to survive without him any longer. She called it love, but she wasn't sure that it was. She didn't know why she felt this way about him. Her parents had taken her to three different counselors. "Stockholm's Syndrome" was something she had become very familiar with in the past several months. Assigning a name to what her so called "sickness" was didn't change the way she felt.

Bella looked into the eyes of the man who both haunted her and thrilled her. The man who made her feel like they were the only two people in the whole world. No matter how wrong it was, she couldn't deny that she wanted to be with him. Life made some sort of sense when she was with him as screwed up as that sounded. Even though she knew it was wrong, she craved it; she craved him. Edward's look intensified as he spoke again. "When I let you go, I thought the police would come for me quickly. They never came." He stops and his vulnerable expression surprises her. "You never told them who took you."

He did not phrase it as a question. She had not told anyone who he was. She had told her everyone that the man who had taken her had let her go and meant her no harm. No matter what everyone else said, she knew it was true. Edward had never beaten her, or forced himself on her. She forgave him for kidnapping her because she understood why he had done it. He had confessed his love for her and after a while she believed it. Bella took a deep breath before looking down at her feet to respond to him. "I told them the person who took me meant no harm, so there was no reason to give them your name."

Edward's eyes filled with emotion. "I would never hurt you, Bella. I love you. We can be together now. You are eighteen." He clears his throat before holding his hand out for her. "Will you come away with me?" He asks her earnestly.

Bella is caught in a whirlwind of emotion. Which path is the right path to take? Which path will lead her to happiness? She closes her eyes and focuses on what she needs to make her happy. Then she smiles, content, and opens her eyes to fulfill her destiny even if it may be a curse.

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