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After a few hours Ji came in to check on Jayden and Lauren.

„How is he doing?" asked Mentor the female Red Ranger, who until now hasn`t left her gaze off Jayden and is still holding his hand. She seemed to be in deep thoughts but snapped out of them to answer Ji. „The bleeding almost stopped. He sleeps very deeply." - „Good to hear that. It`s getting late, we should wake him up soon." said Ji.

After a moment of silence Lauren asked in a sadly voice „Hey Ji, why does he push himself that hard?" Mentor Ji sighed and answered „I don`t know Lauren. As the Red Ranger you have to train hard and you have to push yourself to be at your best. You both know that very well, you two as members of the Shiba family and leaders of the Power Rangers team have a great burden to bear to save the world."

Lauren seemed to be thinking a few moments before replying „But he pushes himself too hard, he trains `till exhaustion. Today in the training he didn`t fully recover as we took a break. He was too exhausted and almost collapsed, but he still wanted to go and train again with the others. I`m just worried Ji, he`s my brother and I don`t want him to get hurt. As he got injured by Fiera, it tore me apart to see in how much pain he was as I treated his wounds." She said trying hard not to cry. „I just don`t want to loose him."

„I understand your worry Lauren, but you know Jayden. He won`t stop training until you defeated the last Nighlok, he cares about others first before he thinks about himself."

„Yeah, he always had a big heart." she smiled and stroke a strand of Jayden`s hair out of his face.

(After a moment of silence)

„I`m sorry Lauren, but as much as I want to let Jayden rest, it is more important that we wake him up now to go to the hospital. I`ll go out and get the car ready." - „Allright." Lauren replied, thinking the same as Ji. She would have liked to let her brother sleep right now, but she also had to make sure that he was allright and that he wasn`t seriously injured.

„Jayden..." whispered Lauren, gently shaking him. After a few moments he woke up, slowly opening his eyes and looking at Lauren. „We have to go already?" he asked rubbing his eyes and slowly sitting up. „Yeah, it`s time. Sorry that I had to wake you up, you were sleeping so quietly. Do you feel a bit better?"

„Yeah, but I`m still a bit tired and everything`s still blurry." - „We`ll get that fixed at the hospital and when we come back you can sleep. Hey, at least you don`t speak anymore in a shaky voice." she said and helped him to get up. As soon as Jayden was standing more or less stable she let go of him and went over to his closet to get him some clothes to change. As she found something she handed it to Jayden.

„Here, you should get changed, you`re still in your training clothes." Lauren said as she gave him a red sweater and a pair of blue jeans. „I`ll go and get you a jacket in the meantime."

„I don`t think I would need a jacket Lauren. You just gave me a sweater and it isn`t that cold outside."

„Please Jayden, I don`t want you to catch a cold." she answered trying to convince him.

„I appreciate your `big sister duties` with trying to protect me and everything, but sometimes you`re a bit overprotective." he answered back.

„You`re my little brother Jayden and I will always be there for you. I`m sorry if I`m a bit overprotective, but you`re the only family I have left and I don`t want to loose you." She started to cry and hugged Jayden, he hugged her back and said „ Please don`t cry, I don`t like it to see you sad, I didn`t mean to make you cry. You`re not going to loose me and neither am I going to loose you. I would never leave you alone."

Lauren let go of him and wiped her tears away. „Just promise me one thing." - "What?" - „Please stop pushing yourself `till exhaustion."

„But-" before he could finish Lauren interrupted him „I know that as the Red Rangers we have to push ourselves and be at our best and keep getting better. But if you`re near to collapse, you have to stop and take a break, you saw what happened today."

There were some seconds of silence before Jayden replied „Allright, I promise to take more breaks in training and you promise me not to be overprotective." Lauren laughed and said „Promise."

She went out and saw Mia coming out of Emily`s room and Mia asked „Are you going now? Do you need something?" - „No, thanks Mia. We`ll be going in a few moments until Mentor prepares the car. Is Emily still sleeping?" - „Yes, you should go before she wakes up."answered Mia.

Lauren then turned around and noticed that Jayden didn`t follow her out of his room. She went back with Mia and saw Jayden sitting on the bed.

„Jayden, are you allright? You don`t look very good..." said Lauren worried, immediately rushing to his side followed by Mia.

"I`m fine Lauren..." but suddenly he started coughing, which made Lauren worry even more. "I`ll bring him a glass of water." offered Mia and she went to the kitchen. Lauren noticed Jayden`s unsteady breathing, she wanted to feel his forehead with her hand to see if he had a fever but he backed away coughing harder and catching for air.

"Jayden!" screamed Lauren, a bit angry that he backed away. "I just want to see if you got fever, please."

"I told you...I'm fine...Lauren..." he said coughing between the words.

"Your coughing sounds bad Jayden, maybe you catched a cold. Please..." - But she was cut off by the now heavier coughs of Jayden. He slowly removed the hand that he was covering his mouth with to catch some air as he saw Lauren. She just sat there staring at him shocked, as well as himself as they both saw the blood on his hand. Jayden was coughing blood.

At this moment Mia came back, she let out a small scream of shock and let the glass of water she brought fall down. It shattered into hundreds of pieces and the water splashed everywhere on the floor, getting Mia back from the shock. She immediately searched for a cloth and as she found one, she started to clean Jayden's hand and mouth. She looked over at Lauren who was still sitting there and staring at Jayden, tears slowly falling down her cheeks.

"Lauren..." was all Jayden managed to say before he coughed some blood again, which made Lauren snap out of the shock.

"Jayden!" screamed Lauren, wiping her tears away. She couldn't cry now, she needed to focus on Jayden and get him to the hospital as fast as possible.

"I'll go and ask Mentor if the car is already prepared, we must hurry now!" with that Mia ran off.

The worry was clearly visible on Lauren's face as she cleaned up her brother's hand and mouth from the blood. Jayden remained silent, afraid to cough again blood if he spoke. Lauren saw that Jayden looked very pale and exhausted. He also seemed to be a bit afraid and shocked of what just happened. Comprehensible, he had just coughed up blood.

Jayden closed his eyes for a moment, feeling very exhausted. Lauren saw her chance and reached her hand out to feel his forehead. This time he didn't back away, he felt too tired right now to argue with his sister. "Jayden, you're burning up!" said Lauren and he slowly opened his eyes to look into his sister's worried ones. "You're having a high fever, we should get you fast to the hospital before it gets worse." she said calmly, but also trying to emphasize the urge to get Jayden the medical attention he needed. She helped him slowly to stand up and supported him as they started to make their way to the car outside the Shiba house. As they walked through the hallway, they saw the others standing there as Mia just explained what happened.

"Is the car ready?" asked Lauren the other Rangers.

"Yeah, Mentor is already waiting for you outside." answered Antonio.

Lauren felt Jayden become heavier leaning on her, he started coughing again and nearly collapsed but the others jumped in time to catch him.

"Jayden..." whispered Lauren full of worry as she saw again the blood Jayden coughed up.

"Dammit man, that's not good." said Mike. At first the others couldn't believe that Jayden's condition was that bad as Mia told them what happened, but they had the proof now. "You should hurry guys." said Kevin as all helped Jayden and Lauren to get to the car, standing nearby in case Jayden would fall again.

They opened the front door of the house and went over to the car where Mentor was already sitting in and waiting. They opened the back door of the car and helped Lauren and Jayden to sit down.

"How is he?" asked Mentor, but already knew the answer as he saw Jayden in his bad condition.

"Not so good." responded Lauren. Jayden was really exhausted now, he could barely sit and keep his eyes open. Lauren let him lay down and rest his head in her lap. The others said goodbye to them and told Jayden to get well soon and with that they closed the doors of the car. Ji started the car and drove through the gate. The others remained standing there looking at them drive away.

"I hope Jayden is going to be okay." said Mia breaking the silence.

"We all hope so." added Antonio and they all headed back inside.

"Hey guys, what about Emily? What if she wakes up and the others aren't back by then?" asked Kevin suddenly and they all exchanged looks as Mia then said "Jayden only agreed to go to the hospital if we don't tell Emily, she would only worry and blame herself again."

"Mia is right. So if she wakes up, we would just have to lie." suggested Mike.

"I don't like that idea, but it's the easiest thing to do. Let's just hope she won't wake up so we don't have to fool her." said Mia. "I'm going to make some dinner, we haven't eaten yet." said Antonio making his way to the kitchen. Mia went to clean up the glass she broke earlier in Jayden's room, Kevin went to train and Mike wanted to play video games. Emily remained sleeping, not aware of what was happening around her.