Hello, Akako Hama here. Recently I've been pretty into Hetalia, and I freaking love the 2p nations. And I saw these send nations letters fics that have been popping up and decided to try it out! Now as you can see it is a 2p Gerita. But if you pair 2p Italy with someone different, then that's OK. I have some pretty interesting theories for the 2pverse, and the different headcannons everyone has.

Hello everyone, I am Feliciano Vargas, and Ludwig should be somewhere around here. He's probably sleeping somewhere. Lazy ass. Anyway Ludwig and I are not the Italy and Germany you all know from that anime. We're the 2p versions of them, and prefer to be called the Italian Empire.

We saw the 1p nations were taking letters from fans and other nations, including us 2ps, and decided that we would try this as well. It seemed interest, and without any wars going on, I've been very bored. Humans and nations are free to send us letters, just watch what you say... or else.

Well you heard the man, send in those letters. And remember, he's still a 2p, so be respectful. He's not the sweet innocent Italy of the 1p verse.