2p Germany and 2p Italy,

It's me, 2p Canada. Gilbert told me I should try to talk to you more. Also, he is getting paid by Elizabeta to get some pictures of you. Word of advice, close your blinds at night, and lock the door whenever he stays at your house.

Also, Italy, please tell Spain to control your brother better at meetings. I almost had Kumajirou, my polar bear, rip him to shreds. I tried calling Spain, but he won't answer.

2p Canada

Hello Matthew, thank you for the warning.

My bruder really needs to grow a backbone outside of his bloodthirsty personality.

About my fratello, I've tried everything to get him to behave, including Spain. I'll try to threaten his clothes or something again right before meetings, he usually behaves for a few days when I do.

Cool, now there are two 2p nations writing letter. Thanks for the letter.