Hello again. Thanks for responding to my first letter. This time I want to ask your opinions on your fellow 2ps. Who do you think is the craziest? Who is the most anoying? Who are the other 2p yaoi couples?

Love , Angel

P.S. I thought Italy would top in your world.

Hello Angel,

Hmm, the craziest in my opinion would be Arthur, the most annoying would be either my fratello or Gilbert's depressed personality.

Kiku can be annoying when you open your closet door to find him hiding in there with a camera, waiting for you to have sex with your lover. And I have to agree with Feliciano, Arthur is the most insane of us 2p nations.

As for the other yaoi couples... Theres' Gilbert and Matthew, Arthur and Alfred, Heracles and Kiku, Ivan and Yao, as well as my fratello Lovino and Antonio... I believe that is all the others. Also, I don't top because I prefer to have an easier time cutting Ludwig.

I get pain and I'm top, what do I have to complain about. Besides, even if I top, Feliciano is still in control.

There you have it. All of the pairings I ship, in both 1p and 2p, Seme followed by Uke. Yeah, I like America on bottom, got a problem with that. Anyway, thanks again for writing!