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"Damnit!" I clenched my stomach as pain raced through my abdomen. All of my breath was lost now. Yet I still had enough energy to look around me. The world slowed down to the point I was able to take in every detail around. All of my friends were now battling for their lives; though not just our lives now, the lives of every person in the world. Yet we were hopelessly out gunned by one creature that we had surrounded and none of our attacks had put so much as a scratch on it.

Suddenly a shock shot out of the creature that flung everybody at least ten feet backwards. It now turned its head towards the leader of our group and started to speak. Its voice was distorted and deep as the words boomed from its mouth. "You are the ones that defeated her? She must have been weaker then I imagined. Not matter; this is where you all die! Starting with you Izangai!"

The towering beast held its hand above its head as energy started to crackle along its arm and formed an orb of pure darkness. I knew what it was; I struggled to get up on my feet, after that last attack I was the only one not dazed. I started running for the leader I had to get there in time, or he would die! I was the only one capable of saving him now. The orb of darkness grew large as the energy radiated with from it. I ran as fast as I could, I saw all nine of my friends starting to stir again. Including her… she saw me running for or friend and she knew what I was doing. She yelled at me, though I could not hear what she said as the adrenaline pumped through my blood. Yet I heard the creature's voice boom again. "Now all of you witness the death of your leader!"

At that moment the beast threw the orb at my friend, yet before anyone could react, I rammed into his shoulder knocking back to the ground as he stumbled out of the range of the attack. That's when I heard him yell at me as well... "Kreed run!"

It was too late; the orb was mere inches away from me as I heard her voice again. She screamed one word, one word that put all of her shock, pain, and sadness together. "No!"

Then everything went black as I stood there taking the attack full force. Then I thought back to how this whole thing started.I wanted to say everything I felt in that moment, yet all that came out was one word. Then the world went black.


Monday April 11, 2011

Forecast… Cloudy in the day and Rain late at night.

Specific time: Around 4 pm.

The train seemed to move slow as I stared out of the window. Here I was in a place I barely knew; I chuckled though, this was my chance to start fresh. Only problem was I was in Japan and I was from a small town in Iowa. So before I left I had to learn Japanese; which took a year and a half. Yet I was pretty good at it; I sighed thinking about the fact that I still forgot to speak it sometimes. At the both to buy a train ticket I accidently asked for the platform in English, which caused the man behind the both to look at me like I was an alien that landed in front of him.

Suddenly I was shaken from my thoughts as an announcement came over the trains PA system. "YasoInaba, YasoInaba."

I pushed my glasses back up my noise before a smile appeared on my face as I reached up to grab my bags; I finally had a chance to start over and I was going to make the most out of it. The train stopped at a small station that had a sign out in front of it. Yasoinaba I laughed again only this time someone's voice sounded behind me. "Why are laughing?"

I swung my head around so fast I… well kind of fell flat on my ass. "Son of bitch that hurt!" I looked up to see a teenager about my age wearing black jacket over a black zip up vest of some kind. Wait is that a vest? There was a dark grey turtle neck on under those. He also had on black slacks on and his hair was silver, which was weird to me, but hey not going question it. His eyes were a brownish color as well.

"I'm sorry, but what did you say?" The boy raised an eyebrow at me now. "I don't speak English, so…"

I looked at him for a moment before realizing that he had a few things of luggage with him as well. "Oh, um… sorry, I didn't mean to do that," I got to my feet collecting my things from the ground. "I'm still not used to speaking Japanese yet."

I was rubbing the back of my neck at that exact moment as he just smiled and nodded at me. I held my hand to him. "I'm Kreed, Kreed Richards!"

"Yu Narukami," He shook my hand for a few moments before letting go and placing his hand down by his side. "Are you in High school?"

"Yeah," I chuckled slightly at the question. "I guess I'm a second year even though I was a senior in my old school."

"Really?" Yu titled his head at my comment. "Why?"

"My grades weren't the best." He looked at me for a moment before we both laughed a little. "So, are you waiting for someone?"

"Yeah," Yu sighed. "My uncle should be here soon. So are you going to Yasogami High?"

"Yes," I gave him a weird look. "Why are you?"

"Yep." Yu smiled back for a moment, when someone walked up to us.

"Hey over here!" A man with black hair and some stumble on his chin; he wore a grey button down shirt with a red tie and some black dress jeans. Behind him was a little girl with light brown hair that was in pig tails, she wore a small dress that had different shades of pink on it. Under her dress she had a white sweater.

"Well," Yu smiled as he started to walk away. "I'll see you at school tomorrow. It was nice to meet to Kreed!"

"You too," I sighed as he walked up to the older man and the little girl. I breathed in deeply at this point. Not even five minutes here and I already know someone. I reached into the pocket of my jeans and pulled out little red device with headphones attached to the bottom of them. I turned on my i-pod and turned to the Highway to Hell. Any song that I listened to would help calm my nerves, even if it was the most effective song in the world. It would calm me down; needless to say that I always had my i-pod on my person. "Time to walk home; all the way now."

As I walked away from Yu and whoever was there to pick him up, I bumped into someone and my glasses, currently at the bridge of my nose fell to the ground. I was near sited so I could still see what they looked like. Her hair was short and black, her skin was pale. She stared at me with grey eyes, she had some shadow around her eyes and some kind of lip stick, not that I cared. She wore a white button down vest with a black tie that had… where those safety pins? Well, whatever, she also had a skirt that was checkered as well as protective sleeves on her forearms that were stripped black and red. Finally, she had long black boots and even longer stockings on that were stripped white and black.

"Crap!" I bent down to grab my glasses as she looked at me with a glare. If looks could kill right? "Sorry I didn't see there!"

"Whatever," she almost snarled the words at me. "Just look where you're walking next time!"

With that she walked away from me as I stood back up with my glasses on now. I didn't want to turn around to see where she went. I mean that was really freaking rude of her! I even apologized to her, what the hell was her problem? I just shook my head and kept walking forward…

I slowly made my way towards the direction of the house I would be staying in. Yet with how I was dressed I was surprised that now one stopped to ask me where I was from. I had on a light grey button-down shirt that was buttoned all the way down; I didn't tuck it in of course as was my style. I had on blue jeans with white tennis shoes dawned upon my feet. My hair was dark brown and covering a majority of my hair was a grey beanie that I loved to wear kind of like Beat from The World Ends With You. Yet because of the way I wore my hat, there was always a chance that it would fall off. So I used my glasses to keep them on. I walked through the town looking at a map on my phone so I could find my way there.

My parents had shipped me out here so I could try and get better grades and succeed in life. It was only to be for at least a year with regular visits every other month or so to check up on me. They were paying for the house that I was to stay in. If I was doing well after the first visit they would let me go back home, so I had one plan, fail every class before their first visit! I noticed that the song on my i-pod had changed to an instrumental song that had bag pipes as the main instrument. This caused me to smile. I loved many types of music, but it was something about Celtic bag pipe music that just made me want to dance slightly.

I walked for a time before I came across a sort of shrine that was surrounded by stores and shops. Near the shrine I saw a boy who I guess seemed older than me, but then again I was seventeen. The boy had on a long sleeved shirt with a skull on the front with a school jacket over his shoulders. His hair looked like it had been bleached white and there was a scar above his left eye. I walked up to the teen hoping to get directions.

"Hello-I mean Hello!" I almost slapped myself for that one. "I need some help with directions."

The guy turned around with a glare on his face. "Huh, who are you?"

"Oh!" I was a little taken off guard by his question. He seemed annoyed by my very existence, I hoped that wasn't the case, because if so I didn't want to have to walk around all night looking for my new house. "I'm new in town my name is Kreed Richards."

He raised an eyebrow for a second before sighing for a moment. His glare disappeared for a moment when he say my bags. "Oh, well what did you need again? Oh yeah, directions!"

"Yeah," I smiled; he seemed nice enough, just a little on guard for some reason. I didn't want to butt into his personal business. So I avoided asking. "I just need help finding the Same-ga-wa, I think that's how it's said, riverbank."

"Oh," He smiled a bit and laughed. "The river bank huh, you homeless?"

"W-what?" I recoiled from his question dropping two of my four bags. "No I'm not freaking homeless! What gave you that idea?"

"I'm joking," the teen laughed lightly. "Anyway, you can get there from here easily just keep heading south and follow the road. There are not many people who drive out this late, but still keep an eye out for cars."

"Thanks- um?"

"Kanji, Kanji Tastumi."

"Well thanks Kanji, it was nice to meet you!" I waved at him as I recollected my bags and started to walk south until I passed by a gas station and someone called out to me.

"Hey," It was an attendant. "You need any help!"

"No thanks," I waved at him as I walked farther down the road. "I know where I'm going."

It was a half, I mean I did now where I was going, just not where I was. I mean was this place really their definition of a small town! Because if so he needed to show these people a map of his home town! About half an hour later I came across the river bank and the song Half way Gone started to play. All I could do was sigh at this. It was just my luck too, the clouds over head started to get darker and that's when I felt the first drop land right on my forehead. My eyes grew wide as the rain started to come down. "Son of a-!"

Needless to say, I ran the last mile and a half to my house. I knew it my house because there was a sign in front of it that said Sold! The house was white and two stories tall. I ran straight for the door and pulled out the new key from my pocket. Struggling to get the key in the hole as the rain was coming down like cats and dogs, yet to me, it felt like God was laughing at me while shooting fricking pebbles at me out of a cannon. A.K.A. it FREAKING HURT! Finally getting the key in the lock and throwing the door open I fell flat on my face as my bags flew everywhere inside. "Motherfucker that hurt…"

Quickly jumping back to my feet I turned and slammed the door the front of the house. I slid down the door and looked around the main floor of the house. It was small, but had enough room for a few people to hang out in comfortably in. There was already furniture in the house, thanks to my parents, and a small flat screen TV. Basically the was ready for a family of at least to live in it, yet there was only one person here, I sighed and collected my bags from the ground and walked down a small hallway that lead to a stair case heading up to the second floor. There were two rooms up there. My room and a guest room, I walked to the first down to the right of the stairs, my room, and opened the door. I was way too tired to even try and unpack, so I carefully dropped my stuff on the floor and looked at my new room.

It was small, but could still hold at least four people comfortably; there was a small couch for two people in front of the window with dresses and wardrobe lining the opposite wall. There was a small twin bed that was already made on the wall farthest from the door. I grabbed an alarm clock from my duffel bag, plugged it in and set an alarm. "Good bye hell, hello Inaba!"

With that I flopped myself on the bed and quickly fell asleep.

Tuesday April 12, 2011

Forecast… Rain in the morning while Cloudy at night

Specific time: Unknown

I woke up to a beeping sound. I looked at my clock for a moment rubbing my eye, I jumped in shock at the time, and it was almost eight. I had to hurry to make it to school on time, which is what I did, but my luck was not with considering that for some freaking reason my forehead had become a goddamned magnet for door frames and walls. Running out of my door I made a mad dash for Yosagmi High for the first day that changed my life forever… Well I hoped that's what was going to happen, yet I just ran a few feet before realizing I forgot my bag! Well no doubt the classes didn't really start today; I mean it was the first day of school. So just ran faster while opening an umbrella I grabbed from my house and tryed to make it on time, as I ran by the flood plain I noticed someone I actually recognized, only this time he had on the school's uniform, which thankfully still made it easy to see him. "Yo! Narukami!"

Yu turned around to see who had called for him, when he noticed me he just smiled a bit and nodded. "Hey."

"Well my school's this way," I looked next to Yu and noticed the little girl that was with him yesterday. "Bye."

As she ran off back past the flood plain Yu just kind of smiled, brought a question to my mind. "Your sister?"

"Nope," He chuckled and turned to keep walking towards school. "Cousin…"

"Oh!" I walked next to the hoe time, yet he finally noticed that I was still wearing my hat once we made it past the flood plain.

"Why are you wearing that hat?" Narukami titled his head at his own question.

"Oh," I laughed at the awkwardness of the question. "Cause I can and I will!"

We both laughed for a moment until we heard someone from behind us. "Wooooooah!"

I barely had time to react as the bike came speeding down the street with the cyclist frantically trying to regain control of the bike. Unfortunately for me…. I was in his path of destruction. The bike hit me sending the rider, me and his bike to the ground. "Ow… Why does this keep happening to me?"

Yu helped me up to my feet as the cyclist, who was wearing a Yasogami uniform, was holding his crouch and gasping in pain. "We better leave him alone…"

I just nodded in agreement, for two reasons; one, my back fucking hurt now, but I could still walk, and two, the cyclist was still just trying to gain his bearings. After about three more minutes of groaning by me and walking to school. We finally made it to our new school. "Finally, what's next for me, bricks raining down on my head?"

Which knowing my luck was bound to happen at some point in the near future. Thank you God for your weird ass sense of humor! We made our way into the building and were almost immediately stopped by one of the weirdest looking people I have ever seen, and please note I lived in IOWA, but that's beside the point. He was bent over more than was humanly possible, he had black hair that looked like it was starting to thin out. He wore a blue pin stripped suit with a yellow tie and white button down tie. Yet what really took the freaking cake where that fact that his teeth looked like they could be used to make shelter for every last person in Africa! That's when he started talking and didn't sound muffled, don't ask me how that was even possible with his mammoth teeth! "You two! Are you the two new transfer students?"

Yu and me both just looked at him dumbfound for a second before Yu responded. "Yes, I'm in class room two dash two."

I quickly responded shortly after him, only I fucked up and spoke English. "I am in the same room as him."

They both stared at me for a second, that's when I realized I screwed up, yet before I could respond the man, a teacher from my guess yelled at me. "Listen you little American prick! Just because you don't know Japanese doesn't mean you can go and insult us by speaking your hick language! You're on my shit list effective immediately!"

"I'm sorry Sir!" I quickly redoubled. "I meant to say I am also in room two dash two!"

"Great!" the man gave us a death glare for some unknown reason. "You're both in my class, so follow me!"

Which we did, as we walked up the stairs to the second floor some people started to stare at me and Yu; me most likely because I still had my beanie on, and the fact that me and Yu were transfer students. As we came to our class room the teacher opened the door and we followed him in, I already felt the butterflies building in my stomach. The teacher spoke up to the class now. "Awright, shut your traps! I'm Kinshiro Morooka, your homeroom teacher from today forward!"

My eyes went in all different directions as I already started to try and memorize the lay out of the room. Not because I was nervous, it was just a habit of mine. Mr. Morooka continued his speech. "First things first! Just 'cause it's spring doesn't mean you can swoon over each other like love-struck baboons. Long as I'm around, you students are going to be pure as the driven snow!"

I had to hold back my laughter after hearing that part of the speech, it was ridiculous and the other students knew it as well. My eyes finally looked at the two empty seats in the class, though I quickly noticed the short brown haired girl sitting next to one of the open seats. Though I didn't get a good look as Mr. Morooka continued again. "Now I hate wasting my time, but I'd better introduce these transfer students. This sorry loser's been kicked out of his home from the States, while the other sad sack's been thrown from the big city out to the middle of nowhere like yesterday's garbage. And they are just as much as losers here as they were over there, so girls better not get any ideas about hitting on them!"

I was dumbstruck at that, he had no idea who we were and he already seemed to hate us! "Tell 'em your names, and make it quick, after all one of you is already on my shit list!"

Yu looked at me and vice versa, so I quickly went first. "Hello my na- wait I mean! My name is Kristopher 'Kreed' Richards. Nice, gah again! Nice to meet you all, just please call me Kreed with a 'k.'"

I totally screwed up my first impression. Way to go Kreed, now you look like anasshole!

"What did I tell you about speaking English you little prick!" Mr. Morooka was quick on the draw, yet I just looked down towards the ground after he finished yelling at me. "Now listen you two! This town is miles away from your big city and country of perverts and assholes, in more way than one. You two better not even think of getting involved with the girls here, let alone abusing them!"

My jaw just dropped, I looked back at Morooka, he looked totally pissed off, and to quote him, "in more ways than one!" "But what do I know… it's not like the old days. Even here, kids grow up so damn fast. Every time I turn my back, you're fooling around on those damn phones, checking your life-journals and your my-places…"

He was starting to get on my nerves, sure I had a Facebook, but I never used the damn thing! Not only that but he tried and failed to use sarcasm! He kept ranting only this time to the class until a girl raised her hand and asked an honest question. "Excuse me! Is it okay if the transfer student sits here?"

Morooka stopped to look at the girl, that stopped his ranting for a short time as he looked right at her. The two open seats where one next to her and one at the front of the class in front of a long black haired girl with a red jacket on. "Huh? Yeah, sure. Ya hear that? Your seat's over there America prick! Oh yeah the other sad sack, while he goes to sit down tell us you damned name."

I quickly walked over to the open seat next to the girl, finally I could see what she looked like. Her hair was short and light brown, her eyes where brown as well. She wore a green jogging jacket with three pins on it, she also had on the school uniform skirt and shoes. She started to whisper to me as Yu introduced himself and got another mouth full for Morooka. "He's the worst huh?"

"That would be a freaking understatement!" I agreed with her smiling slightly. I'd be lying if I told you I didn't think she was kinda cute. "And I've dealt with worse."

She smiled back at me before she quickly started frowning. Rotten luck for you to get stuck in this class… Well, we just have to hang in there for a year."

"Not really," I replayed still smiling. "I already know someone in this class, better than no one right?"

She looked me now with shock now, she knew I was right, yet even so it was going to be hell stuck this class. That's when I heard everyone start talking about me and Narukami. "Sucks to be a transfer student, ending up in King Moron's class on the first morning here…"

King Moron… Hell if the shoe fits! I almost laughed again, but it was quickly dismissed after hearing some of the other things people were saying. "What is with the weird ass hat he is wearing? Who knows. Think he is like other Americans? Most likely."

My head hit my desk before I had time to think, great first day and not even five minutes and people think I'm an uneducated moronic asshole!

"Shut your traps! I'm taking roll, and I damn well expect you to respond in an orderly manner!"

I could only whisper one thing to tell myself. "Welcome to hell Kreed, welcome to hell!"

Time change: Early Morning to After School

"That's all for today. Normal lectures will start tomorrow." Finally King Moron had stopped talking! Now I could kind of relax as people started to get up and walk around the room. Yet just as I was about to jump out of my seat the sound of the PA system came on and a woman started to talk.

"Attention all teachers, please report to the faculty room for a brief staff meeting. All students must return to their classrooms and are not to leave the school until further notice." The first thing that I did was take my glasses off, set off to the side of my desk and started to lightly bang my head against my desk as Yu walked over to me; I mean yeah I wanted to try and be social with everyone, but King Moron had worn me out!. King Moron turned back to the class and once again started to yell!

"Hrnh." Morooka hated what he heard just as much as I did. "You heard the announcement. Don't go anywhere until you hear otherwise."

With that he left the room and the moment the door closed some girl in the room started complaining about him. Yet their gossip was interrupted by the sound of sirens going off in the distance, which caused me to stop hitting my head against my desk. I kind of heard three male students start gossiping by the window about wondering what was going on, yet I had trouble making out what they were saying with everyone else gossiping around me as well, I heard something about an announcer and then one ran over to the girl that sat just behind Yu. "H-hey, Yukiko-san, Mind if I ask you something…?"

Well now I had a name for a face. "Is it true that announcer's staying at your family's inn?"

Damn an inn? How come I knew nothing of there being an inn in town? Yukiko looked away from the male student and sighed before responding to him. "I can't discuss such things…"

A.K.A. the announcer was definitely at their inn. "Y-yeah, I guess not."

With that the male student walked away from Yukiko, I stopped paying attention as I grabbed my i-pod and started listening to Bullet by Hollywood Undead. I couldn't help but chuckle, for some reason this song made me laugh a little. Yu finally spoke up next to me. "What you listening to?"

"Hear just listen." I gave him an ear bud, thank god that he seemed to recognize the song, I was not speaking Japanese for this song.

My legs are dangling off the edge.

The bottom of the bottle is my only friend!

I think I'll slit my wrist again and I'm gone, gone, gone, gone.

Suddenly another announcement came on. "Attention, all students. There has been an incident inside the school district. Police officers have been dispatched around the School Zone. Please stay calm and contact your parents or guardians as soon as possible, and quickly leave the school grounds. Do not disturb the police officers. Head directly home. I repeat…"

"Well, looks like you need to call your parents," Yu looked at me.

"No they are still back in America," I sighed loudly. "They didn't even care that I left!"

I got out of my seat and me and turned to leave, Yu had an apologetic frown on his face. When from behind me I heard a familiar voice. "Hey are guys going home by yourselves?"

"Well I live not too far past the flood plain, so that was the plan." I responded turning around to see the girl who sat next to me in class followed closely by Yukiko.

"Oh," She smiled brightly now. "Why don't you come with us?"

I looked over at you and we just kinda shrugged at each other. "Sure."

"Cool!" The girl smiled brightly now, then she almost blurted out the next few words. "Oh, nearly forgot! I'm Chie Satonaka. You know I sit next to you, right?"

I smiled back as brightly as I could for how tired I felt. "Kinda hard to forgot, but yeah nice to meet you."

"Yu Narukami." Ladies and gentlemen Yu Narukami master of language.

"Nice to meet you guys too!" Chie then turned to her friend whom was, guess who Yukiko. Yeah, my thought process was way wacky that day. "This is Yukiko Amagi."

"Oh," Yukiko seemed to nice, yet still a little up tight to me that is. "Nice to meet you… I'm sorry that this is sudden…"

"C'mon," Chie looked shocked for whatever reason, I had to chuckle a little at her. Yea she was a person I could hang out with. "Don't apologize like that. It makes me look like I got no upbringing."

I couldn't help it after, I started to laugh, and I didn't mean to be mean. Yet, holy hell her face and reaction didn't help me at all. Managed to get some words out in between laughs. "I'm… s-sorry! I… d-don't mean… I… meant… Oh, god, I'm sorry, but I didn't mean to seem like a jerk!"

Yu just smiled at, I mean hell! I guess we were already friends; but damn I felt bad for laughing at Chie. Chie just sighed and shook her head. "It's fine, I mean you are new here; so we wouldn't know you yet. Besides, I just wanted to ask some stuff that's all."

I smiled again, thinking that I just might be able to fit in. We started to walk away when a brown haired student with a bleak look on his face walked up to us. He had light brown spikey hair that it ally pointed to the ground, as well as brown eyes. He wore boom-box head phones around his neck and a white t-shirt with a red caller under his uniform jacket. His bag hung from his around his should and went to his hip. "Uh, um, Miss Sotanaka…?"

I looked at him for a moment as he pulled out a DVD or game case, I guess was on DVD. Yet he sound familiar to me, I just couldn't place where. "This was really awesome. Like, the way they moved was just amazing to see…"

He started to look familiar as well, I just could place it as he bowed from the hip holding out the DVD, I got a look at it thought, Trial of the Dragon. Yup movie, logic zero, me one! "And… I'm really sorry! It was an accident! Please just have mercy until my next paycheck!"

Okay there where two options at this point and I knew it. Option one: he broke it, yet then why would he bother giving it back, I mean I would have replaced it first! Option two: he lost the DVD and he was giving her back the case. Which made even less sense then giving it back to him broken; so I went with the second option. After Chie grabbed the case he quickly stood up all the way and turned to run away. "See ya! Thanks!"

He didn't even make it five steps before Chie gave chase. "Stop right there! What did you do to my DVD!?"

Me and Yu both bent over in physical pain as Chie quickly and incredibly hard kicked the boy right where the sun don't shine. I bite on my finger "Oh god! Round one goes to Miss Sotanaka!"

Yu and Yukiko just nodded in agreement to my statement. The boy was jumping up and down in pain, and that's when it hit me who he was as he groaned. Yet before I could say anything Chie opened the case. The look that appeared on her face was that of a kid who just watched there puppy die; it was a DVD though why not just buy a new one.

"What the!? I can't believe this! It's completely cracked… My Trial of the Dragon…!" Damn, now it was logic one, yet now I had two for getting the DVD right! So I quickly fist pumped when I was sure that no one could hear me. Then I heard the boy who I was pretty sure had just lost his man hood groan out a few sentences.

"I think mine's cracked too…" I winced in pain when I heard that. I mean, yeah he broke her DVD and he ran… you know what no, he deserved it after all that.

"Then I guess next time you won't break da movie!" I said pointing at the back of his head. "By the way Chie; one hell of a kick ya got there."

"D-dude," the boy groaned again. "Not cool, I mean that was a C-critical hit to the nads…"

"Again," I smiled an evil little grin. Yet I was actually having fun in this school so far, even if Yu was my only real friend at the moment. "Ya done goofed!"

Yukiko looked shocked after hearing the boys last comment and quickly went to see if he was okay. "A-are you all right?"

"Does he look all right?" I asked sarcastically. "I mean the dude did just get KOed with a single strike."

"Yeah," Yu nodded in agreement to my statement. "That was still an amazing job catching him though."

"I will agree with that one as well!"

Chie closed her DVD case and slipped back into her backpack, while turning her head away from the boy to look at Yukiko with a slightly pissed off expression. "He's fine, Yukiko. Let's ditch him and go home."

With that Chie and Yukiko left the room, leaving the poor bastard to deal with his pain. He was definitely wasn't going to be walking for a while, that was for sure!

"We should leave him be…" Yu commented as he walked out the door as well. I quickly followed suit, after all the dude did run me over with his bike. At least I think he did anyway. So the four of us quickly walked out of the school building and over to the front gate not really saying anything until someone came out from around the side of the gate. He had on a black suit with a school symbol on it and green tie. There was a mole or freckle thing under his right eye, his eyes reminded me of a fish with black eyes. His hair was completely messy and black.

"You're Yuki, right? Y-you want to go hang out somewhere?" By the looks of it we all nearly jumped out of our skin when he showed up, yet that was just messed up. Yukiko was the most taken off guard by the comment slash question.

"What…? Wh-who are you?" Students started to coward around as and started us, mostly the weird new guy, who was he if Yukiko didn't know who he was? I quickly dismissed those thoughts when I heard the other students.

"What's up with him?" A male student asked his friend, while still staring at him. "What school's he from?"

"Never mind that, he's going for Yukiko-san? Man, you'd think he'd at least wait until she's alone to make his move…" Stalker much, what the hell was wrong with these two? Oh yeah, creepy guy, got it!

"I bet you a can of TaP he gets knocked out."

I turned to Chie for a moment and whispered something in her ear. "What the hell is tap?"

"It's a soda."


The two guys continued their conversation behind us as other people started to gather. "No bet. Haven't you heard how difficult the Amagi Challenge is?"

"Um…?" I was so confused by what the hell they were talking about; I thought that maybe her parents are strict as hell!

The strange student finally spoke up again, with irritation in his voice. "Um, s-so… are you coming or not?"

Yukiko sighed for a moment before very quickly responding to the boy in front of her. "I-I'm not going…"

I looked at Yu and very quickly had to whisper to him. "Well that was a little too fast, on his and her part!"

I didn't expect what happened next. The boy had snapped, well from the looks of it… snapped, again; he did seem a little crazy. Yet not only was he now pissed off, but he yelled! "Fine!"

I just about jumped back as he turned and ran down the street, away from us, thank god! Yukiko seemed shocked; hell I was shocked! Yet all she did was turn towards the rest of. "Wh-what did he want from me…?"

"Hell even I know what he wanted," I smiled elbowing Yu. I know all he wanted was a date, but you know what, I was still having fun even with that… um, weird course of events. Still it was enough to get a chuckle from Yu. Yukiko looked totally lost after I made my joke and Chie was pinching her nose in disbelief, yet at me or Yukiko was a totally different question.

"Really?" Yukiko was looking at me with questioning eyes. I didn't think it was that difficult to figure it out. Me and Chie both blurted out the answer at the same time.

"He wanted a date!"

Yukiko looked she was in shock by this answer. Who was it that hard to figure what it was that a guy asking a girl if she wanted to go with him was asking her out! I mean come on a ten year old probably could have seen that one from a mile away! I just shook it off as soon as I saw a familiar face walking towards the four of us. It was the kid who ran me over with his bike early in the morning. "Yo Yukiko-san. Turned down another lovelorn fool, huh? Man you're cruel… You got me the same way last year."

"Last year?" I whispered my question to Chie hoping to get answer from her about what this guy was talking about. Luckily Chie whispered a response to my question.

"Yeah, he tried for her last year. Got shot down almost the same way too!"

"Really?" I was surprised, Yukiko seemed at least a little popular from what I had seen that day. Yet who was I to judge; I mean come on, I spoke English to my new Japanese class, god I felt like an idiot just thinking about it. Yukiko and the cyclist continued their chat over mine and Chie's from what I heard she had no idea what she was doing and he tried again. Only to, guess what get shot down again! I was actually starting to like this school; well, except King Moron, then again I guess no one liked him.

"Anyways," Suddenly Chie snapped back to the cyclist as he started to address Chie and Yukiko. "You two better not pick on the transfer students too much."

With that he hopped on his bike and rode away, with a lot more skill than he had demonstrated this morning. Chie stomped her foot while yelling at the boy, who was now long gone. "We're just curious, is all!"

I had to try and hold back my laughter again, yep it was going to be fun here, that moment removed all doubt from my mind. Then Yukiko once again spoke up; apologizing, not that I had a problem with it, just it gets annoying if you apologize too much! "U-um, I'm sorry for dragging you two into this…"

"Not like I care," I smiled brightly back at her. "I'm having fun."

"O-oh," Yukiko seemed a little embarrassed at my comment, I had no idea why though. I wasn't trying to hit on her. I mean come on I just saw two reasons why not to! "Well I guess we should get going now."

"Yeah," Chie started to freak out a little, I thought for a moment that the fish eyed weirdo was back, but of course I was wrong. "People are staring! Let's go!"

Damn you logic, damn you!

We walked for some time until we reached the shopping district, which was of course north of my house, but whatever. Chie was trying to strike up a conversation with Yu at the moment. "Yeah, they had to go work for some time overseas, so I'm living here for the year with my Uncle and Cousin."

"Ah…" Chie titled her head slightly. "So you came here because of your parents' job. Haha, I thought it was something way more serious. What about you Kreed?"

I suddenly developed a look of fear. I didn't really want them to know, but sometimes a little mix of words can save a guy like me. "Oh, my grades weren't doing so hot no matter where I went to school in the states. So my parents made a deal with me; chose a country I wanted to live in, they picked the town and school. So here I am!"

"Oh," Yukiko sighed a bit and Chie titled her head while scratching the top of her head at the same time. "I get it."

"Good then explain it to me," Chie was confused now, which caused me to laugh a little. "I'm serious why would they do that, it makes no sense!"

"They're rich."

"Oh!" I know that would be her response, yet I wasn't going to take a dime of my parents money, even if they forced me! My train of thought was broken when Chie looked away from me and at a corn field just to our right. "There really is nothing here, huh?"

"Bigger than where I first lived!" It was true my home town was five times smaller than Inaba, so this was a nice change of pace for me! Chie laughed at me for a moment before continuing with her speech.

"That's what makes it nice, but there is nothing much we can show to people from outside." I knew that she was now talking to Yu and not the both of use. "Though, there is something from Mt. Yasogami…" I finally understood the name of the school! "I think our dyed clothes or pottery or something is kinda famous."

I laughed now. "Come on, it can't be famous if people living here have no idea what it is!"

"He's right," Yu just nodded in agreement to my statement. "Still it is a nice town so far."

Chie was lost in thought for a moment until she suddenly blurted out something out. "Oh wait, and there's the Amagi Inn! Yukiko's family runs it. It's the pride of Inaba!"

"Pride of the town?" I just shrugged, never been one for hotels. Yet I was new so I just let it slide.

Yukiko started to get flustered from Chie's flattery, which she made painfully obvious. "Huh? It's… just an old inn."

Chie turned to her friend and smiled at her. She thought that Yukiko was just being modest, though something told me that wasn't the case.

"No way," Chie continued to flatter Yukiko so I just decided to listen. "It's been in all sortsa magazines as a hidden treasure. It's a great inn! It's been going for generations, and Yukiko here is going to take over someday."

"Running the family business?" I interrupted Chie's rant about Amagi Inn, but still I suddenly thought I knew why Yukiko didn't like the complements, oh well! "Sometimes that can be tough."

"Yeah," Chie was still smiling. "But Yukiko can do it! I know that she can!"

Yukiko looked away from us, which told me it was time to switch topics; which was a miracle that Chie suddenly spoke up, because I had no idea what to talk about! "So, tell me. You think Yukiko's cute, huh Narukami?"

Had Yu and me been drinking anything we would have done a spit take, so I settled on having a coughing fit. Yet Yu seemed to turn on the freaking charm and answered truthfully! "Yeah I think so."

Again two words: coughing fit! Had Chie not been so absorbed in her victory, I'm sure she would have asked if I was okay. "I knew it!"

"Come on don't start this again." Yukiko sighed and looked at the ground.

"Wait wait wait," I had to stop them now. "Again? What the hell? How many transfer students do you guys get on a regular basis?"

Everyone laughed, well except Yukiko who just kinda chuckled, at least everyone got the joke! "Geeze… Chie!"

Chie laughed some more before apologizing to Yukiko. "Sorry, I'm sorry. But this our chance to talk to someone from the big city and someone from a different country and you barely said a word!"

"Yeah," I interrupted Chie's little, um… I guess pep talk; not that I was trying to be rude. "And I just had a coughing fit that could have been a spit take followed by a coughing fit!"

Chie giggled slightly, I smiled brightly. I think I could count Chie as a friend now. Suddenly Chie looked down the street towards a huge crowd of people. "What's that?" Chie started to walk towards the crowd, so we followed her down the street until we stopped next to the crowd. Everyone was talking; which was doing wonders for my ADHD! I was only able to catch a few words… "Hanging," "body," "high schooler."

"Wait…" Chie suddenly looked scared. "What did she just say? A dead body!?"

I was about to respond to her when a familiar face walked up to us. "Hey, what're you doing here?"

That's when I remembered who it was. It was the person who came to pick Yu up yesterday at the train station. Yu being the master of langue that he was simply replayed with… "We're just passing by."

The man sighed at Yu's comment. "I should have figured that's happen. That damn principal. We told him not to let them through here…"

"You know this guy?" Chie seemed surprised, I mean it was a small town, but still.

"Yeah," I spoke for Yu. "You came to pick him up at the train station yesterday, sorry I'm Kreed Richards, Yu's friend."

"Dojima," The man held out a hand to me. "Yu's uncle I'm looking after him, I'm glad though he was able to make a friend already. I hope all of you get along, but you three really should head straight home."

With that he started walking away as a man in a black suit and red tie ran past us to vomit across the street. I gagged and had to look away for a moment, less I joined him in empting my stomach! "Adachi! How long are you going to act like a rookie? You want to be sent back to the central office!?"

The man slowly walked back past us to follow Dojima as he walked away. "I'm sorry…"

"Go wash your face. We're gonna go around and gather information!" And with that they were gone and I was close to losing my lunch. Just when I was about to walk away and say good night to everyone, Chie spoke up.

"Was this what that announcement was about…?" She legitimately looked horrified.

"What do they mean…" Yukiko seemed scared just as much as Chie was. "It was hanging from the antenna…?"

Chie sighed and turned to Yukiko. "Hey, Yukiko…? Why don't we go to Junes some other time?"

"Good idea…"

"Alright then, we're taking off." Chie smiled again turning to both me and Yu. "Starting tomorrow, neighbors, let's do our best!"

"Agreed," I sighed. "See you guys later!"

Yu started to walk down a nearby street that lead to his house. While I started walking only to notice Chie and Yukiko where still with me. "Um, where do you guys live?"

Yukiko blushed a little with embarrassment, while Chie just smiled and quickly responded. "Just past the flood plain. Why?"

"That's where I'm headed too," I smiled brightly again. "Guess we're walking together neighbor."

Within ten minutes or so Yukiko had to say goodbye as she hopped on a bus that took her to her house, which of course was the Amagi Inn, god I felt like an idiot. So Chie and me just kept walking towards you homes, until she tried to start another conversation. "Hey, Kreed?"

"Huh? Yeah what is it Chie?"

"Did you think Yukiko was cute?" The question made me go into another coughing fit, god I thought I was going to be doing that a lot.

"Well," I started off, god there was no way to answer this without sounding like an ass or a creeper. "It's not the looks I'm there for; it's for who they really are. Yet she just doesn't seem like my type. S-sorry."


Oh? Oh was all she had to say, god I thought she was trying to hook me up with Yukiko, guess I was wrong. "Yeah, and to be honest I'm still trying to make friends while I'm here, so yeah."

Chie smiled at me. "Well then I guess you already have two, right!"

I smiled as she stopped to turn down the roads that lead to her house. "Yeah, thanks. See you later!" With that I walked home and skipped dinner that night, because god, I was why too tired, yet wxicted for my second day Yasogami High!