June 7, 2011

Forecast… Rainy


"Check!" Yu slammed the wooden piece down right next to my piece. Yes, yes, I know, we were playing chess. Still, me and Yu were pretty much tied at this point and time, everyone was sitting in our classroom after school just playing chest.

"Kreed you need to move now!" Yosuke about yelled in my ear, to be honest, we were taking turns playing and Yosuke was up next facing the loser.

"I know Yosuke! God, this is why I wanted to play hanafuda…" Chie smiled at me as I reached down and took out Yu's knight with my queen. "Tag bro, your turn."

"Whatever you say." Yu smiled and everyone leaned in and watched Yu slowly move his queen across the board and… take out my queen, trapping my king… "Checkmate."

"Son of a-" I sighed heavily at that moment, I knew that was gonna happen. Well, there goes the world…

Time Change: After School to Evening

Location Change: Yasogami High to Flood Plain

Yosuke was just completely blown outta the water by Yu, at which this was declared that "Narukami is the best chess player we have." It was kinda irritating… kinda, still I wished I had won. Anyway, I was at the Flood Plain with Yukiko, Yu, and Chie.

"Man it was a long day!" I stretched my arms above my head with an umbrella in hand still pointing it to the sky. I was actually was getting really tired, I really wanted to just rest when I got back, why you ask? That damned dream that I had last night woke me up early and I lost at least three hours of sleep, I had also decided not to tell anyone about the dream I had, and why would I do that? Because I realized that this one was not really important to anything that has happened, in fact I remembered having a similar dream a few years ago.

"Yeah, it was…" Yu sighed, a smile quickly spread across his face, he walking next to me with the girls behind us. "Moroka really laid into us today. I'm just glad we got the chance to relax when we did."

"Yeah." Yukiko smiled brightly as we made it across the Flood Plain. "With the investigation, I'm glad we can still takes breaks and just enjoy our lives."

"Amen to that." I spun on one foot and looked at Yukiko with a big grin plastered on my face. "Once we catch this guy, we can finally get everything all the time to rest that we want."

That's when the flash of light appeared behind me, I spun quickly to see Em smiling at us as she held her camera in one hand. "Yeah, then I can finally start taking more pictures."

We all smiled, I knew she loved taking them, so I really wanted to let her do what she loved, while I just wanted to be with the person I lo- wait… did I almost say that… Was this the day that it happened? If so… I'm happy I started to feel this way so soon. Still focusing on the task at hand. We were all just trying to head home. Eventually Yu had to split off and Em took another picture, I really wanted to know how she got a good angle on that. Then we hit the Market district and Yukiko had to get on the boss to her family's inn. Em took another, its weird but hey.

So we hit the part where Chie had to split from me and Em. "Um… Kreed-kun?"

"Yeah, what's up?" I looked down at her face, she took a deep breath. Em smiled and sat down near by, almost like she knew what was going to happen. Chie looked back up to my face, her cheeks had a little pink tint to them. Which of course made me blush, the sun was starting to just barely coming out. The sun was starting to set too, and it was hitting the side of Chie's face making her seem like she had a light glow which made her feel even more beautiful. The sunlight also hit the puddles of water that formed around us and the water that was just on the ground from the currently falling rain. I could not look away from her. Not that I ever wanted to. I barely heard the click of the camera, Em took a picture, but I didn't actually care.

"My, uh," Chie tried to look away, but she still kept looking back to me. I was actually surprised by what she said next. Not that it really was that embarrassing, until it came to pass. "My family wants to meet you."

"Huh?" That made recoil in my head, her family wants to meet me... I mean we have only been dating a little over a month. Wow, I just answered my own question... "Okay..."

Chie looked a little concerned by this point. "So they wanted me to invite you over for dinner tomorrow."

I looked at Chie's brown eyes for a moment, then smiled. "I'd love to."

Man, no words could describe how beautiful her smile was upon hearing my answer. I'm so glad Em got a picture of it.

Time Change: Evening to Late Night

Location Change: Flood Plain to Home

"Wow," Will looked up for the manga he was currently reading to let me see the surprise on his face. "They wanna meet you? You sure her dad just doesn't wanna give you a talk?"

"Oh that is so gonna part of it." Em smiled as she set her guitar next to her. "I have no doubt in my mind that her dad will chew him out."

"Okay, first why do you seem so damned happy about that? Second, when did we all speak in just Japanese?"

"Both good questions," Em smiled like a mad woman. "How ever I can only answer one of them… because I am crazy and I want to see what he says to you."

"You're evil you that."

"Yes, we all know that."

FINALLY I'M BACK! Ok, so I know this is a long time coming but you should also know, I might take longer than I used to post, not months on ends mind you, just maybe a few days. Still hope you enjoy and I love your feedback! PS Sorry bout the second email story followers there was a mistake and I forgot about the replace/update button.