Sesshomaru's POV:

I couldn't stop staring at Rins big, beautiful, bright hazel gold eyes,the more I stared at her godess like beauty the more I wanted to ravish her plump,ruby red lips but before I could continue with my thoughts they were interrupted by the pastors gruff voice "Sesshomaru InuTaicho you may now say your vows".Rin and I are already mated soul and eternity but she had insisted on getting married the human way and I couldn't find it in me to deny her,her wish especially when she was looking at me with those big,beautiful puppy eyes of hers

"Rin,my sweet, gourges, innocent Rin I am in love with you and only you my love for you grows more and more by the second.I promise better yet I swear that my love for you will NEVER dwindle because you are mine as I am and always will be only yours".I spoke with all my heart but I quickly filled with worry as I looked at her delicate tear streaked face and wondered whether I had said somethihg wrong to have made her pretty hazel eyes cry.

Rin's POV:

I couldn't stop myself from crying I am just so overwhelmed from what my Sesshomaru had just said,to tell you the truth I don't think i've ever heard him say something so sweet .

As I got ready to recite my vows I could only hope that he understands just how much I truely love him...

4 Months earlier (3rd person POV)

"Remind me again why I hired you in the first place ,Miroku"?The infamous dog demon and CEO of Taicho Corp. asked his brothers idiotic freind but before Miroku could respond Sesshomaru swiftly turned around with a sigh of annoyance and walked steadily through the buildings corridors towards his larger than average office,once inside he picked up the stack of folders that were seated neatly on his onyx black desk.

Today he would be busy doing a series of interviews to find a replacement for his secretary who had quit two days ago.


Sesshomaru had just opened the building doors of Taicho Corp. when he was suddenly bombarded by the shrill voice of his secretary " I hate you and your coldness and I refuse to work for you anymore"!The round women screeched with a huff and hurriedly scurried off out of the building with fright as soon as her actions sank into her while Sesshomaru on the other hand simply proceeded walking towards his office as if nothing had happened.


As he gracefully sat down onto his black, leather chair he tonelessly called out the name of the first person he would be interviewing...

To be continue...