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- Chapter 1 -



I hate my life so much – you can't even start believing how much I do. Since my sweet Yuuki left with that vampire, it was nothing but hell. And it all started half a year ago, when Cross stepped down from the position of the Hunter Associations president, just to be replaced by that slave trader. His name is Marcus Cooper, and he thinks – and acts – like he has swallowed the knowledge of the whole world. I so hate those types that act like they know everything best, like they have already experienced everything there is to experience. Till I met him, I thought that only purebloods could be so arrogant.

"You wanted to see me?" I storm into his office – without knocking – not caring if he has someone over or not – it's him who wanted to see me as soon as I have returned from the mission. Truth to be told, I'm exhausted, hungry and I need a long good bath – it took me more time than I originally wanted to spend on it, as this individual sitting comfortably by his desk forgot to tell me that there would be more than just one or two simple level Ds. I had to deal with two fallen ones – they are a new phenomenon, reduced to that typifying state by the new blood drug that's going around. They may have lost their will and are nothing more than the puppets in the hands of their masters, but they have not lost anything from their powers.

"Nice to see that you finished the mission so fast, Zero-chan," a vein pops on my forehead – I hate it so much when he does that, mimicking Cross in a disgusting way. He's tall and well build, with strong jaw lines, dark spiky hair and deep blue eyes – he comes from America, been a hunter his whole life, but he has this personality that just makes you want to kill him.

"Just say what you want from me, so that I can be out of here," I say a little more irritated than I first intended to, but I just can't help myself. He suddenly stands up, and my body automatically goes into a defensive stance, my hand reaching for Bloody Rose – he just laughs at it as he moves to the little bar that he keeps in the room, pouring himself a glass before turning to me again.

"How old are you already, Zero?" where does this comes from now I wonder? "You know, the life of a hunter is a short lived one. With having to face so many dangers, it's a wonder that some come to the privilege of having to experience what real family life means," he pauses in his speech to take a sip from his drink – I don't understand what he wants to say with this little speech of his. "You, Zero, are very precious to our society, as you come from a line of respected hunter family. It's sad what happened to the others in your family, but I feel that it's my responsibility as the president of the Hunters Association to keep the line of Kiryus alive."

"I don't know how you came to this conclusion, and I rather don't know it, but just get already to where you want to with this," it irritates me – how dare he mock my family, how dare he speak that way about it? And what responsibility? My life is my own responsibility.

"Don't be impatient, I'm getting right there," he puts down the glass, taking a much serious pose and expression than he had till now. "As I was saying, I feel that it's my responsibility to keep the Kiryuu line alive, so I got you into an arranged marriage," all the blood in my body froze in that moment, I feel like the time has just stopped, repeating the words arranged marriage over and over again in my head, like a mocking. "And, as you have never shown any interest in any of the lovely ladies that were thru your short life around you, I found you a husband. He's the perfect match for you – strong and wise, comes from a good and powerful family, and he doesn't even minds that you're a half blood, as he's one too…"

"What was that?" I interrupt him, not wanting to hear more as one word got all of my attention. "You've got me a what?"

"A husband," he repeats it with an expression saying that I'm the freak from the two of us.

"And just how, in that great mind of yours, have you come to the conclusion, that a husband," I spoke the word like poison, "is the right choice for saving the Kiryuu line?"

"As I was saying, I couldn't think of any girl powerful enough to keep up with you. Just wait till you get to know him. He's the…" and he's back into his own world, going back to his desk as he explains to me how perfect this guy is.

"What about the heir?" I ask with my arms crossed over my chest.

"What about it?"

"I can't see how me marrying a guy will keep the line alive, as there won't be any children from this marriage," I state the facts.

"Who says that there won't be?" I'm immediately before him, grabbing him by the front of his nicely ironed shirt, pulling his face close to mine.

"What have you done to me?" I say slowly, so that he can understand every word.

"Oh, nothing much," he removes my hand from his shirt, "just slowly changed your body with the help of a drug from my dear friend, so that you will be able to bear a child," my face pales at that, and I grab at him once more, slamming his body to the wall on my left.

"You did what?!" I shout this time, anger taking over me, and I can even feel my fangs grooving out, and I know that my eyes have changed their color to blood red. I haven't felt this pissed in a long time, and I would have definitely done something ugly to him if it weren't for the pair of two strong hands pulling me from him.

"Take him outside boys. He needs to cool his head down a little. We'll talk when you're calm again, okay?" and those strong hands pull me away from his body, away from his office. Only when the door closes behind us do I calm down so that they are willing to let go of me. I glare at them – standing protectively before the chairman's doors before I walk away. I need to calm down he says – and whose fault is it that I'm in this state in the first place? I wonder who else knows of this sick plan of his.



Even the most powerful of the purebloods has sometimes what you call a bad day. It's a day when nothing is working as you want it to, you make the simplest of mistakes that in few cases lead even to the capturing of the said pureblood. It was one of those days for me today. There's this new drug out there, which makes the user – be it a vampire or a human – loose its mind, leaving them as nothing more than the puppets in the hands of the makers. We call them the fallen, and even with everything we did till now, we came not close enough to the one who calls himself Roy Beaux, the mastermind pulling all the strings. It's a new kind of phenomenon, which uses the blood of the master as the main ingredient.

I was out tonight, looking into one lead that should have revealed to me his whereabouts, but instead of finding and surprising him, I was the one who was found first. They somehow managed to break thru my defenses, overpower me with the help of the hunter weapons – they had to steal them from some, because it's unthinkable that the hunters would have something to do with it.

When I came to, I was in this stinky small, cold room, my hands tied together above my head with a rope that's blocking my powers, making me unable to free myself. Pathetic. To think that I have fallen so low that I need to rely on the powers of others to get me out of here – I just hope that they will find me in time, before my captures – those beasts even more rotten than us – could do something to me that will lead to me being reduced into their puppet.



I needed to calm myself down after what the president told me – there was this one fallen in the next town that's terrorizing them, so I took this opportunity. It was a new one, just a few days old, so it was a peace of cake. Unfortunately, it hasn't helped me. I still can't wrap my mind around it – how could he do something so sick to me? Has someone even tried to stop him from doing so? Does anyone else know about this? I hope that not, it's bed enough as it is, the less people know about it, the better.

"Hey beauty," I hear from behind me a sneaky, disgustingly sweet voice. "I loved what you did to that beast – how about you play with us next?" I sense another two vampires approaching me from the front, but the one whose voice spoke to me is much closer, so I turn around to face that freak – with my Bloody Rose pointing to his face.

"If that's what you want vampire, I'll gladly be of assistance by disposing of you," he choose a really bad time to be joking with me. He's tall, much taller than I am, but judging from his voice – as I don't see his face because of the shadows that keep him hidden – we haven't met before.

"I would not do that, if it were me," the voice that appeared like out of nowhere by my ear startled me, made me immediately turn around just to found myself face-to-face with another gorgeous looking vampire, his teeth shoving behind those smiling red lips. He immediately makes use of the moment of my carelessness, taking a hold of my hands and making me curse under my breath as I drop Bloody Rose from my grip.

"That's not nice of you to just ignore me so easily," I turn my head back to the front, where the tall one has made his move, coming closer to where I'm firmly held in the hands of my other enemy – this is so not my day. "The heaven has been kind to me today, giving me the best of the gifts," even now, when he stands right before me in the light, I still don't recognize him – his little dragon tattoo is too much of a stand out to not recognize him by it. I tense up when he pulls something out of his pocket, the hold on my hands becomes even tighter as the other is definitely able to sense my worry and need to get out of here. The one with the tattoo inserts a needle in my neck – it was a damn needle of all things that he had in his pocket, definitely with some king of drug. "Now be a good boy and go to sleep, my beautiful hunter," I can't do anything to hinder him from caressing my cheek, and as he pulls his hand away, so does my consciousness fall into darkness.



I don't know how long have I been here as the time tends to go extremely slow in cases like these – not that I know, I was never captured before and damped into a cold cell like this, alone. When a door opens and a little bit of light comes in, it just hurts my sensitive eyes that became accustomed to the darkness before I register someone entering – two figures to be exact.

"The great Kaname Kuran," first it's just a voice, but when there's darkness again, I start to make out a face, a figure crouching right before me – Roy Beaux. The disgusting puppet master, the drug dealer. He's the one who pulls on the strings, who hides behind his lackeys – he's the one who started this epidemic affecting both the vampire and human world.

"What do you want form me?" I spat out, no sympathy for someone who should be rotting in the depths of hell. His black eyes sparkle, or maybe it's just a game the soft light is playing on my mind, because for a moment, I even thought that the lines of the dragon tattoo he has by his right eye came to life and moved a little.

"What do I want, Kuran? Nothing more than what all the rest of us – your life. Simple as that. Or that was the original plan, but let us have some fun before we get there, shell we? Bring him in," he straightens up, taking few steps away from me and allowing the light from outside that shines thru an open door for a moment to blind me once more, before they close the door again. Once more in the dark, I see that two new figures have joined us – one is in a dark robe with his face hidden like the one who came with Roy, the other looks like a prisoner. The big man shows the smaller one onto the hard floor – that must have really hurt, as he couldn't have soften the fall with his hands, as they are bound together behind his back. The figure lets out a pained moan, that's all that he's capable of doing right now with his mouth stuffed with something, making him unable to say anything.

"I found this little beauty today, and decided that when I have you here too, I would make use of it," he kneeled down to the one on the ground, pulling him by his hair so that his face could be visible to me. "Do you know why I brought you here, my dear hunter?" he asks the silver haired one – wait. Silver hair? Hunter? Don't tell me that that's Zero Kiryuu. As I try harder to take a better look, I can now see the recognizable silver color that is typical only for one person I know. What is he doing here?

"You know, Zero, when I saw you today during your hunt, I thought that someone has tossed you in my way deliberately. It's a sin that the hunters have left you move around free for this long, as you're nothing but a disgusting level D. Do you know how angry that makes me?" he looked at me for a second, diverting his eyes to Zero once more when he starts to toss with himself, definitely scared what that psychopath would do to him – well, I don't know if scared is the right word when used with Kiryuu, but he's definitely trying to free himself.

"Don't worry, Zero, I won't kill you. I will make use of dear Kaname here to humiliate you – that will be much sweeter than killing you. I will show you your rightful place," I felt a cold shiver run down my spine as those words left his mouth.

"Hey Roy, what sick plane did you put together in that head of yours," whatever it is he wants me to do to Kiryuu, it won't be something good, that's for sure. Even if there was rivalry between us back in the Cross Academy, there's no need for that anymore, as it is me who has von Yuuki – and she would be sad and mad at me if she ever learned that I have hurt her precious brother.

"Oh, don't worry, I guarantee you that you will enjoy yourself," with that sick smile added to that statement, now I really start to worry. "Hold him, boys," I want to protest before I notice that it's not me the two of the remaining figures are about to grab, but Kiryuu – one helps him to his knees, holding him down in that position, while the other uncovers his mouth, holding his hand there instead to prevent him from screaming or talking.

"Now, boys, does anyone of you know what this is?" he holds up a small amphora – it looks like it's made from crystal, and the liquid in it has a dark purple color, but not so dark that you couldn't tell. I can smell the sweet aroma of blood that's mixed in it – is it perhaps another form of the tablets that his group is making? I don't answer him, just continue to silently glare at him and wait for what will happen next. "This is one of my new, improved recipes, so I doubt that you have heard about it yet. My little hunter here will demonstrate it for you, Kaname," he opens the amphora and as he nears Kiryuu, he begins to trash with himself again – I can understand him fully, as I would do the same, considering that your captor has a twisted mind and wants to try out on you a drug you're not familiar with. The man holding his hand over Kiryuus mouth moves it to clench his jaw, making him unable to close his mouth as Roy pours the liquid into his mouth, than he puts his hand where it was before so that Kiryuu would not split it back out.

"Let him go boys," he says after he sees that Kiryuu has gulped down the liquid he gave him, and they do just that – even unbinding his hands. Kiryuu starts to cough as he falls to the floor, definitely trying to get out as much of that drug as possible – but after a while, his body just goes limb, and he's not moving anymore. A cold sweat covers my body – did they kill him after all?

"You killed him?" I'm surprised at how weak my voice comes out, how broken I sound even to my own ears. We were never the best of friends with him, but I don't think that he deserves such a death – and after he has survived for so long.

"What is it I hear in your voice, Kuran? Is it worry? Maybe there was something more between you and the young hunter than you let all of us believe. But don't worry, his death is not what I want. Zero, darling, can you come here for a bit?" my eyes focus on the unmoving body as first, there's nothing, but after the bad feeling returns to me, Kiryuu starts to move. I let out the air I didn't even know that I was holding when he stands up, but there's something strange about him – his head is down, his bangs are covering his eyes, but from the whole body language he looks like he's not himself – of course he's not himself, as the one I know would never act this way when facing his captor and enemy.

"Should I explain to you what that drug does?" he lifts Kiryuus head up, so that he's looking straight at him, and I see a light blush sitting on his pale cheeks that stands out. I dare not to say anything, just looking quietly at the scene before me. "You can say that it's in some way an aphrodisiac, but it does more than arouse the body – it makes the one who gave a little bit of his blood into it to control the actions of the one who drunk it – in a sexual way. The one who drunk it – in this case Zero – feels a strong sexual need and will do anything I say to satisfy this need."

"You sick bastard," another blood binding drug – his nickname the puppeteer is really the right one for him. I can't even start to imagine how much damage this drug will do when it is released in the world – there are many sick people and vampires with twisted minds, who would do anything to hold such power over the person of their desires – one that won't be able to resist their every wish and command. I pull down on the ropes that are holing my hands in place, in an attempt to at least loosen them – but all in vain. I think that I can see a little bit of his plan now – and I don't like it. My breathing starts to quicken when the idea of Kiryuu under the effect of the aphrodisiac having his way with me, and I can do nothing to hinder that – the two remaining man will make sure of that.

"You won't be calling me that when this little one will make you scream out in pleasure," as he leaned in closer to Kiryuu, I thought that he would kiss him, but he tilted his head up more, kissing his long neck instead of his lips. Kiryuu closed his eyes, looking as if he's enjoying himself, but maybe – not maybe but definitely – it's the doing of that drug he was forced to take, as there was no way he would look so comfortable with it all. I know his personality, he would never let such a lowlife get just near him, not to say let his disgusting lips suck down on his neck, his free hand slide slowly around his waist to pull him closer to his body and slide under the fabric of his top.

"Show us your beautiful body, Zero," even if he whispered those words into his ear, I was able to hear them as he made sure of that – I tried to look away as Kiryuu, without any sign of protest, did just as he was told.

"Why are you doing this to him?" first the tight turtleneck went off, revealing his nicely build chest and abdomen. Right after he kicked off his shoes, his hands made easy work of the belt and than unzipped his pants, but before he had the chance to pull them down, Roys hands stopped him in doing so – he grabbed both of his hands in his large one, the other traveled down into his opened pants and from the moan and expression on Kiryuus face I could tell that he found his erection.

"My, my, Kaname, looks like you have a thing for our hunter here," of course I know what he's referring to, and I curse aloud at my traitorous body – at the sensation between my legs. "Should I make Zero help you with your little problem?" my eyes nearly fall from their place at his words, and that reaction amuses him more, as the wicked smile widens to lengths I thought are impossible. "Zero, dear, would you be so kind," he leaves the line unfinished, but the damage is already done, as Kiryuu, controlled by the drug, licks his lips seductively before he moves towards me – a dark blush resting on his cheeks and his breathing is heavy. He falls to his knees, nearing me on all four and damn he looks good like that – not even in my wildest imaginations would I thought him possible of looking so seductively, and my traitorous body thinks so too, judging from the tightness in the front of my pants.

"You don't have to do this, Kiryuu," it's a futile attempt, but I need to try at least, or I would hold it against me that I haven't done anything. "Just… listen to me and don't let him control you… you have to fight against it, Kiryuu!" I scream more from surprise as his hand covers my crotch, straightening more and pushing my back flat to the wall just to discover that there's really no room to move into.

"It's futile, Kuran, as the only voice whose instructions he follows is mine," the only thing that I can do now is trash around a little.

"Kiryuu, don't… Zero!" I cry out his name from frustration, hoping that that will get to him, and for a second I thought that I have succeeded when his hands stop fighting with the zipper on my pants, but it was just for a second and the blank expression is gone in the next and my pants are opened then too.

"Like I already said, it's futile, Kuran," his face appears right beside Kiryuus, and I would have gone soft right in that moment be it not for that hot breath the silverette has blown on my clothed erection, making me clench my jaw as not to let out any noise. "Do you know, how many man would have given anything to receive such service from these lips?" he than moves slowly down, kissing the pale back that's fully visible for me. But I can't concentrate on that, as I feel fingers on the waistband of my underwear.

"Zero, don't," it's just a useless whisper, the last protest before he pulls the fabric down, freeing my traitorous member that's now standing hard and dripping before my former enemy. I take a deep breath as those hot lips surround the dripping tip before nearly my whole member disappears in his mouth. Oh kami, it was so long since I felt such a sensation, the warmth of his mouth feels great, and the tongue… I close my eyes and tilt my head – what else is there for me to do than to accept this all? I look back on him just when I hear an uncomfortable moan and his mouth leaves my member, his hand squeezing it tighter than I would like.

"You're so tight, my sweet hunter," I don't have a good view, but I can imagine what that psycho is doing, leaning over Kiryuu who has his pants pulled down to his knees. "Don't worry Kuran, I won't take your place, as this is not my cup of tea."

"Yes, it really doesn't looks that way," I say in a mocking tone, earning a glare from him, but nothing more as he's occupied right this moment. But I don't understand how can he say that he's not into this, when this whole thing was his idea in the first place, and it's him, not me, that has his fingers up a blokes ass. My attention is stolen by the moan that Kiryuu made – this one much louder and filled with more pleasure that he too would definitely like.

"Looks like I found your sweet spot, Zero," I'm not able to say anything as just the noise Kiryuu is making is dangerously bringing me to the edge – I would never ever think about the possibility that he could make such noises, much more arousing than my Yuuki's. It's sad, but it's true. "Let get Kuran here a better view," he grabs him by the throat, putting his body flash against his chest, revealing Kiryuu's painful erection – I'm glad that I'm not the only one who feels that way, but... it can also be the effect of that drug – that's more likely the case. I gulp as I'm not able to avert my eyes from his body, and I know that I should hate myself for it, even more when I see that thru his with lust clouded eyes, they look hurt and humiliated – and he looks away as if that will help him to escape from my eyes.

"I hope that you're ready for what will come next," he's looking at me, but I think that it's directed to the both of us – but he won't get a protest from Kiryuu because of the drug, and there won't be any protest from me either, because… because why really? Because I found out that I want to know how it feels to be inside him? "Take off your pants all the way, darling," he then lets him go, helping him to his feet – or it's more like he's dragging him up onto his feet, and Kiryuu than steps out of the pants that have slipped down to his ankles and kicks them away.

"Kuran is waiting Zero, what are you stalling for?" he motions at me with his right hand as Kiryuu seems to hesitate for a moment and he's pulling him towards me, making him straddle me and I do nothing to hinder it – just stare with open eyes at the pale body so close to mine. As I look up to his face, I need to say that he was always beautiful, but with the red blush on his cheeks, it's making him more… erotic. But his eyes, they are the eyes I remember always glaring at me, but now there's just sorrow in them – and darkness. One silent tear escapes from his lavender eye as he lowers himself down on me, slowly sliding down his cheek and in that moment, my heart skips a beat – this is bad…



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