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- Chapter 4 -



"Zero," Kaname moans his name as he puts his hands on his smooth back, pulling the slightly smaller body flat to his as Zero hungrily sucks more of the purebloods blood. When the pureblood feels that the hunter has taken enough of his blood, he takes a hold of his silver hair, pulling on it to tear his greedy fangs away from his neck. He feels the two bite marks already heeling, and as the silverette licks his lips to get all that sweet blood off, his eyes start to return back to their beautiful lavender color once again – and that's the last thing that the pureblood needed to break his resolve.

He attacks those lips that were just a few moment ago on his neck, and Zero doesn't seems to protest as he's returning the kiss hungrily. Kaname slides his hands down his back, till they rest firmly on Zeros small ass, squeezing his lovely cheeks.

"I will have you right now, my hunter," the pureblood whispers in Zeros ear as he pushes his body to the wall behind him, taking Zeros lips one more time. The hunter gives in, finding too much pleasure in the vampires kisses, returning every bit of attention his lips are given. He wraps his now free hands around the taller purebloods neck, not wanting to fall as he feels his body being lifted, his legs wrapping around Kanames waist.

Zeros mind is starting to go blank, and it starts to feel a little bit like when he's drinking the purebloods blood, when his mind goes blank too and his instincts take over his body, making him do thinks that he won't do otherwise – that's the only way he can explain his actions to himself. He found himself so lost in the kiss, that he just slightly registered the hardness in Kanames pants rubbing on his own hard member, and the wet finger circling his entrance. He lets out a moan as the finger slides in him, his lips free to do so, as Kanames lips moved down to nibble on his neck.

"Zero," the pureblood moans his name as he takes his time to prepare the hunter for him, leaving Zero panting and gripping hark on his shoulders. "I think that's enough preparation… I need to be in you right now," Kaname whispers into Zeros ear and the hunters cheeks take on a pink color and when he gulps down the lump that has formed in his throat, he feels something thicker at his entrance than are Kanames fingers. Zero gasps when Kaname, without any further warning, pushes into his body.

"You're tight," Kaname whispers in Zeros ear, and then licks it as he waits for the hunter to relax his muscles around his member. If looks could kill, than Kaname would be long a goner, given the deadly glance Zero is throwing at him.

"Just finish it already."

"Why are you so eager to finish this Zero? We both know how good this feels, so just throw away those restraints you has put on yourself and lets enjoy our time together," as he says so, he pulls out of the lithe body and slams back inside, earning a moan from the hunter that than bites onto his as not to let out another.

"You feel so good," Kaname whispers to him, his one hand sliding down one pale thigh as he continues to make love to his hunter in a slow rhythm, making Zero feel more than he would say was possible. As he lets out a surprised moan, Kaname knows that he has hit that special place inside Zero, and he lets it show in the smirk on his face.

Seeing Zero let loose slowly, Kaname gets a better idea and with a tight grip on his silverettes body, he moves them within the blink of an eye and they both find themselves in the master bedroom, right before the king-sized bed. Kaname gently puts Zero down on the bed, taking in the full image before him. He runs his eyes thru every bit of the naked pale body lying there, with the water drops running freely on it. Zeros wet hair swimming around him on the white bed sheets making them drink the water up and the expression on Zeros face is making Kaname even more aroused.

"You're beautiful like this," and I hope that no one will ever get to see you like this – is what he wanted to say to the hunter but dares not to break the calm that possessed the boy right now. He throws away the last bit of his clothes before climbing into the bed and onto the hunter, covering his body with his.

"Whaaa…" that move shocks Zero a little, and he pushes himself onto his elbows and tries to move from under the pureblood. He turns away from the hungry look Kaname is giving him, and the pureblood takes his chance with the new position Zero got himself in. Kissing him on the back of his neck as he whispers his name, Kaname moves one hand down Zeros side and then around his belly till he takes a hold of Zeros still hard member in his hand, pushing the boy into his. Kaname rubs his member onto Zero before he pushes slowly into the boy again, making him moan into the pillow that the silverette has pulled to him as not to be heard. Clutching the bed sheets with his fingers as a wave of excitement runs thru his body as Kaname hit his sweet spot his last will to resist gave out.

Beautiful – was the only word on Kanames mind as he saw the boy beneath him gasp from the lust he was giving him. He leaned down, kissing the delicate back, than one sweet spot on his neck as his rhythm became more faster, Zeros body taking him in deeper and deeper. His one hand helping the boy to release, while the other exploring his chest – finding a nice small nipple. All his senses taking in all the noise Zero is making, mesmerized by his whole existence. He came deep in him, fighting hard not to bite down on the exposed neck. Zero came in his hand in that exact moment.

"Shit… shit… shit…" cursed Zero in between heavy breaths as his erection came back the moment he came.

"So young," Kaname chuckles, "but don't worry, we have all night before us," he kissed the boy on his forehead, feeling his own member erect again in the smaller boy beneath him.



Is the night already over? I don't think so, but the sleep hasn't visited me and even if I should slowly prepare for it, I don't see it coming. I'm too much mesmerized by the figure lying in my bed, with an innocent look on his face – this looks so unreal, even much more than the situation that got us here. I lean more against the table, my eyes not leaving the sleeping form of the hunter lying in my bed – I want to grave this image into my mind, as I know that it won't happen so soon again. I bite my lips as my eyes pass over every bit of that pale flash that isn't covered by the blanket, that smooth skin that my lips has caressed and kissed all over just a moment ago. Oh Zero, if you just knew what you're doing to me.

"Kaname-sama?" why is it that Ichijou can always pick up the worst time for appearing? I run one hand thru my hair when I sense him enter the study that's connected to the master bedroom – I better walk there before he sees something that he doesn't has to see.

"What is so important that it can't wait and that you had to come personally to say to me?" I ask him as I make my way to the cabinet with drinks and pouring myself a glass of red wine before adding a tablet into it. I look at the liquid as the little white tablet melts into it, blending in with the expensive vine before taking a sip from it and turning around to look at my long time friend. "Well?"

"Yuuki… she…" of course it's about Yuuki – I haven't really acted like the perfect fiancé towards her, and what does she do? Runs to the only person out there that she knows will do something about her whining. Really – the more time I spend with her, the more I see the faults that she managed to hide thru all the years that we were in Cross Academy. But now… the pureblood side in her is starting to take over her innocent personality that I have fallen for. Zero on the other hand…

"Kaname? Are you listening to me?" Ichijou makes me focus on the present and push the thought about the sleeping hunter back – for now that is. "Did something good happen?"

"Why do you ask?" I take one more sip from the liquid, my eyes not leaving Ichijous sitting form – has he figured something out?

"Well… you were grinning just a moment ago – looking like you were deep in your thoughts," grinning? Me?

"What is it that Yuuki have sent you with this time?" I distract him from those dangerous waters with the original mission he came here for.

"It's not that she wants you to do something, but she feels like you aren't as close to her as you used to be Kaname. Even we have noticed that there's something there… something that's distracting you…"

"What do you want me to do, Ichijou?" I put the now empty glass down on the table I'm currently sitting on, crossing my hands on my bare chest as I pierce him with my intensive stare, waiting for his reply.

"Well," he shifts uncomfortably in the chair, "you could take her out – maybe to some nice dinner – show her that you still care about her?"

"Can you make the arrangements? I let you choose the restaurant," in the moment of silence a groan comes out of the bedroom, and Ichijou's already on his feet, with his eyes on the opened doors.

"Kaname," he looks at me, his green eyes narrowed when I use my powers to quietly slam the doors shut as not to wake the hunter up. It's like he has for the first time taken in my appearance, running all the information thru that smart head of his. "I won't say anything, but I just hope that you know what you're doing. I will contact you when I will make the reservations," and he leaves with a bow.

"I too hope that I know what I'm doing," I let out a sigh, slowly walking back to the bedroom. I know that it's a really thin ice I'm treating here with this man laying in my bed and a fiancé that has a great expectations for our future, but I just can't help myself. It's like there's something there, something that pulls me to the silverette – somehow, it's like it's always been there, but that one faithful night has made it crawl out onto the surface. I lie back down on the empty left side of the king-sized bed, drawing the covers over myself and closing my eyes with one more glance at his sleeping face – I know that when I will wake up, he will no longer be here.



Two days has passed since the last feeding time with Kuran, and yet I can still feel his touches on my skin, his lips on mine… I kick onto the wall nearest to me, ignoring the strange looks I get from the people filling the corridors of the association. Why do I have to think about it? What's wrong with me? It's Kuran for gods sake… why do I feel this way about him? –not him, as him, but him as his… don't think about it Zero, there are other matters that are waiting for you right now.

Opening the presidents doors, I slide inside as I don't see anyone in with him – he must have had expected me, as he doesn't comments on my behavior, being too used to it. Well, it was him in the first place that wanted to see me. I sit down into the chair before his desk, diverting my frown at the hunter before me. It's all his fault. Yes, that's it. Whatever he has poisoned me with is responsible for the mess I have in my head right now – for the whole situation with Kuran.

"You don't look so good Zero-chan. Has something happened to you?" don't add chan to my name – I want to say, but it's not worth arguing with him right now, as it would only extend my time here.

"Why have you called me here?"

"I have a mission for you," and he hands me some papers that were lying before him on the table. I take them, thinking about refusing them flat out even before I read thru them, but the more I read, the more it lightens something up in me – finally something interesting.

"You sure you want "me" to handle this?" I look at him with my eyebrows risen, fully knowing how important a matter this is and what's in stake here.

"I am. I know that there isn't much trust between us – or rather you don't like and trust me, but I know that you're good at what you're doing and being it not for your young age and flat out refusal, that you'll be the one sitting in this chair and not me. You should know Zero, that I see you as my successor," that is a surprise – after what he did to me, this would be the last think I would expect from him. Looks like there's more to our president than sees the eye.

"If you than excuse me, I think that I need to make some preparations," this will also give me the opportunity to avoid the pureblood and my so called fiancé, as I would leave for Europe in just two days time, not knowing how long the mission will take me – finally something positive. Speaking of that fiancé – why is it that when something good finally happened, he must have just walked into the room and ruin it with his presence alone? But of course he must have, as nothing good ever happens to me just like that – the bad is always just a corner away.

"Oh, what a coincident, don't you think so Zero?" I look back at the president that has a smirk on his face – a coincidence my ass.


"Before you say anything Zero, let me explain my sudden arrival – as you have done so great in avoiding me, I asked the president for a chance to meet with you," he's damn right in thinking that I have been avoiding him – who wouldn't be, being in the situation I found myself in, with a man for a fiancé… a fiancé I haven't asked for. Thank you very much. "I would like to take you out to a dinner, Zero," this, I haven't expected.

"But of course he will go with you. Right, Zero?" the president meddled in before I could flat out refuse him.

"I think that it's not your place to decide about that – but if you so much want to, you can go in my stead to this stupid diner with him."

"Just once – give me just this one night, so that you may get to know me better. Maybe you will come to the conclusion that I'm not as bad as you think me to be," I don't know what got into me, but I accepted – I know that there's some game that he's playing at, but maybe… just maybe, he's not as bad as he wants me to believe.



It's the fanciest restaurant in the city that Ichijou choose, and by the look on Yuukis face I see that she's satisfied. Oh how much she has changed from the young, shy girl I came to know and love. It wasn't like this when she was awakened, not at all. She stayed the same – sweet and innocent, but thru it all strong willed girl. I can easily say where the change began – or who the cause of it was – those other pureblood girls that became to swan around her. Yes, those… she slowly started to change to look and act like them – even now.

She looks mesmerizing, in that short blue dress, her long dark hair put up. But that look in her eyes as they scan the inside of the restaurant – to look at every face, to see if all the eyes are on her. I see the corner of her mouth go up in a smirk of satisfaction and her hand tightens on mine as we're shown to our table. I really start to doubt her sincere feelings for me – am I just an accessory for her? This is not the type of relationship I'm looking up to. I want a challenge, someone who can stand up to me and give me what I need… why do I see a flash of silver and lavender before my eyes when I think this?

"Kaname?" I hear Yuuki, and just than I realize that I have stopped in my walk and that the silver I thought was just the work of my imagination… There, just a few tables before us sits Zero – I would recognize him anywhere, my silverette cannot be mistaken for anyone else. But just as my eyes move to the other figure that's sitting right across the table of him, my jaw tightens when I recognize the man – Trés. How I loathe that man, how I wish to just go there and take him by the neck… to tear open his throat…

"Kaname? What are you looking at?" again comes Yuukis voice into my mind and I look down at her small form just in time to see her look in the same direction I was just looking in – and her eyes widen when she recognizes the silver hunter. "Zero? Is that Zero?"

"Yuuki…" I start, but she's already on her way to the hunters table before I have the chance to stop her and all I can do is follow right behind her.

"Zero," a beautiful smile is sitting on her face as she stops by their table like it's the perfectly normal thing to do so – to disturb ones date. Yes, in every way I look at it, it is a date. When he looks up at her I see the happiness in his eyes by seeing the sweetheart of his school days. I would have thought that he would jump up in the moment he saw her and take her into his warm embrace, but he does no such thing.

"Yuuki," he wants to say more, but the moment his eyes land on me, his smile freezes and he looks away, slight redness in his cheeks – why do I feel warm knowing that I'm the reason for that shy behavior?

"And who may this gentleman be, Zero?" she blinks at him, tossing her hair seductively around as she smiles at that... thing. Is she actually flirting with him? And right before my eyes too?

"Ummm… this is…"

"Julyj Vladimir Trés," the other man introduces himself before Zero can say something, standing up and taking Yuukis hand in his before kissing it gently – by the look on her face, it definitely pleases her to be treated like a lady by him. I look at Zero, wanting to see his reaction to this behavior, but he just sits there, biting on his lower lip – is it because of how his fiancée behaves to Yuuki? Is it jealousy from his side?

"So tell me, Trés-sama…"

"Just Julyj is fine, my lady Kuran," he tells her before she can continue and she smiles again, pleased not just to be able to be on such a familiar level with him, but also from the knowledge of being so famous to be recognized right away.

"Julyj," she tries the name on her tongue.

"I never would have thought to see you two in such a fancy restaurant – is there a special occasion for this?" I know it's not my place to be asking this, and even if Zero is giving me the cold look and even Yuuki is giving me one for interrupting her, Trés has this knowing look in his eyes and a smirk on his lips as he answers too proudly, like knowing that just by being with the hunter is making me go mad inside.

"Well Kuran, do I need a special occasion to take my fiancé out for a diner?"

"Trés," Zero says his name, like he doesn't likes the way the older man's talking about the type of their relationship – like he's actually uncomfortable. Is it because of me – because of the type of relationship he has with me? Or is it because he doesn't want Yuuki to know about it?

"A fiancé? Zero, I haven't known that you… you're that way?" she seems really shocked, but I just don't know if it's by the fact that Zero's "that way", as she stated, or because of the knowledge that she doesn't have a chance with the charming fiancé of her childhood friend. Well Yuuki, for the first time in a long while I can tell that we have finally something in common – I too, don't like the nature of the relationship these two before us have. When all the lamps in the restaurant blink for a second, I get out of my thoughts and try to calm down my powers as not to blow something up.



That look in Kurans eyes… why did he look so sad seeing me here with Trés? He has Yuuki, and no matter what we did, she was and always will be the only important one to him. Speaking of Yuuki, I must say that her words hurt me a little. The young sweet naïve girl that I knew is gone, replaced by a pureblood like any other.

"Is the food not to your liking?" I look up at my companion when his voice reaches me in my thoughts. Why am I thinking about the Kurans when I came here with the intention to get to know this man?

"It's not that – I was just… lost in my thoughts," I answer truthfully, taking a sip from my vine.

"Thinking about Kuran?" that got me by surprise, and I nearly choked on my drink. He continues with a serious expression on his face. "I don't know what the mature of your relationship with that pureblood is, but it's not as innocent as you want me to believe. I saw you two kissing, if you remember."

"I… I need to use the… excuse me," I say cowardly, running to the men's before he says more – the smirk on his lips haven't escaped my eyes. What the hell? The last man leaves the room as I enter and I go right to the basins, not really there for the… I just wanted to escape Trés and the talk he wanted to have. As I look into the mirror, I see nothing different about me – I haven't really changed so much thanks to the vampire blood, at least not on the outside, so what's with all these feeling I get when I'm near Kuran?

"What is wrong with me lately?" splashing my face with cold water, I close my eyes as I cover my neck with a cold hand.

"There's nothing wrong with you, Zero," I have registers the opening of the door, but not the purebloods presence till he spoke right into my ear. I turn around abruptly, finding myself locked between the basin behind me and the pureblood standing too close before me.

"Get the hell away from me, vampire," I push on his chest to get him to move, even if I know beforehand that it's meaningless.

"You weren't talking to me in this tone when we were in bed," and that smirk on his face makes the anger in me boil more, as I know that he's right.

"Shouldn't you go back to Yuuki? She looked so lovely this evening…"

"Is it jealousy I hear in your voice?" my eyes widen – what is he talking about? "I was wondering how long it would take you to realize your real feelings…"

"Are you nuts, Kuran? There's nothing I feel for you…"

"Oh really? It hasn't seen that way the last time…"

"Look," I interrupt him, starting to feel tired of this. "If there's someone who has brought feelings into this… whatever it is that's between us, than I would say that it's you," I point at his chest with my finger, and he takes a step back as his face became all serious all of a sudden.

"And what if I say that you got it right?" what? No, you idiot, you aren't supposed to be agreeing to it – you should be getting mad at me, telling me how wrong I am, that the only thing you want from me is my body… even thinking about those words coming out of Kanames mouth brings a slight pain to my chest.

"But you're with Yuuki, and we never really got along – and if we did, it too was always to ensure Yuukis safety."

"It's not like I wanted it to end this way – I wanted to be with Yuuki more than anything, but you too know how she changed. And you Zero… when I'm with you, I can be myself. I can let go of the mask I hide behind all my life… it was always this way between us, but now I'm not blinded by the likes of Yuki like I was in the past, and…"

"Stop… don't say anymore," I needed to make him stop talking, because the more he was saying, the more I found myself in the need to throve myself at him and also to run away… what is this? "You can't mean what you're saying… stop toying with me," and I walk away – or at least I try. But the moment I blink I find myself slammed into the door, Kanames hand holding me there by my throat and his vine red eyes looking at me angrily.

"You think that I'm making fun of you? Don't make me angry Zero. I don't see a reason why I should lie to you," and the grip on my neck lightens and then the hand travels slowly down, grabbing the front of my shirt to reveal more of my neck. "You don't know what you're doing to me Zero. I fought so hard the last time we were together not to bite down onto this neck of yours and make you mine," and he leans in and licks my, "but maybe I should do it. I should drink your sweet blood to make the bond between us stronger, to bind you to me. Maybe that will make you realize just how much I care about you."

"Kaname," I gasp as I feel his sharp teeth nibbling at my skin, expecting the pain that will come when they will pierce thru the skin and sink deep into the flash…



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