I decided to do a bit of a soundtrack to this story. A little weird, probably, but I wanted to do a little something extra.

Song for this chapter: What I've Overcome by Fireflight.

I should be dead in a ditch somewhere, but I'm not. No, I'm a survivor, always have been, always will. I've seen the worst things in life and came out of the wreckage with my head held high.

My life was a train wreck. My family was broken. No, not just little fights, that's a family that's cracked and can be repaired with a few words. My family was shattered. My father was a drunk, my mother was nuts, and my sister, the light of my world, was taken away from me when she was only ten. It was all thanks to my father. She had leukemia, her spleen was swollen, and that monster ruptured it because she was in pain. He's lucky that I didn't find out about that until two years later. For two years I blamed myself because I was the one who was supposed to give her my bone marrow to save her and I had a minor illness and couldn't give right away. I blamed myself for getting sick. I was her primary care giver. I went out in the middle of the night for food, medicine, and gathering money to pay for what I could. What I couldn't buy, I stole.

Thanks to Kayla, who I met after my sister died, I made it through the worst time of my life. It wasn't easy and you can see by the scars on my body, but I'm a survivor. Kayla has kept me alive all this time. She helped me when I was beaten by my parents and gave me the means to get into Kadic Academy.

I became a LYOKO warrior on an impulse. My new friend, Aelita, was in danger and I had to save her. She reminded me so much of my sweet sister. I couldn't let XANA get her. From then on, I considered the LYOKO warriors my brothers and sisters.

Eventually the truth came out about everything. My parents were arrested for beating me, my father for killing my sister, and an attempted murder charge thanks to XANA. I never want to see them again. I would've gone to children's services if it wasn't for Jim Morales. He took me in. He may not know what he's doing, but he was better than my father the moment he took me in.

When we thought it was all over for Franz Hopper, we learned that he was in my head. He somehow transferred a copy of himself into my LYOKO code and it was carried back when I returned to Earth. Aelita has her father now, and her mother when we located her in New York. I sought redemption by having my bone marrow taken for my new friend/brother's father who desperately needed my type marrow because he had leukemia. I couldn't say no. Fate didn't want me to and the same events happened again. Instead of waiting for the medicine that took care of the slight illness to flush out, as soon as the illness was gone, I told my new brother, who had magic, to hypnotize a doctor and take my marrow without anything to numb the pain.

Later, I helped saved the world from an evil ghost. I also saw my sister and she told me she forgave me.

I thought it was all over. After everything that has happened, you would think it is all over for us. We tied up all of our loose ends, but I have a feeling in the process, some of those threads frayed.

My name is Eva Maverick and something tells me there is another adventure coming for us. It's hard to describe. It feels like when a storm comes and everything goes silent. And the bad part: I'm rarely wrong.