Aroda wandered aimlessly down the streets of Gundaru Nui. After years of walking these streets as a Matoran, he knew them like the back of his hand. He didn't have any particular destination in mind, he just felt like walking.

He looked to his right and his eyes rested on a small store. The sign above the door read "The Crafter's Emporium" in bold letters. The Crafter's Emporium had beet his favorite spot to shop for materials as a Matoran carver. He ducked his head as he went through the door, but bumped his head on the Matoran-sized doorway. Rubbing his aching forehead, he ducked lower and went inside the shop.

As he stood up, he noticed that some of the Matoran who worked there were staring at him. He didn't like being stared at; it made him feel uncomfortable.

"Hey, Aroda, is that you?" called a cheerful voice from behind a pile of imported protodermis blocks. A muscular grey and tan colored Po-Matoran wearing a carver's apron strode out from behind the pile, covered in protodermis dust.

"Yup, Reknet, it's me. What's new?" Aroda grinned at the familiar voice of his old friend. The two friends shook hands heartily.

"Everything is the same around here, but what about you? You're the one who's been having all the adventures!" the Matoran laughed heartily. "When I saw your MaskBook post about becoming a Toa, I couldn't believe it!"

"I couldn't believe it either when it happened," Aroda recalled, "I went to the Suva temple, got knocked out by a bunch of rocks, and when I woke up, I was a Toa."

"Sounds like a pretty crazy day," Reknet said. "So, what's your mask power?"

"Foresight," the Toa of Stone said proudly, "I can tell what my enemy will do next."

"Cool!" the Matoran exclaimed, "So you can see the future?"

"Uhh, sorta." Aroda tilted his hand back and forth.

"Hey, since you're here, can I get you anything? We received a shipment of solid protodermis from Metru Nui just this morning. We've also got some new tools that are guaranteed not to break, and…"

Aroda cut him short. "Umm, Reknet? I'm a Toa now, remember? I've got a city to protect. I don't really have time to craft anymore." He thought for a couple seconds, then added with a smile, "Actually, I think I'll take a bit of that carving stone." He picked out a small block of stone, paid for it, said goodbye to Reknet, and left the shop. He turned in the direction he had come from, heading back towards the Toa headquarters.

As he walked, he tried to ignore the Matoran staring at him. Mata Nui, that really got annoying after a while. He wished he had stayed at headquarters to spar with Jakorak and Pronak or play video games with Zakita and Trelex. He tried to take his mind off the staring Matoran. He looked at the bit of stone he had bought from the Crafter's Emporium. He concentrated on it, calling on his power over stone. He felt it change shape in his hand, slowly morphing into a sphere. He smiled as he admired his handiwork. Sure, it wasn't much, but it was a perfectly round sphere, something he had never been able to carve when he was a Matoran. He tossed to himself as he walked down the street.

Aroda turned and took a shortcut through an alley. He remembered how he had once been mugged in this alley by a bad-tempered Le-Matoran. Not that he was worried about anything like that anymore. He was a Toa now! Muggers trembled at the very thought of meeting him in a dark alley. The Toa of Stone summoned a boulder from the ground smashed it in midair with his bare fist to emphasize his thought.

Suddenly, he felt an odd, tingly sensation in his head. His Kanohi mask! Something was about to attack him from… over there! He willed the stone sphere in his hand to morph into a sharp spike as he threw it at a specific spot in the air in front of him. Something popped into existence in midair a split second before the spike struck it in the face, making it screech in pain. He shoved his hands into his gauntlets as he backflipped onto a nearby garbage disposal unit.

"Who the Karzahni are you, and what do you want?" Aroda demanded.

"I am Ke'ranuk, and I am here to kill you!"

His attacker landed on his feet, and Aroda cringed as he got a good look at him. His minimal armor was dark red in color. He had short legs with wide feet. He had ridiculously long arms, which Aroda would have found quite funny had they not had long blades with claws on the end instead of hands. Between his shoulders was an ugly insectoid head with gigantic mandibles. Aroda's stone spike was lodged in his left eye. One of the clawed blades grasped the spike and wrenched it out, causing dark green blood to gush from of the wound.

"A Ba'aru?" Aroda gasped in shock. "Didn't we scare you guys off?"

Ke'ranuk hissed angrily at the Toa. "That was an embarrassment you shall pay dearly for, Toa! I will enjoy killing you."

"Uhh, yeah, sorry about that," Aroda said, "that might have been accident."

Ke'ranuk snarled as he threw the stone spike in his claw at Aroda and charged. The Toa wondered how he was able to throw anything with claws like that, but he decided not to dwell on it. He ran towards the charging Ba'aru and grabbed the spike out of the air. He changed it back into a sphere and put it in his pack as he somersaulted over his opponent. A stone wall rose from the ground in front of Ke'ranuk, and he careened into it.

"Take that, ummm,"Aroda struggled to think of a good insult. "Uglyface!"

The enraged Ba'aru roared and charged at Aroda again. He slashed low with a bladed arm, but Aroda jumped over it. He went for the Toa's neck, but Aroda simply ducked to avoid the strike. Aroda blocked and dodged all Ba'aru's attacks, but stayed on the defensive.

"I know a Toa of Fire who's harder to spar against than you," Aroda taunted, "In fact, after fighting him, I think I could beat you with one hand!" He proceeded to put his left arm behind his back and continued fighting. After a few more blocks, he lunged and punched the Ba'aru hard in the gut.

The Ba'aru responded by blasting him with a burst of blue energy from its mandibles. Aroda was too close to dodge in time, and he was thrown backwards by the impact.

Aroda landed hard on his back, but he had no time to dwell on the pain as his mask alerted him of another incoming attack. The Ba'aru had leapt high into the air, his blades poised to skewer the Toa's body. He rolled out of the way and the blades plunged into the ground. His mask tingled again and he did a back handspring to avoid another energy blast from the Ba'aru's mandibles.

"Curse you, Toa!" the Ba'aru hissed as he struggled to pull his blades out of the ground. Aroda focused his power on the rock around the Ba'aru, summoning walls to rise around his struggling attacker. Soon the Ba'aru was trapped underneath a dome of solid rock. Aroda did a raspberry at the stone prison he had just created and walked away, heading back towards headquarters.

Ke'ranuk tried to calm himself down. It was plain he wouldn't be able to pull out of the ground by any normal means. He concentrated on gathering energy in his buried claws.

The ground around his claws exploded, allowing him to finally pull his blades out of the ground. Now there the matter of breaking out of this stone trap, but that would be easy. Again, he gathered energy in his claws and mandibles and released in all at once, blasting a hole in the stone. He crawled out and stood up.

"You Ba'aru just don't know when to quit, do you?" asked a sinister voice behind him.

Ke'ranuk whirled around to see who was talking. A huge shape loomed over him. The thing raised gigantic spear in a clawed hand. Before he could teleport away, the figure had thrown the spear at him. For a brief moment, time seemed to slow down for Ke'ranuk as the weapon flew closer and closer to him, then everything went dark.