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Welcome back for the second season of Werewolf of the Hill. I hope you'll enjoy it as much as you did season one. Lets hope that this season goes smoother for Bobby.

When someone ask you about your first year of high school you pretty much tell them you that it was fine nothing special happened, well in the case of Bobby Hill I'm afraid that his freshman year was anything but normal. First off he got attacked by a wolf before school even started and became curse for the wolf was actually a werewolf thus cursing Bobby for life. Although it wasn't all bad, he did face horrible things from monsters and ghosts to demons and gods, the death of his mother but it wasn't all bad for he managed to make some new friends, Berry Barry, your average fan of the supernatural and Bobby's best friend, Cameron Garfield, a simple girl from England, and finally Jade LaRue, the girl who captured his heart then broke for Jade in secret was a monster hunter named Joan who now vows to kill Bobby the next time that she sees him as a werewolf. That pretty much sums up Bobby's first year of high school so let us join Bobby as he continues to struggle with life as a werewolf.

It was a Tuesday night during the first week of September and the smell of grilled meat filled the air as Hank Hill was standing at his trusty grill using his favorite cooking fuel, propane. Hank smiled as he slid the spatula underneath the burger nearest to the front and with skills like a master chef flipped the burger then gently placed it back on the hot bars of the grill. He then scooped it back up and placed it on a nicely toasted bun then held it up to his face.

"I swear that this burger is the most gorgeous thing I have ever seen." Hank said out loud almost tearing up

He soon scooped up the other burgers one by one and gently placed them on a large serving plate which he carefully carried into the house and on to the table where his son Bobby in no time grabbed two of the burgers and began to eat one immediately.

"Slow down, Bobby, you don't want to choke." Hank informed

Bobby slowed down his chewing as Hank put his food on his plate and sat down across from Bobby.

"Is it okay if I go over to Berry's house after school Friday?" Bobby asked between bites

"No problem," Hank answered with a slight smile, "I actually have plans Friday night anyways."

Bobby could tell his dad was hiding something from him, first off Hank had gone out every other Friday night since July, thanks to his supernatural sense of smell he could tell that his father has switched his brand of soap, shampoo, and cologne so Bobby figured there was only one reason for that.

"Dad, what exactly have you been doing the past few months?" Bobby wondered

Hank looked up from his plate and began to sweat as he knew sooner or later that this conversation was going to happen.

"Well, Bobby," Hank began, "I was waiting for the right time to tell you this but I guess since your asking I might as well tell you, I've going out with a woman a couple of times a month for the past months."

"Alright, dad," Bobby congratulated his father for getting back out there, "I know it might be tough for you to starting dating again after mom died."

"We didn't actually start to date until after the fourth of July but we did go out to lunch a few times."

"So, who is the lucky lady?" Bobby was eager to find out

"You know her actually," Hank stated, "her name is Allison Garfield."

Bobby who had just taken a big gulp of his soda almost choked when his father revealed the woman's name.

"Allison Garfield, as in the mother of Cameron Garfield who is one of my closest friends?"

"Yup, we kind of got to know each other when we were looking for you at the carnival back in May when that snake man kidnapped you."

"That's just odd that it took me being kidnapped for you to meet a woman."

"I'm surprised Cameron didn't tell you."

"I haven't hardly talked to her because she spent the first part of the summer visiting her father plus that she and Berry are now caught in this little fight between Jade and I", Bobby explained, "so it's been a tough couple of months."

"I bet this thing between you and Jade will blow over soon."

Bobby sighed before returning to his meal for he in fact tried to talk to Jade over the course of the summer and the fist day of his sophomore year but the conversation usually ends with Jade threatening to slice his throat open or do something harmful to him but he decided maybe it was for the best for this is what it will be like from now on, for he'll be the werewolf while she'll be the monster hunter that will try to kill him but on the bright side there hasn't been any monsters in town since the Basilisk. Unfortunately for Bobby, Jade wasn't the only monster hunter in his life for at that moment someone was spying on Hank and Bobby and that person was none other than Hank's friend, neighbor, exterminator, bounty hunter, and president of the Arlen Gun club, Rusty Shackleford or better known to pretty much everybody in Arlen, Dale Gribble who was sitting at his desk in his basement smoking one of his cigarettes with a couple of empty bottles of Alamo beer laying on the floor as he was watching Bobby on his computer through one of the cameras that he secretly planted in Hank's house to watch Bobby for when he gets footage of Bobby's transformation into a werewolf he'll finally be able to make his move.

"That's right, you mutt," Dale spoke out loud to himself, "you think you're safe sitting there enjoying your burger but the moment that I catch you wolfing out on tape you'll help Vergil Min campaign which will get him elected Mayor who will then run you out-of-town."

Dale looked away from his computer for a moment as he grabbed the large file that over the summer he filled up with information that he and Octavio have gathered up about Bobby's habits and routines but looking through the file Dale remembered one important detail, he had competition when it came to hunting the werewolf. He pulled out a picture of Jade which he stole from the LaRue's house during a fix up job that Hank, Bill, Boomhauer, and himself volunteered for when Herve's wife Emma was looking for someone to fix their shower.

"Who would that sweet, young Jade was a monster hunter," Dale thought, "not to mention the same one that I met in the museum."

He placed the picture back into the file before getting up and promised out loud that he was going to kill the werewolf before her for nobody, and he means nobody out hunts a Ratter. After that statement he shouted out in Gibberish while attempting to do karate but ended up stepping on one of the empty beer bottles and falling flat on his back.

"Sug," his wife Nancy called from upstairs, "is everything okay down there."

"I'm fine, Nancy." Dale shouted back as he lifted his hand to give a thumbs up, "is dinner ready yet?"

(9:39 p.m.)

A large semi was backing up towards a loading dock of a warehouse where two men wearing goggles opened up the door of the trailer and with assistants from a forklift they easily unloaded a large wooden crate.

"What exactly is in this thing, Davis?" the man asked his co-worker

Davis lifted up his goggles before hopping off the forklift and walked up to the box where he read the shipping label.

"Well, Dave, according to the label this crate goes to Ted Wasonasong."

"The same Ted Wasonasong that's running for mayor?"

"I think so," Davis guessed, "if it is then this crate is probably full of stuff for his campaign."

Dave placed a hand on the crate and gave it a small push.

"Fells too heavy." he informed

Davis looked closer at the crate and to his surprise the sticker said that the crate came from Prague.

"That's odd, why would he get stuff for his campaign from Prague?"

"Let's open it up and see." Dave suggested as he grabbed a nearby crowbar

He was about to pry open the box when Davis stopped him.

"Are you crazy," Davis shouted, "that's how Eddy got fired."

"Come on, a small peak won't kill us."

Davis stood there for a moment thinking if looking inside was the right thing to do but knowing Dave he would probably just pry it open anyways, so he walked over to a nearby table and grabbed another crowbar then joined Dave as they removed the lid from top of the crate and inside was a bunch of straw.

"What do you thinks inside?" Dave asked

"I don't know reach in and find out."

"I can't, I'm allergic to straw."

Davis rolled his eyes then reached inside and began to feel around for anything that could help them figure out what's inside but after searching for only a few seconds he pulled out his hand then ordered Dave to help him put the lid back on.

"Come on, let's get some of that soup I made this afternoon."

As they turned around to get something to eat they suddenly heard something landing on the floor which scared them half to death as they turned to see that the lid from the crate was on the floor along with a small pile of straw.

"Okay, I know for a fact that we put that lid back on properly." Davis pointed out

They ran back over to the crate and with their joint strengths were able to flip the crate on its side then Davis got down on his knees and began to look through the straw but couldn't find anything inside.

"I didn't want to say anything but the crate was lighter than I remember." Dave pointed out

The two got out their flashlights then started to search the warehouse for any possible intruders. Dave was searching for the back of the warehouse trying to keep his wits about so that they can find the intruder and hopefully the object that they stole from the crate. Then something fell over and Dave quickly aimed his flashlight at the source of the noise to discover that it was a small cardboard box but when he turned around he saw something that wasn't there before.

"Hey, Davis I think I fought what was in the box."

"What is it?" Davis shouted back

Dave took a good look at the object before turning around to tell Davis about it.

"It looks like some kind of…." was Dave was able to get out before something grabbed him from behind and caused him to drop his flashlight

"Come again," Davis shouted as he walked towards Dave's whereabouts, "I didn't get that last part."

Then out of the nowhere a blood curling scream came from the other side of the warehouse which Davis recognized as Dave's voice filled the air causing Davis to run towards him, when he got there he saw no trace of him but what he did see scared him for the object that he saw had a large blot of blood on it.

"DAVE," Davis shouted as he turned around, "WHERE ARE….."

Before he could finish that sentence something grabbed Davis and like Dave before him his screams filled the warehouse as something ended his life.

What a way to start season 2, I wonder what Ted Wasonasong ordered from Prague, whatever it this it looks like it's bad news for Bobby. Stay Tuned. P.S. If there is a supernatural creature you like to appear in this season please let me know in the reviews and I'll try my best to put it in and if not I'll try to add it in the next two seasons. Thank you.