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(10:06 p.m.)

Bobby had spent over half an hour trying to track down the monster that was responsible for the warehouse murders but so far he hasn't had any luck. He remained in normal form not wanting the risk of somebody seeing him as a werewolf and calling the cops and if he ran into Jade for he knew that she might be trying to track him down. He was near the Arlen Public Park when he heard a deafening scream coming from near by and quickly changed course and headed towards the park but he wasn't the only one to hear it for Jade was also near by when she heard the scream along with Dale and Octavio who heard it through a parabolic microphone that they had and headed towards the site. Bobby arrived in the park where he came upon a horrifying site, right in front of him was a bloody, mangled body of a young woman, he approached the body with caution but he unknowingly stepped in some blood and fell on his ground where he landed in even more blood and what he guessed was the woman's stomach contents. He rapidly jumped up and nearly vomited at the site when he heard the sound of someone drawing their gun, he slowly turned around and to no surprise it was Jade.

"You told me that you were different," she reminded him, "but I guess I'm too shocked that you lied about that also."

Bobby looked down at his hands and cloths than realized what she was probably thinking.

"Jade, you got it wrong," Bobby tried to explain, "I found her like this."

"That's pretty much the same excuse all monsters use when someone like me catches them in the act."

"Please listen to me, I am not responsible for this or for the murders in the warehouse."

"Then tell me what other creäture besides a werewolf could do this?"

"I don't know, you're the professional monster killer shouldn't you know this stuff?"

Before she could responded a near by bush began to move, Jade turned her gun towards the bush while Bobby wolfed out for it might be the monster he was looking for and to both of their surprise Dale Gribble walked out dressed in his cameo holding a hunting rifle along several knives attached to his vest.

"Hold it right there, you mutt," Dale said to Bobby, "prepare to get exterminated by Dale Gribble."

"You're kidding me?" Both Bobby and Jade said at the same time

"I never kid about killing."

Dale removed one hand from his gun and grabbed a walkie-talkie and turned it on.

"Octavio, I have found the werewolf, come to the west edge of the park."

"Who are you?" Jade asked in her fake English accent that she uses as Joan

"Drop the act, I know its you, Jade LaRue, so lose the mask."

Jade removed her goggles followed by the mask which she tossed on the ground.

"How the hell did you figure that out?" Jade questioned

"I found out when you told Bobby over here."

Bobby couldn't believe that the man who can't figure out that John Redcorn is Joseph's real father but yet knew his secret.

"When did you find out?"

"Back in May after you two came back from your date at the carnival, when you both shared your secrets which I caught on tape all thanks to my home security company, Dale-Tech, which you can thirty-five percent off if you sign up now."

"You son of a bitch," Jade shouted as she fired a shot at ground next to Dale who jumped in horror, "who gave you permission to spy on people?"

Bobby started to back up when Jade quickly turned and aimed the gun at him.

"Don't even think about leaving, Bobby."

Bobby couldn't believe the way Jade was acting he knew that she wasn't the same cheerful, kindhearted girl he met last year, the fact is that ever since Jade learned Bobby was a werewolf she seemed to become a whole new person, a person that was cold-hearted, rash, and altogether brutal.

"Take it easy, Jade," Bobby suggested, "if you lower the gun I'll be more than happy to explain what exactly is going on."

Jade smirked in a way that Bobby knew she was thinking, "Yeah, like I'm going to do that." but her attention on him got drawn away when she heard Dale talk into his radio.

"Octavio, where are you, I repeat, where are you?" Dale spoke into the radio

Dale suddenly dropped the radio when he saw that Jade had fired her weapon.

"You are crazy, you could have shot my head off."

"Trust me I never miss."

Dale glared at her through his glasses as he lifted up his rifle and aimed it at Bobby.

"Don't you dare." Jade warned

"Whose side are you on?" Dale asked being confused by Jade's reaction

"I'm on my side and my side is the only one that is going to kill him, not some incompetent moron such as yourself.

This was the last straw for Dale as he aimed his rifle at Jade.

"I'll show you whose incompetent when I single-handedly kill the Arlen Werewolf while you're pulling an iron bullet out of your leg."

When Dale pulled the trigger what happened next shocked him for Bobby in a blink of an eye jumped in the path of the bullet and the bullet hit him in the shoulder, than Bobby quickly recovered from being shot, ran up to Dale and grabbed him by the neck.

"Seriously what are you two, frenemies or something?

Bobby ignored him as he tossed him to the side landing next to a statue, when Dale looked up something came to him.

"Hey, was this statue always here."

Bobby and Jade looked in Dale's direction to see the statue that in fact wasn't there when they arrived. The statue was stone grey and was around the same height as Bobby was when he was in middle school with a face that resembled a mix between a bat and a lizard with a set of wings that looked like they could belong to a dragon, it was standing on two legs that had three clawed toes in the front with a large claw on the heel, its arms stretched out as if it was going to attack them.

"That wasn't here when I got here." Bobby informed

"Same here." Jade added

"Every man for himself." Dale screamed as he ran away

The two sixteen year old teenagers watched as the forty something adult run off towards what they assumed was his van.

"Coward," Jade thought aloud before she turned her attention back towards the statue

When she faced Bobby something else caught her eyes for they widened in horror.

"Dear God," Jade gasped, "it moved."

Bobby turned around to see that the statue indeed had moved and was standing only inches away from Bobby who saw for the first time blood on its claws and fangs.

"I think I might have found what killed that woman along with those warehouse workers." Bobby said

"I agree."

The two of them knew there was only one thing to do, run like hell. They bolted towards the trees hoping they could lose it that way until Jade remembered something.

"My mask." she shouted as she turned around to get them

She reached the spot where her mask and goggles laid but she only could grab the goggles for the statue held her mask in her hands. Bobby who had come back to get Jade saw her staring at the creäture.

"You got your goggles so forget the mask and run." Bobby begged

Jade wouldn't move as she became determined to get her mask back but before she could do anything she felt herself being swept off her feet and carried through the trees at a high-speed where then after five minutes she was gently placed on her feet by Bobby who at this time returned to normal.

"Where are we?" she asked

"A block away from our homes."

Jade looked around and couldn't believe that Bobby managed to get them from the park and to this neighborhood in under ten minutes.

"I have to go back."

"Why, so that thing can kill you?"

"I need that mask."

"What's so special about it?"

"It what defines me as part of the Crusaders."

"I see now, of course a ninja mask is the only thing that separates your group from the other nut jobs out there." Bobby joked

Before he could even chuckle at his own joke, Jade at him on his knees with her katana pressed directly into Bobby's neck that slowly burned his skin.

"How dare you speak of the Crusaders that way," Jade said in a tone that frightened Bobby, "they've been cleansing the world of monsters like you since Julius Caesar ruled Rome.

"I get that this group your apart of is important to you but that is no reason to get yourself killed."

Jade stood there deciding whether to decapitate him here or not.

"Please, Jade not here." Bobby begged

The Crusader in her wanted to do it but something told her to listen to Bobby, the latter won for Jade removed the blade away from Bobby's neck.

"Which way is home?"

The duo walked home without saying a word to each other the entire time, there were a couple of times that Bobby wanted to say something but they came at times when they were in a spot that Jade might not had any problem killing him in so he kept to himself. When they reached the driveway that lead to Jade's house they stopped.

"Jade…" Bobby began

"Don't speak." Jade said before she walked towards her house

Bobby watched as Jade walked to the side of the house and snuck in through the window to the room that once belong to Connie.

"Bobby, thank heavens your safe." someone shouted

He turned to see his dad running up to him.

"What's wrong?"

(Thursday: Arlen High 10: 30 a.m.)

Bobby was in the school library along with Berry doing research for a report that Miss Bloodworth assigned to them for class but were actually talking about the events of last night.

"So as it turns out Mr. Gribble's friend Octavio was viciously attacked last night, "Bobby said revealing what his father told him last night, "he's in the hospital now in critical condition."

Berry couldn't believe what he was hearing not only had Bobby found what killed those guys in the warehouse but the creäture itself sounded fascinating.

"You said that a statue did this to him?"

"It looked like a statue but the moment we looked away it moved."

"To me it sounds like you faced could be a…."

"Weeping Angel." Cameron said with enthusiasm

She and Jade were only several tables away from Bobby and Berry and were having the same conversation expect Cameron had her own theory which caused the students at the table next to them told her to lower her voice.

"A what?" Jade asked

"A Weeping Angel," Cameron repeated, "from Doctor Who."

(Yes, everyone, Cameron Garfield is a Whovian)

Jade stared at her trying to remember from all the episodes that Cameron forced her to watch which she'll admit that enjoyed them but couldn't remember the angels. Cameron took Jade's blank expression as a hint to explain what a Weeping Angel is exactly.

"In the show they are a race of aliens that resemble statues but can only move when they aren't being looked at then that the moment you look at one it they become quantum-locked meaning that they can't move and they look like a normal stone statue plus they're wicked fast and if they get their hands on you they zap you back in time and let you live to death."

"You lost me."

"Long story short you're dealing with something like one of these creatures."

"True but it's not killing them by sending back in time it's killing people by ripping them apart in the present."

"Okay is there anymore that resembles a statue?"

"A gargoyle." Berry said returning us to their table

"You're talking about those things on top of churches?"

"Exactly but all I know about them is that they're used to keep evil out and that the moment the sun comes up they turn into stone."

"Well this one is out killing people," Bobby pointed out, "I need a way to defeat it."

"My only thought is to use explosives," Berry suggested, "the only problem is that what you say is true the very moment you turn to run it might just remove it and come after you."

"Then I'm afraid we'll have to think of something else by tonight for I'm planning on stopping it before somebody else gets hurt."

"Agreed, I'll meet you at your house after school."

Back at the girl's table Jade had also made a promise to stop this monster tonight and has asked Cameron to tag along.

"I don't think I could do what you, Bobby, and Berry do," Cameron rejected the idea, "frankly it's mad."

"Look, it can't do anything as long as we look at it so I promise nothing will happen to you."

Cameron wasn't sure what to do, yes she secretly wanted to go on a monster hunt with Jade but at the same time she didn't.

"I'll go but under one condition, I get a weapon."

"Deal," Jade said, "meet me at my house after school."

(Rainy Street 5:30 p.m.)

The sun had begun to set over the horizon as Bobby and Berry were in Bobby's garage packing the truck of the Cadillac with equipment that they thought would be useful to fight off a gargoyle and right next door Jade and Cameron were doing the same thing. Jade was in her Crusader uniform minus the mask, instead she wore her hair back in a ponytail as did Cameron who was wearing one of Jade's back up suits and like Jade wasn't wearing the mask and thought she looked pretty cool in the suit until she discovered one detail, for on her upper arm were four claw marks that have been sewn up.

"Jade, was this the same suit you wore when you first met Bobby as a werewolf?"

Jade didn't answer as she was to focused on finding Cameron a weapon which she eventually did, she turned and handed her a mace.


"As ready as ever."

"Good," Jade said with a smile, "time to kick this statue's ass."

Who will find and defeat the gargoyle first, Team Werewolf (Bobby and Berry) or Team Crusader (Jade and Cameron) stay tuned to find out.