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At long as the final chapter for the first episode of season 2. Enjoy

Bobby's fight with the gargoyle continued, he was still pinned to the ground and trying his best to throw the gargoyle off but every time it would seem that he was going to prevail the gargoyle would then sink its talons further into Bobby's chest causing him to lose concentration.

"Bobby, you over here?" he heard Berry shout

He could hear two sets of footsteps approaching him.

"Who's with you?"

"Cameron is with me, now tell us where the gargoyle is at."

"He's on top of me."

Berry and Cameron both knew that their chances of hitting the gargoyle while they had their eyes closed was not an easy task but they also knew that they would have to try, so Berry ran up while swinging the crowbar in his hands like a mad man hoping he would hit his target which to his surprise he struck something but this moment of joy was short-lived when something back-handed him so hard that he landed two feet away.

"BERRY!" Bobby and Cameron shouted

Cameron took this chance to attack and like Berry before her she managed to strike the gargoyle in what she guessed by the angle of the hit was the monster's leg.

"Thanks, Cameron." Bobby said for that attack had caused the gargoyle to extract its claws from his chest giving him a knock the beast on to the ground

Bobby then quickly reached down and pick up his flashlight, turned it on and aimed it at the gargoyle causing it to turn back into stone.

"It's safe to open your eyes."

Cameron side in relief as she opened her eyes then turned back on her night vision goggles. She then saw Berry on the ground a few feet away, she ran up to him and was glad to see that he had quickly recovered.

"I got hit harder than that before." he joked as Cameron helped him off the ground

"So what now?" Cameron asked

"We kill it." Jade said as she finally reached the group

"May we just take a minute to relax, Bobby and I took a beating." Berry informed

"This is our only chance to finish the job."

"Okay, how do you suggest we do that?" Bobby asked

Jade explained that she had a lot of time to think about it and there was a way that might work but it won't be easy for the first thing they had to do was to gather some steel chains which luckily for them the warehouse had plenty of so Jade had Bobby and Berry gather those up while her and Cameron kept an eye on the gargoyle.

"You sure this is the only way, it sounds pretty rash?" Cameron questioned her friend after Jade told her the plan

"I see no other option, besides this is an old Crusaders tactic."

"When was the last time it they used it?"

"If I remember correctly it a Crusader used to kill an Ushi-Oni in a barn in Chicago in the early 1870's."

Bobby and Berry returned with the chains.

"Good, now let's get to work."

The set up took nearly an hour to complete for Bobby and Berry who had to find a way to chain the gargoyle to the ground which thanks to the sledgehammer Bobby had brought with him meant that the task didn't take long. Jade during that time had located and deactivated the fire sprinklers for the building, she then broke in the main office of the warehouse and found a lighter in the desk drawer. Now all she need was something to burn, that job was left to Cameron who had found just the thing, a forklift. Jade removed the fuel cap inserted some straw they found in a nearby crate (the same one the gargoyle arrived in), she lit the straw on fire and told everybody to get out. As they ran out the door they heard the sounds of chains rattling violently as the gargoyle tried to escape. Bobby and Berry got into the Cadillac as did Cameron and to their surprise Jade. The Cadillac was over a mile away when they fire reached the gas inside the forklift and exploded causing the fire to engulf the warehouse along with the gargoyle who tried to break free from the chains but sadly failed as it soon became consumed by the flames.

(8:00 p.m.)

Bobby had parked the Cadillac in a spot that was just around the corner from the alley, he looked at Berry, then at Cameron, then finally at Jade who didn't look at him.

"I have to say despite the part where we committed arson, I actually enjoyed fighting the gargoyle with all of you."

"It might be the adrenaline talking but I agree," Cameron stated, "I never had so much fun in my life."

Jade didn't say anything as she pushed the seat Berry was sitting in forward singling him to get out so she could, Berry cooperated as he opened the door, got out and waited for Jade to get out before getting back in. Jade started to walk towards her home when someone ran up to her.

"Cameron, please, I just want the rest of the night to myself."

She turned around to see that the person was Bobby.

"What do you want?" Jade asked knowing what he was going to say

"I wasn't lying when I said I enjoyed fighting along with all of you," He said, "you have to admit we work well together."

"Don't think for a minute that just because we worked together to kill one gargoyle doesn't mean that will happen all the time."

"Remember how well we worked together when we faced the Chupacabra?"

"Yes and like the gargoyle the Chupacabra was the real threat at the time but one of these days your going to slip up and kill an innocent person and when that day comes I'll be the one who brings you down and there's nothing you can do to change that." Jade said before walking away

"What if I help you track down and kill Iago, you know the demon who took your father's soul."

This stopped Jade in her tracks, she turned around walked up to Bobby and punched him in the face.

"How dare you try to use my father as a bargaining chip, you jackass."

Bobby stood there holding his bleeding nose as he watched Jade walk away. He decided it was best to leave Jade alone for the moment as he walked back towards his car to take Berry and Cameron home.

(Friday: 7:15 p.m.)

Bobby was hanging out at Berry's house watching television but couldn't get into the show for several things were on his mind, the first thing was the fact that his father was on a date with his now not secret girlfriend, along with Jade still being mad at him, and finally the crate in the warehouse that the gargoyle arrived in that had Ted Wasonasong's name on it.

"Do you think Ted Wasonasong knew what he was getting when he ordered the gargoyle?" Bobby blurted out causing Berry to pause the TV

"Come again?" Berry asked making sure he heard his friend correctly

"You said he could have ordered the gargoyle with the purpose of using it as some sort of decoration but yet why didn't he have the crate delivered to his house and why stash in a random warehouse?"

Berry sat there trying to think of an answer for Bobby's questions but soon realized he didn't have any.

"You're right plus another question would be why didn't the cops question him after they investigated the warehouse, I'm sure they noticed the open crate with nothing in it."

"I wonder if Jade knew about the crate?" Bobby added

"If she did then she could be on her way over to the Wasonasong's to question Ted as we speak."

Berry couldn't be more wrong for Jade was still at home, alone in her room sitting at her desk on her laptop, this might seem normal for a sixteen year old girl but as we know Jade is no normal girl for one thing she had closed her curtains and the only source of light was coming from a small lamp on her desk. She was typing on the keyboard pretty fast then on her screen appeared a window that required her to type in her name and password.

"Jade LaRue," Jade said to herself out loud, "password, Joan1431."

She sat there for a minute until she heard a male voice coming from her computer.

"Joan, it's so good to hear from you, I haven't heard from you a while." the voice greeted with joy

"It's been a pretty quiet in Arlen until this week which I got the report typed up for you."

"Excellent, send it to me."

Jade leaned forward where she quickly located the document and sent it to the mysterious person. The person read over the report and seemed impressed by what they read.

"A gargoyle, I haven't seen one since I was around your age."

"I'm glad that my report took you down memory lane." Jade joked a bit

The man let out a chuckle that was short-lived for he quickly returned to the business at hand.

"Now, about this werewolf you've encountered since you killed that Chupacabra during your second month in Arlen, anything to report on."

"No." Jade lied

Jade had left out the part where the werewolf had helped her fight the gargoyle, this isn't the first time she's done this though.

"You've been in that town for over a year and you have yet to kill it," the man said with disapproval in his voice, "I thought I trained you better than that, you should have killed the werewolf within the first few months."

"This werewolf is a tough one to track down."

"So was the monster that paralyzed your father." the man reminded her

"That monster was easier to track down for it left a trail of bodies while as far as I know this werewolf hasn't killed a single person."

"Then I have something to show you."

Jade watched as a video popped up on the screen and she noticed that it was a clip from the local news. It showed the Heimlich County Medical Center, she then saw a large group of people standing in front of it along with one of the two candidates for mayor, Vergil Min. He was standing with his back turned from the hospital and was getting ready to make a speech, one he hope will help him win the election.

"Citizens of Arlen," Vergil began, "I am standing here in front of you tonight for one reason and that reason is the supernatural."

Jade leaned closer to the screen in shock for she saw Dale Gribble walking into the shot and stood next to Vergil.

"This is Dale Gribble, Arlen's best exterminator, president of the gun club, my number one supporter, and one of many victims of the recent supernatural attacks on our town."

Vergil stepped aside allowing Dale to step up to the group of eager reporters.

"Hello, my name is Dale Gribble, usually I would use a fake name in situations like this but this situation call for drastic measures for in the ICU of this hospital lays my close friend Octavio who was viciously attacked by the Arlen Werewolf."

"What, he's lying, it was the gargoyle that attacked him, not the werewolf." Jade thought

Tears began to come out from behind his sunglasses giving Vergil the cue to step back up in front.

"This is the type of incident that I'm hoping to prevent if I'm elected mayor and so far all I heard Ted Wasonasong say is that he'll make some changes to the local schools but answer me this my fellow Arlenites what good is a better education for your children if their being devoured by a monster?"

The crowd became horrified for the fact that Vergil would even say such a thing but at the same time they knew he was right and then they all began to give their support by agreeing with him.

"So, Arlen, in two months when you vote I want you to think about every single strange thing that has happened within the last year and ask yourselves, will it get worse and if so how can I stop it," Vergil spoke grabbing everyone's attention, "let me tell you how to stop it, you can for when November come around the corner you will vote for Vergil Min."

Suddenly Dale came back into view lifting his fist repeatedly into the air and chanting.

"MIN FOR THE WIN," he chanted loudly, "MIN FOR THE WIN!"

The crowd soon joined in the chanting and at that moment the video stopped.

"It seems to me that you have some competition," the man stated, "the next time you see that werewolf you better kill it on the spot for I couldn't live with the fact that those amateurs managed to kill the werewolf before one of my own Crusaders."

"I won't let that happen." Jade promised

"You better pray that it doesn't for if you and those idiots don't kill the werewolf by the end of April I'll come and do it myself."

"That's not necessary," Jade said, "I'll kill the werewolf before April."

"I hope that you will."

The screen went black and Jade slammed her laptop shut then turned off the lamp.

(2:30 a.m. The previous night)

We return to the warehouse that in able to kill the gargoyle they had to burn it down to the ground, the fire department had put out the fire and stayed for a couple of hours which the arson investigator had declared the fire a possible arson judging from the burnt remains of the potential suspect (the gargoyle's last victim) that failed to get out of thee building in time. Then left. We see a lone figure digging through the rubble and debris of the building searching for something then after a long dig they managed to find what they were looking for, it was a chunk of stone that was actually the gargoyle's face.

"Damn, that's a shame," the person swore as they held up the fragment

The person turned around showing us that the person was the other man running for mayor, Ted Wasonasong, he looked around to make sure nobody saw him as he proceeded to flee the scene with a small piece of the gargoyle.

"Worst four grand I've ever spent."

So is Vergil the bad guy this season or is it Ted? You'll just have to find out as the season continues. I know the way I killed the gargoyle may seem like a cop-out but I was having trouble coming up with a cool way to kill it. I hope you stick around to see what happens as the second season of Werewolf of the Hill continues. Stay Tuned