"My One And Only Love"

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Disclaimer: I for once, do not own Phineas and Ferb whatsoever. I actually discovered a pairing that I really like on the show and I was just urging to do a short multi-chapter story based on two of the characters from the show itself, which is Monty Monogram (which is Major Monogram's son) and Vanessa Doofenshmirtz (which is Dr. Doofenshmirtz's daughter). I hope everyone of you is impressed! Anyway, here's the story and it may include major Monty/Vanessa fluff later in the chapters, so enjoy! WINNING!

Chapter 4

This has now become a worst case scenario for Dr. Doofenshmirtz. As if walking in the cold with just a bathrobe, slippers and a six pack of breakfast drinks in hand wasn't bad enough, having to be chased by a gangsta dressed in all black looking very well-built and threatening. Doofenshmirtz wonders how long he was gonna run with those bunny slippers of his.

"Aw, come on! Don't you want a nice tasty breakfast drink so that we can be even?" Doofenshmirtz shouted right at the thug as he was still running like hell. Actually, make that an entire fire of hell just waiting to burn Doofenshmirtz's ass to a crisp.

"Hell no, breakfast drinks give me gas. Why do I want gas when I can be busy kickin' yo ass? I like that better!" The thug shouted right back at him as he increased his speed.

"Darn it! I always thought that would work. These things usually help me out!" Doofenshmirtz replied as he took a look at his bottled breakfast drink. He miraculously held the six pack of breakfast drinks by his chin, managed to twist the cap and drank it all the way down his skinny throat. "Man, that's good."

But then, did he realize that his struggling to open the drink resulting in him losing great speed. The thug was now catching up to him by a hair. Doofenshmirtz freaked out a bit and started to pace up a bit. It sure as hell didn't lose the thug, but at least it lowered his odds from having his innards being fried up like dried Asian noodles.

Meanwhile, back at Le France, the waiter had suddenly gave the menus to both Monty and Vanessa while Perry or Agent P was still playing a very impressive violin rendition of Journey's "Faithfully". Heck, even the waiter was generous enough to even tip Perry a nice 20 bucks. Monty was thinking on what to dine on and such.

"So Vanessa, what do you plan on having? I'm thinking about getting the Chicken Cacciatore. How about you?" Monty said to her as his eyes were fixated on the menu itself.

"I can't really decide as a matter of fact..." Vanessa replied as she was looking around on what to order, "All of them look so french and they just look so good."

"Well, take all the time that you need. I don't mind one bit." Monty replied pleasingly as Vanessa sudden;y made up her choice.

"I guess I'll have the same thing as you're having." She insisted as she set aside her menu for a little while and looked over to her date, "You have any idea for dessert?"

"No idea." Monty replied as he also passed on his menu.

But suddenly, both Monty and Vanessa somehow heard a scream outside, which was pretty much Dr. Doofenshmirtz running around a block while the thug was still on his tail. This was a little bit embarrassing to be exact.

"AAAAAAAAAAAGH! Curse my bloody feet!" Doofenshmirtz shouted out as Vanessa felt an ounce of shame as she hid her face far away from him.

"Not as much your face is gonna be when I thrash it, sucka!" The thug shouted at him once again as he was just pacing and pacing just to catch the cowardly evil genius. Clueless, Monty looked right to his date, who was still embarrassed that she saw her father in a bathrobe and slippers just running like the Flash himself.

"Was that your father in his bathrobe?" Monty replied as he raised a suspicious yet clueless eyebrow at Vanessa.

"Yeah, it definitely was..." Vanessa said with an embarassed gulp, "On second thought, I'll have dessert. At least I can try to eat away the thoughts of my half-naked dad..."

As Vanessa was still ashamed because she now saw the images of his half-naked dad, the waiter approached him with a notepad in his hand.

"Okay, shall I take your order, no?" The waiter spoke to the couple with a pen in his hand.

"You wanna take this, Vanessa?" Monty replied to his date.

"No thanks, my eyes are still blind because of the thought that my father is still running around with skivvies." Vanessa said to him as she passed on from taking her order. So it looks like Monty was gonna do it himself.

"Okay, then..." Monty replied back as he looked right at the French waiter, "You think you can give me and my lady some of your nice delicious Chicken Cacciatores?"

"Hmmmm, I will see what I can do, no? Are you also interested in our dessert? Tonight's special is our special deep-fried banana split. We deep fry the bananas in which we drizzle them with nice dark chocolate. Then it is smothered with some irresistable Chocolate gelato, which commences with french vanilla whipped cream, chocolate sprinkles and a nice cherry on top." The french waiter nodded.

"Sounds good. Bring two of those." Monty smiled reassuringly as he gave the waiter their menus back.

"Will do." the french waiter nodded once again as he then saw Perry with his violin still at hand, "Um, does your little platypus friend want anything?"

"Oh, no... he's good. But thanks though." Monty spoke right to the waiter again as he finally left with the menus in hand. He then looked right at Vanessa, "So how are you feeling right now."

"Like I passed the kidney stone the size of my father..." Vanessa said with a tiredsome tone. At least some nice dessert will be enough to clean off the image of her half-naked evil genius of a father...

...who was still being chased block after block by the large nasty black thug.

"Get back here, crinkle-neck!" The gangsta shouted right at Doofenshmirtz, who was nearly losing speed as it was from running too many blocks in this city.

"Come on, at least give me a break to rest!" Doofenshmirtz exclaimed as he just wanted to cry mercy from the already-running gangsta. Knowing that it was helpless, Dr. Doofenshmirtz had to think up a desperate plan B. So without any time to think, Doofenshmirtz grabbed one of the breakfast drinks he was carrying alongside him. He gave the good bottle a nice furious shake. He was shaking so hard that it was the kind of rattling anyone could feel during a huge earthquake. With the breakfast shake already foaming up, he started to aim right at the running gangsta.

"You can't run from me, sucka!" The gangsta exclaimed as he now sprinting right at Dr. Doofenshmirtz furiously, but little did he know that this little chase was gonna stop indefinitely.

"Yeah, but let's see you run from this!" Doofenshmirtz exclaimed angrily as he let open the bottle cap, and just like a firehose...

...he blasted the gangsta with a double dose of chocolate liquid. It was so roaring like a tsunami or a typhoon blasting a human right away from this earth instantly.

"PWWWWWA!" The thug in black shouted in pain as he was spitting out the chocolate liquid that was being blasted right on his face. "Oh, damn! Not on the face! I'm lactose intolerant, sucka! STOP!"

"Yeah, how do you like the taste of chocolate and hell combined?" Doofenshmirtz taunted right at the chocolate-drenched thug, "No one messes with Dr. Doofenshmirtz and his soon takeover of the Tri-State Area!"

"Agh! Agh! Okay, I give up! I give up!" The gangsta yelled out in mercy, finally giving up. "Just quit blasting me and I'll go!"

As soon as Doofenshmirtz finally stopped blasting chocolate liquid at the thug, the gangsta finally took off and left running for his life.

"That's right! No one messes with the Doofinator!" Doofenshmirtz yelled out in victory, "That's how I roll in my hood! Ha-ha!"

Doofenshmirtz took his moment to taunt in victory, before he realized that he was absolutely lost somewhere in the city. But he wasn't alone however, it seems that the chase between him and the gangsta led him somewhere around the Danville Zoo, which was packed with an amount of customers around the middle of this Valentine's Day night.

"Ohhhhh, great. Now I'm in an animal-shaped hell..." Doofenshmirtz angrily sighed, "Maybe Vanessa will be around here in this zoo somewhere. Let's hope a gorilla doesn't break out and maul her. I can just imagine her guts being used as a cigarette right now..."

Knowing that he felt a bit uncomfortable being in a zoo being dressed in his bathrobe, shorts and bunny slippers, Doofenshmirtz had no choice but to look around to see if Vanessa was safe. Otherwise, this wasn't gonna be very easy.

Heck, I don't know how it would get any worse for Doofenshmirtz. Will it be this worse than Dr. Doofenshmirtz will ever imagine? Will Vanessa actually erase the image of his bathrobe wearing father out on the streets? Find out until next chapter after you read and review! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!