Aomine shudders at the sound of Kise's voice from across the basketball court. The one time he decides to forgo his afternoon nap in favor of practicing outside, the cheerful (and down right annoying) blond sniffs him out. He tries to ignore Kise calling his name, the sound becoming louder and louder with each passing moment. He turns around, mouth opening to yell when he notices Kise putting a hand to his lips and making a wide sweeping gesture, the audible /smack!/ echoing as Kise lifts his palm to his lips and blows the invisible kiss. Aomine's eyes widen and as a strong breeze blows the kiss towards him, he aptly darts away, triumphantly dodging the Aomine-seeking missile.

"Aominecchi!" Kise whines and starts coming after Aomine, expensive shoes hitting the concrete court. The blond has ditched his bag and jacket, his eyes locked on Aomine's sweating form. Aomine turns and books it over a hedge, knowing that if he doesn't escape Kise, the blond will punish him for avoiding that kiss.

Aomine runs through the park, swerving around mothers pushing strollers and hopping over benches of elders feeding birds that scatter everywhere. His heart is racing, adrenaline and excitement pounding through him. He can hear Kise trailing behind, the copy cat following his exact route. "Aominecchi!" His name seems louder and Aomine knows he's getting closer.

He stumbles slightly in some sand as he enters a playground, slipping in between swinging children and ducking under monkey bars. He climbs up a slide into a little tube, hoping that perhaps he's lost the blond. He lays quiet in the hot plastic, panting softly, sweat soaking through his shirt. All he can hear is the joyous screaming of children on the playground. He smirks to himself, eyes closing briefly.

No one can catch Aomine, no one-

A wet kiss lands on his cheek and he grins, squirming away. "I caught you Aominecchi!" Kise smiles broadly above him, blond locks hanging down into his face as he stares at Aomine. Aomine reaches up and grabs the blond by the ears and pulls him down so their lips can connect. They share a passionate but brief lip lock, tongues batting against each other before Aomine pushes Kise away.

"You get a five second head start for catching me." He smirks, his body revving up at the prospect of hunting down Kise. Kise squeals with delight and scrambles out as Aomine starts to count.



Kise disappears out of the tube.

"Five." Aomine jumps up and slides out.

The hunt is on.