Aomine never realized how lonely birthdays could be.

Without anyone there to celebrate it with him, it just seemed like another normal day at the precinct. Of course, he got well wishes from his coworkers and from his old Teiko teammates.

Kise (who was probably thousands of feet in the sky some where over Europe) sent him a vase of perky yellow roses and a flowery card that had him rolling his eyes.

Kuroko and Kagami sent a fruit arrangement to his work, which was promptly eaten up by coworkers. Free food attracted them like flies.

Murasakibara, in true fashion, had a laden down basket full of all sorts of sweet treats delivered to his home (a nice discovery after being out on the road all day and getting no well wishes from the several arrests he had made).

And upon checking his mail, he found a book delicately wrapped from Midorima. Titled Advance Patrol Tactics, Aomine tossed it on the coffee table where he figured it would just become a coaster for his beers.

So he sat down at his little table, looking almost pathetically at his meal. While the flowers, fruit, and chocolates were nice, they didn't compare to having someone here with him, singing that stupid happy birthday song or asking him to make a wish.

He had taken a few bites of dinner when the doorbell sounded. "Coming." he called out, figuring it was the delightful old lady from next door to report something suspicious. Evidently she figured that the policeman next door meant that he was her personal security at night.

"Yes Mrs. Shi- Akashi?" He stopped in surprise at the familiar redhead standing there, a box in his hands. Akashi gave a slight smile.

"Happy birthday Daiki." He moved forward, Aomine automatically moving aside to let him in. "I would have come sooner, but traffic is hell this time of day." Aomine shut the door and followed Akashi into the kitchen.

"Uh, thanks Akashi." Aomine didn't dare reveal his utter surprise and delight of having someone over. Akashi reached into the box and pulled out a small cake that would probably only feed two or three. There were some candles already on top and Akashi pulled out a lighter and lit them.

"Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you," Akashi sung and Aomine's grin became wider and wider, even if Akashi shouldn't be trying out for musical auditions any time soon. "Happy birthday dear Daiki, happy birthday to you." Akashi shoved the cake up in his face. "Now make a wish."

Aomine blew out the candles with ease. "It's already come true."