Things in Smurf Village were now dark times after Hefty and Handy's departure from that dreadful day. There was a division of 2 for both sides as most of the Smurfs avoided one another because of it all. Some Smurfs had hope that the boys would never return, let alone disapproving on their relationship. However, there were a few Smurfs who still wished for them to come back. And they most certainly had nothing against them for being together as a couple.

Unfortunately, they weren't too sure of Papa Smurf of how he felt. Since then, he hasn't talked to any of the Smurfs after what happened and just stayed in his mushroom home. They didn't know if he was still upset of how he treated the boys, or felt of any sympathy upon them. It had been a few months since the Smurfs haven't really heard from him. So they thought he needed some time to get his bearings together. ...At least they hoped it wouldn't be too long now.

It was one mid-day during the summer while Gutsy and Shini Smurf were walking along together in the village. As they wandered about, Gutsy took a glance around as everyone else was feeling just the same as usual, not caring and avoiding each other. Shini had noticed it too witnessing the issue until she sighed and looked to the ground.

"Still nothing's changed..." Shini said. "What happened to this village...?"

"This is gettin' absurd...!" the Scotsman growled a little. "Our home was never liked this 'til now... And all because of two Smurfs bein' together as a couple... I just don't get it..."

"Me neither... I mean they never acted like this when we became a couple! What's the difference between them and us?"

Gutsy sighed lowly and said, "It's the fact that two MALE Smurfs are the reason why... I'm guessin' it's some kind of rule that two males aren't allowed to fall in love. But what's the deal? There are only 3 females here and only 100 Smurfs! I have you, but both Ashli and Smurfette shared the same feelings for the same Smurf, who's obviously in love with his best friend."

"And? We three are not even 'real' Smurfettes..." the brunette recalled, "If we weren't here, there wouldn't be any females for you guys to fall in love with. Maybe if we weren't here, no one would've anything against two male Smurfs loving each other."

"But it still doesn't make sense as to why the others think it's wrong to go against nature to fall in love with the same sex...!"

"Why go against the nature?" Shini pondered. "The others should go to Mother Nature then and ask her if there's something wrong with this love!"

"They can't!" Gutsy hollered, turning to her angrily. "None of us can't leave the village, remember?!"

Shini had then suddenly stopped walking and looked up to him a little shocked and stared into his eyes. The Smurf in the blue and plaid kilt had also looked into her eyes, seeing that he upset her so. His expression soon changed as he burrowed his brow and sighed again.

He then took a hold of her hands gently into his and said, "I'm sorry I snapped at ya, lass... It's just really frustratin' with all the hate goin' around... And only a few of us Smurfs already miss them..."

"I know..." Shini sighed and then placed her head on his chest. "Why can't everything just be normal again...?"

Gutsy had placed his head close to hers replying, "If only Papa hadn't scared them away... If only... the other Smurfs would just get along again... Whether or not Hefty and Handy are in love... I just wish they'd understand how strong their love is compared to ours."

"Me too..." she agreed, nodding and closed her eyes. "If they would just accept them..."

The Scottish Smurf closed his eyes as well and pressed her closer saying, "Our boys were lucky to smurf away as possible before Chef and Baker would do anything else umsmurfy..."

"It was already horrible enough what they did to you..." the German Smurfette said, holding him a little tight.

"It nearly cost me my life..." Gutsy spoke sadly as he remembered what had happened to him. "After Chef left the cut on my arm, I knew right there and then that this was war. And he just looked at me... with that smug on his face..."

"I still don't know how someone can become so heartless all of a sudden. ...He was never like this..."

"He will get what's coming to him..." Gusty said after drawing out a deep sigh. "It's too bad that some of us have to fend for ourselves for now. But at least we still have Farmer on our side."

"I'm glad about having him on our side too..." Shini agreed as she then turned her head up to him slightly and just looked at him.

Gutsy looked down upon to her as well and began to smile a little. He then placed his hand against her cheek and softly brushed her face with his thumb. The scar done by Chef's knife on his arm was now less visible, but was healing nicely. At least it wasn't a permanent scar, thank goodness.

"I'm just so happy that Chef wasn't able to do anything worse to you..." Shini whispered smiling back at him.

"I may have been beaten up badly; but at least I still have my dignity and my girl..." Gutsy whispered in return.

After that, Shini sighed and gave her beloved Smurf a sweet, quick kiss on his lips. The Scotsman smiled and then took a hold of her hand once more, giving her a gentle kiss on it. Shini began to blush a little and giggled at the reaction before she changed the subject.

"...Say... Do you feel hungry...?" she asked.

"Now that ya mentioned it; I could go for a little something." Gutsy replied feeling a little famished.

"Then let's go and see if we find something smurfy to eat!" the bespectacled Smurfette smiled at him.

"Great idea! We'll see what Ashli is up to and maybe ask if she can smurf something up."

"Yes! And I'm gonna help her!"

"I love it when ya cook!" Gutsy chuckled as he begins walking with her. "It does my heart good, and my stomach! Haha!"

"Hehehe! And I never thought before that I would ever learn how to cook!" Shini implied.

"All ya have to do is have confidence in ya, and you'll be able to smurf anything you're able to."

"Maybe you also should try to learn how to cook!" Shini smiled and started to laugh.

"Me?" the Smurf suddenly question without a doubt. "Well I don't think I'm the cooking type to tell ya the truth, heheh."

"That's exactly what I said about myself some time ago!" the brunette replied. "Until Ashli taught me how to cook..."

"Then maybe I should give it a shot like ya said." Gutsy agreed in trying it out.

"Hehe, oh yes! I'm sure this will be fun!"

"Us cookin' together should be really smurfy!"

"Yup!" she nodded. "We're going to smurf up the smurfiest meal ever!"

"More smurfier than Chef's and Baker's, heheheh!" Gutsy replied wholeheartedly.

And as they both strolled on ahead to Ashli's place, not too far from where they were walking, a certain Smurf was looking through the window from his mushroom home. This Smurf had watched them walking by, seeing that the both of them were feeling happy after what had happened months ago. And after they were finally gone, the Smurf soon closed up the curtain and walked away from the window. He then headed into the kitchen where he was preparing a quick meal for himself. The aroma of what this Smurf was sprucing up smelled just as smurfy as Chef's excellent cooking. However... this Smurf who had been cooking was in fact, Chef Smurf.

After a long, exhausting day of cooking for everyone else who was on Papa's side, Chef was feeling really tired and managed to have some time to make his own dish for himself. He sighed in disbelief as he took his wooden spoon from the counter and began to stir in a small cauldron, boiling over an open fire. Afterwards, he placed the wooden spoon back and went to go sit at a small, round table close by. And as he sat back leaning against the wooden chair, he took off his chef's hat for a quick minute and rubbed his face with his hand, brushing it passed his head. Still feeling fatigue, he took a deep breath in and exhaled lowly as he laid in the chair and closed his eyes. Lately, he had done some thinking about what happened. He had thought it through very carefully and remembered what Gutsy had said to Papa before he attacked him. It was almost as if it all happened yesterday...

Why are ya doing this?! Why is this so wrong to you?! You know there's no way any other Smurf can find another female as much as the ones who already exist! How can you do this to your own family?!

Gutsy's words rang through the cooking Smurf's ears and had also thought about Hefty and Handy's relationship. And to think what he and Baker had to put up with smurfing up a dinner for two, not knowing it was for them rather than Smurfette or Ashli. But for some reason, despite from what went on; Chef had some mix thoughts running through his mind, especially some very unsmurfy ones. His mind had become a blur for a minute or two, just thinking about it until he suddenly heard a small knock at his front door. As he opened his eyes again, snapping back into reality, be began to feel irritated as he got up from the chair.

"Can't a Smurf get some time to himself around here?!" he yelled as he stormed up after leaving the kitchen to reach the front door. He then turned the knob to open the door and angrily blurted out, "What is it?"

However, his expression soon changed when he realized it was Baker who had come with a small basket in his hand. "I'm sorry; I just thought you'd maybe like to have something to eat..." the baking Smurf said to him.

"Heh, that's funny... I'm already smurfing myself something already," Chef said back to him. "It should be just about done. Sorry I snapped at you."

"It's okay. But... You already had so much to do today, so I smurfed up some bread for you and stuff..." Baker replied as began to laugh a little. "Guess I'm a little late."

"Heheh, nah, you're not late. I'd be honored to share what I smurfed up." Chef insisted. "Would you care to come in?"

"Oh? Okay then, why not?" Baker smiled and came in, being welcomed.

Chef afterwards, closed the door and escorted him into the kitchen. Then he pulled up a chair for him from the table to let him sit. Baker kindly took upon the offer after he placed the basket on the table before he sat down.

"So... what did you cook?" Baker asked.

"One of my best specialties..." Chef replied walking over to the cauldron with a ladle and 2 bowls he'd taken out of the cabinet. "Vegetable stew and dumplings." Then he began to serve some of it into the bowls.

"Oh, smurfy! Are you sure there's enough for us two? I mean you only cooked for yourself."

"For you, I'd do anything," the cook responded happily as he walked back up to the table, giving him his bowl. "You're like the best partner a Smurf could ever have when it comes to cooking. We both always work as a team." He then gave a smile as he placed his own bowl on the other end of the table.

"Heheh, that's true..." Baker agreed, smiling back as well. "But sometimes I wish the others would cook for themselves. They have no idea how stressful it is to bake and cook for everyone in the village."

"Yeah..." Chef agreed and sat in his chair. "It can be very stressful when you're the only two who smurf all the work."

Baker nodded in return responding, "Especially when there's this one Smurf who always steals the pies and cupcakes you just smurfed minutes ago..." And with that, he sighed yet annoyed as Chef began to groan a little.

"That Smurf is really starting to get on my case... I can't tell what side he's on knowing him. All he cares about in his head his food!"

"He's just an annoying pest..." the baking Smurf said as he began to eat the stew. "Mhh. This is good!"

"Thank you!" Chef replied taking the compliment until he started to eat also. "Always smurfed with perfection I always say. And I even added a little extra to make it taste even smurfier."

"It's really great. Your meals always taste just smurfy, no matter what you do," Baker said grinning at him.

"Really?" Chef looked to him, "I can't say the same about yours. Your passion for baking is truly a delight." Then he began to chuckle a little.

"Why, thank you! But as much as I love baking, I wish there would be more feedback from the others. All they ever do is eat everything I do, without saying a word. They just talk to me if there's something to complain about. Especially in the last months."

"Hmm... The last few months have been unsmurfy," Chef frowned a little and sighed while he mixed his stew with his spoon. "But... it is what it is after what that Smurf has caused."

"It's all his fault..." Baker admitted, "We wouldn't be in that unsmurfy situation now if he would just be a normal Smurf like everyone else...!"

"It's disgusting..." the chef in the white apron said mortified. "Making us smurf over a hot, burning stove, letting us think it was for either Smurfette or Ashli. When clearly... it was for that friend of his this whole time!"

"Ugh, don't make me think of it. It's just... how? Two free, pretty girls in our village... and he chooses a guy! What's wrong with this Smurf?"

"I have no clue what this village is coming to, but I'll tell you this... turns out that Ashli has gotten over that muscled loony some time ago. But I'm sure Smurfette still hasn't on the count of how she smurfed him that day."

"That poor girl... She should come out to see that there are a lot of other, better Smurfs around. Like me, for example," the baker for culinary pastries smiled proudly.

"Hey hey hey...! Well, what about me?" Chef exclaimed as he pointed to himself. "I'm just as smurfy as you and the rest of the other Smurfs... except for Brainy that is, ha!"

"Tss, Brainy... Even if every single Smurf in this village had a girlfriend, Brainy would always be the one without one," Baker remarked and started to laugh.

"That is so true! I don't think any girl would last long with that smart-ass!" Chef agreed as he too laughed with him.

"That Smurf can marry his books with his stupid quotations, heheheh."

"Seems like he's already married to them, hahaha!" Chef blurted out while he began to finish up his stew.

"Right you are!" And not too long Baker had finished up his bowl as well. "Ahh, I'm full," he sighed.

"It sure hit the spot, didn't it?" Chef asked, smiling at him.

"It did! It was delicious!" Baker replied, smiling back.

"Thank you..." After taking that compliment, the chef couldn't help but blush a little. "Um... You said you brought bread over, right? What else did you smurf?"

"Oh, some muffins, cookies... and waffles!" Baker responded back.

"Oh, you always make the best waffles! I don't think I could smurf another bite! But I really appreciate ya smurfing some goodies over. It was really smurfy of you."

"You're welcome. And you can maybe eat it tomorrow or another day."

"Then that's smurfly of you." Chef grinned happily, "I just might do that!"

Soon after, Chef got up and took his and Baker's dirty bowls and utensils, bringing them all to the sink to wash.

"I better put out the fire before it over boils the stew more." Chef implied as he begins to fill up some cold water in a small pot.

"Yup, do that," Baker said getting up as well and stretched himself a little. "So, what are you up to now?"

"Eh... Nothing special," the cook replied, pouring some water over the fire. "Just gonna wash up the dishes and probably smurf in early for tomorrow." He had finished putting out the fire as the smoke came in from the aftermath, filling up parts of the kitchen.

Baker nodded at his last response and asked, "Any ideas what we could smurf up for breakfast tomorrow...?"

"Hmm... I'm not sure." Chef had pondered, "It seems though as if we smurfed every recipe from our cookbooks. And we still don't have to worry about the others waiting for us to cook something for them. They have Shini and Ashli on their side. And it seems the girls don't mind cooking for whose left at all."

"Yeah, a little less work for us then..." the baker agreed. "But it seems they only cook if there's no one else who cooks for them. 'We have Chef and Baker Smurf, so we don't need to make any food for ourselves!'"

"Oh God... I smurfly agree with you!" Chef cried out. "It's like, 'Oh, we don't have to smurf for ourselves as long as they're around. Chef and Baker will smurf whatever we want!' And then it's Chef this and Baker that! Sometimes, I just wanna shove up the all the hard work we smurf up their ass other than their face! Then they'll know the trouble we have to go through feeding a hundred Smurfs every day!"

"Oh, I know what we're going to smurf up for breakfast tomorrow: Nothing!" Baker declared. "They can smurf for themselves where they get food from. At least not from me! I want to have at least one free day in a year!"

"Me too! I'm with you! What do ya say?" Chef agreed as he soon reached a hand out to shake on it.

Baker then looked upon at him and said, "Heh... Alright. No work tomorrow!" And with that settled, he shook his hand in a truce as Chef shook his it firmly and tight.

"We'll show them... We'll show them all who they're smurfing with!"

"I'm sure they're completely helpless without us..." Baker nodded and began laughing a little.

"Heh. They'll be begging at our mercy when we know we won't do anything about it." Chef remarked, "Tell us what to smurf, eh? They're not the boss of us! We're lucky to know that Papa Smurf completely understands what we go through."

"Yeah... And I bet they'll all smurf over to him tomorrow and tell him that we won't do anything."

"And he won't care anyhow. He won't even talk to any of the others for what's happened. And hey, at least there's less mouths to smurf now that those two are gone, hehe. I bet those two have nowhere to go to now they aren't welcomed here anymore."

"I don't care. We don't need them anyway. I'm sure they've already been smurfed by Gargamel or something."

"Yeah, that's true... Who needs them...?"

"Nobody. Nobody needs such gay Smurfs around."

"Yeah, you're right," Chef replied nodding a little. Then afterwards, he turned around heading to the sink and began washing their dirty bowls while Baker watched him.

"...Can I help you with anything...?" he asked Chef.

The culinary cook then turned to him slightly and replied, "Well, you can help me dry these if you like."

"Sure." Then Baker took a hold of a dish towel hanging on a towel rail close by and began to dry the washed dishes.

Chef had smiled a little, seeing his partner and best pal helping him as he turned back to finish up.

"I wonder how long I'm gonna sleep tomorrow, since I don't have to get up early." Baker wondered and chuckled a little.

"Same here." Chef thought, taking another clean towel on the rail to dry his hands. "I can just sleep all day like Lazy, heheh."

"Oh yes, sleeping and just doing nothing." Baker implied, finishing drying the dishes and placed the towel away again on the rail. "This is going to be a very smurfy day."

"I'll say," Chef said as he stretched a little. "It'll do us both some good to smurf a day off. The others can just worry about themselves later on."

"No matter what the others will say tomorrow," Baker nodded. "I won't do a thing for them."

"Neither will I. And remember, we shook on it," Chef pointed out.

"I know, I know. I'll remember."

"Good. Well, I guess I'm good for the day." And soon Chef turned and saw from the window that the sun was already setting. "It's almost getting dark."

"Oh, yeah, I should better smurf home then."

"Erm... I don't mind if you smurfed a little longer...?" Chef had suddenly for some reason stopped Baker as he was just about to leave. "I can really use some company after a hard day's work."

Baker had actually wanted to leave, but then turned to him and replied to him curiously, "Oh, um... okay."

"But if you really had to smurf, then I guess it's alright that you can leave..."

"No, no! I just thought because it's already late and stuff. But if you'd like me to stay a little longer, I'll do so."

"If... if it's alright...?" the chef asked, beginning to feel a little nervous for some reason.

"Of course it is!" the baker chuckled wholeheartedly.

Chef had soon felt a little relieved and smiled to his friend. "Thanks."

Baker smiled back at him and then asked, "So, uh, what are we gonna do now?"

"Not sure..." Chef shrugged a bit. "Maybe we could smurf up on a few things and relax in the living area?"

Baker had smiled a little more and nodded at the idea. "Sounds smurfy to me."

Chef then smiled more as he soon escorted him into the living room, wrapping his arm around his shoulder as they walked in. And as they arrived, they reached the sofa with Baker sitting down and sighed a little. Chef had also joined and sat next to him with his legs crossed. Everything was quiet for about a minute with them just sitting together on the sofa. Not until Chef decided to break the silence.

"So uh..." he said as he turned his head to Baker. "Is there anything new happening in your daily life?"

"Well..." the baker Smurf scratched the back of his head. "Not really... Just the same thing over and over again. I hardly get a break from all the baking I have to do."

"I feel just the same when I have to smurf up 3 meals a day..." Chef sighed. "It's almost as if no Smurf can have some time to do what they want to do."

"Well, except for tomorrow now, heheh." Baker implied, smiling at him.

Chef chuckled a little and smiled back. "I'm glad we're finally going to enjoy ourselves for once.

"This is going to be one of the smurfiest days ever tomorrow."

"You know what we should do? We should smurf up the smurfiest meal yet, but just for the two of us! What do you think?"

"Heheheh, that's a smurfy idea!" Baker laughed.

"And we can smurf up a little smurfberry wine just for the smurf of it! Hehe!"

"Mhmm." Baker nodded. "That's even smurfier, hehe!"

"Man, I'm already excited, thinking about it, I can just-" And from that moment there, Chef suddenly paused on his words for some reason before saying anything else.

"You can just what?" Baker wondered turning to him.

"I... uhh... I just can't wait..." the chef stammered in his response as he scratched his head nervously and laughed a little.

"Me neither," the baking Smurf smiled and chuckled a little. The cooking Smurf had smiled back a little and exhaled, leaning against the sofa feeling relaxed.

"You must be tired after this whole day of work," Baker said to Chef.

"Yeah..." he sighed and turned to him. "I bet you feel the same way. Always having to bake and cook for a living... And don't get the appreciation from others for everything we do."

"Uh-huh... It's actually pretty sad, isn't it..?"

In a response, Chef nodded slightly and said, "I still cannot believe we actually smurfed a really smurfy romantic dinner, thinking that Hefty was going to surprise one of the girls that day..."

Baker had then shaken his head a little just thinking about it. "... I still have no idea how a guy can actually fall in love with another guy... It's just disgusting..."

"Yeah, it is pretty unsmurfy... But..." And before Chef continued, he looked up to the ceiling. "...I can't help but wonder..."

"Wonder what...?" Baker turned to him asking.

"That why there are only 3 females and 100 male Smurfs...? I mean, it's not like we're expecting anymore to show up. But..." Soon Chef looked back down as he continued, "...what if there aren't any more left?"

"Then, um... I-I'm not sure..." Baker answered, not knowing what to say.

"Think about it," Chef stated. "There are only 2 available girls left. Gutsy already has Shini. And those 2 fell in love right from day 1!" Then the cook all of a sudden began to think about what happen that day when he smurfed the Scottish Smurf. "Gutsy..."

"Ugh... Don't mention him." Baker commented, feeling uncomfortable. "I still hate him for knocking me out that day..."

Chef had then sighed deeply and turned to him once again. "Baker...? What happens if Smurfette and Ashli end up finding some other Smurf? What will become of the rest of us if there aren't any other females?"

"How should I know?" the baker shrugged. "Maybe we're lucky enough and some more Smurfettes will appear someday. I don't know."

"Eh... You're probably right." Chef agreed. "But still, there hasn't been any sign of them for decades until they showed up. And they're not even real Smurfettes."

"Yeah... But who knows? Maybe there are even real Smurfettes somewhere. They just need to find our village."

"If only it were sooner..." Chef sighed sadly. "Or if Papa knew..."

"Heh, you sound like you want to have a girlfriend all of a sudden." Baker pointed out with a cocky smile.

"...Are you saying I'm desperate?"

"I don't know, you just sound like you're longing for some love or the like," Baker began to laugh.

"Well... what about you...?" Chef demanded after he sat up and turned his body to him. "Are you longing for some love?"

"Me?" the baker looked to him nervously. "Um... E-everyone does, sometimes..."

"Do... do you think we ever have a chance with Smurfette or Ashli...?" the cook asked after turning his head away shyly.

"I..." Baker began as he too looked away, "I'm not sure... Ashli is always hanging around with some other guys, and Smurfette still hasn't gotten over you know who..."

"Yeah... Who knows for sure if we'll ever have a shot... Or anybody else for that matter..."

Baker took a deep breath in and sighed. "Well, I guess we just have to wait and see..."

Afterwards, both Smurfs had their heads turned for a while as silence filled the room. Chef didn't bother to turn but soon began to venture his eyes over to Baker. He took a good look at him while he wasn't looking as he sat there. Then suddenly as he glanced upon the baker in his baking hat, he began to feel some kind of connection and wondered how it felt being with someone. From outside, the day was already growing darker as the sun set quickly over Smurf Village. And as it go darker from inside, Chef soon turned his head a little forward and still stared upon Baker more.

Moments later, Baker suddenly noticed that he was looking at him. Feeling curious, he turned his head to him asking, "Is everything alright?"

Soon Chef had reluctantly snapped out of his daze and turned away nervously from him. "Oh...! Y-yeah...! I-I was just thinking is all... Phew... Is it getting hot in here or what?" He began to pull on his handkerchief a little starting to feel a little warm from his reaction.

"Well, we could open the window for a while to let in some air." Baker suggested.

"I think that's a good idea," Chef replied changing the subject. "Some of the cool summer breeze should do it..."

As agreed, Baker decided to get up from the sofa and walk to the window to open it. And that was when Chef all of a sudden took another good view of the baker from his backside. Just how that Smurf swayed his hips when he had gone up to open the window made the other stare him down from head to toe. Soon a hint of blush appeared on his cheeks as he tried to avoid Baker's view, but couldn't resist. He just looked so damn smurfy for some reason. After Baker had finally opened the window, he took another deep breath and exhaled, feeling some of the cool summer breeze brush up against his face. And not before long, he turned to go walk back to the sofa and sat down again. Chef had then turned his head away again so Baker wouldn't see his face flushed from earlier.

"Uhm... this sure does feel smurfy..." Chef murmured a little.

"It does, doesn't it?" Baker agreed feeling relaxed. "Some fresh air can be really smurfy, especially in the summer."

Chef nodded a little until he began to feel the breeze coming in as it brushed up against his blue skin. It had felt so nice; he decided to scoot on over just a tiny bit to sit closer to his friend. "It's much better than having to go smurf in the lake..." he said.

"Why?" Baker asked when he didn't even notice Chef was coming closer. "Don't you like smurfing in the lake?"

"Of course I do. But then you would have to clean yourself off after getting all wet and smurfy..." After which for some reason sounded very awkward, Chef suddenly paused and thought to himself in his mind, 'Holy Smurf...! What in blazes did I just say?!'

Baker blushed slightly and stared at him with a rather confused look on his face. "What's smurfing on your mind, Chef...?"

Without knowing what else to say, Chef looked back to him as his cheeks turned dark red and began to stammer. "N-n-nothing...! I must've smurfed that wrong...!" He then pulled on his handkerchief more nervously. "What I meant to say was... Gah, oh smurf...!" And as he couldn't figure his wording correctly, he slapped his palms up to his face with dismay.

Baker had to chuckle a little because of how he's acting. "What's up with you?"

Later on, Chef took his hands off his face and slowly turned back to him once more. He had gazed into his loving face until his heart began to beat smurfily. "I... I dunno..." he responded after turning away again with his head down, sighing deeply. "I don't know... how I should be feeling right now..."

"Why?" Baker asked and put his arm around his shoulder. "Are you not feeling too well?"

The chef soon felt a chill smurfing down his spine when the baker placed his arm on his shoulder. He turned to look at him once more, seeing now he was closer by his side. Without a hesitation, he decided to move in a little closer. He felt his own body beginning to shake a little and his breath quickening as he gazed deep into his beautiful blue eyes. His face was now blushed much deeper and felt his heart starting to race faster. And as he gazed longer into Baker's eyes, his eyes started to glisten from it all. Soon, he carefully reached out a hand, still shaking, and took a hold of his hand, not knowing what to say or do next. Baker had suddenly began to blush as well from what Chef was doing, feeling his warm, shaking hand on his. Later, he slowly took his arm from his shoulder, while he continued to stare into his eyes.


Without a response, Chef now felt his heart racing much faster as he moved much closer to him. He suddenly wrapped his other arm around his waist carefully, pulling him in and looked deeper into his eyes. His eyes began to grow heavy as he let go of his hand to cup his flushed cheek. Baker then felt his heart beginning to beat smurfily as well now, seeing the look on Chef's face. He later started to breathe a little uneasy and shook a bit from this sudden feeling.

"...What are you doing...?" he whispered.

"For some reason..." Chef gulped a little, beginning to speak softly as his breath hitched, "I can't help but feel that... that I..." Then he moved his head in a little closer until his nose touched against his.

Baker now felt his eyes growing heavy too while he was still looking at him. And from everything that was happening at that moment, he began to have some strange feeling deep inside. "Please don't..." he whispered pleading, knowing he wasn't able to resist.

"I can't..." Chef whispered softly, breathing in deeply and exhaled. "I know it's wrong... But... You look so smurfy, I..."

The baker's heart was now racing fast and still didn't make a move as he stared blankly at the chef with heavy eyes. He wasn't able to say anything else and actually waited for him to finally...