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Day & Night

Author Note – This fic is going to be kinda dark and there are some things that may be upsetting to some readers. Cutting, Suicide and drugs will be mentioned thus you have been warned. Plus this is my first Lost girl/Twilight fic along with the first in the section. Please let me know what you think... Even if you said no! ~*D*~

Also Lochlyn isn't dead! The Light Ash...

Chapter 1:

(Bella's Pov – Two days since Edward has left)

(Izzy's Thoughts) (Bella's Thoughts)

I have been sitting and looking out the window for about two days since I was found in the woods. My mind has been reeling on what he told me before he left and I tried to follow like the pathetic human I was. I believed myself in love with him however I could feel in my chest that he wasn't coming back. I knew that if he truly loved me then he would have come back by now. I closed my eyes and clenched my teeth trying to keep myself from screaming to let the anger and pain out. I could feel Izzy in the back of my mind telling me to let her out and that she would deal with the pain that I felt but I had put her away since I came to Forks for a new start. I didn't want to put Charlie through what I did to Renee before I left.

The scars on my arms were testaments to what I had done to myself however the newer ones were hidden under my pants. I had done some cutting the day I woke up and found that it wasn't all a dream, that he did leave. His voice keeps echoing in my head as I look out the window that he use to come and visit me through. Every time I hear the words repeat over and over I wonder if I could just carve them out however I couldn't get to my brain to try. I thought about blowing my brains out but then Charlie would have a hard time cleaning up after me. I think its rather sad that if I did try and kill myself that I would want to do it cleanly, that way he wouldn't have to clean up after me one more time.

Slumping in the chair I was in I could tell that Charlie had just arrived back from work. His echoing foots steps were coming towards my bed room door. I knew that he would ask me the same question and I would give him the same answer. Yes I was fine. No I wasn't going to hurt myself, even if I wished I could. And no I wanted to stay here but I wasn't ready to head back to school and I would let him know. It was the same thing for the last two days and I knew that he was getting to the end of his rope. When the knock came to my door I could only grin knowing it was Charlie.

"Hey Kiddo?" Charlie opened the door and peeked in. "Um... you doing ok?" I could see the dark circles under his eyes.

"Yes dad I'm fine." I told him as I kept looking out of the window. "I'll be ok just..." I trialed off as I felt a hand on my shoulder.

"I know its hard kiddo." He whispered kneeling down beside me. "I just want you to be ok. I worry for you."

I just nodded. "Is there something you wanted?" I turned my head and finally realized just how old my dad really was. He was actually looking his age. I knew that it was my fault that he looked like this.

"Just wanted to see if you were doing better." Charlie said sitting on my end of my bed. "You sure that you don't want me to stay with you? I could call in and tell them you need me. They'll understand." I could see the worry on his face.

"I'm sure." I told him looking out the window.

His hand squeezed my shoulder as he walked out of the room. I could smell Charlie's scent and I had to admit that he smelled like the woods after a rain and gun powder. I wondered if Edward got all the venom out when James bit me because I was feeling different. I heard the front door shut which told me that Charlie had left. Sighing I looked around my room and tried to find something that would help me. A knife was sitting on the table by my bed. Jacob had given it to me when I first came here in case I ran across snakes while I was hiking. Standing up I walked over to the blade and pulled it out of its case. Running my thumb across the blade I could feel that it was sharp. Looking around the room I wondered what would happen if I suddenly vanished.

Looking back down at the knife I thought of a way out of the life that I hated. He left me and I was nothing more than a toy that he got bored with. Clenching my teeth together I held back a scream. I looked down at my arms at the other scars that were there from before. It would be so easy to just go back to the way I was before he came into my life. Putting the knife back in its sheath I layed it back on the table. I couldn't do that to Charlie. I wouldn't want him to come home and find me dead. It wouldn't help him in any way. I dropped to my floor and tried to think of a way to leave this place. Opening my eyes I looked around til they landed on a back pack that I had taken with me to Phoenix.

You could run and then take your life. Izzy told me as she came forward a little bit more. Tell him that you needed to get away then go north. You and I can find their place. Maybe Jasper would finish what he started.

I just snorted as I rose to my feet. Or maybe I can find another vampire to take my life. I thought back to her shutting her up quickly.

I smirked as I rushed around the room grabbing a couple sets of clothes and throwing them into the bag. I walked over and looked through my photo album and picked out three pictures. A picture of me, Charlie and Renee when I was a baby then one of my grandmother. I truly missed her. She was the only one that I could talk to and she would understand what I felt. Different. An outsider. Shaking my head to push my thoughts away I pulled out another one of Me, Charlie and Renee when I first decided to come to Forks. He took everything that would remind me of him except for the bite mark on my skin.

I knew as soon as James bit me I would be a vampire but then he sucked out the venom to stop the change. Taking a look around I noticed that I did everything on autopilot. I shook my head with a small smile as I picked up the bag and slung it over my shoulder. I went to the table and pulled out a piece of paper and a pen. Writing a short note telling him that I had to get away and I would call him as soon as I knew where I would be. I didn't want him to worry but I would at least leave a note to remember me by when I was gone. Shaking myself I walked out the door and headed down stairs. I had nothing left for me here and I was as good as graduated I was just saving it til after the end of the year to tellhim the good news.

What a waste. Izzy sighed in the back of my mind as I walked out the front door. Can't we just have do one slice? Please... I couldn't believe that she was begging me. Cutting was like a drug. The more I did it, the more I felt better. It made me realize that I was here in this reality and that nothing was a dream.

I opened the door and slid into the cab of the truck. I leaned my head against my arms folded against the steering wheel. I closed my eyes and tried to think of things other than cutting. It was the one thing that made me feel better. Well that and weed. Renee went through a hippie phase and decided that it would be cool if she was a 'pot-head'. Izzy perked up at the mention of weed. She was an addict. I chuckled as I wondered who I could get some from. Shrugging my shoulders I started the big beast and pulled out of the drive way.

As I turned onto the highway I wondered where I should go. I have never done something like this unless I was accompanied by vampires. Snorting I knew I could do anything I wanted. I was finally 18 and was an adult. It had been a long time since I didn't have to worry about anything other than myself. Smiling for the first time in a while I pressed the pedal down and let my truck lead me to the airport. I decided that I would just get a seat that was available. I would go anywhere as long it was away from Forks, Washington and of the family that toyed with me.

(Two Hours Later – Bella's Pov – Port Angles Airport)

Sitting in my seat on the plane I was trying to come to reality that I was really heading to Toronto, Canada. I had just walked up when a seat was vacated on that flight only. I was shocked but for some reason I took it. The next thing I knew I was sitting in the seat waiting to take off. I looked around and found that only a few people were on this flight to begin with. I smiled to myself as I leaned back and relaxed. In about 6 hours I will be in Toronto. I didn't know what I would do once I got there but I would figure out something. If I lived off the streets for about two weeks with Renee then I could live out there until I found a job.

We will find something. Izzy told me, reassuringly. I can feel that our life will change soon. There is a shift in the wind.

I couldn't help but frowning. Shift in the wind? I looked around at the plane. You do realize that we are in a plane and its sealed right?

Izzy snorted, mentally crossing her arms. Of course but you can hear the wind blowing if you concentrate. In fact do some meditation it will pass the time. She told me rolling her eyes.

I decided to buckle up then I closed my eyes turning off the light. I slowed my breathing and let myself drift. The sooner we can get to Toronto the sooner we could get off the plane. I hate flying and I didn't even know it til I boarded the plane.

(Kenzi's Pov – Toronto, Canada – At the Dal)

Damn, that rash is going to be the death of me. I rubbed my arm once more as I down some more of the beer. Looking around I found Doc Hot pants sitting on Bo's lap while Dyson was playing a game with Hale. Trick was waiting on someone else and I am all alone sitting here.

"You ok, Kenzi?" Trick as grabbing another glass from underneath the counter.

I nodded taking another drink of my beer. "Yeah Trickster." I smiled at him. "Just wondering what is going to happen since things have been rather quiet." I shrugged swirling the bottom of my beer.

"Don't worry Kenzi." Trick smiled filling up the glass. "Bo's not going to be gone forever." he smiled trying to take my mind off Bo taking off for a vacation with Lauren.

"I know but its not like I can hang out here all the time." I shot him a pointed look.

Trick just smiled shaking his head as he delivered the beer to the drinker. I spun around and shook my head as I watched Dyson, Hale, Lauren and Bo. They all had each other but I was the only human in their little group. Mentally kicking myself I usually would have been thrilled to be the only one but after a while I felt at the bottom of the food chain. I could see that hale was going after another Fae while Dyson looked longingly at Bo. He still had it bad for her but she was so far up Hot Pants arse that she cant see that the wolf man has his love back. I could also tell that something was coming because the rash on my arm was getting worse. Hissing through my teeth I stood and walked out the door into the cool night air.

I took a calming breathe as I walked a little away from the opening. Leaning against the wall I tried to calm my nerves. Everything in me was telling me that this rash was not normal. Of course I got it from getting Dyson's love back but I wasn't telling Dyson or anyone else. I knew that if someone else knew it would be no time before he found out. Growling to myself softly I made my way down the alley and made my way onto the side walk. I needed to walk to calm my nerves. They were on edge as of late because of the Garuda fight and Bo coming into her powers. I shivered pulling my jacket tighter. I felt the hair on the back of my neck stand on end as I stopped. I could have sworn that I heard foot steps.

"Ok who's there?" I asked turning around and pressing my back to the wall. I was not going to let them take me without a fight.

"A passer by." A southern accented sounded closer to me than I had hoped. "What's a pretty thin' like yerself doin' out here?" A tall man that was very pale with red eyes walked up to me out of the shadows and leaned against the light post as if he was the Marlboro man.

"Are you some kind of Fae?" I squinted in the darkness looking at this man with red eyes. "Because if so I am Bo's human and you cant touch me!" I crossed my arms narrowing my eyes at this man with shoulder length blond hair. He was at least 6' tall and his eyes were the deepest red I had ever seen.

The man snorted. "Sorry darlin' I ain't Fae or human." He smiled as he stepped closer. "But I will tell ya this. You're gonna be my sire's mate. Watch for a girl with a bite mark on her wrist."

As I blinked the man was gone. My eyes grew wide I was sure as I looked around me even looked up in the sky. He could have wings hidden for all I known. I was about to head back to the Dal when Dyson, Bo and Hale came running out. Bo was in front of my looking me over as Dyson was speaking softly with Hale.

"Are you ok Kenzi?" Bo brushed her hair back as she looked at her throat and shoulder. "What were you doing out here all alone?" Bo stood back with her hands on her hips once she was reassured that I was fine.

"I needed some fresh air." I rolled my eyes. "But why did you guys rush out here?" I frowned not knowing why they had run out here before the red dude vanished.

"I smelled a vampire." Dyson growled as his eyes flashed yellow. "And no Kenzi this one was human first before it was bitten." His gaze was pinning me down. I was thoroughly scared now.

"Did he say anything, lil' momma?" Hale asked me walking up to the other side wrapping an arm around my shoulder.

"He told me that I was his sire's mate and that I should watch for a girl with a bite mark on her wrist." I told them shrugging my shoulders. "Other than that I didn't get much out of him." I looked at Dyson then to Bo and Hale.

They all started talking low enough where I couldn't hear. "Ya know I am still here." I growled, pretty good for a human too, as I placed my hands on my hips.

Bo smiled at me sadly. "Sorry Kenzi," She came over and wrapped her arm around my shoulder. "Let's head into the Dal then we can talk about what is going on."

I could only nod as I followed them back into the Dal. I looked around still feeling as though I was being watched. Shaking my head I ran to catch up with them. They had some explaining to do.


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