December 12, 1805

It started out just as any other day. I woke up, braided my long red hair, put on my favorite blue dress and black boots, packed my leather bag with food, water, supplies and the fabric for a dress I had promised a neighbor. I thought I might have some time to at least start it. I headed out into the desert. There is a volcano and a cleft near my home is Carlsbad, New Mexico.

A group of archeologists are doing research there. They believe an underground city is nearby. I've been part of the group for a few months, and I don't believe in the city. How can I when no one has seen it?

During our lunch break, I went to examine the volcano. It's been dormant for a long time. Some believe it is the entrance to the city. I don't for I am far too logical. As I got closer, I spied something out of the corner of my eye. It was a book. Why was a book in the desert? I looked around. No one was nearby, so I kneeled on the ground and opened the book. There was a picture on the first page, and the picture was moving. I must have been imagining things, or suffering from heat sickness. I know pictures cannot move, yet this one was.

The rest of the book had ordinary words. I'm not certain they were words, for they were written in a language I did not understand. I turned back to the first page. I noticed errant grains of sand near the picture. I went to brush them away. My hand touched the picture, and my world went black. I had found a book entitled "Myst" and nothing would ever be the same.