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"Everyone else has done it!" I yelled, flopping down onto his bed. "Or is doing it. Or will be doing it!" Austin chuckled. "Ally, calm down and tell me what you're so worked up about." I'd literally just marched into his house and started ranting. I should feel embarrassed, but I was still frustrated.

"I just don't understand," I continued, laying flat on my back on his bed now. He stood beside me, a smirk on his face. "I mean, am I just that unattractive?" I asked him, my frustration turning into fear. He chuckled again. "Oh yeah, you're extremely ugly." I stared at him, stricken. The smile on his face faded. "I'm kidding!" He yelled, flashing his palms in defense. I sat up and hit both of them, then lay back down again. "Then why don't guys want me?" I whispered, willing myself not to cry. He nodded, comprehension spreading over his handsome features. "Ally, the fact that the guys you've dated in the past weren't ready to go all the way with you is not your fault." He told me, sitting now.

"I mean, another guy broke up with me today, because, and I do quote, 'you want sex and I'm not ready for that'. I feel like some sex-mad freak! It's just that they either are not attracted to me sexually or just want me for sex. What's wrong with me?"

"There's nothing wrong with you." I sighed, and sat up. "I just want an orgasm. Or two. Is that so wrong?" I asked him, joking now. He laughed, and I laughed too. I knew most people wouldn't be comfortable having this kind of conversation with a guy, but I was. Call me weird, but I trusted Austin much more than I trusted a lot of people. "No, it's not," He said, smiling now.

I looked at him, and then, suddenly, I couldn't look away. I was, as they say in all the cheesy romance novels, lost in his eyes. 'No it's not,' he'd said...So, did it really matter who I was getting them from? The orgasms, I mean. As long as I was getting pleasure in some form, and the dull ache in between my thighs decreased. As long as I was sure I trusted the person completely. As long as I was sure I loved them... "Austin?" I whispered, my voice going from high and whiny to low and breathy in the space of five seconds. "Yeah?" He replied, the same effect seeming to have taken place on his own voice. I swallowed. "I was just wondering... That maybe...'Cause I know you haven't done it in a while eitmy..." Shut up, the voice in my head screamed at me, You don't want to do this! You're asking your best friend for sex! Of course he's going to reject you! This is just going to mess up your friendship!

I usually listened to my brain. Not this time, though. "I was thinking that..." I trailed off again, unable to say the words. "That we should" I nodded, relieved that I hadn't had to say it. "Yeah. I mean, just this one time. It's not like we'll be doing it all the time or anything, and I know we'll always only be friends, so you don't need to give me the whole 'I don't like you that way' speech, and maybe we shouldn't do it because it might wreck our friendship, but I'm just so frustrated and-"

"Ally! Ally, it's okay," He assured me, stopping my rant. "I wouldn't mind... Um... Having sex with you." I wasn't convinced. "Are you just doing this because you feel sorry for me? Or because you feel like you have to?" He shook his head. "No, Ally, I'm doing this because I'm sort of horny too. I mean, I know it's hard to believe, but I haven't done it in a while, eitmy. "So do we do this downstairs, like on the couch or..."

"My couch probably wouldn't be comfortable, and we're already in my room..."

"Okay upstairs, it's better upstairs," I finally concluded. Well, almost concluded. His lips were on mine halfway before I finished my sentence. And it was incredible. All the awkwardness faded away, I sighed softly as his tongue entered my mouth. "What if-we don't-like –each other's-bodies?" I asked as we lay back onto his bed. Austin stopped kissing my neck, and looked at me.

"You're kidding me, right? You're kidding me. Ally. You are easily the most stunning - No, the most beautiful girl I've ever layed eyes on."

I blinked, incapable of speech. His words had set freaking butterflies in my stomach. Austin grinned and rolled his eyes as he pushed my body against his. I felt something hard against my stomach, and I could feel myself getting turned on when I realized what it was. "Is that enough proof I like your body?" he asked as I gasped.

"It's great proof…" I said in a lower voice before he moved his lips back to my neck again. Austin took off his shirt and I smiled, I had seen him topless on various occasions, all of which were very enjoyable occasions. "Like what you see?" He asked, smirking cockily. I giggled, and he lifted the hem of my dress, peeling it off me slowly. "Not gonna lie - I've always wondered what it'd be like to peel you out of your clothes. When I was out of my dress, he stared, like I had. "Like what you see?" I asked, mimicking him.

"Hell, yeah." he said teasingly and I blushed royally once again, we'd been in swimming suits before but this was different. Very different. Austin finally took of his pants and underwear, and I gasped at what he'd been hiding under there. And then immediately felt embarrassed. Austin smirked cockily. I reached behind myself to undo the clasp of my bra, but Austin grabbed both my hands, pinning them above my head, and then I was suddenly flat on my back again. "I want to undress you." He said flatly, sucking at my cleavage.

He moved his hands behind my back, and I arched off the bed, allowing him easier access. The bra was off faster than I could comprehend the movement. He was good at this. I moaned as he captured one nipple between his teeth and tortured it without mercy, my hands played on his hair. I was so hot and close I wouldn't be able to wait longer. And all he'd done was kiss me. I was surprised to know that I could get so close without any down below action.

"Can we - quit the - foreplay?" I gasped my question. He shook his head. "Nuh-uh. I've fantasized about this way too many times. It's not ending so soon..." I only felt mild shock at his words, before all the breath was taken out of me. His tongue trailed further south, and he tasted me through my panties. I whimpered when he moved away, and heard him laugh softly. Then, he was taking off my underwear, and spreading my legs. "Austin," I moaned in anticipation. And them his lips were wrapped around my clit, and he was humming softly while flicking it with the tip of his tongue.

My back arched off of the bed, I gripped his sheets, and screamed. "Austin!"

He entered me with one finger, and I moaned. "You're so tight," He muttered. "Is- Is that a bad thing?" I asked him, worried. He looked at me. "That is most definitely not a bad thing." He said, a mischievous gleam in his eyes. I could feel him entering another finger into me, and his tongue returned to my clitoris. And I was screaming, and I was coming, and it felt so good. I squeezed my eyes shut, and bit my lip, trying not to scream, but I could help it, and the only thing I could say was his name. He stopped his motions, letting me come down from my high.

When my eyes flickered open, he was staring at me. "You have a sexy O-face," He told me. "Thanks." I said, only half kidding. My eyes closed again. Now I felt tired...

"Oh, we're not done, Dawson." He told me. He clapped both of his hands gently on both of my knees, "Spread 'em," I giggled like the schoolgirl I was .

I wrapped my legs around him, my ankles at his back as he took my hands in his and pinned them down, lacing his fingers with mine, my breasts rubbing against his chest, my lips swollen and reddish because of his kisses. He kissed me once more, softly, tenderly.

He thrust deep inside me and we cried out in pleasure and tension, he waited for a few moments, he knew I hadn't been with someone in a long time, he didn't want to hurt me in anyway so he waited for my to move first and I did, moving my hips and clutching my inner walls around him.

"Don't hold back with me," my whisper made him shiver. He pulled out of me and thrust back into me again, and we both moaned loudly like the last time. He was inside me, and I felt full, and satisfied. "So tight," He murmured.

We set up a fast rhythm, with me raising my head slightly to bite on his lip, demanding to be kissed and gaining my reward as Austin didn't stop for a moment to worship my body with his lips, tongue and teeth, his hands either holding mine or keeping my in place while I tortured him with my inner walls and panted words in his ear while he thrust deep inside me. "So wet," He gasped, sucking at my neck.

"Oh Austin! Don't stop!" I begged or commanded he wasn't sure but my words were his reason right now as I gripped a handful of hair and took him in another kiss. I knew he wouldn't be able to last longer. I wouldn't either. He slipped one hand between our thrusting bodies and found my the small bundle of nerves close to the point we were joint. "Ah- Ally,"

I broke the kiss in a hard gasp as my lips formed a small "o" of silent pleasure before I could arch beneath him as my orgasm washed over my body, and he needed nothing more, he followed in the downfall, thrusting one, two, three more times before he came.

He released my hands, and rolled onto his back, taking off the condom, and depositing it in a bin nearby. "Thank you." I whispered. He shrugged, locking his bedroom door and then wrapping both himself and me in a blanket. "That's what friends are for."

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