Hello every one, here is my first fanfiction of KnB. I am so happy to say it, cause I really like KnB and my favourite couple is AoKaga of course and since a long time I want to write some but I always thought I could not do it. I know I am not as good as those I read here, which are really very good but I want to try at least. So lets me describe it for you, thanks you :)

Title : Hurt me, Fuck me

Chapters: 2 only

Summary : Kagami fell in love with Aomine but as he starts wanting to be close to the tanned boy, he starts to feel as if he were his worse enemy. In fact everything shows him that Aomine loves someone else but here comes cupidon Kuroko to solve the enigma. A short tale of only an evening Aomine needs to rocks Kagami's world.

PS : Since I am not a native english speaker I apologize for all the faults I could have done. And I hope someone could help me if there are too unbearable.

Chapter One : Hurt me

Kagami was waiting on the court for a while now. Waiting for his, so called, friends to come and play a four on four with him. He gently turned the ball on its index, frowning from time to time in thinking at the moment that they would finally be there.

It was going to be four of them on the court this evening. Four people going to run, sweat and play basketball under the falling sun. It would sure be intense when we knew who it was gonna be. Him, the current ace of Seirin, with his shadow, playing against two players of generation of miracles.

It surely would be intense, no more saying. Even if they will be fighting for victory, it would be in the end nothing more than a mere game. Something some casual friends would do when having nothing better on mind. But since when, him, Kise and Aomine have been friends exactly ? Since never, really. But as he is a teammate of Kuroko, his new light precisely, he and the small guy started hanging out more often. Playing basketball, yes, but spending time at Kagami's place too for nothing more than doing funny things and eating.

Yeah, certainly lacking of presence but it was sure fun to hang out with Kuroko. It is why, Kagami knowing that, agreed to hang out with his friends too.

Even if they were opponents in real matches, Kagami, Aomine and Kise just did get along with each other like Kuroko wanted it. This was meaning that the Seirin's teammates were going to be more often together than only hanging after training.

Giving back to the court's entrance, he did not see Kise quickly entering in. He turns when hearing his footsteps and sees him getting closer with an expression of pain.

"Oww, oww, ow, Aominecchi, you are so mean. It hurts.", cries out the blonde guy while rubbing his back. Being inattentive by him, Kagami soon focus on the things he has just said and the other person who talks now. "This is the point in hitting you, Baka." Shouts loudly Aomine who want to be heard of the two. Kise was here and with him, like always, was Aomine too.

The red hair's heart skip a bit as his eyes meet those of the bluenet. He is standing some meters only behind Kise, arms crossed on his chest, glaring silently at Kagami. Raised eyebrows, the Seirin ace, try to glare back. But it don't seem right to him since he don't know exactly why he is look like that by the dark skin guy.

Right inside his heart he feels that something is not alright with this pair of eyes he lust for since the end of their winter cup. It was not only his eyes that he wants actually. He fell in love with Aomine, his strong willpower and this side of him he never saw, an Aomine who had lost. It was bitter, painful, unthinkable, pitiful, yet worthy and amazingly beautiful. He starts to think about him, to want to get much closer and to get noticed but soon he faced a concrete wall. Aomine was in love with Kise, at least it is what he thought now.

Yeah, he thought of how it was easy for him to get such harsh look and for nothing too, while the blonde guy who was rubbing against him, always get more gentle eyes and sometimes it get on his nerv... wait, the blond guy who was what ? "O... Oî, Kise ?" Kagami jumps as he realizes what Kise was doing. He is stuck glue to him, rubbing his back to Kagami hips and smiling like a child playing with his favourite toy. « Hmm, Kagamicchi is so much gentle than Aominecchi... and warm too, wanna be my blanket ? » It was not really surprising for the red hair to hear Kise saying such nonsense now. Not that it is a compliment or that he likes hearing that, but Kise has some periods were he acts more than weird and everyone is used to it by now. Even Kagami who first found it very unbelievable and shocking, now accepted it well.

But what in this is more surprising, it is the reaction of Aomine when he does such thing with Kagami. Normally he will glare, and bark, and smirk, and provoke, even insult and then take Kise back to hit him. For Kagami who was sure he did it when Kise touches everyone, it was like saying 'don't you dare saying or doing this with another, you are mine only' and every time he sees such acting of Aomine toward Kise while thinking like that, he feels really hurt in the inside.

However, things didn't happen the same way this time. Aomine simply glare at those two, ignore them and walk further. For Kagami it was as if hell was gonna fall on him, since the intensity of the glaring got heavier and heavier as he walks near them. "Come on, Aominecchi, wait for your beloved partner." Kise takes the ball in Kagami's hands and run slowly to reach the tanned boy. The red hair stays quiet behind, looking at them like he is watching some kind of TV love scene where the husband decided to pout and the wife try to be forgiven by declaring his love. He feels frustrated at being ignored like that but remains silent.

"What do you think you are doing, Kagami-kun ? Kise-kun just steals the ball from your hands."

Kagami sigh, shrugging like saying he didn't really care or he didn't do it on purpose. "Yeah, sorry. I got distr... Waaaah, Kuroko since when are you here ?"

The small boy looks at his shocked friend, keeping his same facial cold expression and simply says "Since the beginning, Kagami-kun." It was not new anymore that Kuroko lack of presence was really big, but each time it would get the same reaction from everybody.

Even his coach still has not got used to it. "Don... don't tell me that you were even here before me ?" Shouts the red hair while being more surprise than necessary. In fact he was surprised by the sudden appearance of his teammate but he is more shocked of what would happen if Kuroko was really here since the very beginning. The shadow was such a sharp.

What if he saw everything even the odd expressions on Kagami's face as he stares jealously at Kise and Aomine. It would be very weird to explain such a look and Kagami's tone while asking that to his shadow clearly shows that he is not at ease. "Don't be ridiculous Kagami-kun, how on earth am I supposed to be here this whole time without you noticing me ?" Kagami more than pissed off, was just about to explain to this small guy how he always manage to be somewhere for a long time and not being noticed by others when Kuroko continues talking.

"...Beside, I didn't need to be here the whole time, I never miss anything from the first seconds I cross the court. You hiding something from me, Kagami-kun ?" acting like a best friend in need and right of knowing everything, Kuroko stares quietly his friend, causing Kagami to swallow difficultly his saliva as he understands more or less what the small guy means to say. He did not want to go to the heart of the matter and changes the subject.

"How... is it that of all people you are the one to not really realizes your own ability ? I wonder."

Kagami turns to the idiotic couple on the court who was playing while waiting for they opponents. Kuroko didn't talk back on what Kagami said but the red hair felt on him during a long time the intense look of his teammate. It was meaningless to hide something from him, Kagami already knows it for hanging around him often enough. But at least it would be better for him not to get on the horse too quickly.

He is not really accepting his own feelings for Aomine and discussing it with another people, Kuroko to be exact, is not the big deal for him. He is actually already feeling rejected before even confessing. And even if he does it one day, what was he going to say ? That he feels jealous when they are together and Aomine not paying attention to him but only to Kise ? What a childish confession it is gonna be, not even one someone will be happy to hear. Kagami sigh again as he starts walking toward Kise and Aomine to begin the match. Kuroko does the same thing and his attention got in the end on something else, allowing Kagami to release his pressure.

"Kise-kun, why are you always rubbing against someone ? Are you possibly in heat these days ? Stop acting like that, it makes me want to tie you to a porcupine"

Says Kuroko with his expressionless face and his brave tone, like what he says is perfectly normal and good. Not even with a laugh or an expression who could show that he hate that Kise rubs against him. Kise then acts hurt and go away from kuroko. "Kurokocchi, you too being mean to me ? Aww, I am going to Kagamicchi again then."

The blonde guy puts his head on the table while his hands got between his thighs. "But I don't have the right to... nhnnnnn." He was more than freezing to death and starts to cry for real. "Why is no one understanding that I have a low blood pressure and that I get cold easily in winter ? I feel unwanted, only Kagamicchi is kind to me, but Aominecchi would not let me approach him... Aww, I am so cold." Kuroko stays expressionless again, not even being touched by the pain of his friend. He looks at him and sucks hard into his vanilla shake. "Never heard you have a low blood pressure Kise-kun. Feel sorry for you." He cuts it sucking to say this without really meaning the sorry part and then return to the vanilla taste that he likes so much. The only thing he ever buys when he comes to Magi Burger.

Kise starts to be agitate, sulking on the table and mumbling things Kuroko don't even bothered to understand, he did want to say something and being a bit kind but when he opens his mouth Aomine comes and seat in front of them."Gosh, it takes no time to make a fucking little pee here. Is everyone training for some pee contest ?" grunts the bluenet and he takes a look to Kise who starts laughing at his sentence as he was still agitate on the table. "What are doing again Kise ?" He raises an eyebrow, fascinate by the big stupidity that never seems to disappear from his friend head. "Trying to avoid the porcupine's attack Aominecchi." The blonde guy continues to laugh, thinking of what this pee contest would really look like and Aomine shakes his head, giving a really worry look to Kuroko. "Sorry Aomine-kun, I guess we should have really let him in this mental ill house last time." The small boy smiles gently and briefly, only for Aomine to see this and Aomine smirks, liking this mocking of Kuroko. For him to say such thing with a poker face and then smile after, always makes Aomine smile. The tall guy finds it rather cute and adorable.

As Kise calms himself and merely starts sleeping, Kuroko continues digging in his shake. Aomine suddenly frowns his eyebrows and turns his head to watch behind him. Looking at the counter he lets a brief sigh coming out from his mouth and returns to Kuroko. "Why exactly does this idiotic light of yours eat so much ?" Kuroko stop his sucking just as his vanilla shake get empty and look at the counter too, before looking at Aomine. "Don't be jealous Aomine-kun, I did love you too even thought you were a mere idiot without any foods addictions" He looks so serious and calm saying that, when Aomine frowns again and kicks him roughly with his foot. "Tetsu, how dare you... ?" He doesn't finish his sentence and Kagami comes and sits near him with his plate full of burgers. The two stop talking and watch him. Kagami feels as if they were talking about him but then doesn't pay attention to it. "Erm... Kuroko, here, I knew your first shake would be empty by the time I come back." He puts in front of his shadow a new vanilla shake while smiling gently and looks quickly at Kise before turning to Aomine. The tanned guy looks at him with his frowns eyebrows and Kagami opens his mouth slowly. Every times he got this look from Aomine he starts loosing his confidence and his heart beat painfully and quickly. He puts two burgers in front of Aomine, who looks down at them before raising his eyes to Kagami again with his same look. "I planned to give these to Kise but since he is sleeping now, how about you take them ? I know you don't like mine but I don't know what exactly you like..."

He was really lacking of confidence and also with Aomine looking at him like that, he feels as if he was a big nuisance but still he want to do something for him. "Why don't you fucking wake him up to eat these ? I am not hungry." He doesn't give Kagami a second look and turns to the other side, looking through the glass at the people outside. The red hair remains silent, really shocked by his attitude and then puts the burgers in front of Kise before brushing gently his blond hair for him to wake up and eat. He starts eating his burgers after Kise woke up, looking only at them and didn't talk anymore, not only once. Kuroko looks at the scene in silent and then starts a conversation with Aomine in which nether Kise or Kagami take part. They were eating, concentrate on regaining forces after their four on four of the evening and even if it was now dark outside, they did take all they time.

"...mi-kun, Kagami-kun ! Wait." Kagami slowly stops himself and turn back, to see a tired Kuroko standing far away from him and looking with eyes like he was in great pain. He was so in his thoughts since they start walking the path to his house that he forgot he was with Kuroko. "Wha... what is it Kuroko ? You alright ?" He rushes back to his teammate and when he was close enough he took him by his shoulders. "I should be the one asking you that. Kagami-kun, you start walking as if you had fire under you ass and with your so strong legs you left me behind." True is that the two of them was walking to Kagami's house, that after they part away from Aomine and Kise in front of the fast food, the red hair remained silent and started walking so fast that even Kuroko have to look hurt. "Are you even considering the fact that you are not alone Kagami-kun ?" For some really rare times, Kuroko glare at Kagami while lecturing him. It was really surprising to see Kuroko this concerned about a so small matter, and Kagami just listen quietly at him and apologizes. After this, the small guy turns back, he leaves Kagami like he want to go home now. "I was thinking of consoling you a bit but there I don't feel like it anymore. Good night Kagami-kun." He walks slowly while giving his back to Kagami and his light looks at him with guilt. "I am sorry Kuroko..." even though the small guy does hear it, it was said with so much pain and sadness that the words barely comes out of his mouth.

He lowers his head and stands there as he thought Kuroko was gone now. Pain was really much like killing him now, every harsh and disinterest words Aomine told him makes him feel really hurt and rejected. But he has no saying in it because he didn't even confess to the tanned boy.

And of course he would be treat like that when he involuntarily gets close to the one Aomine really likes. Even thought that it is impossible for Kagami to hate Kise or to push him away when he gets close. Since this Bakagami really believe the blonde guy with his low blood pressure.

"Are you going to grow roots here ? I have nothing against it but I really am hungry now."

Kagami raises his head and there was no sign of Kuroko in front of him. But he did really hear his voice. He was wondering if he just dreamt it when as if he senses that, Kuroko talks again. "You really are simple mind Bakagami-kun"

He was now behind Kagami and the Seirin ace didn't even saw him passing by. "Yo... You meanie Kuroko !" he shouts while turning to his friend. "Please don't act like Kise complaining all the time, it looks gross and don't shout. You are disturbing the neighborhood" the small guy was now himself, expressionless as he walks the way to Kagami's house again.

The red hair feels like strangling him from behind, staying quiet but making ugly faces to his friends in his back, taking enough precautions to not be caught but it seems that Kuroko have eyes in his back. "I would appreciate you stopping to play the child in my back, you acting like Aomine-kun now ?" he didn't even wait two seconds to receive Kagami's response to his statement.

"Don't you went comparing this big asshole with me ever again Kuroko."

Kuroko stop and turns to look at Kagami's face. The red head was angry but not only that, he was hurt. By Kuroko's words or by anything else ? No one really knows not even himself. However this only sentence really hurts him and Kagami does not realize the tears coming from nowhere on his cheeks. Kuroko stays shocked, looking at his friend with certain sadness in his heart.

Kagami just jumps and starts to wipe it, looking elsewhere when Kuroko remains silent. He starts to think that maybe Kagami was unable to support such treatment from the egoist guy anymore.

"Kagami-kun, was I wrong to make you and Aomine-kun become friends ?" Kagami watches with surprise the small boy who gently come closer and hugs him.

"I am sorry. I thought that everything was gonna be alright with you two, but I guess you are really some very big idiots"

The Seirin's ace didn't really understand a things but being called an idiot when this insult involved Aomine was too much for him. Even after crying just some seconds ago.

"Damn Kuroko... wh... what did I just say ? Don't..." He didn't end his sentence that Kuroko pulls him closer and kiss him right away.

He doesn't move, watching Kuroko with eyes, wide open. "Ku... Kuro... ko ?" The small guy doesn't look at him and takes his phone. He dials a number and then waits for the person other to take the call. "Hello, I just saw Kagami-kun acting cute and all. I didn't resist and kissed him then confessed, this big guy just agree to go out with me, I am so happy."

Right after his sentences he hang up and with his calm and same look, eyes Kagami who was always stunned with a face asking 'What on earth are you talking about this so sudden kiss ? To who ? And why exactly did you kiss me anyway ?'

only his face was asking Kuroko these questions, Kagami does not find the strength to speak it up. Kuroko looks at him and starts smiling. Mouth open, Kagami just find him so much cute that he forget to keep grudge for these unexplained actions.

"Please Kagami-kun, don't look at me like that, I may really decide to confess, you know ?... anyways, lets go to your house, you are gonna have an argument or two with him but everything will be alright after that. At least I hope you two are not too dense for making it worse than it already is" Kagami really does not understand a single words at all, he just follows Kuroko while trying to have explications. After a long moment of realization he manages to blurt his word out. "Ku... Kuroko, what happens exactly ? And who did you just call ? How is it that we are going out together ? What argument ? With who ? I don't understand."

Kuroko raises his shoulders and sigh. "I know it Kagami-kun, cause you are just as dense as you are cute..." The small guy stop in front of Kagami's door and look at him. "...And still you remain my beloved light, no one has the right to hurt you. Not even the previous."